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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 6)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 6)

Posted December 12th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Saturo


The screen showed who was going to go next. Venom and Vender. I knew both of them, so this would also be pretty interesting to watch. I knew Venom was strong, very strong and pretty experienced. Vender was not bad when I met him, but I never got to see a true taste of his power.

So now I could actually see what they both could do. And I won my first match against Karown, so it was possible that I was going to go against one of the other winners. So I should watch them to see what they could do.

I watched as they both jumped onto the arena. John Ceno, the commentator, wasn’t in sight, but his voice could be heard when he commentated. He announced the next fighters, which were Venom and Vender. I carefully watched the two of them.

Once John counted down, they pounced at each other. They exchanged punches and kicks, moving at pretty fast speeds that normal humans couldn’t move at. Then Venom grabbed Vender and slammed him into the ground. Vender surrounded himself in his purple aura, and then jumped off his back, hitting Venom in the face and knocking him back.

They were talking to each other as they fought too. But I paid no attention to what they were saying, I was paying attention to what they were doing. Venom surrounded himself in his toxic green aura too. The two of them stared at each other for a few seconds before they jumped back into action.

Venom created toxic gas around him, covering the whole arena. John said something about it, since he was commentating. Vender tried to avoid the gas, and ended up having to blow it away.

I watched as Venom summoned his sword. He sliced at Vender, but Vender dodged them all. Vender had good agility and was able to see attacks before they happened, and could dodge them. Venom then grabbed Vender’s arm and flipped him over, before he stabbed him with his sword. Vender was bleeding, but there were no rules against that. Just no killing.

Vender jumped behind Venom and knocked him back a few feet. Then he healed himself. So Vender had healing powers. I watched as they clashed once more. This battle was long from over. In fact, it was just getting started.

Vender knocked Venom into the ground, breaking part of it. After Venom got back up, he picked up the chunk of the ground and threw it at Vender, who was floating in the air. Vender saw it coming, and dodged it. But then he cut through it with his hands, and some sticky material came out of his hands. He grabbed the two pieces of arena chunks that he had made, and chucked it right back at Venom. Venom just smashed his fist into both of them, destroying them into little pieces of rock. John made a comment about it.

Venom and Vender didn’t seem to be going at full power, which was obvious due to their lack of… amazingness. None of them were actually trying. They just attacked each other with normal attacks, like punches and kicks.

Until Vender decided to take things up a notch. He was floating with his purple aura flaring brightly. Auras were a way to represent energy, if your opponent has an aura around their body, that meant they had a lot of energy. So then auras that are visible represent a lot of energy, otherwise while you’re just normal, your aura is invisible since it’s not a lot of energy. If that makes sense, that was what Elec had said. There was also a method that could be used to hide auras in general if needed be. That wasn’t needed now, however.

I went back to watching the fight. Vender was charging up something as he floated in the air, and since his aura was bright, his energy was getting higher. Venom could see it as well, since he charged in and punched Vender in the gut, sending him towards the out of bounds. But that sticky stuff came out of Vender’s hands again, and attached itself to the ground. Vender pulled himself back into the arena and kicked Venom in the face.

Venom did a backflip, and threw daggers at Vender in the process. Vender dodged the daggers, grabbing one with the sticky stuff and throwing it back at Venom. Venom then flared his toxic green aura, the energy he had was high. High enough that, without doing anything, the dagger fell back to the ground. It looked like Venom was using his full power now, because I recognized the energy he was giving off. He used that to beat me up once, wasn’t fun, but I learned from it. I learned to stop being lazy and actually train.

Anyway, Vender didn’t look surprised. He looked like he was expecting that. He just flared his aura too. Both of them stood in front of each other, with their auras shining. Vender had to look up a little, since Venom was a bit taller than him. Otherwise, they were both pretty buff.

Then they both punched each other in the face, at the same time. Both of them were then shooting backwards, due to the strength of the punch. Vender caught himself before he fell off the arena, and Venom did as well. They leaped at each other. Venom was smirking, he was enjoying this. Vender had a serious expression on his face. It looked like Venom was playing with him. I wasn’t sure who was stronger, both of them had high energy. Who was going to win this?

John Ceno then commented about how there were 10 minutes left. Venom said something about him going full out and knocking Vender off the arena so that he would win. But he when he jumped into action to do so, Vender released more energy that knocked Venom back. Both of them were sweating, and breathing pretty heavily. Vender looked tired, while Venom looked like he was just getting started.

I watched as they continued to fight. In my head, I thought about the previous winners and who I might go up against.

The first match had been Zee versus Arrow, and Arrow won. So it was possible I’d go up against Arrow, which wouldn’t seem too hard.

The second match was Arnav and Arada. Arnav wouldn’t be hard either, I know ways to beat him based on what I’ve seen.

The third match winner seemed to be a problem… Pixelen. Something about his powers didn’t seem right, just like Karown. Energy and his location is what’s hard about that.

The fourth match winner, Alem, wouldn’t be too bad either. Of course, I shouldn’t underestimate them, that’d be bad for me once I figure out they’re much stronger than I thought. So I will be ready just in case.

The fifth match winner was Asolo… Asolo seemed pretty strong, but he looked like he still was hiding a lot of power. I was sure about that.

Jasper won the sixth match against Elora. Jasper was a kid, and friends with Karown… If they trained together, then Jasper would be a struggle since they both were annoying to fight. Karown wasn’t strong in terms of strength, his strategy was annoying. Jasper, on the other hand, did have that strength. Also mentioning the fact that his aura kinda destroyed the arena altogether, which meant he had a lot of power to hide.

Then the seventh match which was Draco and Garret, Draco had won. If I went up against Draco, I wouldn’t worry. I knew Draco’s techniques. And Draco didn’t see my Voltaic form before. Well, except for when he was watching the match between me and Karown. I did use it then.

The eighth match was my battle against Karown, so I wouldn’t even worry about fighting someone from there. And the ninth match was a battle against Arabella and Mehrunes, which Mehrunes had won. I’m not worried about fighting Mehrunes either, he’d just teleport and be like Karown, avoid everything. Well, that is if he didn’t change when he trained. I did see he had a new form, where he turned his body into energy or something. Looked like plasma to me.

And that leaves us off with the tenth match, which was Vender and Venom. And it seemed that Venom had won, because when I looked back at the arena, Vender was off and John had announced the winner. I watched as Venom jumped back to the sidelines, with his shirt off for some reason. He put on a leather jacket that Styreix tossed him. I looked over at Lav who was next to me and asked her about what I missed. She told me that Venom’s shirt was destroyed by an attack that Vender did. But after that attack Venom had knocked him off. So now there was a possibility I would fight Venom again… Fun.

The screen then showed who was going next. The screen read ‘Ichoo versus Shot’. Oh I get to see what Ich can do now. And what Shot could do as well…

By the time they got onto the arena and John said to go, Shot immediately lost as Ich knocked him off with wind. Woah, that ended FAST. Ichoo’s wind must’ve been just that strong. I felt bad for Shot, but I guess he was just unlucky to go against Ich in his first round.

The screen showed who was going next. ‘Summer verus Phoenix’. Let’s see how this one goes then…

short chapter, but to be continued in the next chapter...

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