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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 13)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 13)

Posted January 12th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

the tournament is over, what will happen to them next? 


here is the next chapter!



Chapter 13: Draco


The tournament had ended, and Asolo won. He and Ich had a fierce battle with a lot of power going here and there, and in the end Ichoo surrendered. Granted I didn’t really know or have any guesses to who won anyway. Both Ich and Asolo were pretty powerful. I really need to train with a master or someone soon. I’d been sparring by myself for quite a while. Of course no one at the complex wanted to spar. Either they wouldn’t do much to help me grow, or they couldn’t be arsed to do it. But Fucia did help.

“Alright guys, you ready to go home?” Arada then called for us as everyone else gathered in front of the door to leave the tournament grounds.

“That was a fun tournament,” Ichoo said.

“Define ‘fun’,” Mehrunes said.

“Dude you beat almost everyone in one shot,” Saturo said to Ich.

“Not my fault they couldn’t counter it.” Ichoo shrugged.

“Define ‘your fault’,” Mehrunes growled.

“What’s got you so upset?” I asked Meh.

“I bet it’s Jasper. He holds a long-term grudge,” Saturo said.

“Prob didn’t help that he beat me. Or maybe Meh didn’t care. Who knows,” I said with a shrug.

“Here’s a kicker, define ‘care’,” Mehrunes replied with an attitude.

“Depends on which way you mean it,” I said.

“None of us want to define anything,” Arada growled.

“Didn’t you lose in the first round?” Mehrunes retorted.

Oh boy…

“Yes, I did lose.” Arada growled. “But that doesn’t matter. I was rusty anyway.”

“You ARE rusty,” Mehrunes corrected with a growl.

“Was,” Arada growled back.

“How do you figure that’s changed?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because now I’m in the mood to beat your scrawny butt,” Arada threatened with a growl.

I began to tune them out and instead decided to look at my wings. Which of course were still warped and disfigured from my fight with Jasper. After checking out my wings, I noticed that Meh and Arada stopped arguing and the topic was changed.

“Okay let’s see, we need to check that everyone is here,” Arada said.

“Well.” Jinx walked over with Aurallia. “Thanks for everything guys, except, we’re not gonna stick around. We found something else to do.”

“Care to share?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhh…” Jinx said nervously. “Well, I found my older sister here on the Rock Planet…”

“Mhm, yeah,” Aurallia added.

“And I assume you’re leaving because you gave up?” Mehrunes asked, with even more of an attitude towards Aurallia.

Aurallia looked away like she was embarrassed.

“Yeah well, she’s not leaving,” Jinx then said, “she’ll stick around with you. I gotta go though. See ya?”

“Have fun with your older sister or whatever,” Mehrunes said.

“Thanks,” Jinx replied, “take care of Aura, she really does need it.”

“No promises.”

“I promise we’ll do our best,” I said, trying to tone down the negativity a bit, while scowling down at Meh a bit. He scowled right back.

“Thanks Draco,” Jinx smiled at me. “Anyway, see you guys later!” He then started walking off.

“Bye Jinx,” Aurallia waved.

“Okay guys, check who’s here and who’s not, we don’t want to leave anyone behind,” Arada said.

“I’m not here,” Mehrunes said, sarcastically. “Draco’s wings aren't here either.”

I scanned the group, mentally checking off people. I didn't count Jinx since he had left.

“Draco’s clearly also not here,” Mehrunes said.

Arada sighed. “Good thing I made a list. OKAY ROLL CALL EVERYONE!” Arada pulled out a paper.

“I’m not a roll,” Mehrunes said. “Or a call.”

“Mehrunes is here.” Arada checked off his name. “Draco? Yes. Me, check. Lavender, check. Saturo, check. Aurallia, check. Jinx left on his own so, check. Ichoo, check. Then Teleyon, Fucia, Achikara, and Listy we’ll meet outside at Tele’s spaceship. But where are Saturn and Phoenix?!”

“Who cares,” Mehrunes said.

“Seemingly almost everyone besides you,” I said to him with a slight grumble.

“Well you're not wrong,” Mehrunes said.

“Wait there they are!” Saturo then pointed over at a bench. I looked over and saw Phoenix was there along with Saturn, talking to that Summer dude.

“Oh that guy,” Ichoo said. “He doesn’t seem right to me. Something is definitely off.”

“Yeah and pretty sure he and Phoenix have a ‘date’,” Mehrunes said. “I’m with you on that Ich. I was already planning to keep an eye on it.”

“That would be a great idea.” Ich nodded. He then raised a hand and brought Saturn and Phoenix over with wind. “Ahem guys, we’re about to leave.”

“O-oh? Sorry,” Phoenix responded.

“It’s okay,” I said calmly.

“She’s got a date with Summer later on back on Ertin,” Saturn said with a grin.

“Do you know where?” I asked.

“No, Summer said he would pick her up,” Saturn replied.

“You should go with her, just in case,” Ichoo whispered to Saturn so that Phoenix didn’t hear him.

“Right.” Saturn nodded, and Phoenix was clueless. She looked busy… daydreaming maybe. Who knows what she was thinking? Well Pixelen would, but he’s not here.

“To be honest. We think you should be careful. Something seems sketchy about Summer,” I whispered to Saturn as well, having to crouch a bit since he was shorter. “Although. If anything does go wrong you could contact us.”

“Oh. Okay, understood,” Saturn said with a nod. “How do I contact you guys?”

“Well, Teleyon can give you a phone,” Arada whispered.

“That works then,” Saturn replied.

“And even if that didn’t work there's always the whole psychic conversation thing via crystal,” I added.

“Right, I should practice that,” Saturn said.

“Just make sure the practice calls are with one of us or else people might be confused,” I whispered.

Phoenix suddenly dropped her jaw. “Hey!”

Saturn laughed.

“Did you do something?” I asked.

“I called her a loser in her head.” Saturn smirked.

I simply snickered, acting like as if I had no clue why or how he did that.  Phoenix simply pouted.

“Anyway guys, we should go,” Arada said. “Come on Teleyon is waiting!”

“You go ahead, I’ll have to grab Achi,” Ichoo said as he flew off to find Achikara.

“Alright, everyone else let’s go,” Arada turned and walked out the door to meet up with Teleyon.

As everyone cleared out from the tournament grounds, I heard a voice behind me. I glanced behind me to see if I could locate the source of the voice, making sure to watch for the others so I didn’t lose them.

I spotted the man from before, that one man who helped us out right before the tournament. If I remember correctly, I think… Eyujin was his name? Eyujin Mida? I remember that from somewhere but not exactly at the moment.

The man walked over to me then. He was wearing a sort of navy coat with a white trim at the collar with a purple undershirt and dark black jeans with brown mountain boot like shoes. He also had a pair of glasses with a slight yellow tinge. He had green eyes and dark black hair that was pretty long. For male standards. His look was interesting. Like a mix of a businessman, park ranger and scientist all at once.

“Hello there, Draco,” he said.

“Hello Mr. Mida,” I said, still trying to think of why he wanted to talk to me. That and making sure I knew where the others were headed. I was having a bit of difficulty focusing at first.

“I was watching the tournament, and most people were decent, yes,” Eyujin said.

“Yeah, Satu and Pixel and the others did pretty good.” I nodded.

“Right. However they have people they’re learning from already,” Eyujin said.

“Well yeah. I mean that’s why they’re so good,” I said, scratching the back of my head. “Did you like, want to to talk to em? Cuz I could go get Satu if you want-”

“No, he is already training with one of the best,” Eyujin said, shaking his head.

“So then what is it that you want?” I asked, confused.

“Your powers and abilities are what interest me,” Eyujin said. “And I also do specialize in them. You could learn a lot from me.”

“Wait. MY powers interest you?” I said, pointing at myself. “What did I do that was so interesting?”

I was trying to make sense of this.

“Hey Draco, you gonna come?” I spotted Ichoo behind me, holding Achikara, waiting for me.

“He will catch up with you later,” Eyujin told him.

“Oh alright.” Ichoo then flew off with Achikara. “See ya then!”

“See ya.” I waved before looking back at Eyujin.

“Anyway,” Eyujin said, “you seemed to be trying to reach something during that fight against Jasper.”

“Kinda I guess. I mean, I had only learned about it yesterday. Granted, it made me faint after about a second of just standing with the form. Which means it probably wouldn’t have really helped in that fight. I was already in a pretty bad spot so it probably wouldn’t have changed mu-” I said, beginning to mumble to myself about the details before Eyujin continued.

“I will be your Master. How about that?” Eyujin asked.

I simply stood there for a few moments. Processing what he said.

“……You sure?” I asked, making sure he wasn’t pulling my leg or something.

“Yes I am sure,” He replied. “Having you as a student is something I would like to do.”

“Really?” I asked, a smile beginning to appear on my face. The last time I had been trained was with Glare. And that was mostly just because I happened to be along with Satu and Ich. I had been wanting to train with someone strong again though. I had gotten so far behind Ich and Satu. So if I could get trained by a master I could catch up. And if I do, I’d be able to train with them and get even stronger. And then get even stronger than that. Granted that’s probably the Aerthian in me talking at this point. I was still excited though!

“You really wanna train me?” I asked him, a definite smile on my face.

“I see potential in you, if you learn how to use your powers correctly, you could become much much better than you are now,” Eyujin said.

“You really think so? Well then. I’ll do it,” I said, excited by this sudden news.

“It won’t be easy though.” Eyujin smiled. “Sorry, I didn’t really prepare an entire speech for you. I haven’t planned that far ahead. But if you want to get stronger, you could benefit a lot off of my training.”

“Well I do. I don’t care if it’s hard. Heck if anything that’s a good thing,” I said.

“Yes, yes it is.” Eyujin smiled. “Anyway, I will have to get prepared. When I’m ready to start training you, I’ll let you know. Alright?”

“Alright.” I smiled back.

“I will find a way to contact you. In the meantime, most people use phones, so if you have one, we could exchange numbers,” Eyujin suggested.

“Uh sure,” I said, pulling out my phone and going to my contacts and handing it to him.

Eyujin added himself as a contact. “There. I’ll call or text you when I’m ready. I have… a mess to clean.”

“Alright. I’ll see you then,” I said as I took back my phone and started looking around to see where the others went.

After walking out of the tournament grounds, I saw Teleyon’s spaceship floating in midair, the back door open like they were waiting for me to just jump on in before they just leave.

My suspicions were then cemented when I noticed they were beginning to slowly fly away. Oh, and the door was beginning to close. I then frantically sprinted over and jumped into the ship before it could get any higher.

“There’s Draco!” Saturo then said, as I entered the room where people would sit. “You guys ready to leave?”

“I am,” Arada said. “I would like a nap.”

Some of the others also said something but I just focused on sitting down before saying ‘Ready.’

“Alright let’s go,” Teleyon then said as he was about to drive the spaceship up into space.

But before we could take off, there was a slight disturbance. The spaceship crashed down sideways into a mountain, and apparently Teleyon had airbags so everyone was fine. Of course, except for the fact that we crashed for some reason.

“Wow, Teleyon, since when did you pull a VIVOFIT?” Ichoo asked with a laugh.

I stood up and looked outside the window to see if anything was outside. Of course there wasn’t much to see. I couldn’t tell if I was looking at the ground or the underside of a cliff because we were SIDEWAYS.

“Alright everyone, let’s get out! I have to fix this thing!” Teleyon said.

“There is no exit, it’s kinda blocked,” Saturn pointed out.


“DON’T YELL AT ME LITTLE MAN,” Mehrunes retorted, as he teleported away.

I then looked back outside and saw some boulders were blocking the door. I could also see Meh. Doing absolutely nothing about said boulders.

I teleported after him, because Mehrunes often was up to no good. When I appeared next to him, he was just sitting there playing some game on his phone, lying against the boulders blocking the door.

“Why aren’t you doing anything Mehrunes?” I asked, looking down at him playing a game.

“Why should I?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because we need Tech to fix the ship so we can go home,” I said, thoroughly fed up with his recent bratiness.

Mehrunes tapped his phone and looked up. “Yeah you guys need to fix the ship to go home, I can do it myself.” Mehrunes looked around. “Looks like a boulder.”

“Yes. This boulder that we sent YOU out here to get rid of,” I said.

“Yeah but we also have to deal with the source of the problem and I imagine it’s that guy, so we should do that first.” Mehrunes pointed at someone. “HEY! YOU! DR-Draco…? What…?” Mehrunes stared at someone.

“What are you talking about I’m right here,” I said, confused.

“Ahem ahem.” I then heard a voice, it sounded like someone clearing their throat.

Mehrunes then grabbed me and turned me around. “No you’re over there!”

I then looked forward to see… Myself? Except my clothes were dirty and ripped in a lot of places. Also, the other me seemed to be holding a boy with nicer clothes and blonde hair.

Mehrunes then took out a clipboard. “Hold on.” Mehrunes then started flipping through pages. For like a minute. Straight.



“The frick are you doing?”

“Found it,” Mehrunes said. “I recognised those two guys! He got free food at my stand on the Rock Planet. Like… Broshi and Locke. Is that right?”

“Locke and what now?” I asked.

“Broshi. His name is right here, see?” Mehrunes said.

I then looked at the clipboard. There on page 4/1056 it was written.





I then looked back up at the other me. The other me just glared at me.

“So what’s happening here, someone explain,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s my twin brother who was kidnapped at birth and was used to kill people and stuff by bad guys. Don’t know the kid though,” I said.

“My name is Broshi. And if you want to live, I suggest you shut up for once,” the other me growled.

“Well good to know your personality hasn’t changed,” I said.

“Says the one who left me to die.” Broshi had this death stare look in his eyes. “I have come back to show you what it felt like back then.”

“Wait so you’re getting revenge on me for something Folly did? Also I left because I thought you were dead. Not like I wanted to kill you in the first place,” I said, confused by these allegations.

“Even if I was dead, you could have taken my body.”

“Folly would’ve then killed me,” I said. “Also what exactly was I gonna do anyway? Where would I even take your body?”

“Who knows? Anywhere really, I don’t care. But you did leave me,” Broshi retorted.

“Whatever. So you're here for revenge for something that I didn’t even wanna be a part of,” I said, mentally preparing to react to if he launched an attack.

But then, I noticed that Fucia made it out.

“You guys are taking so long,” She said before she noticed Broshi. “Whyyyyyyy is there two of you?”

“Twin brother,” I said. “Wants to kill me.”

Broshi looked over at Fucia, inspecting her. “Who are you?”

“I’m Fucia. Who are you?” She asked back.

“I’m Broshi,” Broshi replied. “You look like someone I’ve met.”

“Well I certainly don’t recognize you from before I met Draco,” she said.

“Hm. Well. Does the name King Teloiven mean anything to you?” Broshi asked.

This alarmed Fucia. “Why do you know my dad’s name?”

“Ohhhh, haha!” Broshi laughed. “Well. He’s in trouble.”

“What trouble?! Since when!?” Fucia exclaimed.

“Since a while ago. I was on the planet Featherros a while ago, I left to come here,” Broshi explained. “Aaaand the E.F.A.I. is going there to use your dad and his people as subjects for their experiment. Of course, without permission.”

Fucia looked distraught. She didn’t even say anything before she seemingly teleported back into the ship. I had to make sure nothing else happened to it. Specifically blowing up. Not everyone in there was super durable.

“Well,” Broshi then said. “You can kinda sorta blame me for it, except I’m just a pawn on the chess board that the E.F.A.I. plays.”

“What did you do?” I asked cautiously.

“The E.F.A.I. controls me, pretty much. If I don’t follow orders, bad stuff happens. I was in a situation where I had to just kidnap people and bring them in to be used as subjects. They like babies the most, since they’re young they can fiddle with their DNA easily,” Broshi explained, not saying specifically what he did.

“How many people did you capture?” I asked sternly.

“For every person I capture and turn in, I get a break. A vacation. I’m good for a year now,” Broshi said. “I don’t know exactly how many I captured. It was a lot. Maybe about 200 or so babies from Fucia’s Dad’s Kingdom.”

“200 babies?!” I exclaimed, “The heck’s wrong with you?!”

“A lot of things are wrong with me.” Broshi looked down at the boy he was carrying. “Locke has already proved it countless times.”

“Yeah that reminds me. Who is he anyway?” I asked.

“His name is Locke. He is another subject of the E.F.A.I.,” Broshi said.

“And why exactly are you carrying him around?” I asked.

“He’s asleep. And I’m not going to leave him alone. He didn’t follow the E.F.A.I.’s orders, so he will be punished once they find him,” Broshi said, “I can’t let that happen.”

“At least you’ve made a positive connection with someone,” I said as I began to move away from the ship, to make sure it was out of the way.

“Yeah. Also, did you know that our Dad works with the E.F.A.I.? And that he gave me away to be mutated on purpose?” Broshi then said.

“Well. Guess that’s another thing I can despise him for,” I said bluntly. “Anyway, I know you want to get revenge and all. But I kinda have some friends who need to get home. So I’d prefer if we did this later.”

“Yeah. Alright. As long as you take us with you,” Broshi said. “We need to be hidden from the E.F.A.I. For safety reasons.”

“Deal,” I said before turning to the boulder blocking the door of the ship and simply vaporising it with plasma, causing it to veer open, revealing the others.

“What took you so long?” Teleyon asked from inside. “At least I got it fixed. We can go home now.”

“Cool. We’re gonna have some extra passengers,” I said, turning to Broshi before gesturing to the ship.

“Who is that?” Saturo asked. “Or… who are those people?”

“It’s my twin Broshi. And his friend Locke,” I replied.

“Woah, you have a twin brother?” Arada asked.

“Fought him over a year ago. Tried to kill me. Thought he was dead but here he is,” I said.

“Well as long as he doesn’t try to do that while we’re in space… It’ll be okay if they join us,” Teleyon said.

“Oh okay,” I said. I turned around and called for Broshi. “Okay Broshi, you can come!”

Broshi then took a moment to realize that I called for him before he came over with Locke. He looked around the spaceship that everyone was in. He looked uncomfortable.

“Chill,” Mehrunes said to Broshi. “Speaking of, why are we taking him?”

“It’s either that or I kill you,” Broshi growled at him.

“In unrelated questions, how long do you reckon you can breathe in space?” Mehrunes threatened.

“Long enough so that I could snap your neck into a million pieces,” Broshi retorted.

“I’d like to see you try,” Mehrunes growled.

“I’d love to attempt it,” Broshi replied with a smirk.

Mehrunes stared at Broshi. “Then bring it.”

“No! No fighting in the spaceship! Do it in the training room when we’re back!” Teleyon yelled.

“SHUT IT TELEYON!” Mehrunes yelled.





“Guys, chill, we’re already in space, we don’t want to be in an accident,” Listy said.

“I’M NOT GOING TO CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Yeah, you are. Or else,” Listy replied.

“OR ELSE WHAT GOODY TWO SHOES?!” Mehrunes yelled.

Listy sighed, unbuckled, stood up, walked over to Mehrunes, and hit him upside the head with the back of his own katana, at which point he fell down. Unconscious. Listy then put him in his seat and sat back down.

“Or else that,” Listy growled.

“If you didn’t do something, I would’ve,” Ichoo commented. “Cuz this was getting way too out of hand. Good call, Listy.”

“Thank you,” Listy said.

“Now let’s get home peacefully,” Ich said.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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