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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 17)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 17)

Posted January 22nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 17: Ichoo


“What’s going on…?” Achikara asked, looking frightened.

“There’s a problem. We have to work to solve it, but it’ll be okay, don’t worry.” I looked back at her as I stood by my door. “It’ll be okay, Achi, I promise.”

“Okay…” She then relaxed and laid back on the couch. To keep herself busy, she was watching TV.

I then walked out of our house. The door used to just say ‘Ichoo’ but I had it changed to say ‘Ichoo and Achikara’. It worked better for us. I then flew down to Teleyon’s office, and entered. He was on his computer, doing something. I grabbed a chair, out of the dozen chairs there were, and took a seat.

Teleyon looked over at me, away from his computer screen.

“Need something?” He asked.

“Yeah. We’ll talk about it when they get here,” I said. “Dangerous stuff went down. They’re on their way back now and we are going to discuss it.” I then noticed a familiar energy in the room. “Mehrunes, you can come out, you don’t need to hide.”

“I like hiding. It’s better than being hunted because you’re defending people from a organization willing to murder people to get the aformantenged people subjects back,” Mehrunes said, as he slowly became visible. “But whatever you want wind-man.”

“I talked to them before they started coming back. We need to just find Dr. He, and he can take out the trackers, then they’ll be safe,” I responded.

“How do you find a ghost?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhhh, by finding it?” I answered.

“I’m saying Dr. He is basically a ninja, or a ghost, or a ghost ninja or something we can’t just ‘find’ him,” Mehrunes said.

“Right. He seems to be running away and hiding from the EFAI,” I said. “So finding him won’t be easy. But it must be done.”

“Right. So I’m asking how do you plan to find him?” Mehrunes asked.

“That… I do not know yet,” I replied. “First we gotta figure out what is really going on. Then we can start jumping to finding solutions.”

“I know where we can start.” I heard a voice say.

Draco, Broshi, Saturn, and Phoenix then entered Teleyon’s office. The kid that was with Broshi, Locke, was there too. Fucia also happened to be among them. I motioned for them to take a seat, so they did.

“Okay, where do we start then?” I asked. I was planning on staying silent and just listening to what they all had to say. They knew more about the EFAI than I did. I would give my thoughts on it after, when we decide on what needed to be done.

“Featherros,” Broshi said, as he looked over at Fucia. “King Teloiven, or Fucia Dad's Kingdom.”

“What makes you think he’d be there of all places?” Locke asked. “I mean, wouldn’t he just be getting closer to the people he doesn’t want to be around? They’re setting up a lab there for crying out loud.”

“Not specifically talking about finding Dr. He. I’m talking about we go there and beat the crud out of their lab,” Broshi said.

“That could attract unwanted attention to the planet though,” Draco commented.

“I think that's the last thing the royalty would want,” Fucia said.

“Well, then what is the first thing the royalty wants, princess?” Broshi asked her. “Becoming subjects? Cuz that’s what’s about to happen.”

“All I’m saying is that we need to try and think of a way to move the attention off of the planet when it gets retaken. If we don’t they’ll just send more powerful people,” Fucia replied.

“Yeah,” I agreed with Fucia. “Since this is the EFAI, they are loaded with powerful people.”

“For cripes sake they made you two as strong as you are,” Draco said, pointing at Broshi and Locke. “It’s not a far stretch to think they have droves of powerful people.”

“Yeah,” Broshi agreed. “If power was ranked, Locke and I are only about Rank E. The strongest being A. The E.F.A.I. got their hands on some real powerful creatures.”

“What’s the lowest rank?” Fucia asked.

Broshi pointed at Saturn and Phoenix.

“Hey!” Saturn shouted.

“It’s true though,” Broshi said. “I can tell you and your sister have no training. Locke and I were actually trained by them.”

“I mean, we could probably be better. But they’re like… Rank P. It’s a rank that's seen as unnecessary and arbitrary.” Locke shrugged.

“Rank P!?” Phoenix exclaimed. “That’s so low!”

“So is your power,” Broshi responded. “You have no training and no coordination when it comes to fighting. If we’re going to attack the E.F.A.I., we are definitely leaving you two out of it.”

“That’s not fair!” Saturn exclaimed.

“When it comes to the E.F.A.I., nothing is fair. Get used to it,” Broshi said, leaning back in his chair.

“Seriously. You and I have the same DNA but I could beat you without using any of my limbs,” Locke said, pointing at Saturn.

“How do you know that?” Saturn asked. “Plus, I’m even older than you!”

“He’s more mature though,” Broshi said with a smirk.

“I know I exceed you in power. I can prove it,” Locke said, his arms crossed.

“Then prove it!” Saturn said, not looking very happy that he was being called weak pretty much.

“Gladly. Let’s step outside so we don’t break anything,” Locke said looking at Teleyon and nodding before walking to the door.

“We’ll wait here,” I said.

Locke and Saturn went outside for hardly a minute before they came back in. Saturn looked ashamed as he sat down.

“Lemme guess,” Broshi then said. “He beat you without moving a single muscle?”

“It’s not… possible…” Saturn muttered to himself.

“Totally is,” Locke said as he sat down. I noticed his hair was fading glowing purple before turning back to his natural blond. “You saw it happen.”

Saturn didn’t say anything.

“Having the ability to control specific bones and pressure points is useful for debilitating a opponent,” Locke said. “It can allow for complete control as well. It is but one of many of my psychic abilities.”

“I really need to learn those…” Saturn mumbled.

“Yeah, you do,” Broshi said. “In the meantime you’re just gonna be protected. You still have the trackers on, so you’re endangering all of us at the very moment we speak.”

“That’s not good!” Phoenix shouted. “We should do something!”

“Doing something means finding Dr. He,” Broshi added.

“Which, if you’ve been paying attention, we have no clue where he is,” Locke said.

“Like I said earlier,” Mehrunes then spoke up. “Ghost, ninja, or ghost ninja.”

There was a slight moment of silence then.

“Anyway.” Draco broke the silence. “Have we solidified who all we’re bringing along? Because if were taking the siblings, then we’d need to make sure someone watches them. And if we don’t, we’d need to leave enough powerful people to guard them. I doubt Summer is the only person who’d want to catch them for cash.”

“Yeah,” I said, beginning to talk again. “I think the wise plan would be to keep them guarded, since they still have trackers. Me, Draco, Broshi, and Fucia should go to Featherros to check it out and see what’s up.”

“So I get to stay here with them? Fair enough I guess,” Locke shrugged. He didn’t seem ecstatic about the idea.

“Well, we need someone powerful enough to protect them,” I told Locke. “And you have the same DNA as Saturn, right? So you could teach him things too.”

“It’ll be an uphill experience but I’m sure I can teach him enough to at least reach Rank M or something. Maybe Rank L or K if he’s efficient,” Locke said, looking at Saturn.

“Saturo also lives nearby, so just call him for help if anything bad happens,” I added.

“Contacting him will be no problem. Although I am unsure if he will know who I am or why I am calling him,” Locke said.

“He’s seen you when you were asleep,” I replied. “And you can just say that I told you to contact him. My name is Ichoo, Ich for short.”

“Alright,” Locke said.

“That’s also a good idea because,” Broshi added, looking at Locke as he spoke. “I’m on vacation. So the E.F.A.I. doesn’t care what I do. But they’re looking for Locke. He should keep distance from them.”

“True,” Draco said. “So when should we leave?”

“Tomorrow, so we get enough sleep and aren’t exhausted when we have to face danger,” I said. “And also because, if Featherros and Fucia’s Dad’s Kingdom is in danger, we should act quickly before it’s too late.”

“Good idea,” Draco said.

“Alright, Fucia?” I looked over at her.

“Yeah. I just hope Dad and the others are doing alright,” Fucia said. She of course looked very worried. Seeing her like that made me want to help, so this was the best I could do at the moment.

“We’ll make sure they’re safe,” I said. “For now, get some sleep, alright Fucia? Draco, Broshi, you, and I will leave tomorrow morning.”

“Will you need a ride?” Teleyon asked.

“Thanks for the offer, but no. We’re going to travel my way,” I said kindly to Teleyon. “But alright Fucia? Get some sleep.”

“Alright,” Fucia said as she stood up and left the office to walk back to her house.

“Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, but you guys kept calling it the E.F.A.I. That takes too long to say. Let’s just say EFAI, like a word,” I then said. “So if we're calling and it's an emergency, we have time to say it.”

“Okay I guess,” Locke said.

“Alright.” I looked over at Draco and Broshi. Man, they were like clones, they looked exactly the same except for the clothes. I could only tell them apart by their different personalities. “Draco and Broshi, you should probably get some sleep too.”

“Yes,” Broshi said, standing up. “I’ll go sleep.”

Draco seemed to have noticed the whole clone thing with him and his brother too.

“Hey Broshi. Maybe one of us should get a haircut or something,” He said to Broshi. “Make us more unique from each other.”

Broshi looked back at his brother. “You do it. I like my hair longer thanks.”

Draco seemed to scoff at this before the two of them left, Locke following behind. Draco and Broshi seemed to be arguing about it before the door closed.

“You guys get some rest too,” I said to Saturn and Phoenix.

They got up with a nod. Saturn stopped for a moment, opening his mouth to say something. But then he decided not to say it as he exited Teleyon’s office. I then looked over at Mehrunes.

“I’m assuming you don’t sleep?” I asked.

“Yeah man,” Mehrunes replied. “Sleep is for the mentally sound.” Mehrunes then disappeared with a grin.

I smiled. The room was now practically empty of people, except for Teleyon who was on his computer.

“What are you even doing Teleyon?” I asked him.

“Uh… Tetris.”

“Wow okay. Well you enjoy that,” I said. “Get some sleep buddy, it’s not healthy to stay awake the whole night playing video games.”

“I know.” Teleyon didn’t even take his eyes off the screen as he spoke. “I can play Tetris even when I’m asleep.”

“Sure. Dream on Tele,” I grinned as I headed out the door. “G’night.”

I then walked back to my house, or more like an apartment, and went in, locking the door behind me. Achikara wasn't sitting on the couch watching TV anymore. When I entered my bedroom, I found her there asleep.

I should probably sleep too. Because tomorrow we were going to go investigate some danger. I found Achi in a terrible place a year ago, and we went through a lot together. Yeah, we were engaged now.

I laid down beside her. I wasn’t tired, but I needed to get some sleep. Part of me just knew that things would go bad tomorrow. I needed to get my energy back, also because I did fight in the tournament earlier today.

I then closed my eyes and rested my muscles. I got relaxed, that way I could fall asleep.

I eventually did drift off into sleep.




to be continued in the next chapter...

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