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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 11)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 11)

Posted January 3rd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 11: Saturo


The next round was Asolo versus Jasper. I wondered who would win. We did get to see Jasper fight, and he did heat himself up to very high temperatures. Asolo, we didn’t really see much out of him. So this was pretty exciting. Also because, well, I needed to see who I would go up against.

Jasper and Asolo both got onto the arena, waiting for John Ceno to do his countdown. “THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!” Eventually, he did.

Jasper charged at Asolo, rapidly throwing punches just slow enough for the eye to catch a glimpse of them. Before I knew it, they were all around the arena, suddenly here, and then there. Who knew Jasper could go that fast?

Jasper kept on getting faster and faster, and Asolo was catching up in speed, effortlessly. Before I knew it, people were unable to catch on their movement.


A while later, I saw Jasper go flinging towards the edge of the arena. He quickly applied some kind of force, and propelled himself back onto the arena. But then he went flying again, and bounced off of the arena, sliding across the surface. It looked pretty painful, when he got up to show that his arm was bleeding. Alot. His aura quickly submerged him with heat, as he charged forward at an even faster speed than before. He actually managed to get a hit on Asolo. It didn’t seem to do anything though. Asolo was pretty resistant to Jasper’s heat, unlike Draco.

“Draco lasted a little while,” I heard Pixelen say, as he appeared next to me.

What? Oh, Pixel read my mind.

“He did. But he wasn’t as resistant, that’s all,” I said to Pixelen, while at the same time paying close attention to the fight. I could possibly fight one of them, whoever wins.

“Yeah, well anyway, seeing as you got with Lavender,” He began, and then telepathically, finally, and then normally again, “got any tips?”

“Tips to what?” I asked.

“Is it not obvious?”

“Not really.” I shrugged. I’d like an explanation.

Well you aren't getting one.

“Then I can’t give you any tips. Your loss,” I replied.

“What do you need tips on?” Lavender joined in on our conversation.

“You know, I got my next fight against Asolo, and Saturo is a pretty good strategist.”

“Well, Asolo seems pretty calm when he’s fighting,” I said, as I inspected Asolo’s movements. “He was moving swiftly and looked very calm as he dodged and blocked Jasper’s attacks. He was also much older than Jasper, and was trained, so it made sense why Jasper wasn’t getting very far in beating him.”

“I CAN HEAR YOU YOU KNOW!” Jasper yelled from afar.

“Focus on your fight!” I yelled back at him, as he was off guard and was sent flying by Asolo.

“Never get distracted in the middle of a fight, especially if your opponent is stronger than you,” Asolo said to Jasper before they continued fighting.

“Yeah, anyway, I haven’t seen Asolo do much yet. See if your mind thing works on him, like how it worked on Styreix,” I said to Pixelen.

“Not a bad idea,” he said, before walking away.

I then saw Draelin coming our way. “O-M-G WHODOYATHINKISGONNAWIN?!?!?!?” She said.

“Woah.” I was taken off guard by Draco’s younger sister’s sudden appearance. “Are you okay?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You were loud all of a sudden. Just making sure you haven’t been taking any of Fireball’s catnip,” I said. “Also, what are you doing here? This is the seating place for contestants. You’re not in the tournament.”

“I’m waiting for Jasper. He’s coming in from there.” She gestured at the door.

“Okay… so while we’re off doing things, you’re hanging out with Jasper huh?” I asked.

“Well, Draco did kinda ditch me and Fireball,” she answered.

“Yeahhh well… I dunno.” I didn’t know what to say. “Also, answering your question, Asolo probably is going to win.”

“I CAN STILL HEAR YOU YA KNOW!” Jasper was making John laugh all the way in the commentator area.

“Pay attention bro,” I replied to him.

“I AM!” He said as he blocked an attack, “I DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE!”

“Riiiiiight.” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, anyway, I’m just gonna sit here and wait for Jasper to win the fight.”

“He’s not gonna win. Not with that attitude,” I said. “Asolo isn’t even trying.”

“Should I?” Asked Asolo with a grin.

“Yes,” I answered. If he shows what he could do, that would give the people fighting him next an advantage.

It was then that the fight took a step up, speedwise. At this point, Jasper was barely able to catch up. I was surprised he’s wasn’t even capable of being able to catch up. But I also wasn’t at the same time, since Jasper didn’t take his opponent as seriously as he needed to.

“C’MON JASPER YOU GOT THIS!” Draelin said from the whatever it is we’re sitting on. They were benches, yeah, except they weren’t normal benches. They were more like solid rock in a rectangular prism shape that was attached to the floor, which was made of some polished shiny gray rock.

“C’MON ASOLO YOU GOT THIS! WIN THIS FOR ELEIA!” Some other voice from the normal audience said. It was someone sitting up close so their voice was heard by us. I looked over at who said it, and it was a guy with dark orange hair and glasses. I could see Asolo take a second to facepalm, allowing Jasper to land a hit on him. He actually got knocked back a bit.

“Is that Asolo’s girlfriend?” Lav questioned from next to me.

“Yes.” Pixelen said. “Yes it is.” He must’ve read people’s minds to find that out.


Asolo sighed loud enough for a few people to hear, as Jasper was laughing, while taking advantage of this to get a few hits on him.

“HOLD UP JASPER, HE’S NOT ALONE! YOU TOO HAVE TO WIN THIS FOR YOUR PRECIOUS DRAELIN!” John Ceno commented. “Of course only one of you can win and excel… BUT YOU GET THE DRILL!”

Draelin turned a deep shade of red as she sat down.

“Asolo definitely is gonna win, also JASPER YOU SUCK!” Mehrunes suddenly shouted. Draelin glared at Meh. He just looked away.

“So are you and Jasper a thing?” asked Lav to Draelin.

“Umm, yes? Or no? Well, kind of?” She was as red as a tomato dipped in ketchup. “I’m not sure. I mean, yes? Kind of?”

“Forget I asked,” Lav then said.

I went back to trying to focus on the battle, and Jasper was out of bounds…? Dang it! I was distracted and didn’t see what happened!

“AND THE WINNER IS ASOLO!” John Ceno then said.

Ah well. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It was my turn. And I was up against Venom. Last time I faced off against him, I lost. I lost easily to him. But now that won't be the case… I was different now, and I had Elec's technique, even though I hadn't mastered it fully. I had the basics down. I just needed a bit more practice to master it completely. The training I did with Lav during our free time, when we weren't doing other stuff (not going to explain what). But I was so ready to take Venom down.

“Hey Student of Elec.” Before I got to jump into the arena, Venom walked up to me, a smirk on his face.

“Hey Venom.” I smirked back at him. “Let's do this.”

“I look forward to beating you again.” Venom jumped onto the arena.

“Good luck Satu,” I heard Lav say. I turned my head towards her and smiled. She knew what I was capable of. She also didn't really like Venom since he kinda threatened to kill her and kidnapped her and stuff. Back then Venom was too strong for me, Hematite had to save me. But this time I could fight for myself.

I landed onto the arena in front of Venom.


“You're going down,” Venom said, already getting into a fighting stance.


“We'll see.” I smirked at him.


Venom then threw himself at me, throwing a punch. I blocked it with my left hand, and then knocked him back a few feet with my other hand. Ceno made a comment about it, but I ignored him. I had to focus on the battle.

“Wow, you've gotten better.” Venom walked over, igniting himself in his toxic green aura. “This will be fun.”

I prepared myself for his attack, but he didn't attack. He just stood there. I wondered what he was up to. Then I decided to attack, sending a bolt of lightning in his direction.

Venom dodged, and then shot out a toxic blast from his hand. It came at me, but I jumped over it before it hit me. Then I spun around, charging a ball of electric plasma in my hand before I connected it with Venom’s head. A small explosion appeared after contact, and Venom shot backwards. He stopped himself from falling off the arena though.

“You got better.” Venom said, with a grin. “Guess I can actually use my full power now.”

I backed away from him slowly as his aura began to get bigger. Toxic gas began to appear all over the arena. Venom was laughing his head off, this was amusing him.

“Beware, Saturo!” Venom then shouted. Then the toxic gas came in at me. I looked around at where I could go to escape it. But everything was blocked. I could only go forward, towards Venom.

I then dashed forward, preparing to punch Venom. He saw it coming, I could tell by the look in his eyes. Toxic gas separated him and me, and I was surrounded. And it was closing in. I didn’t want to find out what happens when the toxic gas touches me. It probably won’t end well.

I hit the ground with a electric punch, making a shockwave that forced all of the toxic gas away from me. Venom wasn’t where he used to be when the gas disappeared.

I looked around for him. “Where’d he go…”

Then I was hit from behind. I was knocked back, but I caught myself before I got to the edge.

“It’s about time I go full out on you.” Venom appeared in the middle of the arena, wielding his toxic sword. “I mean, I still have to hold back, killing you would be bad.”

“That is if you could kill me in the first place,” I remarked. I was pretty confident in the training I did.

Venom smirked. “I could.”

I then activated my Voltaic Form, surrounding myself with electricity and changing my hair to glow like lightning bolts.

“Ah there is that new flashy form,” Venom said as he leaped forward to strike. I then zipped passed him, disarming him, as I then hit him back towards where I used to be. “W-what… Dang okay you’ve gotten a lot faster.”

I then charged up my energy and focused it into a punch. Then I ran towards Venom with quick speed and knocked him off the arena. I jumped after him and punched him at the ground. The impact was strong that it made a crater in the ground.

“AND THE WINNER IS… SATURO!” John Ceno announced.

I returned to my normal self as the ref took Venom to the sidelines, fixing the crater. I jumped back and took a seat next to Lav.

“You did well, Satu,” she smiled at me, squeezing my hand.

I smiled back at her. Then I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. Ichoo versus Jinx. Ichoo, who used wind, against Jinx, the guy who manipulated time.

Ichoo flew into the arena as Jinx jumped inside. John Ceno announced their battle to start, and Jinx began the fight by running towards Ich and swinging his sword.

Ich blocked it with his hand, and flicked it out of the arena. Then he pushed his hand forward, making a tunnel of wind push Jinx all the way out of the arena. Even with time manipulation, you can’t overcome wind that’s pushing you!

“Well then, that was quick, like many other battles. THE WINNER IS ICHOO!” John Ceno said. “AND NOW! IT’S TIME FOR THE SEMI-FINALS!! WE’RE CLOSE TO FINISHING THIS TOURNAMENT!” I watched as the ref cleared Jinx out and Ichoo flew back to his seat. “FIRST BATTLE FOR THE SEMI-FINALS! PIXELEN VERSUS ASOLO!”

Huh, so Pixelen knew he was going next before it said so. I’m not surprised, he would have read someone’s mind to get that information.

I watched as they both appeared on the arena, ready for the battle. I wonder who would win…




to be continued in the next chapter...

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