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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 15)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 15)

Posted January 13th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 15: Saturn


After we arrived back to the planet Ertin, Phoenix had ran out the door, looking excited and eager for her date. I remembered what Ichoo and Draco had said about Summer… That he was suspicious and all.

So I followed my older sister. I was going to follow her on her date. She headed into her room for a moment, probably to get ready or something. On the way though, I saw Teleyon.

“Hey Teleyon!” I called to him.

“Hm? Yeah? What do you need Saturn?” Teleyon turned to face me.

“A phone,” I said. “I’d like one please.” I also told him about the whole Summer being suspicious thing and how I was going to follow her to make sure she was safe.

“Okay, before you go to the date, come pick up the phone from my office,” Teleyon had agreed to give me the phone.

But as he was turning away, he stopped and checked his own phone.

“HOLD UP SATURN!” He then shouted. “Tell Phoenix her date is here. He’s outside the gate.” Dang Summer found out where we lived fast. That was also another thing that made him very suspicious. He already found our home! Not a single atom in my body liked Summer. But my sister liked him, so I was gonna give him a chance. But I’m not going to take any chances. I was still gonna follow him! Just in case!

“Alright, I’ll tell her!” I then went over to our room and opened the door. I spotted my sister wearing a pink dress. “Uhhmm… where… where did you get that?”

“I bought it a long time ago when I went shopping with Arada!” Phoenix said.

“Oh. Well Summer is already there at the door,” I informed her. “He’s waiting.”

“HE’S HERE ALREADY!?” Phoenix panicked.

“Yeah, not here here. He’s at the gate,” I said.

“Oh crud!” Phoenix then ran past me and out the door.

I then closed the door behind her, before I looked over and saw that she was already at the gate. In fact, outside the gate, near the street, talking to Summer. Now I just had to follow them.

I then flew over and landed on top of the building that Teleyon’s office was in. I could see the long driveway that led down to the street that led to the city. I saw there was also a river nearby too, to my left. It was a nice view.

But I had to stay focused. When I looked back at Phoenix and Summer, he had a limo there… Where on Ertin would he get a limo? Or… why did he have one?

Once Phoenix got into the limo, it drove off. I saw Summer stretch his hand out of the window, and it became a thumbs up. Why… is he giving a thumbs up? Things were getting real suspicious now.

I jumped out and landed outside the gate. Then I remembered I had to get a phone. I almost forgot! I quickly flew back inside the facility and ran into Teleyon’s office.

“They’re off! In a limo!” I shouted. “Quick I need a phone!”

Teleyon turned and looked at me from his desk. Then he threw me a phone, and I caught it. “Go quickly. Also I have everyone’s contact information on the phone, so you can call anyone of us.”

“Okay! Thanks!” I then zipped out of the office and flew up high to see where the limo was. I spotted them moving down the highway towards the city.

I flew after them, with great speed until I was caught up. Then I slowed down, tailing them from above where they couldn’t see me. I was at least 400 feet in the air, so I could not be seen.

Eventually we made it to the city. There were skyscrapers, so I could be seen.

“HEY! NO POWERS!” Someone suddenly yelled at me.

It startled me, but I listened. I flew down and blended in with a crowd. I looked over and spotted the limo. Phew, I didn’t lose them. I continued to tail them by blending in with the crowd.

Then it stopped. Phoenix and Summer got out and headed into a building, a restaurant. I didn’t bother to look at what it was called or what kind of food it served. I headed in behind them.

It was a fancy restaurant. It was also pretty crowded in here. I looked around for Phoenix and Summer, and I spotted them sitting at a booth next to a window in the left corner of the restaurant.

“Hi, may I help you?” A girl’s voice then asked.

I turned and looked in front of me, and spotted a girl. She was a waitress. She had a name badge on her shirt that read ‘Lexi’.

“O-oh yeah, a table for just one please,” I said.

“All alone? That sucks,” Lexi said. “But alright, follow me.”

Lexi led me to a table in the very right corner of the restaurant, away from Phoenix and Summer. Dang it. I took my seat quietly at the booth for one person. I opened the menu up, but didn’t read anything. I used it to hide my face as I looked across the restaurant at Summer and Phoenix. They were talking and laughing. They looked like they were having a good time. But I didn’t trust Summer.

“Excuse me sir, are you alright?” Lexi the waitress was back.

“O-oh, yeah, I’m fine,” I said quickly.

Lexi looked at me strangely. “You seem to be watching those two back there.” She looked back at Summer and Phoenix.

Well I got busted. “Well, there’s just something going on and I need to-”

“Are you jeaaalous?”

“What? NO! That one is my sister!” I exclaimed.

“Hmm. So what’s going on then,” Lexi looked at me seriously. She seemed quite young actually… She looked around my age. And she was working. I guess you can do that here on Ertin.

“It’s complicated. My sister, Phoenix, is in danger, possibly,” I explained. “I just want to make sure she’s safe just in case.”

“Ah. Complicated stuff, right. Well,” Lexi said. “Since you’re not taking any order, then, my shift is over. I’ll help you.”

“Well, thanks!” I said with a smile.

“But before that, I’ll go check on them.” Lexi walked across the restaurant to Summer and Phoenix. After awhile, she came back. “Well, Summer didn’t say much. Seems okay to me. But your sister is cool!”

“You don’t know if he’s okay… just let me handle it now…” I said, as I stood up.

“Don’t do anything you’ll regret!” Lexi called behind me.

Oh, I wouldn't regret doing anything to Summer. Lexi then left to get changed and to leave since her shift was over. I walked down the aisle, where I had to turn right twice to get to Saturn and Phoenix. But I stopped as I then saw a round booth in the corner.

There were three people sitting there, and they looked identical. They all looked like Mehrunes! What?!

“Oh hi,” the Mehrunes with the cap said. “We’re triplets. It’s also rude to stare.”

“What are you doing Meh-” I started saying, but one of them grabbed me and made me sit down.

“Shhh! Don’t give us away!” Another Mehrunes with a hoodie said. “We’re here to check up on your sis and Sum. The real Mehrunes is waiting for the right moment to show up.”

“Our job is to tell him when they leave the building. That’s all,” the Mehrunes said.

“By the way, I’m Scree! This is my brother Screw, and my other brother Scraw!” One Mehrunes said.

I just stayed silent and tried not to laugh.

“Alright you don’t know us kid, got it?” The Mehrunes that grabbed me said. “Now shoo.”

“Ooookay…” I then got up and walked away from them.

But then I saw Summer and Phoenix walking towards the exit. That would mean they would see me… I quickly sat at a random table with random people, facing away from Phoenix and Summer so that they wouldn’t see me.

The people at the table stared at me awkwardly.

“Hehe… uh…” I said nervously. “Nice weather we’re having, right guys?”

“What are you doing?” A person at the table asked.

By this time, Summer and Phoenix went out of the restaurant.

“I’ll be going now.” I then got up and began to follow them out of the restaurant. They walked for a bit and I followed.

I then saw Summer and Phoenix walking down into a dark alley. Ohhh no. I knew this was going to get bad. I followed them, but I also had to hide. I looked down into the alley.

“Why are we coming here?” I heard Phoenix ask.

“Just wanted to show you something! It’s a surprise.” I heard Summer respond to her.

I had to see this. I looked down the aisle and saw a garbage can, one of those big ones. I ran quickly and hid behind it, I could peek easily without getting caught here.

“What’s the surprise?” Phoenix asked.

I could see her standing there with Summer. Summer walked over to the end of the alleyway.

“Say, Phoenix. Where did you live before you lived there?” Summer then asked.

“Huh?” Phoenix just looked at him cluelessly.

“Don’t play dumb,” Summer retorted. “I asked you a question.”

“Uhhh. I didn’t live anywhere…” Phoenix said.

Summer sighed. “Tell me the truth, Phoenix.”

Oh no. Phoenix don’t…

“Okay okay! I was living in a space station, that was part of the E.F.A.I.’s space complex thing,” Phoenix said. She told him the truth. Ohhh noooo. OHHH NO.

“You mean the Evolutionary Faculty of Animal Interaction?” Summer tilted his head with curiosity. “I know about them. You’re a subject that escaped.”


Then I heard two big thumps. Next thing I know, there were two very big guys next to Summer.

“Us gangs are paid loads for returning people who escape,” Summer then said, with a big stupid grin on his face. “And sorry, honey, I feel bad about turning in hot chicks like you, but the money is far better. No hard feelings.”

I knew it! I knew he was bad!

“So… you lied to me,” Phoenix then said.

“No duh I lied. I just had to draw you in,” Summer said with that stupid voice of his, “now it’s bye bye for you.”

“And it’s hello 3rd degree burns for you!” Phoenix hissed. She then lit herself on fire, her hair turning into flames.

“Ohoho, careful there,” one of the big guys walked over. “You don’t want to mess with us. I suggest you turn yourself in. It’d save you a lot of pain.”

“Over my dead body!” Phoenix yelled at him.

Both big guys had brass knuckles on, and were masked. They were twice the size of Phoenix too.

“Alright then, sorry about what’s going to happen to you,” the big guy then said. Then he attacked her. Literally just attacked her, with the brass knuckles. I couldn’t watch anymore.

I jumped out from cover, and blasted the dude with green energy into the wall before he even touched my sister.

“S-Saturn!? What’re you doing here?!” Phoenix then exclaimed.

“Saturn!” Summer then hissed at me. “You dolt!”

The other big guy swung his big fist at me, but I dodged and blasted him back with green energy next to the other one. Phoenix had gone back to normal. Summer did not look very pleased.

“You’re messing with the wrong gang, Sa-turd,” Summer then said.

“How dare you trick my sister!” I yelled at him. I activated my full power, and my hair turned into a glowing green.

“I wouldn’t do anything if I were you,” Summer said with a smirk.

“And why is that?” I asked.

“Saturn!” Phoenix then screamed behind me. I turned around and spotted at least ten more big guys, except they weren’t armed with brass knuckles. They had guns. One of them was also choking Phoenix with an arm around her throat. There was also a gun pointed right at her head.

“Give up Saturn,” Summer then said. “Or else your sister dies. We’ll still get a load of money from turning you in, since you’re also like her, we’ll just kill her, knock you out, and turn you in. So we’re not afraid to kill her.”

I was ticked off at him now. “You little-”

Next thing I know, Summer had a gun pointed at my head.

“If I were you, I would turn myself in,” Summer said.

I felt my body heat up, and not because of my powers. I raised a hand to fight, but Summer brought the gun right to my forehead.

“Ah ah ah! I wouldn't do that either!” Summer said.

I gulped.

“You’re outnumbered,” Summer then said, as I noticed I was surrounded. “Give. Up.”

I had to escape, I couldn’t take them all on. I made a spherical barrier around me quickly and jumped. I was followed with a bunch of gunshots. None of the bullets hit me, since the barrier protected me.

I landed on top of a building, and took cover. I took out my phone, to call someone back at the training facility for help. I opened up the contacts. The first person I saw was Arada, but I didn’t call her. I decided to call Draco instead, since he was one of the people who warned me.

I dialed his number. He answered almost immediately.

“Hey Saturn. Did something happen? Is something wrong?” Draco asked over the phone.

I then noticed as a bunch of more big guys appeared on top of the building I was on, armed with guns.

“Yes, I’m hiding right now. There are too many of them. We need help!” I said to Draco over the phone.

The big guys pointed their guns at me, taking aim. I gulped. I made a barrier though, and when they fired it didn’t hit me. The barriers were also soundproof so Draco didn’t hear it either.

“It turned out that Summer is going to turn us both in to the E.F.A.I.!” I shouted. But as I was saying that, a grenade landed next to my barrier and exploded. I didn’t get hurt, but it launched me away, and my barrier disappeared.

I got back up and activated my full power form, making my hair turn to a glowing bright green.

“Bring it on, fools!” I yelled as I then exploded green energy all around me. They had armor on and the energy didn’t seem to affect them though. “Crud.”

I also spotted Phoenix, tied with fireproof rope, as Summer walked into a spaceship in the middle of the road. I realized this was a private area, that’s why I didn’t see anyone walking around when I followed them! Dang it I should have noticed!

“You dead, bro,” one of the big guys then said to me as he swung at me with brass knuckles.

But they never hit me. Some kind of dark tentacle thing blocked it. Shocked, I looked up. I saw… Draco? Wait no. It was his twin brother Broshi, that we met earlier at the spaceship before we left the Rock Planet after the tournament!

“So which one of you wants to die first?” Broshi looked at the big guys, asking them all a question. He had a smirk on his face.

The big dudes just shot their guns at him instead. But none of the bullets seemed to hit Broshi, as the dark tentacles blocked them all. I noticed that the dark tentacles were coming out of Broshi’s back.

“It’s rude to not answer. I’ll take that as you all want to die at the same time,” Broshi said. Next thing I know, dark tentacles attacked all the big guys and they fell to the floor. In just a second.

“Woah,” I said, as I noticed everyone was down instantly. And I was struggling! “We gotta get Phoenix too!”

“Draco’s on it, buddy,” Broshi said. “It’ll be fine.”

to be continued in the next chapter!

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