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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 16)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 16)

Posted January 17th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 16: Draco


As Broshi went to help Saturn, I looked over at the spaceship that Summer had put Phoenix on. The spaceship was beginning to take off though.

Guess I’ll have to be anti-air today.

I surrounded myself in a giant veil of plasma with my Double Draco Eye activated and charged headlong towards the spaceship, bracing for impact at the same time. This was probably gonna sting.

I crashed right through the spaceship, like a sniper round, hopefully not harming Phoenix in the process. I came out from the other side of the spaceship, making a hole the size of me in the spaceship. I crashed into the asphalt of the street, breaking a chunk of it off. This all resulted in a loud clang/crash sound.

The spaceship definitely wasn’t space faring soon. Which meant I had time.

“THE HECK WAS THAT?!” I heard a voice, which sounded like Summer, yell.

I then jumped through the hole into the ship, ready in case someone attacked.

Inside I spotted Phoenix tied up, in her normal form. There was also duct tape over her mouth.

I was about to go untie her when someone stood in my way. It was Summer himself.

“Now, if I were you, I wouldn't try anything funny,” Summer growled. “If you value your life, that is.”

“Funny, never had someone threaten themselves for me,” I said, getting into a fighting stance, my two Draco Eyes burning fiercely. “Thanks for saving me time.”

“I know what you can do, I was at the tournament. Don't think I'm not prepared!” Summer shouted, stretching his hands and grabbing a pistol from somewhere.

“Oh please.” I rolled my eyes.

“You may be very durable, but she isn't.” Summer pointed his pistol right at Phoenix's head, and she looked scared.

“Neither is the pistol.” I smirked before suddenly a pillar of ice shot up and grabbed the pistol from Summers hand before crushing it to bits.

Summer grunted and then wrapped his stretched arms around Phoenix's neck. “I will crush her neck and kill her of you don't leave right now!”

“Alright. Alright,” I said as I backed out of the ship. Phoenix looked at me with a frantic and confused look on her face.

“Is everything good here?” Broshi appeared next to me. “Can I go in there and kill people?”

“Gimme a sec I’m gonna do something,” I said as we were out of sight and I fired a blast of plasma into the sky before forcing it to come down.

“Okay, I sense more of them coming for backup, so I'll go beat them up instead,” Broshi said with a nod before he stretched out his wings to fly off.

“Before you do that,” I said pulling him over to where I was standing. “Lemme do something first.”

“What?” He asked.

I then stretched my hand to the sky, “SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES TEN!” I then made the plasma absorb into Broshi, boosting his power tenfold.

“Have fun,” I said.

He grinned and then was off again.

I then felt my phone buzz and looked at it to see it was a message from Fucia.


Fucia: So Locke woke up and looked around the house for a bit before teleporting away. I don’t quite know where.


I was about to send a reply before suddenly a bright purple flash erupted behind me.

I turned to see Locke standing there, looking at me very confused.

“Y-you're not Broshi… I think…” He said.

“Well no. Broshi is over there,” I said pointing over at Broshi punching a armed guy in the face, knocking him into a wall.

“Wait… so does that mean… YOU'RE DRACO!” Locke exclaimed.

“Y-yeah…?” I said. “Anyway I need to go save someone from a evil prick. So hang tight.”

“Really? I can help,” Locke said.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Totally,” Locke said before disappearing for a moment.

He then reappeared a moment later… with Phoenix? A few seconds later, Summer’s voice was heard cursing a bunch in the spaceship.

“Yeesh. It’s like that guy has never seen a psychic teleporting person before,” Locke said as we then both reentered the ship.

We saw Summer slamming his fists against the floor, looking very mad.

“So, Summer. Which police department do you want to go to for attempted kidnapping and hostage taking?” I asked. “Oh and attempted murder.”

Summer glared at me. “I am not going to be arrested.”

“Sure you aren’t,” Locke said as Summer… I guess tried to escape but it didn’t matter cuz he was now in a purple energy bubble, just like Saturn’s except not green. Hmm…

“So, where’d ya like to go to get handed in?” Locke asked.

Broshi then walked into the spaceship with Saturn. Phoenix was with them and untied.

“Everyone’s down,” Broshi said. “Just this guy seems to be left.”

“Curse you all!” Summer yelled. “I was going to become rich! If you had just let me turn Phoenix in to the E.F.A.I.-”

“THE WHAT!?” Broshi yelled, interrupting Summer. This alarmed Locke as well.

“You heard me! The E.F.A.I. contacted my gang and told us about Saturn and Phoenix! They can’t come and grab them back themselves because that would give them away, so they pay criminals like us to do it for them!” Summer explained.

Broshi’s eyes were lit with his Double Broshi Eye. He stepped forward towards the purple bubble that Summer was in.

“Locke, get rid of the bubble, I’m going to kill him,” Broshi then said.

“But then we’d just be committing murder. Let’s at least turn him in first,” Locke said.

“I accidently murdered some of his men out there, and I just vaporized them. We can do the same to his body,” Broshi replied, his eyes still locked with Summer’s, who was sweating.

“Let’s get a vote. Saturn, Phoenix. Opinions,” I said.

“I think killing him may be too far…” Phoenix muttered.

“Saturn?” I asked.

“I agree with my sis,” Saturn said.

“Welp. That’s three out of five. Outvoted,” Locke said.

“Okay fine. We turn him in,” Broshi said. “But what about the spaceship? Can I destroy it?”

“Sure why not,” Locke said as everyone except Broshi exited the ship.

The ship then exploded and red plasma shot everywhere. After a few moments, there was nothing left of the ship.

Just Broshi inside a shallow charred crater in the middle of the street.

“Alright let’s get to a police department,” Locke said, holding Summer in the purple bubble who was attempting to get out with absolutely no success.

We then calmly walked down the street, using my phone’s GPS to find a police department. But we didn’t have to find one, since we spotted a cop car parked in the street. With a cop inside no less.

“Hey officer! We captured this guy who kidnapped one of us as well as threatened to murder another,” I said, pointing to Phoenix and Saturn respectively before pointing to Summer, who was still in the purple bubble.

The cop was a man with a brown mustache, and he immediately got out of his car. “This is a wanted man!” He took out handcuffs, except they looked special. Since Summer could stretch and stuff, he would easily be able to escape normal cuffs. After the officer cuffed Summer and put him in the car, the officer looked at us. “Good job, kids. I hope you didn’t do this in public.”

“It was in a private area up that way. There was no one there that wasn’t affiliated with this guy,” I said as Saturn nodded.

“Okay. Good.” The officer smiled. “Take care, kids. And get some new clothes, kid!” He was talking about Broshi.

Broshi mumbled something that I couldn’t hear as the officer drove off. Then there was a slight moment of silence.

“I mean… your clothes are pretty torn up,” I then said to Broshi. “I could always contact Glare and see if we can get you some clothes that can withstand your power without being destroyed.”

“Uh okay, sure,” Broshi replied. “But my dark vines will rip them anyway, and there’d be holes in it again.”

“I probably can just ask him to see if he can work around that,” I said as we kept walking.

I then pulled out my phone and called Ich so I could tell him what happened. After a few moments, he picked up.

“Yes, Draco?” Ich asked over the phone.

“So, Phoenix went on the date. Saturn followed her. Turns out Summer was contacted by the E.F.A.I. to capture her to get money. Turns out he’s a gang leader. So me and Broshi came to help after Saturn contacted us. We captured him and got Summer arrested. So there’s that solved. It was actually pretty easy for most of it,” I explained to Ich.

“Ah. Good job!” Ich replied. “But that means there is more that will come. We have to be careful.”

Locke then took the phone and put on speaker.

“I’m afraid just being careful isn’t gonna be good enough, sir,” Locke said. Did he know something?

“Who am I speaking to again?” Ich asked.

“I’m Locke, the kid who was with Broshi. But anyway, this is important. These two, Saturn and Phoenix. They have trackers in them,” Locke said. Phoenix and Saturn looked very alarmed, while Broshi looked like he already knew this. “And not like chips. It’s their very blood. As long as they have said blood, the E.F.A.I. is always gonna know where they are.”

“…that will be a problem…” Ich said over the phone.

“Indeed,” Locke said. “And I’m afraid really only one person knows how, and will be willing, to help remove it. Problem is me and Broshi don’t know where they went after they replaced our tracker blood.”

“Dr. He,” Broshi said. “Dr. He is the only one that knows.”

“Yeah.” Locke nodded.

“Well, we need to contact Dr. He somehow,” Ich then said.

“Gonna be hard. He’s in hiding. Cause the E.F.A.I. is trying to find him after he left them a while ago,” Locke said.

“We need to think this through. Come back home and meet in Teleyon’s office,” Ich said. “And stay near Saturn and Phoenix. They aren’t strong enough to get out of bad situations, especially when it’s the worst.”

“Indeed. If Broshi and his brother hadn’t shown up, they’d have had no chance,” Locke said as we had been walking the whole time. We were nearing the exiting point of the city. Once we left the city we could get back to the training facility faster with our powers.

And that was what we did.




to be continued in the next chapter aka the last chapter of the book....

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These aren't some short

These aren't some short chapters for what is now a 3-series thing! I remember you starting to post these ever since way back. I'd love a masterpost somewhere, with links to the first chapter of the first book of the first series, and then the first chapter of the second book of the first series... and so on! I'd love to read your books someday but as of now I'm probably too busy to catch up with what happened in the first two series, and i wouldn't want to start from the middle and spoil the fun. I will start reading these slowly though, and see if I can do so faster than  you're putting them out!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 10:22
Thank you for your

Thank you for your comment! 

Except you see heheh... I started the first series years ago and the writing quality is low. If you don't mind, then you can read it anyway but otherwise I am editing it. I'm uploading the edited chapters on Wattpad though, https://www.wattpad.com/story/126775113-ultimates-the-adventure-begins-first-series  and I am updating it every once and awhile. But a masterpost is a good idea, I should do it. I'll go work on that...


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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I see. It's always great to

I see. It's always great to see that people still have a passion for something they started a long time ago! Most of my projects from my younger days have been abandoned so I admire you for that.
I don't remember my wattpad account but I will definitely check that out as a guest (and comment one I recover my password if I remember to~)

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Fri, 01/18/2019 - 07:58

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