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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 1)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 1)

Posted November 24th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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here ya go, 

and yeah, ich is back





Chapter 1: Teleyon


I turned on my computer when I woke up, and saw that I had an email. It was from Glare Relnitron! The scientist that invented the first Ultimate Crystal trackers! He’s pretty famous, so this was amazing… to be emailed by him. Which made me wonder, what did he want? I opened up the email.




I am emailing you to inform you that there will be an Intermediate Battle Tournament on the Rock Planet, in Stone City, in two days from now. I contacted you since you are the manager of the Training Facility that Elec had made for you guys. I simply ask you to sign up people for the tournament, it shall be done by hand. Check the mail, I have sent a package with the papers. The rest of the package, give to Draco. It is something for him.

Sign up people who want to participate in the tournament by tonight and send it back to me.


Glare Relnitron


Ah I see! A tournament! How nice! So I was supposed to sign people up for it. I headed outside to check the mail, and there was a box. I took it and went back into my office. Opening it up, I took the papers. The rest of the box was supposed to go to Draco.

I set the box in front of Draco’s door. Then I headed back to my office to grab a pen. Now I would sign people up!

It was an intermediate tournament, the paper said, so participants have to be strong enough to last. So judging from that… I knew who could participate. I knocked on Saturn and Phoenix’s room.

“Oh, hi Tele!” Saturn opened the door. “What’s up?”

“There’s a tournament going on in two days!” I said. “It’s a fighting tournament. Want to participate?”

“Heck yes, sign us up!” Phoenix exclaimed, appearing behind Saturn.

“Got it!” I signed them up on the paper. “I’ll take you there in two days, so be ready!”

“Ooooh this’ll be fun!” Saturn said.

I then walked away, thinking of who else to sign up. Then I remembered the two new people, Jinx and Aurallia. They seemed strong enough, so I knocked on their door.

“Yes?” Jinx opened the door.

“Hi Jinx, want to take part in th--” I was interrupted.

“Intermediate Tournament? Yeah! Sign Aurallia up too!” Jinx saw the paper I was holding.

“Got it!” I then signed both of them up. Then I left and ran into Arada.

“Whatcha doin, Tele?” Arada asked.

I then showed her the paper.
“Oh, yeah, sign me up, I’m pretty rusty since I haven’t fought for awhile. I’ll see what I need to do from this.” Arada said. She then saw that there was prize money on the paper. “SIGN ME UP DEFINITELY!”

“Okay!” I signed her up.

I then headed into the diner to see if Mehrunes wanted to sign up. I saw some clones were left to cook here, while the rest were at the food stands. Mehrunes actually trained so he could now have multiple clones active at the same time.

I saw the real Mehrunes eating and chatting with Listy.

“Hey Meh!” I walked over to him and showed him the paper. “Want to take part in it? You’re able to!”

“Am I gonna get messed up by some curse and be immobile for a few days?” Mehrunes asked.

“…what?” I asked, confused.

“Dander,” Mehrunes said. “Whatever. I’m in.”

“Who’s Dander?” I questioned, as I signed Mehrunes up.

“I think that’s what his name was. In the Beginner Tournament I faced him and he used something on me and I ended up in bed and mostly immobile,” Mehrunes said. “Kinda sucked the SECOND time it happened as well, when I got possessed by a ghost.”

“Wow, that sounds… not really cool. For you,” I commented.

“It wasn't,” Mehrunes said.

“Okay, well, I’ll go sign Draco up!” I then said, as I headed towards the doors.

“Have fun with that,” Mehrunes said.

I then walked over to Draco’s room. But I saw him heading towards the training room, probably to train. He was also wearing some new clothes, probably the ones that were in the package.

“Oh hey Draco!” I called to him.

“Hey Tech,” Draco replied, waving. He then walked right by me before I could ask him if he wanted to participate in the tournament. I’ll get him later. I took out my phone and texted Saturo to see if he wanted to join.


Teleyon: Hey Saturo, you wanna take part in this?


I attached an image of the paper, just so I don’t have to type everything out explaining it.


Saturo: Yeah, sure! Sign me and Lav up.


I then signed them up. Then I went into the training room to ask Draco if he wanted to take part in it.

“Hey hey Draco!” I said.

“Yeah Tech? What is it?” He asked. He seemed to be focusing a lot. He was in his Level Two Draco eye at its full power.

“I got a message, notified that there’ll be a tournament, for intermediate leveled people. You want to take part in it?” I asked him.

“A tournament you say? When does it happen?” he asked. “What date?”

“In two days from now, sign ups need to be done by tonight,” I replied. “I asked around and a few people are signing up, like Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh really? Sounds fun,” Draco said as he kept concentrating while listening to me. “A tournament could really help me test myself.”

“Yeah, also Aurallia and Jinx are joining… I texted Saturo, and he and Lav are also joining. Arada is taking a shot at it too, the prize is money,” I said.

“It just sounds better and better,” he smirked.

“Aaaaand Mehrunes is entering too,” I said.

“Man this tournament… Is gonna be… popular isn’t it?” Draco asked as he gritted his teeth.

“Yeah, I guess! Takes place on the Rock Planet, two days from now,” Teleyon said.

“Well then I’ll have to sign up by tonight,” he said as he kept focusing, arcs of lighting were coursing across him and running along the ground, one missed me by a few feet but I didn’t mind. I’ve gotten used to it by now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sign you up! I have all your information so we’re all good,” I said.

“Thanks Tech,” Draco said.

“Anyway, you can go have breakfast when you want!” I said before I left the training room. I ran into Fucia on the way out. “Oh hey Fucia, Draco is inside training.”

“I assumed he was, the ground shaking and all kinda gave it away,” She said.

“Yeaah, I should turn the anti-shake on,” I said, “I’ll do that later.”

Then Fucia and I heard Draco scream inside the training room. The scream was louder than normal. We also heard a large explosion.

“What did he do to himself in there?” I questioned. “And man, I also have to fix the sound system.”

“We should probably go check on him,” Fucia said, heading to the training room doors.

The two of us headed in, and spotted Draco.

He was just kinda standing there for a few moments, his hair was glowing cyan and his eyes weren’t on fire, instead they were just glowing brightly. Then he just sorta collapsed on the floor. And his hair returned to being brown. His clothes were unscathed as well.

“Can we like not scream?” Mehrunes walked into the doors. “Oh, Draco’s out, like old times.”

“Yeah kinda,” Fucia said as she walked over and tried standing Draco up.

“I’m thinking he’s energy deprived right now so that’s not gonna work,” Mehrunes said.

“Well yeah, but we at least gotta move him,” Fucia said.

“Where are we moving him then? I would hope you know, being his girlfriend and all.” Mehrunes snickered.

“We just need to take him somewhere to lay down and rest,” She replied.

“I’d prefer to deal with the strange energy outside, personally,” Mehrunes replied.

“Strange energy?” I questioned. We walked outside, and saw a green clothed guy with brown hair, sitting on top of a cloud. Behind him we could see a girl with pink hair. The cloud disappeared and the two of them landed onto the ground.

“Hey guys!” It was Ichoo, he was back!

“Oh hey Ich,” Mehrunes said casually.

“Hey Mehrunes!” Ich replied.

“Your girlfriend behind you?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz now Draco has one. ‘Kinda’.”

“Uhh, no, I don’t have a girlfriend,” Ich said, looking over at Draco who was being carried by Fucia. “Hi! I’m Ichoo!” He said to Fucia.

“Hello,” She said as she held Draco up, who was still mostly unconscious.

“I’m not surprised by this at all,” Mehrunes said. “Welcome back, turns out I was right in assuming they weren’t all dead, and they brought new people so that’s fun.”

“Ah, and, who’re you?” Ich asked Fucia.

“I’m Fucia,” Fucia said.

“Are you the so called ‘girlfriend’ of Draco?” Ich asked.

“That would be the case, yes,” She replied.

“Ah okay! Nice to meet you!” Ich looked at Draco. “What’s wrong with him?”

“We think he did something with creating too much energy and knocked himself out. He had cyan glowing hair before he fell unconscious. It happened about three minutes before you showed up,” She replied.

“Ohhh, okay, I got something for him then.” Ichoo walked up to Draco and set his hand on his forehead. Then suddenly Draco awoke.

“HMM-HUH-QUE WHAT HAPPENED?!” He suddenly exclaimed, jumping into the air with his wings. “Oh hi Ich.”

“Hello Draco!” Ichoo replied. I noticed that the pink haired girl was clinging to Ich from behind.

Draco clearly noticed this too.

“So who’s this?” Draco asked as he then used his wings to float behind Ich to look at the girl.

The girl hid her face on Ich’s back.

“That’s Achikara, she’s shy,” Ich said.

“Shy people are the best kind. Because they don’t talk,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, she doesn’t really talk.” Ich nodded. “But, she does need more friends! Achikara, it’s okay! You can talk to them, they’re my friends!”

Achikara slowly took her head off of Ich’s back and looked at us.

“H-hi…” she said.

“Hello!” Draco waved, still in the air.

“Hey there!” I waved. “I’m Teleyon, I’m the tech guy here.”

“And I’m Draco!” Draco said. Despite the fact that he was immobile and unconscious a few moments ago he sure was happy.

Achikara looked at Fucia since she didn’t say anything yet.

“I’m Fucia, hello there,” She said calmly.

“H-hello…” Achikara said. “I-I’m A-achikara…”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” Draco said, now he was just floating in a relaxing pose. “So Ich, it’s been a while, what’ve you gotten up to?”

“I was gone exploring the galaxy for a year, and training,” Ich said.

“Nice, and I assume you met Achikara here along the way?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, I saved her from this dungeon,” Ich said, as Achikara was still clinging onto him.

“Is she like this all the time?” Draco asked.

“Until she gets used to you, she’ll be like that,” Ich answered.

“Ah okay,” Draco said. “So what all have you learned since I last saw you?”

“Well! I have three main powers now!” Ich exclaimed.

Draco face lit up.

“Oooooooooo! Which two did you add?” Draco asked.

“Water and electricity!” Ich exclaimed. “So now I make storms of all sorts!” His normal main power was wind.

“Cool!” Draco exclaimed.

“And I like clouds too! So I ride one through space, since I don’t know how to drive a spaceship,” Ich added.

“Neat,” Draco said.

“Just so you know, I’ve been taking notes,” Mehrunes said.

“Course you have,” Draco said, rolling his eyes.

“More like he’s been taking notes,” Mehrunes pointed to one of his clones.

“So? Still you.” Draco said. “Anyway how much stronger have you gotten Ich?”

“Well,” Ich started but I cut him off.

“Speaking of stronger, Ich, wanna take part in this?” I showed him the paper.

“Ooooh a Intermediate Tournament! Yeah! That’ll be fun!” Ich exclaimed.

“Alright!” I signed him up. “What about Achikara?”

“No, no, she won’t.” Ich shook his head.

“Ah, okay,” I replied.

“Anyway, stronger on which scale, Draco?” Ich asked, looking at Draco.

“Whatever scale you prefer. I’m just curious.” Draco shrugged.

“Well… where’s Saturo?” Ich asked.

“Oh he lives at Lavenders house now,” Draco replied.

“Oh, he does?” Ich replied. “Good to know things are working out for him. Well, how strong is Saturo?”

“Probably a bit stronger than me. Don’t quite know, we like have never sparred.” Draco shrugged.

“Ah, well, I’m ten times stronger than Saturo,” Ich said.

“Huh. Neat,” Draco said, he looked like he was thinking about something.

“You know, since he barely trained, and I’ve been training for an entire year straight…” Ich said.

“Yeah…” Draco said still thinking about something.

“You okay there, Draco?” Ich then asked.

“Just… thinking about something that happened a bit ago,” Draco said.

“You mean when you passed out?” I asked.

“More rather what specifically caused me to pass out,” Draco replied.

“Well, what were you doing before you passed out?” Ich asked. “It looked to me like you drained your body, trying to get stronger. So you ran out of energy.”

“Well yeah, I was seeing if I could go past my Level Two Draco Eye,” Draco said.

“You mean the double Draco Eye? Are you calling it Level Two now?” Ich questioned.

“We used to call it double? Huh. Well anyway yeah that’s what I was trying to do.”

“Yeah, so that means the cause of your passing out was because you’re not able to surpass your limits yet, so you gotta work on that,” Ich answered.

“That’s kinda what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. What happened earlier was the first time I actually tried going higher, since Glare gave me these new clothes that help with energy ventilation,” Draco said.

“Oooooo, that’s cool! I heard Glare invented the first Ultimate Crystal tracker!” Ich exclaimed.

“Well yeah, anyway. As I was getting more powerful I could feel something just out of my reach. I… kinda sort've reached it for like, a second,” Draco said.

“Then you collapsed,” Fucia said.

“Yeah,” Draco said.

“He made this strange yell and then there was a giant explosion. That’s the most we know besides Meh’s cameras since no one was in the training room with him,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, so, he tried to exceed his limits but failed, that’s why he collapsed.” Ich said. “Also, where can I get an Ultimate Crystal tracker? Achikara needs a crystal.”

“I have one on me actually,” Mehrunes said.

“Wh-- When did you get one?” I asked Meh.

“Don’t question it,” Mehrunes said.

“Did you take one from Hematite? Cuz he had one that Sokanon and Badok used. Actually, that’s likely, since Badok never returned his. You took it,” I said. “It’s probably fine.”

“Probably,” Mehrunes pulled out the tracker and tossed it to Ich.

“Okay!” Ich tried to figure out how it functioned, and eventually did. He scanned Achikara with the tracker. “Okay, Achikara, let’s go get it!” A cloud generated below the two of them and they floated up in the air. “We’ll be back soon!”

We waved them goodbye as they disappeared into space on the cloud. Soon, they came back after a few moments. Ich tossed the tracker to Mehrunes, who caught it as they landed back onto the ground.

“Huh, that was quick,” I said.

“Yeah, it wasn’t that far, so…” Ich said. Achikara was still hiding and clinging behind Ichoo.

“So was it on another planet or just somewhere on Ertin?” Draco asked.

“It was in space, on an asteroid,” Ich answered.

“Interesting,” Draco said.

“Anyway, how’s my room? Did Mehrunes touch it?” Ich asked, glancing suspiciously at Mehrunes.

“I’ve only been here for a few weeks after being stuck in a realm for almost a year. I haven’t really looked at your room with the whole you being gone thing,” Draco said.

“Okay, well I’ll go check it out then.” Ich said, flying with Achikara over to his room. “Okay, good, it hasn’t been touched.” They flew back. “But, where is Saturo? Bring him here!”

“Well, here lemme text him.” I pulled out my phone.


Teleyon: Hey, Saturo, Ich came back and wants to see you.


“There, I texted him,” I said, putting my phone away.

“I wonder how long it’ll take him to get here,” Draco said.

Saturo then appeared right next to us, and deactivated his source technique.

“GAH!” Draco exclaimed.

Saturo looked over at Ich.

“Ich!” He smiled.

“Hi Saturo!” Ich smiled back.

“Who’s that?” Saturo popped his head over Ich’s shoulders and looked at Achikara.

Achikara hid herself in panic.

“It’s okay, Achi!” Ich said. “This is my best friend, Saturo, that I told you about!”

Achikara then stopped hiding herself and smiled a tiny smile. Wow, she looked pretty cute smiling. I mean not as cute as Arada but-- Nevermind.

“Hi,” Achikara waved at Saturo. “I-I heard a lot about you.”
“Oh that’s nice! I haven’t heard much… about you. Achikara is your name?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah,” Achikara responded.

“Is that your full name? Just Achikara?” Saturo asked.

“Uh… no. My full name is Achikara Qeezixyx,” she responded.

“So is it just a coincidence that you and Ich have the same last name or…?” Draco started to say.

“No… Ichoo is my husband,” Achikara said.

“Ah okay, that was my first guess,” Draco said calmly.

“That was my fifth guess,” Mehrunes said. “From when you arrived.”

“Well, actually, we’re not yet married, she’s just my fiancée,” Ichoo said.

“That was my fourth guess,” Mehrunes said.

“Well, what about you Meh? Did you and Listy get any further in your relationship?” Ich asked.

“Mmmmmmno,” Mehrunes said. “I’ve been gone for most of the larger parties absence because of Dakrus. So.”

“So you’re still the same as you were before I left? Sucks,” Ichoo said.

“Please allow me to remind you, you’re getting married. How old are you again?” Mehrunes asked him.

“Well, now I’m 16, even though you guys are still 15. Time is different around the galaxy,” Ich said.

“You got that number two?” Mehrunes asked his clone.

“Yep,” The clone said.

“Hey Ich I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that my food stands are doing well,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh, that’s nice!” Ich said.

“Yeah, I know right,” Mehrunes said.

“Well, good to have you back Ich, see ya at the tournament!” Saturo then said, activating his source. “I gotta go now, so! Bye!”

“Bye!” Ich said as Saturo then sped off. “Woo, I’m excited for this tournament though!”

“So am I, kinda, was more excited earlier,” Draco said.

“I could care less,” Mehrunes said.

“Alright, well, we’re gonna go to the tournament after tomorrow,” I said. “So get prepared!”

“I’m already prepared,” Ich said. “Oh, by the way Mehrunes, can you get Achi and I something to eat? We haven’t eaten for a bit.”

“Well that was dumb,” Mehrunes smirked. “Yeah sure, come eat breakfast.”

“Alright thanks!” Ich flew over to the diner with Achikara right behind him.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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why are you so good at names

why are you so good at names lol. I see you've added some longer dialogue tags, that's good! This is still mostly dialouge but it's nice to see more. 

Fun fact, ellipse' (...) are a) not full stops and should be treated like commas rather than periods in terms of capitalization, and b) not necessary in almost every situation, including this sentence you have:

"He’s pretty famous, so this was amazing… to be emailed by him." This might flow better like so; "He's pretty famous, so it was amazing to be emailed by him." or "He's pretty famous, recieving an email from him was amazing."

That's all, have a nice day!

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Thanks! And alright, I'll

Thanks! And alright, I'll keep that in mind for next time.


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