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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 14)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 14)

Posted January 13th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 14: Draco


The rest of the ride was silent… Only a few people were talking amongst themselves quietly, but the yelling certainly had stopped. And Mehrunes was still knocked out.

Once we made it to the facility, everyone exited Teleyon’s spaceship and were off. Saturo and Lavender went back over to Lavender’s house. Arada, of course, was napping in her room. Saturn and Phoenix went to their room probably to get ready for Phoenix’s date. I saw Teleyon head into his office, probably to play video games or do jack squat on his technology. I didn’t pay much attention to everyone else, but they probably went to their rooms or something.

I had watched Listy drag a knocked out Meh to his room. Everyone had gone off to do their own thing, while I was left to deal with my own problems. I was currently standing in front of the garage door. Fucia was with me, along with Broshi and Locke. We had just made it out of the spaceship.

“This is where you live…” Broshi looked around, showing hardly any expression on his face.

“Indeed it is,” I said as I led him to my house, and we entered the living room.

“This is your private house?” Broshi asked.

“Yeah.” I nodded as I sat down in a chair as Fucia sat across from me.

“Is there an extra room or something?” Broshi asked. He set Locke down on my couch.

“There’s a spare room with a queen size bed down the hall. You and Locke can use that,” I said. “To be fair I’m not sure why I was given three bedrooms.”

“I see. Well, we’ll stay here for now.” Broshi sat down. “In case Locke wakes up. He would need an explanation.”

“That’s fine,” I said as I then got me and Fucia glasses of water.

“Tell me, Draco.” Broshi then looked up to me. His eyes weren’t filled with hatred like when I first saw him. He looked more rather… curious. “Tell me about yourself.”

“Well… what exactly would you like to know specifically?” I asked.

“Your life. Places you’ve lived. People you’ve met,” Broshi said. “I want to know everything. We were separated at birth so I didn’t even know about you until later on. I want to know how you lived your life.”

“Oh well, up until a few years ago I was living on Aerth. But, I was forced out of our family because Dad saw me as too weak, probably because he knew about how he gave you to the E.F.A.I. Then, after spending a week or two out in the elements I met this guy named Lime who offered to take me to another planet in the galaxy. There I met my first friends Ichoo and Saturo who I just kinda hanged around meeting people like Asolo and his friends who told us about Ultimate Crystals and Arrow and Shot who helped us escape from a group of bad guys including Folly who wanted to kill us for varying reasons. Folly’s was because he thought I was you.”

“Hold up: You knew Folly way back then?” Broshi asked.

“He had been a pain in my side for two years ever since I met him and he tried to kill me. The last time I saw him was when I had to work with him to beat you. But if he did do anything helpful besides that at least he made me break my limits and activate my first transformation,” I replied.

“Folly should have been working to kidnap and kill people for the E.F.A.I. as well. What was he doing messing around?” Broshi questioned to basically no one.

“Well from what I could tell he was working via a contract with the people who wanted to kill Ich and Satu so who knows, maybe that was his excuse in the organizations eyes. He did say he offered to help them if he got to kill me,” I answered.

“Okay… so what happened next?” Broshi asked.

“Well around the time of my first REAL clash with Folly that didn’t end in one attack. I had met Meh and another on of our friends named Lagi as well as a girl I had met in another dimension named Uchiho and throughout that year we also ran into Listy and Lagi’s future girlfriend Ivory as well as Lavender and her family. Then I had the fight with you and Folly. After that, Uchiho passed away from an attack due to a member of Darth’s army as the War was still going on at the time. Shortly after Lagi and Ivory needed us to help them rescue their offspring from an enemy clan who wanted their species to go extinct. That was where I learned how to ascend to the second level of our little flaming eye trick. By that point Satu had met his current Master Elec as we had moved away from Glare around that point. And Ich began training with his father, Winodren. And after the tournament that apparently Lagi’s dad made, long story, we moved to this complex. For the next few months it was calm until we went to a waterpark which was attack by a galactic terrorist organization based on Planet Korrovez… Which we traveled to in order to try and stop them. But then we ran into this guy who apparently Teleyon freed who was a superpowered legendary transforming beast. But then we met Hematite who captured it via just knocking it out with a headbutt. After that, it just came down to our group going on missions at separate times. By this point we had also met this girl named Sokanon and her little group of friends. At this current day most of them are dead, however.”

I then drank from my glass of water due to all of the talking I was doing.

Fucia was just silently listening as she drank her water.

“That’s quite a lot,” Broshi said. “Of things that happened.”

“There’s still a bit more,” I said. “If you want I can tell you or we could wait to tell it later. There was still some details I didn’t tell you yet anyway. Like how we met Hematite’s cousin Jasper a year before meeting Hematite himself.”

“Seems too long of a story to tell in just a few sentences,” Broshi said. “If anything, it would need a couple hundred pages or so to tell.”

“Well to document all of the interactions and little fights along the way and stuff yeah,” I said.

“Yeah.” Broshi nodded. “Well. It doesn’t seem like it was your fault. The whole me dying thing.”

“Yeah. If anything I’m glad you’re still alive,” I said.

Broshi looked at me and he looked sort of shocked.

Has he never heard stuff like that before? Guess it was more isolated than I thought.

But then Broshi looked away. “I grew up at the facility of the E.F.A.I.… I was raised there. As a subject. They didn’t treat me bad, they did acknowledge me as a person and called me by my name and all… Except I didn’t really mean anything. I was just one of their subjects, among millions.” Broshi was looking down. “They used me. With my mutated body and powers, I was sent out to kill people for them and kidnap for them. Usually in many different ways. I was five years old when I started doing that.”

“That sounds like it’d be rough to do at first,” I said as Fucia nodded in agreement.

“They did train me for it,” Broshi said. “But yeah. I struggled with someone once and then I got this.” Then Broshi’s right eye lit aflame, just like my Draco Eye. Except his was red.

“Well that would make sense. From what I can tell these things only first appear when we’re under intense stress or our lives are at risk. That’s how my two showed up over the years,” I replied as I activated my double Draco Eye.

“We both seem to have these Dragon Eyes,” Broshi said. “That’s what I called them, what do you call them?”

“Well, after the one on my left first showed up my friends just called them Draco Eye’s at first and the name just sort’ve stuck. Granted since you have them too I could probably just change it to Dragon as well,” I replied.

“You named it after yourself?” Broshi then laughed.

“Well, my friends Ich and Satu came up with the name. Back then I didn’t have any ideas of what to call it, let alone better names, so eventually we all started calling it that,” I replied, scratching the back of my head before drinking more water. “And we call the two eyes together Double Draco/Dragon eyes. But for a period of time we called it Draco Eye Level 2 instead. That didn’t stick for long and we went back to double.”

“Well, that sounds good actually. Double Draco Eye,” Broshi said. “Yours is a different color though. Maybe because your plasma is normally cyan, cuz mine is red. You can keep calling it Draco Eye. I’ll call mine Broshi Eye.”

“Fair enough,” I then said. “Oh that reminds me. Recently I’ve been trying to see if there’s a level above Double. Got close one time. It lasted for about five seconds before I fell unconscious. That and it felt incomplete.”

“Wait what? There is a level above Double? What, is it growing out another eye?” Broshi asked.

“PFFFT!” I said, almost spitting out my water, trying not to laugh. “No it's not that. From what the others told me actually it seems to cause your hair to spike up, well, more than our’s already is. And causes it to turn a different color.”

“Oh sweet. I know what I need to work on then,” Broshi said.

“It’s harder than it looks honestly. Granted, I haven’t had much training with a teacher recently, but regardless the incomplete form I managed to tap into, while it did boost my energy and power by like, ten times. It still only lasted for five seconds. And even then, I couldn’t move,” I said.

“Either way, it’s what we’ll work on then,” Broshi said.

‘We’ll’? Is he suggesting what I think he is?

“Also, sorry about earlier. I don’t… apologise, but you deserve an apology,” Broshi said.

“Well, thank you. Is there anything else you’d like to know about? Or would you rather go get accommodated with your room?” I asked. “Speaking of beds, your friend Locke is still asleep. How long has he been like that?”

“He’s been like that since an hour before I found you,” Broshi said, looking over at Locke.

“Huh. He must be tired. What’s your story with him anyway? May as well share since I told you about my past,” I said, curious as to why Broshi had this kid with him.

“I didn’t want him around at first. He annoyed me, just having him around annoyed me. Couldn’t kill him though. Not that I couldn’t kill him, he did restrain me once. But I didn’t use my Broshi Eye then, so I was holding back,” Broshi said. “But yeah. He stuck around. Even when I didn’t want him around. Like for a long time, I think a year or so. So when he tried to leave, I stopped him. Cuz I was too used to him being around.”

“Huh. Where’s he from?” Fucia asked.

“I… I’m not sure. I found him in a cave on Ertin,” Broshi said, “said he fell from the space facility of the E.F.A.I. Something about him not being handled correctly and escaped on accident.”

“So he was experimented on too? What powers does he have?” I asked.

“Psychic powers,” Broshi answered.

“Hmmm…” I said, thinking. “That sounds similar to how we met Saturn and his sister Phoenix. They found him on a space station like thing. And they were experimented on as well. Saturn even has Psychic powers too… I wonder…”

Before I could finish I could feel my phone buzz and heard it ringing.

I pulled it out of my pocket to see it was from Saturn.

I immediately answered the call and put it on speaker.

“Hey Saturn. Did something happen?” I asked. “Is something wrong?”

“Yes,” Saturn’s voice spoke loudly, “I’m hiding right now. There are too many of them. We need help.”





to be continued in the next chapter....

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