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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 12)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 12)

Posted January 6th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here is the next chapter!!! The tournament is over after this!


Chapter 12: Saturo


Pixelen and Asolo both were standing in the arena, waiting on John’s countdown. I recalled how Pixel asked me for tips to fighting Asolo, except I didn’t really see Asolo do much so I was clueless in what he could do ability-wise.

“ARE YOU READY?! THREE… TWO… ONE! FIGHT!” John then rang the bell.

Pixelen immediately disappeared, completely out of sight. Asolo didn’t do anything, until a few seconds after, when he proceeded to charge forward. His fist flung, as I heard a sound that indicated that he had struck. It sounded really painful. If that hit his jaw, surely it would break. Asolo wasn’t holding back, was he?

Asolo then ran forward as if he were to clutch something (probably Pixelen) and then flung his arms forward. The whole time, Asolo looked stupid doing it. Like, really stupid. Some of the people in the audience were even laughing.

It didn’t seem that Pixelen got out though. Two seconds or so later, Pixelen appeared, and his mouth was bleeding. A lot. He then started to teleport all around Asolo. Didn’t seem to do much, as Asolo seemed to just predict where Pixelen would appear next.

Pixelen caught on, and randomized it completely, deeming it effective. It was working. Pixel struck Asolo, but it didn’t do anything. It just made Asolo try to grab him, and miss. Pixel took the opportunity to move out of the way and grab Asolo’s head. Before I knew it, Asolo was walking out of the arena. He was under Pixelen’s mind control. Except It didn’t last long, and it didn’t work on Asolo the same way it worked on Styreix.

Asolo quickly made a recovery, and just did a quintuple backflip to where Pixelen was. He quickly picked Pixelen up, then hurriedly carried him to the edge, where he then just ensured that he hit the floor. That’s what it looked like at least. John would have announced Asolo as winner, except he didn’t. That meant Pixelen didn’t actually hit the floor, and he wasn’t out.

Pixelen had just phased into the floor outside the arena, as another one of him appeared behind Asolo. Asolo then quickly moved back and threw twelve powerful punches at Pixel’s jaw, but his fists phased through Pixelen.

That was when Asolo went with the Jasper strategy, and heated the air around him. I saw Pixelen appear after a while, as he surrendered, realizing that he can’t take much heat. Draco was able to because his powers allowed it, but Pixelen would collapse due to the heat eventually.

“PIXELEN SURRENDERS! ASOLO WINS!” John Ceno then announced.

That ended pretty fast. So that was one of Pixelen’s weaknesses… Although he was overpowered and could read people’s minds, he was still human. He was weak to heat.

Looking up at the screen to see who was going next caught me by surprise. I was going up against Ichoo…

“Good luck, you’ll probably need it,” Lavender said to me.

I got up without saying a word and jumped onto the arena. Ich flew over and landed on the arena. After seeing Ich defeat everyone else by just knocking them off from the start with wind, I had to use my speed and avoid that.


“This gonna be a nice fight, right?” Ich smiled at me. “You have some new skills that I don’t know about.”

“Yeah, so do you,” I replied to him as John Ceno began the countdown. I actually haven’t seen Ich do anything new yet so far, so I have no clue what’s coming.

“…AND ONE! FIGHTTTT!” John then rang the fighting bell.

Ichoo shot his hand up and made a tunnel of raging wind blast right in my face, knocking me off the arena immediately. I didn’t blame Jinx for losing to this, it was powerful. But I used a blast behind me to counter the wind and knock myself back onto the arena.

Ich then struck the ground and gusts of wind pushed me back again. Dang that wind was strong, and it was unavoidable. The air was all around us.

I then charged up a lightning bolt and shot it at Ich. Clouds appeared and absorbed the bolt, and then it came flying back at me. I dodged it, before I kicked off the floor and went to hit Ich. I then punched him, but he just stood there, not taking any damage.

“What?” I asked him.

“Wind barriers are useful.” Ich simply shrugged. Then he tossed me aside with the wind. “Your electricity won’t be effective against me, it’s one of my mains.”

“One of your mains?” I questioned, as I got myself out of his grasp, moving around, dodging his attempts to pick me up with the wind.

“Yes. Wind, water, and electricity.” Ich made the number three with his fingers. “Three mains. All mastered.”

Woah okay… so this would be harder than I thought.

“You’ve also forgotten,” Ich said as small tornadoes appeared in front of him. “I could just make a tornado and knock you off with it.”

The small tornadoes came at me. I activated my Voltaic Form, and dodged past them all.

“Oh yeah there’s that too,” Ich said, pointing at me. “That form thing.”

“It was one of Elec’s techniques,” I said.

“Cool, and how long did it take you to get that?”

“Uh… a while…”

“Have you even mastered it?” Ich asked.

“Nope.” I was still far from doing that.

“Okay, then, master it,” Ich said.

“I can’t just master it, it’s harder than it looks!” I exclaimed. “I only know how to use about like… a few percents of it.”

“Alright. Seems pretty powerful,” Ich said. “Except you may be forgetting that you’re not the only one with Elemental Master techniques.”

Oh dang he was right.

“Anyway, enjoy the tornado.” Ich then spun his hands and arms in a pattern and a tornado formed in the middle of the arena. I grabbed onto the ground, holding the small part between the tiles.


I looked around for where Ich was, and he seemed to be standing right inside the tornado. Then he walked toward me, the tornado moving along with him. Cripes. The wind was powerful and if I let go, I would for sure be out.

Then Ich raised a hand and the tornado became more powerful and I lost my grip. I went flying through the air, but I didn’t go out. I was spinning around in the sky above the arena.

Then Ich motioned his hand downward and I slammed into the arena floor. The force was very powerful, and it hurt.

“Your powers are just not suited to fight against me,” Ich then said, as the tornado disappeared. “So… good fight, you lose.” Then he pushed me out with the wind, and I was finally out.


Then the ref took me back to my seat and healed me so that I felt no pain. I took my seat next to Lav, who was telling me that I did well and stuff. Even though I didn’t.

“You got wrecked,” Mehrunes said.

“I know,” I said. “The wind was blowing way too hard. I could barely move.”

“It was kind of pathetic to watch. You were getting tossed about like a ragdoll,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh shut uppp,” I retorted.

“No, I don’t wanna,” Mehrunes replied. “Can’t make me.”

“I bet Listy could though,” I replied to him with a wink.

“…I don’t have a witty remark to that,” Mehrunes said.

“Ha!” I laughed.


I saw Ichoo fly back into the arena, as Asolo also appeared there.


Ich then extended out his hand and shot that same tunnel of wind at Asolo, attempting to knock him off right from the start.

It didn’t seem to have any effect, however.

“Finally, someone good.” Ichoo smiled as he stopped the wind tunnel and got into a fighting position.

“You could’ve used others as a warm up! I mean, I did,” Asolo said.

“If they don’t last a second against my wind, it’s not really a warm up in my terms,” Ichoo responded.

“Wait, I met you before right?” Asolo asked.

“Yes. Back when I was still diagnosed, though,” Ichoo replied.

“I recall saying something…” Asolo said, “what was it?”

“I don’t know.” Ichoo shrugged. “Don’t remember much of my old self. I was cringy.”

“I think it went along the lines of ‘I’mma surpass you,’ or something like that.”

“Possibly.” Ichoo smirked. “If you want to surpass me, then you gotta practice and train a lot. Plus, don’t hold back now.”

“I have no intention of doing so,” Asolo said, getting in a fighting position.

“Then I have no intention of trying my best,” Ichoo replied.

“Oh no. Very threatening,” Asolo said way too sarcastically.

“Let’s just get started.” Ichoo then struck the ground in the middle of the arena and made another tornado. Then he walked into it. But Ichoo’s foot seemed to be stuck to something, as he stopped being able to walk. His feet were frozen to the stage, restricting his movement.

Except he could still move his arms. He raised a hand and made the wind stronger, pushing Asolo back. Asolo quickly gripped the floor with his feet (well, shoes), somehow, and stopped being pushed.

Ichoo then pointed his hands down at his frozen legs and blasted it with lightning, freeing himself. Then he jumped out of the tornado, and made it to Asolo with great speed before he punched him right in the face. Asolo countered with a punch of his own.

Ichoo fell back a bit, but he did a backflip, kicking Asolo in the chin during the process, knocking Asolo up into the air. He didn’t wait for Asolo to counter, and Ichoo sent a gust of air at Asolo, which would’ve sent him flying. But Asolo grabbed himself with ice, securing him to the arena, as he made his way back to the floor.

Ichoo then pointed his hand at Asolo, and the tornado moved forward. Asolo launched ice shards at Ichoo, and caught Ichoo off guard. He then stopped them from hitting them with his wind, and launched them right back at Asolo. They melted before reaching Asolo.

The tornado then reached Ichoo, and he was back inside of it, not visible to the rest of us. But soon it passed through him, heading straight for Asolo. Asolo walked right at it, unaffected by the wind. He reached Ichoo, and gave him a good uppercut.

Ichoo then stopped himself in mid air, and launched his feet right back at Asolo. It just pushed Asolo into a back handspring. Asolo fired his feet at Ichoo, balanced by his hands.

Ichoo blocked it with his arm, as he then FINALLY activated his aura. It was a green-blue color, kinda like turquoise but a little lighter. Asolo got back into a fighting stance.

“Alright, you got me to reveal some power,” Ichoo then said.

He then struck Asolo in the chest with great force, knocking Asolo back. But Asolo’s feet were stuck to the ground with what seemed to be… ice. It prevented Asolo from being knocked off.

Ich then charged up lightning between his hands, as Asolo… moonwalked backwards. Ich then made a shockwave, and bolts of electricity went straight at Asolo. He quickly moved aside.

Ichoo then began to focus on his fist, and I could see bolts of lightning forming on his fist. Asolo took this as an opportunity and charged forth. Ichoo saw him coming, and got his fist ready for an attack. When Asolo was near, Ich threw the charged punch at him.

Asolo suddenly grabbed Ichoo’s arm, and flipped Ichoo over his head. Ichoo slammed into the ground, the impact causing the arena to shake a bit. Asolo then smashed a giant hammer of ice right at Ichoo. It hit.

The hammer broke on impact, and Ichoo’s aura flared. He got up almost instantly, pointing his right hand at Asolo. A huge powerful tunnel of wind sent Asolo flying across the arena. Asolo quickly caught himself with some ice he formed behind him, and slid to the arena’s floor, securing himself with more ice on his feet.

Ichoo then pointed both his hands at Asolo. More ice formed at Asolo’s feet. He was definitely gonna be secure now with that amount of ice. It was rising like an armour up the back of his feet and onto his back. Ichoo’s wind tunnel shot towards him, and with the amount of ice Asolo had, he successfully prevented himself from going flying.

Ichoo then pointed a hand at the sky. Asolo built more of his ice armor thing. Then thunder was heard, and a large rain cloud appeared above the arena.

“Hmm, not a bad idea!” Asolo said.

Ichoo raised a hand and lightning struck it. Ichoo then looked like as if he had the source activated, that one move I used that made me covered with electricity from head to toe. Ichoo was covered with electricity from head to toe, plus his green-blue aura.

“AYE SATU WAZZUP?!” It was Jasper.


“And so am I, so yeah, I’mma sit here if you don’t mind,” He said taking a seat.

“Sure,” I said. I went back to focusing on the fight, and Ichoo was now moving faster than usual. Hold up… HE WAS USING THE SOURCE! THAT COPIER!

“Hey, isn’t that your thing? You used it against Karown, right?” Jasper asked.

“Yeah, it’s the Source, not the Voltaic Form though. He’s using the Source,” I said to Jasper.

“Hm, interesting.” Jasper seemed like he wanted to learn about these things. He is pretty knowledgeable on strategies and moves.

In the battle, Ichoo wasn’t touching the ground anymore, but rather flying in the air. He looked down at Asolo menacingly, as electricity coursed through his body. Asolo just shrugged.

Ichoo then struck a lightning bolt through the arena, breaking the part of the arena that Asolo stood on. That chunk of the arena fell back to the floor outside that was the out of bounds. As the dust cleared, I saw Asolo appear standing on the part of the arena that was still there. Asolo had an outline of white and blue surrounding him, and his eyes were also glowing white.

“About time.” Ichoo smirked.

“O-M-G THAT AURA IS SO COOL!” Jasper exclaimed excitedly.

“Really?” I looked over at Jasper. “You complement Asolo but NO ONE else?”

“His aura is much cooler!” Jasper said, “Everyone else's is normal!”

“I thought you said that aura’s didn’t matter!” I said to him. “Hypocrite!”

“All I’m saying is that his is cool! That’s it! I’m not saying it’s useful!” Jasper retorted.

“Yeah. Good.” I looked back at the fight. “Cuz Ich over there could probably beat you easily.”

“Can you?”

“I don’t know. Too much heat exhausts me.” I shrugged.

“If I was working with him,” Lavender said from beside me. “We would beat you, yes.”

“Then let’s include Draelin,” Jasper said.

“We’d still win then,” I said.

“Have you seen me and her fight against an opponent? No you haven’t. Have you seen her fight in general? No you haven’t.”

“You haven’t seen us fight together either,” Lavender said.

“So? I’ve at least seen you both fight! You guys don’t even know Draelin’s powers!” Jasper said.

“You’re distracting me from watching. Go awayyy,” I said as I went back to focusing on the fight. He didn’t move, but crossed his arms upsetly, yet quietly. Man, he’s just like a little kid. Except for the fact that he was strong. He was a strong little kid.

On the arena (or… what’s left of it), Ichoo and Asolo were clashing into each other with a bunch of combo attacks, getting faster and faster after each hit.


Asolo suddenly flared his aura outline technique, and it gradually turned red, as he charged into the sky, and took Ichoo’s wind head on. Ichoo increased his wind power, attempting to knock Asolo back onto the ground. But it didn't seem to work. The arena was heating up at a drastic rate, and the air was moving upward.

I saw Ichoo smile. He then landed on the ground in front of Asolo. Asolo was flying now, and Ich didn’t do anything about it.

“So, do you want to win?” Ichoo asked. “Cuz time is almost done we have like one minute left.”

“I kinda have to win,” Asolo said.

“How come?”

“You know, they won’t let me participate in the Advanced Tournament without me winning the Intermediate one.”

“Ah.” Ichoo nodded. “I see. Well I did this just for the fun of it. You win.” He then flew up in the air, and landed outside of the arena, in the out of bounds. He lost.


After that, there was a mini celebration that lasted for a bit. We saw Asolo get his prize. But soon the people began leaving.

I got up to leave. That was a fun tournament! I learned some of my weaknesses so I could work with Elec to overcome them now!

to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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