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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 5)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 5)

Posted December 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Saturo


I looked at my opponent. It was Karown, who had messy orange hair. He was shorter than me, probably because he was younger. He looked to be around Jasper’s age. I won’t underestimate him just because of his age.

“Alright, you ready!? Three… two…” John then counted down. “One… GOOO!” And the timer started.

I watched Karown’s movements, waiting for him to do something. Karown just stood there, and was waiting on me as well.

“So, Karown, what can you do?” I asked him.

“Wait for you to fight,” Karown responded.

“That can be arranged,” I said, snapping my fingers as lightning struck behind him. Karown just stood there, still waiting.

I then ran at him, and shot lighting at him. He dodged it, jumping to the left. I then activated the Source and nailed him in the gut.

He went back and was suddenly out of my sight. I turned around, looking for him, and still don’t find him. I then tapped into my senses, and I pin pointed his location in the arena. That was when I was knocked back.

He wasn’t visible, but he attacked me. I could sense his location, but it was constantly moving. But not moving normally. It was a teleportation-like motion. He was probably able to teleport.

I surrounded myself with static electricity so he couldn’t touch me physically without being paralyzed.

Karown, still not visible, proceeded in throwing sharp discs of some sort at me. Well, at least they looked sharp. I wasn’t about to test if they were. I dodged the discs, and more came at me. I created a ball of plasma and electricity in between my hands, and threw it at the discs. The discs cut through my attack. Huh, interesting.

I then dodged it, and fell back down to the floor. More and more came my way, and one was about to hit me. I noticed they were getting faster, so I focused my energy into speed, and ran all over the arena, moving too fast for the eye to track.  

I then suddenly got attacked in the face, and lost balance. Where did that come from? I was moving at extreme speeds, how would he be able to touch me?

I surrounded myself with my aura, focusing on tracking down Karown. I noticed that his energy felt different, as if he… wasn’t there. My aura flared brighter. This was starting to annoy me, he was being a Mehrunes, just teleporting and not fighting me directly.

I decided to stay put in the middle of the arena.

“Stop hiding yourself, Karown. Come fight me head on!” I called.

“Why would I do that?” I heard Karown’s voice from all around me, as if it were high tech next gen surround sound.

“I mean, unless you want me to catch you,” I replied.

“Go ahead!”

“Got it.” I then focused my energy, activating the technique Elec taught me. My hair transformed to look like lightning bolts, and my aura got brighter as more electricity surrounded my body.

I then sensed where Karown’s energy was. It was all over. I hit them all at the same time, and realized it did nothing. He still wasn’t here. This was fishy. He was not teleporting, for sure. No one can teleport away from me when I’m using this technique, I move as fast as light.

“Karown is hiding from Saturo!” John then exclaimed. “There is still 10 minutes left!”

Karown was just not even there, so why bother? I’ll just wait for him to appear. Then I felt something coming at me, and I dodged it. I then sensed Karown there, and he became visible for a split second.

I jumped towards him at light speed, and paralyzed him. Well, at least tried to. He dodged it! Which is impossible, I moved at light speed. That could only mean one thing… Karown was manipulating time. This would be hard, going against an opponent with time powers.

I then decided to duplicate myself. It wasn’t cloning, it didn’t divide my power. It was duplicating, like how I used to duplicate my spicy chips so I’d never run out.

Now there were two of me. I couldn’t tell what the other me was thinking, but I was sure he was waiting for the moment Karown reappears. And also thinking about Lavender, but back off me, she’s mine.

Then Karown reappeared, and the other me pounced into action. I stayed in my spot, and the other me missed as Karown slowed down time or something that made the attack fail to hit. Dang, it was hard to fight people with time powers. Maybe that’s why it’s illegal. Except there are laws and rules about it, I don’t know them.

I couldn’t sense Karown anymore. I could sense his energy, but they were just a distraction now. Suddenly, those energy’s disappeared, which caught my attention. Then a disc suddenly hit me, I was distracted. I fell off the arena, and saw Karown standing there. But my duplicate nailed him hard out of the arena before I hit the ground outside.

I was going to hit the floor outside, but I shot energy at the ground at the ground to shoot myself back up. But suddenly, my duplicate, FOR SOME REASON, threw Karown at me, knocking us both off.

“AND FINALLY, THE WINNER IS SATURO!” John announced. “Since he is the only one on the arena.”

We then reappeared on the sidelines.

“Sheesh, man, you kept hiding, it’s annoying,” I said to Karown, irritated.

“What do you expect me to do!? You’re older and stronger than me!” Karown retorted.

“Hmm, yeah, fair point. Well good battle, your strategy was good,” I said, patting him on the head.

“You did good too!” Karown said. “I struggled to hit you!”

“Yeah, just an F-Y-I, I train under the Elemental Master of Electricity so…” I informed him.

“Well, that explains that form of yours,” Karown said. “What’s that even called?”

“Huh, yeah, I just called it Elec’s Technique, but it does have a name. It’s the Voltaic Form,” I answered.

“Nice!” Karown said.

I then looked up at the screen and saw who was fighting next. ‘Mehrunes versus Arabella’. This would be interesting to watch.

? Mehrunes ?

It was now my turn, and I was up against this girl named Arabella. I already teleported onto the arena, and Arabella jumped in after.

“Morning,” I said.

“Hi, I’m not a very violent fighter so… don’t go too hard on me please!” Arabella said.

“Uhm…oh-kay?” I said.

“AND A ONE AND A-- WRONG ORDER! THREE… TWO… ONE… AND GOOO!” John then counted down.

I stood there doing nothing, almost hoping that she was also gonna do nothing.

“Okay so… my power is flora and fauna,” Arabella said, as she covered herself with vines.

“I’m confused.” I thought to myself.

“Okay neat how bout you do something with it then,” I said.

“Okay!” she said. Then she summoned a rhino, and it came running towards me. I just kinda smirked as I teleported away and went invisible, right behind her vine thingy.

“Hmm.” Arabella turned around and a vine grabbed my leg even though I was invisible.

“Good to know,” I said, summoning a knife and slicing the vine, and her shield in one move.

Then the rhino came running back at me.

“Shoo you,” I told it, teleporting to it then teleporting it so it fell off, then teleporting back next to Arabella, punching her through her vines. “Why don’t you come out.”

“Ow, you shouldn’t make me angry either,” Arabella said.

“Nonsense, next you’re gonna tell me that I should walk off the edge,” I said, as I started burning her vines with a laser, from a few feet away.

“No, no, that would be boring!” Arabella said as more vines came forth to attack me.

“I’m literally not trying so I think that train has left,” I said, focusing more energy to the laser to burn it faster.

“Well, I’m not that good when I’m normal… when I’m angry is when I start to get crazy…” Arabella said.

“Seems familiar,” I made a reference only my friends would know. Cough cough Listy cough cough.

“But you seem nice and I don’t know how I’d get angry at you,” she then said.

“I’m really not a nice person.” I focused more, burning vines faster than they could appear. “It’s kinda a problem actually.”

“But you don’t seem to be mean to me at least,” Arabella said.

“It’s really hard when you’re so nice.” I almost had gotten through her vines.

“Oooh, so if I was mean, you’d be mean back?” Arabella asked.

“Kinda how that works,” I said, focusing more energy and finally starting to hit her.

“Yeah that makes sense!” She said.

“It does,” I said.

Then there were no more vines, as I had burned them all. Arabella turned around to face me. She then surrounded herself in a dark green aura.

“What’s that?” I asked casually.

“It’s… it means I’m doing a move,” Arabella said.

“What’s the move, dummy,” I said.

“Well, you see… I can’t really tell you, you’ll have to find out by yourself,” Arabella said as her aura grew a bit larger.

“Nah I’m good, I’m just gonna beat you up now before you get to do something cool,” I shrugged. “Not really interested in secret abilities today.” I then shot a laser at her, which sent her flying off her feet into the air.

“Aw drat,” she murmured, her aura disappeared.

I then teleported into the path and spiked her further into the circle, into the ground.

“What, do you think I’m some cheapskate who’s gonna knock the first opponent off the edge? Nah man, I’m all about that knockout,” I smirked, teleporting right in front of where she landed.

“That’s cool, what else are you about?” Arabella asked, as she made more vines grow that attacked me. I jumped into the air and shot a clone down, who combust into flames then disappeared, setting all the vines on fire.

“Lot’s of things actually, like burning plants made by other people,” I said, landing on the ground releasing a purple wave that pushed Arabella right away from her vines.

“Anything else?” Arabella asked, shooting a purple blast of energy in my direction. I rolled out of the way of it.

“Yeah, wanna see?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure!” Arabella replied.

I then focused some energy, and a purple revolver appeared in my hands. I didn’t say anything though. Just watched what Arabella did.

“A gun?” Arabella questioned, looking a bit worried that she was about to get shot.

“Nah dipstick, worse, a laser gun,” I smirked at her. “You’re pretty bad at this you know.”

“At what, fighting?” Arabella asked.

“That, and dodging, and defending, and- are you sure you’re in the right tournament?” I asked.

“Yeah, I told you, I suck when I’m normal, when I get angry I go crazy.” Arabella shrugged.

“Do you want me to actively antagonize you here, cuz I can you absolute failure,” I said.

“Failure? I’m a failure?” Arabella asked.

“I could’ve won by now you’ve done so little,” I said. “You've like done a bit of vines and a rhino.”

“What about this then?” Arabella asked. Then behind her appeared a giant dinosaur.

Hmm. Neat. But not quite neat enough.

“I meaaaan, it’s pretty cool I guess, but can it do anything?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Arabella answered, as the dinosaur opened its mouth, charging a laser beam up.

I smirked slightly and activated my half star, not full yet. It would be wasted. I then charged up a laser beam of my own. Then the dinosaur shot it’s beam right at me. I did a little roll and shot mine back at it from the ground in a prone position, hitting it directly in the neck.

The dinosaur roared and tried to stomp on me. I rolled under its foot and summoned a katana, slicing its tail clean off.

The dinosaur turned around and… ate its tail.

“Uhh, what?” I asked.

Then it shot another laser beam, this time larger, right at me. I narrowly teleported away due to the close quarters, and charged up my attack, launching myself at the dino and sucker punching it in the nose (or snout or whatever it was called), launching it away.

Then I turned around and saw three smaller dinosaurs running towards me, velociraptors or something. I used the revolver I still had in my hand and blasted their heads, putting holes through all of them.

“Psst!” I then heard a sound.

“You gonna tell me a knock knock or are we done joking around now?” I asked.

I then spotted a monkey hopping around, making monkey noises and saying, “psst!”

“Where did you even go though?” I asked, basically ignoring the monkey while searching for her.

“EEEEEEEYAAAK!” The monkey pounced at me. And it impaled itself on my katana. Okay fine I put the sword in it’s leap, but it’s still not my fault.

“EEE! EEE! EEE!” A bunch more monkeys appeared and leaped at me. I pushed my fists together and exploded, knocking all the monkeys away and burning any remaining foliage around.

“So I like hide n seek as much as the next guy, but can we move on from the useless animals?” I asked.

Another one of the big dinosaurs appeared in front of me, and shot a laser beam at me, again.

I rolled away and then stared at the dinosaur, not really caring.

“So about the useless animals we were talking about,” I said, leaping at the dinosaur and lodging my katana in it’s eye.

“They were a distraction so I could charge up,” Arabella said. I found her floating in the air, surrounded by a big green aura.

“Alright, I’ll give you that one,” I said. “But admittedly, I knew you were up there, I just want to see what that does.”

“Well you’ll find out now!” She exclaimed, and suddenly small asteroids fell from the sky, covering the whole arena.

I looked at her, smiling madly. “Really? You need to charge up that long for small asteroids?!” I dodged one that nearly hit me and blew another one up.

“I’m slow, okay!?” She retorted.

“Yeah you are,” I said. I then decided to be a showoff, and caught an asteroid, and threw it directly at Arabella. It hit her in the face and she fell to the ground.

“OW!” She yelled. “THAT HURT!”

“I hope so, cuz now it’s my turn!” I said, I had to charge to do the same thing in like, ten seconds, so charge I did as Arabella was on the ground.

Arabella then took one of the asteroids and threw it at me like a baseball. I was charging so I threw myself to the ground on one side and continued. She then continued to grab asteroids and throwing them at my direction in rapid speeds. I kept rolling on the ground like a toddler throwing a fit, until I released my charge and leapt up smirking.

“Have fun!” I said, as it started to hail meteors about twice the size of her asteroids, that exploded into small waves upon hitting the ground. However I left where I was standing perfectly void of meteors, to see if she’d notice.

“Oh yikes.” Arabella appeared behind me.

“Mornin,” I said, picking her up and slamming her back into the ground onto her back. She shrieked and kicked me off her. The meteors stopped falling and I grabbed her by the legs and slammed her into the ground on the other side of me.

She yelled loudly and exploded into flames, becoming too hot for me to get near her. It seemed that whenever I attacked, and it hurt, she got mad and stronger.

“Alright hot stuff, let's play this game,” I smirked, and I started charging up energy. I’m not talkin, charging a useless ability no no no, I’m talkin a whole new form, because I was so done with this chick.

Large vines appeared out of the ground, surrounding me. But it was too late. I absorbed the energy and exploded into lasers, burning down all the vines and exposing myself in Full Star.


I didn’t say anything, just stared Arabella down as lasers flew wildly from me. I summoned myself a special little pistol, and shot it at the center of the arena. A massive laser came down from the sky and started to expand outward.

I then teleported behind Arabella and kicked her right into the laser. If I’m being honest, it doesn’t do much. It’s just blinding bright to everyone but me. I walked in myself and punched Arabella in the face several times.

Arabella looked unstable, and then went flying all over like a firework. Then she crashed down outside the arena.

“Uhh not sure what happened there, but the winner is Mehrunes!” John said.

Everything disappeared all at once. I was just smirking about how Arabella self-destructed, and I’m the only one who knows besides her.

I then teleported back to the sidelines as the ref appeared with Arabella, who was back to normal.



to be continued in the next chapter

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