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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 10)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 10)

Posted December 29th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 10: Ichoo


Well, this tournament has been fun! There were a lot of fighters that weren’t that strong, like when I fought against Shot… I defeated him easily with a swift use of wind. Maybe I should give them a chance at this. Other people were powerful too, like Asolo was hiding a lot. I hope I fight against him, then I can see where I need improvement.

But I had to fight against Summer. The guy that flirted with the other girl. I mean, it’s a good battle strategy. That is, if it works. It won’t work all the time, I know that from experience of seeing people use that strategy. I never use it, of course. And it doesn’t work on me, since I’m engaged.

I flew into the arena. John Ceno was commentating, which is interesting. I haven’t talked to the dude for a long time.

“ALRIGHT! ICHOO VERSUS SUMMER!” John’s voice then spoke into the mic. His body wasn’t anywhere in sight, so I wondered if he was hiding with invisibility or something.

I then sensed Summer standing behind me in the arena. I took my position to face him.

“IN THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!” John then did the countdown and the bell rang that meant the fight has started.

Summer began to walk towards me.

“Yo I got a date after this, so I gotta win this,” Summer said.

“Yeah, well, so do I.” I didn’t really have a date with Achikara, but it didn’t matter. This was to make his reasoning invalid.

“Well, I need the money,” Summer said.

“So do I.” I didn’t need money. Just using his reasoning to show him that it doesn’t work.

“Well…” Summer looked a bit annoyed. “I need to beat the crud out of you then.”

I smirked. “Good luck with that.” I lifted up my hand, picking him up with the wind and simply knocked him off of the arena.

His hands then stretched and he grabbed the edge, and pulled himself up. That was his ability, elasticity, which meant he could change shape and stretch.

“Okay good, you’re not that bad,” I said. “That would have ended way too fast.”

Summer then ran at me, shooting a bunch of punches at me. I blocked them all easily, he could hardly punch. I then maneuvered through the air and appeared behind him, and flicked him in the head, causing him to fly all the way to the edge of the arena, falling off.

He used his stretchy hands to get back up again, and I let him get back up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him. “You good there?”

He growled at me. “Yeah I’m good.”

“You sure?” I forced out the oxygen from his lungs and he fell to the floor, panicking. “What’s wrong, man? You should breathe! Take a deep breath!”

He got up, breathing heavily and looked scared.

“Screw… you…” He muttered.

“Why don’t you try? Come on.” I motioned my hand, telling him to come at me, if he could. It’s not good to underestimate people, but Summer was either holding back or very weak against my powers.

“Fine then,” Summer said. After his breathing got back to normal, he looked up at me. He then revealed his Ultimate Crystal, and absorbed it. I sensed him getting stronger, and his energy level rose. “Don’t beg for mercy.” His body then became ripped and muscles appeared on his body.

He then rushed at me, his speed having increased a lot. His punches were much harder, and I blocked then by applying wind against it and using my hands too. I then flew up and shot him back with wind.

He winced and then jumped at me, attempting to hit me with his fist. I shifted past him and tossed him aside. I wasn’t trying at all really.

“Stand still so I can hit you!” Summer said.

“Okay.” I stood still in front of him, making a small barrier of wind as a layer on my skin. That way it wouldn’t hurt if he hit me.

He then did punch me, but the wind layer prevented it from doing any damage, so it looked like it did nothing.

“Your hit didn’t do anything,” I said to him. John Ceno was commentating but I paid no attention to what he was saying, instead I smirked at Summer.

Summer didn’t look happy that he wasn’t doing any damage or anything really to me. He kept on attacking me, but I dodged and blocked them. Then I shot him back with the wind and threw him off the arena, forcing him to touch the ground outside.

John Ceno announced the winner, which was me, and I saw the ref teleport Summer back to the sidelines. I flew back to my seat, having won that round.

? Arada ?

Well Ichoo seems pretty O-P. He knocked out the first dude, Shot, easily in one blow and he beat Summer the same way. He might make it pretty far in this, unlike me. I’ve been really rusty it seems.

I watched Ich fly back to his seat near Saturo and Lavender. The screen showed who was going next. ‘Saturn versus Jinx’.

“Oh I’m going again!” Saturn said, seeing that he was going next.

“You’re fighting Jinx. Good luck,” Phoenix told her brother.

“Yeah, unlike you, I’m gonna win this time!” Saturn laughed at his sister as he flew into the arena. The other guy, Jinx, entered the arena afterwards.

“And now for the last battle for this round!” John announced. “Jinx and Saturn, give us a good final battle for the round! In three… two… one… GO!”

Saturn started off the fight by shooting blasts of green energy at Jinx. Jinx took out his sword and cut through it, before he smacked Saturn back to the edge of the arena.

“Ow!” Saturn got back up and shot a bigger blast of green energy at Jinx. Jinx jumped up, dodging it and then pushed at Saturn from far. Saturn fell back from Jinx’s telekinesis push. “Okay then I’ll have to try harder!”

Saturn then flared his aura, his hair turning bright green and his aura shining brightly in the arena, like a light bulb.

“Saturn is using that form again!” John commented. “Will it work against Jinx though?”

Saturn punched Jinx in the face and he went flying. He caught himself with his sword by stabbing it into the ground of the arena. He jumped at Saturn and knocked him back.

Saturn then surrounded himself in a green barrier. Jinx struck it with his sword and it didn’t do anything.

“Okay then.” Jinx stepped back and waited.


“That’s why I’m gonna wait,” Jinx said, sitting on the ground.

Saturn looked down at Jinx through his transparent green barrier. He looked unsure of what to do. Considering that I had overheard Saturo talking about Jinx manipulating time, it looked like Saturn was in trouble.

“Hm.” Saturn was unsure of what to do. Then he opened the barrier quickly and shot a beam of green energy at Jinx.

Jinx avoided it easily and appeared inside with Saturn, before he knocked him out of his barrier and punched him, knocking him off the arena. Saturn floated and didn’t touch the floor. He turned around to face Jinx and then blasted him with bigger blasts of green energy.

Jinx cut through the blast with his sword, and maneuvered around and got behind Saturn, before he knocked Saturn down to the ground outside the arena. Saturn tried to get back up but Jinx knocked him out fully.

“THE WINNER IS JINX!” John said.

“Dang it.” Saturn was teleported back to the sidelines by the ref as Jinx jumped back to his seat. “He was too fast for me.”

“He could manipulate time, that’s why,” I told him. “So it’s only logical you lost. You’re also not trained.”

“Oh well.” Saturn shrugged. “At least I did better than Phoenix.”

“Hey!” Phoenix didn’t look pleased. “Shut up!”

Saturn laughed.


The reaper and Pixelen got onto the arena.


? Styreix ?

John did the countdown, and my opponent, Pixelen, stood decently tall in front of me. I kept my hood on as I watched him. He just stood there, waiting for me to do something. But I then I felt a huge impact on my back. It didn’t really affect me. I turned to see what it was from but saw nothing.

I then felt another impact on my back as soon as I turned around, only to see nothing, and the pattern kept repeating, until the blows started to hurt.

I released my energy and surrounded myself with a red aura, and summoned my scythe. I looked around for what was causing this, this time shoving the sharp side of my scythe towards my back so whatever was causing this would get hit and fail to touch me. But I still felt that impact.

“The heck are you doing? Face me like a true fighter!” I shouted out spitefully at Pixelen. If my scythe didn’t hit him, then that meant he either avoided it or he was never there. I then saw him in front of me. “Hey, Pixelen. What’s your power? Illusions? Because you don’t seem to actually be behind me at all, unless you cloned yourself and moved out of the way of my scythe quickly.”

“Does it really matter?” He said, as he charged forward.

“Yes, it does,” I replied as I slammed the bottom of my scythe into the ground, summoning a red box barrier in front of me.

I then sensed Pixelen behind me, and I spotted him standing inside my red box. I was unable to put the anti-teleport spell onto the barrier in time. He then moved to punch me in the head, but I dodged and knocked him into the barrier. He teleported away right before the impact, and attacked faster. It hit, but wasn’t too painful. It was painful though. It felt like his attack just focused in one exact spot.

I then teleported away and got rid of the barrier, facing Pixelen and preparing for his next attack. My scythe glowed bright red. Pixelen got ready to attack, as he charged at me. I slashed my scythe at him, but he teleported away. I looked for him, scanning the arena, but failed at finding him. I felt a powerful blast on my stomach. It was painful compared to all of his previous blows. I winced as I gripped my scythe and stood back up.

Then I used my reaper magic and summoned some grim reapers around me, five of them all who were capable of what I was capable of (to a certain extent). They were pretty much skeletons with scythes and glowing red eyes. A grim reaper, what do you expect?

The grim reapers were unable to find Pixelen, so they just stood there waiting. But suddenly, they all broke into a pile of bones all at once, and I spotted Pixelen. I quickly leaped at him to attack. My scythe slashed his eye, and he flinched as he teleported quickly. But then I was lifted up by him, and he spun me around, and proceeded to throwing me out. His eye was bleeding.

I teleported using Reaper Teleportation, and appeared in front of him, leaving black particles where I used to be and where my new location was. The moment I appeared, I attacked him again with my scythe. He dodged and counterattacked, throwing a kick at my head. I ducked under his attack, and then jumped past him, summoning a barrier in front of me where I then used to kick off of to launch myself back at Pixelen, and hit him in the back. He quickly got up and disappeared again.

I looked around for him, at the same time I was prepared for him to attack me. But then I felt a hand grip the back of my head, as my mind emptied. All that I was thinking was gone, and I blacked out.

“You will do what I say,” I heard. I couldn’t tell what direction it came from.

“I will do what you say,” I said, out of my control. My body wasn’t responding to anything I wanted it to do.

Walk off.” My body started to walk towards the edge of the arena. Nothing I wanted to do would happen. He was controlling my body. At this rate I was going to lose.

I continued trying to get my body to move but it wouldn't work. I was almost to the edge. John Ceno was commentating but I ignored him, trying to gain control of my body.

I was so close to the edge, when I realized that Pixelen was behind me. How could I gain control, and get away from the edge? First I would need to gain control, then I could teleport. But for now I should focus on control.

I couldn't use any spells or magic since I couldn't move my body.

“I shall assist you,” my Ultimate Crystal spoke to me, knowing I couldn’t do anything. Then I felt the energy of the crystal run through me, granting me control of my body.

Immediately, I teleported behind Pixelen and knocked him off the edge. I saw as he was about to touch the ground outside, which meant I would win. But suddenly I felt something grip my head from behind.

Jump off.” Before I could do anything, my legs pushed off the ground and I was in the air.

I couldn’t gain control of my body this time, and I knew I had lost. Pixelen’s mind control was much more powerful this time, it put his previous attempt to get me out to shame.

I slammed into the ground, I was out. I had lost. John Ceno had announced that I had lost, and that Pixelen moves on to the next round. The ref guy teleported me back to the sidelines and I went back and sat next to Venom.

“Dang, Styreix, that Pixelen guy sure got you there,” Venom said.

“Mind control,” I told him. “Hard to resist.”

On the screen, I could see who was going next. Asolo versus Jasper.

“This battle will be interesting,” Venom said from next to me. “Let’s see how it goes.”




to be continued in the next chapter....

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