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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 4)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 4)

Posted December 3rd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 4: Draco


It was finally my turn. As me and my opponent Garret stood in the arena I took the time to do a few stretches, waiting on John’s countdown.

“Alright! Next are Draco and Garret, who already are on the arena! Are you ready!?” John then commented.

“Course I am!” I exclaimed as I finished stretching.

“There’s the spirit! Okay, in three… two… one…” John exclaimed. “FIIIGHHHTTTT!”

At first we stood there for a few moments, waiting to see who’d go first. Garret stood there with his arms crossed, watching my movements.

“Fine then,” I thought before I then began to walk towards him, focusing on any movement he might make.

He didn’t move, but his body did transform into metal. It was shiny and the reflection of the sun blinded me for a second.


“Metal, interesting,” I thought as I stopped, now I was a few feet away from him, now we were just watching each other.

Then the ground around Garret transformed into metal as well, and slowly began to spread across the arena.

“So he’s taking control of the arena floor. Interesting plan,” I thought as I activated my speed technique. “Lets see what he plans to do with that control.”

Garret was watching me, awaiting my moves. When I activated my speed technique, he gave me a look, like he was reading what the technique was.

I noticed that by now the entire arena, including the floor I was standing on, was entirely metallic.


Upon seeing the arena’s transformation, I simply smiled. This seemed to confuse Garret. But not by much.


We still stood there waiting for one of us to attack, by now a minute and a half had passed.

“You gonna do anythin?” Garret then talked. His voice was a bit deeper than mine.

“Depends,” I said as suddenly in a flash I was standing atop his head on one foot. This made him stagger a bit from the surprise. “Are you?”

“I await your movements,” Garret replied, as he disappeared into the ground and reappeared somewhere else. So he could use it to transport himself. Good to know.

“Fine then.” I said as I then added Wrath to my base form. “Lets see if you can flinch.”

I then reappeared next to him and kicked him in the side, all that happened was a loud clang, also my foot stung for a few moments.

“No, I’m just metal,” Garret said, “if we’re going to go full out, let me know.”

“You can go full out if you like. I won’t mind either way,” I said as I jumped back to the opposing side of the arena with a smile.

Then suddenly, the metal from the ground moved up and hit me in the balls, ow.

“Well now that was just cheap,” I said with a wince as I activated Wrath which repaired the damage.

“I can control the ground, heh.” Garret laughed a bit. “You should fight for real now, let’s put up a good show for everyone.”

“You sure? If you say so,” I said with a smirk as I then activated Draco Eye Level two, the aura I created was intense enough that it disintegrated the side of the arena I was on. I then used my wings so I was floating. “Maybe that was a tad too much.”

“Not really, considering Jasper destroyed the whole thing before,” Garret said, as metal began generating the arena again.

“No it’s just that I didn’t expect only around three quarters of my power to do that. Thought the ground was tougher than that,” I said as I suddenly teleported next to Garret, still paying attention to the damage I did.

Metal formed around him like a shield. “I think the point is to make it normal so that our abilities are shown.”

“True,” I said, “I should really do something about that metal surrounding you though. Maybe this’ll work.”

I then stretched one hand out towards where Garret was and focused a bit, then in one swift motion I tore off a large chunk of the metal shield and floated the piece over to me. I crushed it into a ball and tossed it into the air a few times before tossing it away.

“Nice, nice,” Garret said. Except he wasn’t where he used to be this time, he was just gone.

“I know right,” I said as I could sense something moving around through the ground.

Then Garret appeared and punched me back a few feet.

“Whew! I actually almost felt that!” I exclaimed as I rubbed where he punched me. “Bravo!”

“I never hit you hard, I’m waiting for you to actually try,” Garret said.

“You sure you want that?” I asked.

“If you’re gonna, then I’m gonna go full out too,” Garret replied with a shrug.

“I’m not sure you fully understand what you’re signing up for,” I said before focusing my energy a bit. “But I’ll humor you, I guess.”

“It’s the audience we’re humoring here,” Garret remarked.

“Then by all means, let’s give them something funny,” I said before suddenly my aura erupted into white flames. Then, in a single instant I rushed forward and felt my fist make contact with Garret's stomach. Causing a giant shockwave of air to hit the arena. How did I know? Because at first it was hard metal. Then it got hot. Then it bent. A lot. That and I could hear him wincing before I then finished the punch and nearly knocked him off the edge. He collapsed, recovering from the blow.


“Okay, now that was good,” Garret said. “You’re pretty strong.” Then Garret’s metal body heated up and looked like hot molten iron.

“I hope that’s you going full force, If not then I’ll be worried I lightly punched you too hard,” I said.

“You mean to tell me that wasn’t your hardest?” Garret asked.

“Well I mean, if I actually did hit you as hard as I could then you would currently be falling yes? Because a medium punch would’ve completely destroyed the whole arena like Jasper’s aura did?” I asked.

“Right, we have to hold back a bit for the safety of the audience.”

“Yeah, I really ain’t in the mood to cause a giant people’s life ending explosion because I punched someone’s face to hard,” I said with a nod before getting into a fighting stance.

“I should become harder metal then,” Garret said as his form changed into a different metal.

“Indeed you should, we need to give them a spectacle after all. Don’t want the first round to be too boring and quick,” I smirked.

Then Garret was surrounded in an aura, and the aura flared and the whole floor became surrounded by it too. Suddenly, the metal began to be absorbed by him, and the broken part of the arena came back.

“Heh, neat.” I smiled.

“Now I can take on your punches, so you’ll have to reveal more of your power,” Garret said. I couldn’t even see his face since it was hot metal that glowed red.

“Great.” I smirked as I in an instant regular punched him again, it clearly did some damage since Garret reeled with the impact, but at least he didn’t ragdoll like before. This time he only went back a few meters.

I then felt liquid metal pulling me off the edge.

“Oh you are cheeky,” I said as I pulled myself out of the metal, flying up above the arena.

“Look out behind you,” Garret then said.

I then was surrounded by a giant glob of molten metal.

“Ah, this is indeed a predicament,” I said, somehow floating not covered in metal. “For Illu-clone that is.”

Then I felt a lot of weight on my head and I fell quickly towards the ground.

Before I crashed, however, I grabbed the anvil on top of me and threw it hard into the arena. I probably would’ve sent it straight through it if it didn’t just phase back into the floor like a raindrop in a puddle.

“What else can you do?” Garret asked, standing pretty far away in the arena.

“More than I’d like to share this early in the tournament,” I replied.

“Right, that’s smart since others would figure you out if they see it,” Garret said.


“Oh right, I should probably beat you now,” I said before stretching my hands out in front of me and making a large plasma ball in front of each one. After charging them up enough I combined them together and shrunk it down into a focused blast.

“Ohohoho this looks fun,” Garret said. “Good battle, dude, by the way.”

“Thanks, you too.” I smirked as the blast got more and more hard to hold as it shot out lightning bolts all over the place. I’ve been practicing this move a bit more, still hard to hold though. It was almost ready though.

“I just joined this tournament to fight a worthy opponent, I was lucky enough to get one in my first match. So I’m done, I can’t beat you the way I am right now,” Garret said, standing there.

“Well, at least you’ll leave in a flashy exit,” I said as the orb’s intensity dropped drastically it, it was in equilibrium. It was ready. To be safe though I powered down to base Draco Eye Level one, didn’t want to kill the guy. “We should fight again some time.”

“Yeah sure!” Garret smiled for the first time.

“See ya! NOVANNHHILATOR!” I exclaimed before I shot out a giant beam of plasma that, upon engulfing the arena and destroying the platform, filled the whole area where we were fighting. All people could see was a blinding cyan light.


As the light and plasma cleared, I floated there, pretty winded. The entire floor was gone. I then flew back to my seat. A bit later I saw the ref appear with Garret who looked pretty beat up. And not made of metal. The ref also then remade the arena for the next round.

I looked up at the screen to see who was next. It said, ‘Saturo versus Karown’.

“That should be fun to watch.” I thought as I sat in my seat.

Saturo got up and stretched.

“Good luck, Satu,” Lavender said to him.

“Yeah, I got this.” Saturo smiled at her before he jumped onto the new arena. I spotted the other guy, Karown get up.

“You got this!” Jasper high fived him. Karown looked to be Jasper’s age, either 12 or 13.

Karown then hopped into the arena to face off against Saturo.






to be continued in the next chapter...

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