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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 2)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 2)

Posted November 25th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 2: Teleyon


The two days have passed, and it was the day of the tournament! I was seated down in my spaceship, waiting for everyone to arrive. The first one to come was Draco. Except for Arada, she was already here and next to me.

“You ready Draco?” I asked him.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” He said as he climbed inside the spaceship.

“Is Meh gonna come?” I asked him. “I know that Ich said he and Achikara are gonna fly behind us, but what about Meh?”

“Don’t quite know,” Draco replied as he leaned back on his chair.

“Aw yeah, tournament!” Jinx and Aurallia then arrived and entered. “Oh hi Draco! Do you think we’ll fight in the tournament?”

Saturn and Phoenix then arrived as Draco answered Jinx’s question.

“Depends on what the brackets say, granted if we did fight that could be interesting,” Draco answered as he put his arms behind his head, very relaxed.

“I wonder who I’m gonna fight!” Saturn said.

“Only time will tell,” Draco said.

Soon Saturo and Lavender came, they were getting a ride there with us.

“We’re prepared,” Saturo said, as the two of them took a seat.

“Alright, well, Glare sent me a list of who the participants are!” I exclaimed to the others.

“Oh did he now?” Draco asked leaning forward with his hand outstretched, “May I have a look if possible?”

“Sure!” I handed Draco a paper that had all the participants.

He read it very quickly and precisely.

“Interesting,”  He said as he neared the end before handing me back the paper.

“I’ll read them out loud for the rest of you!” I said, as I then read the names of the participants, “so… they are Zee, Arrow, Arada, Arnav, Pixelen, Alem, Hiren, Asolo, Kyron, Jasper, Elora, Draco, Garret, Karown, Kehori, Saturo, Lavender, Mehrunes, Arabella, Vender, Venom, Ichoo, Shot, Phoenix, Saturn, Summer, Jinx, Aurallia, Styreix and Ena. Lots of people.”

“Ooooh this is gonna be interesting.” Saturo smiled.

“I know right? I didn’t think there’d be so many people we knew that would participate,” Draco said.

“I think Glare might have contacted them to participate.” Ichoo said. “There’s also prize money! 10 thousand Ultims to the winner!”

“I know! IT'S CRAZY!” Draco exclaimed. “Also I thought Fucia was gonna come with and watch?”

“Yeah, where is she?” Ich asked.

We then suddenly heard the door to the facility slam shut.

“Uh, what’s that…?” Achikara asked.


“YEAH RIGHT!” we heard another voice yell. “I bet Draco is easier to get out of bed than you, and he needs an entire storm of electricity to wake him up!”

“It’s actually not that hard if you let him get up on his own.”

We finally poked our heads out to see Fucia and Listy dragging Meh on the ground to the spaceship. He of course was struggling to free himself.

“Oh, there they are!” Ich laughed.

“This is a very familiar scene.” Draco laughed.

“Is he always like this?” Fucia asked.

“Sometimes,” Listy replied.

“It’s funny.” Ich laughed. “Good times.”

“Yeah, hard to believe it’s already been three years,” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Ich nodded.

Fucia, Listy And Mehrunes all got in their seats.

“Well, now that we’re all here…” I said, as I started the engine. “Let’s get going!” The top of the garage opened and I drove the spaceship up into space. “I’ll be watching, I’ll video tape it so you guys can see it later too.”

“Sounds good.” Saturo gave me a thumbs up.

? Saturo ?

Soon we had arrived at the Rock Planet, stone city… The stadium was right in front of us. It was HUGE. I was impressed a bit. Teleyon told us to enter through a different door, it was the door that the contestants entered from. I guess Glare emailed him everything so he told us what we had to do.

Ich, Draco, Mehrunes, Saturn, Phoenix, Arada, Aurallia, Jinx, Lavender, and I walked towards the door that the participants entered from. It was to the side of the stadium, while the main doors is where everyone else entered from, including Teleyon, Fucia, Achikara, and Listy.

Other than them, there were a lot more people that were going to watch! Wow! At the door, we spotted a man there.

“Greetings! I am Eyujin Mida, I will be your guide throughout this tournament!” the man said. “Please sign in there!” he pointed at a paper that had all the names of the participants. We just had to put a check next to our name. So we all did. “Very well! Follow me!”

We then followed Eyujin through the hallways.

“You are all the last people to come, so it’s time to start the tournament now that you are here!” Eyujin exclaimed. “Are you ready?”

“Yes!” Saturn exclaimed, he was excited.

“That’s good spirit!” Eyujin smiled, looking back at us. “Very well!”

Then he led us to… the arena. We were outside now, and we were standing on the side. In front of us was the arena, which was in a hole. The arena was big, big enough to fit twenty of our training facility inside it. It was really big.

There were benches on the sides too, and some of the contestants were seated there. I saw Venom and Styreix. Venom smirked at me and waved. I waved back.

I also noticed that the audience was loaded and packed. This would be interesting!

“Alright!” Eyujin said. “The brackets will appear on the screen!” And they did. I saw that I was going against… Karown first. Wonder how that guy’ll do. “Let’s not waste any more time! Round one shall begin!” On the screen, it displayed ‘Zee vs. Arrow’.

The rest of us took a seat on our benches. I sat next to Lavender and Draco. I was going to watch and see what the people could do in case I fight them later on. I looked over and saw two people, both guys, standing up and looking down at the arena. They were Zee and Arrow. Arrow had black hair, and a dark blue jacket on. And Zee was wearing this light green robe of some sort.

“A review of the rules!” Eyujin shouted, only the participants could hear him since he didn’t have a mic. “The matches will be 15 minutes long maximum! Weapons that are taken inside, that are not a power or ability, are forbidden! You have to either knockout your opponent or knock them off the arena, killing is forbidden!” The first two fighters, Zee and Arrow, nodded. It was the same Arrow that I knew before, so I was interested to see what he could do. “Are you ready? Hop into the arena when you are!”

Arrow jumped into the arena, followed by Zee.

“Llllllaaaadddiiieesss and Gentlemen!” suddenly on the screen appeared… John Ceno? The heck is he doing here? “John Ceno here, and I shall be your commentator! First up is Zee versus Arrow? Zee and Arrow, you have the opening match! Make it a good one!”

In the arena, Zee and Arrow faced each other, waiting for a signal that let them start fighting.

“The timer is set! The match will begin in three… two… one…” John Ceno announced. “GOOO!”

Suddenly, Zee jumped at Arrow, clashing into him. Arrow fell back, caught himself, and bounced back up at Zee. Zee tried to punch him, but Arrow dodged. He then jumped into the air, and a bow appeared in his hands.


Then Zee was shot by arrows coming from Arrow’s bow. He dodged a few, but one struck him.

Arrow then appeared in front of Zee, and hit him across the face, knocking him back a few feet. Zee then duplicated himself, created two clones. The three of them attacked Arrow.


Arrow then backed away from the clones, and then looked up at the sky. He then shot a bunch of arrows upwards. Two of the arrows hit the clones and they disappeared.


Then Arrow pointed his bow at Zee, aiming right at him. Then the arrow that he shot was a golden one, and it shined brightly as it hit Zee before he could dodge. Zee was knocked all the way to the edge of the arena.


But Zee was still holding on with a hand. He then got back up.


Arrow then shot a bunch of arrows into the air at rapid speeds as Zee ran towards him. Suddenly, the whole arena… it was raining arrows!


Zee was hit with a few arrows, and destroyed a few more. By the time he looked back at Arrow, he had… also cloned himself, and all three clones were charging that golden arrow attack.

“Uh oh, this doesn’t look good for Zee!” John said.

Then Zee was hit with all three golden arrows, and was sent off of the arena.

“It looks like… hold on, let the ref check!” John said. “And Zee is out! The winner is Arrow!”

Arrow then jumped back onto the sidelines, and put his bow away. The referee appeared with Zee afterwards.

“Now for round two!” John announced. On the screen, it said ‘Arnav versus Arada’. “Arnav and Arada!”

Arada got up, and the other guy, Arnav, did as well. Arnav had a metal chestplate on so that was interesting. The two of them hopped onto the arena.

“Are you ready? Three… two… one… GO!” John exclaimed.

Arada and Arnav attacked each other. Arada then kicked him backwards and made two swords appear in her hands. She swung her swords, and it sent other swords flying at Arnav. Arnav dodged them all, as he came closer to Arada.

“Ohoho, it looks like Arnav has some slik moves!” John commented.

Then, Arnav grabbed one of the swords, and used it to strike Arada. Arada fell back, and all her swords disappeared.

“Arada has fallen!” John said. “And she doesn’t seem to be able to get up?!”

Arada couldn’t get up. Arnav did something to her, it looks like Arnav might win this. Well, I mean, when did I ever see Arada train? Never.

“OHHH!” John exclaimed. I was busy thinking that I didn’t catch what happened, but when I looked, Arada was flying in the air, headed towards the out of bounds area. “ANNNND ARADA IS OUT! SUCH A MOVE FROM ARNAV THAT GOT HER OUT!”

Arnav then jumped back to the sidelines, as the ref came with Arada. Arada grunted as she took her seat.

“I’m really rusty, I need to train,” Arada had said as she passed by me.

Then on the screen, it showed the next two fighters. ‘Pixelen versus Kehori’. I knew both of them! So this would be interesting!  

? Kehori ?

Oh boy, it was my turn… And I had to go against Pixelen. Even though we came here together, from Cyrus’s lab. I never seen him fight before, so this would be easy, right?

Pixelen was already standing in front of me, on the arena. We were just waiting for John Ceno’s countdown now.

“READY! AND! THREE… TWO… ONE…” John then began the countdown. “GOOO!”

I made the first move, shooting a fireball at Pixelen. The fireball struck Pixelen’s torso, but didn’t do anything… I suddenly got hit from behind. But Pixel is right in front of me! What hit me?! I turned around and saw another Pixelen. Did he clone himself?

I struck both Pixelen’s with fireballs, only to have another Pixelen attack from above. I saw it this time, and dodged it. Now there were three Pixelens. They all attacked me at once. I surrounded myself with a fire barrier that would shield me. But Pixelen just went right through and hit me backwards.

Nothing was working! Suddenly, one of the Pixelen’s picked me up and threw me towards the out of bounds. I was about to shoot fire to give myself a rebound when suddenly another Pixelen appeared and spiked me like a volleyball out of the arena. I lost.

“Annnd the winner is Pixelen!” John then announced.

and that's it for this chapter
to be continued in the next chapter

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