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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 7)

Posted December 13th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7: Arada


This tournament is stupid. To be honest, I’m just saying that because I lost on the first round. I was really rusty, I should train and get stronger. Relying on whatever I learned in school wasn’t gonna get me very far. Especially when there are others out there who are skilled.

But that’s besides the point. I wanted to go home and take a nap.

“When is it gonna be my turn?” Phoenix, who was seated beside me, asked.

“Look up there!” Saturn, who was seated beside her, replied. He pointed up at the screen which displayed who was going next.

The screen said, ‘Summer versus Phoenix’.

“You’re going against someone named Summer. Who is this ‘Summer’ person?” Saturn questioned.

I looked around and pointed at the tall brown haired guy who stood up. “Probably that dude.”

“Wait, I have to fight a guy?” Phoenix asked.

“Yep. Have fun.” I winked at her.

I watched as Summer jumped down into the arena. Phoenix looked uncertain for a few moments.

“What?” I asked her. “Are you afraid to fight a guy? You fight your brother all the time.”

“T-this is different… Summer is more… better looking than Saturn is…”

“Ooooh I see how this is. You think he’s hot, you’re attracted to him.” I smirked.

“I’m pretty sure he’s pretty warm, just like the summer.” Saturn laughed.

“STOP IT.” Phoenix almost shouted. Wait no. Pretty much shouted.

“Just get in there and fight your man already,” I told her. I had to get up and push her into the arena.

Phoenix fell in front of Summer, who looked confused.

“Ahem ahem…” John then said, “next round is Phoenix versus Summer. I have a feeling this one will be… Different.” I bet if we could see John’s face right now, he’d have this giant smirk on his face. “Anyway, countdown! Battle begins in three… two… one… And NOW!”

Instead of seeing a battle start, we saw Summer stretching. Phoenix just watched him, her cheeks red.

“So, hi,” Summer then said. “Your name is Phoenix? That’s a nice name.”

“T-thanks.” Phoenix blushed.

“However, just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean I’ll let you win. That money is calling my name.” Summer stretched more.

“Yeah but… I gotta win too. I’m strong, you know!” Phoenix snapped at him.

Summer smirked. “Prove it.”

Phoenix ignited herself into flames, her hair becoming fire. “Oh, I will.” She then threw fireballs at Summer. Summer extended his body, moving out of the way. So Summer had the power… of instant expandability and body manipulation and stuff.

“My my, you’re looking pretty hot.” Summer smirked.

His comment caused Phoenix to blush. Heh. Phoenix responded by throwing more fireballs at him. Summer’s legs stretched as he went higher and went back to normal after, causing Summer to float in the air for a bit. He then extended his arms and ripped off part of the arena, and threw it at Phoenix.

She burst through the arena rock with her flames. She looked up at Summer and shot out bursts of flames at him.

“Nuh uh, don’t do that.” Summer appeared below her and tripped her, causing her to fall onto her back. Then he grabbed her feet, and spun her around, throwing her across the arena, towards the out of bounds.

Phoenix then shot a bunch of fire that caused her to fly back into the arena, preventing her from getting out. She got back up, and turned towards Summer. He was laying down on the ground, resting his hand on one of his cheeks, like he was mocking Phoenix.

“W-what are you doing…” Phoenix looked at him questionably.

“Waiting on you.” Summer winked at her and she blushed.

Phoenix then walked towards him and punched him before he got up. He did a backflip and landed back on his feet.

“Ouch, you are pretty strong.” Summer said, rubbing the area where he got punched. Phoenix looked at him, waiting on his move. “Are you a cashier, Phoenix?”

“No…” Phoenix responded.

“Then why are you checking me out?” Summer smirked.

Phoenix then smirked back. “Yeah, I am checking you out. You like it?”

“Mmmmm yes, sure, I do.” He was still smirking.

“IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE HAVING A FLIRT BATTLE NOW!” John laughed over the microphone.

“SHUT UP JOHN, I’M TRYING TO WIN A GIRL HERE!” Summer yelled at him. Phoenix blushed once he said that.


Summer just growled. Phoenix then giggled a bit.






I couldn’t help but laugh. Phoenix and Saturn were both laughing too.





Summer then turned towards Phoenix and punched her back, when she was off guard.

“OW!” Phoenix yelped. She got back up and shot bursts of flames at Summer, but he just easily avoided it.

“Oh frick, sorry, I didn’t mean to hit that hard. I don’t want to ruin your beautiful face,” Summer said.

Phoenix punched Summer in the face, and he went flying.

“Oh, oops, sorry, didn’t mean to hit that hard. Don’t want to ruin your face either,” Phoenix replied with a smirk.

Summer got back up and rubbed his face, which was a little burnt. “Yeesh, that’s hot. Just like you.”

“Thanks,” Phoenix replied.

“Where do you live?” Summer asked.

“Uhh…” Phoenix looked unsure.

“Like, what planet do you live on?”

“Ertin,” Phoenix replied.

“Same, maybe after this, we could get together for dinner or something?” Summer asked. He was asking her out, wow. In a middle of a fight.

“O-oh.” Phoenix blushed. “Uh… where exactly?”

“I’ll come pick you up, don’t worry about getting there. Just be ready.”

“Okay?” Phoenix replied.

“But until then, I have to win this.” Summer then jumped and extended his arms, before proceeding in throwing Phoenix out of the arena before she could do anything.

“AND THE WINNER IS, SUMMER!” John said. He had her off guard and used it to his advantage.

But before the ref got Phoenix, Summer did first and took her to the sidelines. I could barely hear him since he whispered something to her, probably about their date, before he walked away to his seat. Phoenix came back, beaming for some reason. She looked happy.

“Uhh you lost.” Saturn then pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter.” Phoenix sat down.

“You’re smiling, and your cheeks are red.” Saturn pointed out.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Really? I was thinking otherwise. You got a date, hm?”

“Yeah, what’s it to you?”

“I’m your brother. That’s what.”

“True. I’ll tell you later.”

Saturn smirked as he sat back. I just rolled my eyes and looked to see who was going next. On the screen it said, ‘Lavender versus Jinx’. I saw Lavender stand up, and Saturo said something to her before she jumped into the arena. Jinx was already in the arena, probably teleported.

“And let’s get started! Ready?” John announced. “Three two and a one, GO!”

Lavender started off by summoning a wave and chucking it towards Jinx. Jinx jumped, and summoned his sword. He landed behind the wave and attacked Lav, but she blocked it with her hands and threw the sword away. She then nailed Jinx in the stomach, knocking him back before she sent another wave that took him back to the edge of the arena.

Jinx got up and scratched his head. “Ow.” He didn’t have his sword anymore either since it was outside the arena. When Lav threw it, it landed in the out of bounds.

Lavender then continued attacking with water and vines. Jinx started to dodge them, and then when he came close, Lavender went flying. She caught herself with a wave, and sent attacks back at Jinx.

Jinx somehow avoided them all and then knocked Lav into the air. He then threw himself up and knocked Lav towards the out of bounds. I noticed Saturo watching carefully.

Lav caught herself before she fell out with a vine, and then released her aura. It was a turquoise aura, looked both green and blue. And wow, didn’t know she had that. She never showed that. She always did hide her power anyway, and used them only when necessary. Which, in a tournament like this, it kinda is.

Lav then attacked Jinx, moving faster than I thought she could. Really, she does hide her power if this was it. Jinx kept dodging them all somehow. Then his sword flew off the ground that was out of bounds, and flew into his hands. He then cut Lav, injuring her and causing her to bleed. She just healed herself, however, and I knew she could do that since she’s done it before.

Lav then charged her energy forward, causing Jinx to fall back. Lav was surrounded with some electricity, and she sent a wave right at Jinx. Jinx avoided it by teleporting behind her, but her energy knocked him back again. Dang, Lav! It looks like she’s been training with her boyfriend.

Jinx continued to try and hit Lav, but her energy kept knocking him back. Then Jinx took a deep breath. And all of a sudden, Lavender was on the edge of the arena. What just happened?

And then suddenly, Lav was standing on the ground outside the arena, in the out of bounds.

“The winner is Jinx!” John announced. Lav just went back to her seat next to Saturo as Jinx went back to his seat next to Aurallia. Nice. Not sure what happened with that fight…

I did overhear Saturo saying something about manipulating time. Hmm…

Well that battle was over now. I looked up to see who was going next, and the screen read, ‘Saturn versus Aurallia’.

“My turn!” Saturn exclaimed as he got up. He jumped onto the arena, looking pretty excited.

Aurallia also got onto the arena from the other side, facing Saturn. John cleared his throat.

“Next, we have Saturn versus Aurallia! The last round for the starting matches!” John exclaimed. “READY?! Three, two, one, gooooo!!!”

Aurallia started off with an attack. She shot a blast of ice at Saturn, but he avoided it by making a green bubble around him.

Aura’s eyes glowed, each were a different color. One was a purple lavender and the other was a light blue. Her hair was a purple lavender color too. She lit up her aura though, and that was both of those colors combined.

Saturn shot a blast of green energy at her, but she dodged. She then summoned a wave of water and shot it towards Saturn. Saturn flew above it, when suddenly the water turned into ice. Aurallia slid over and smacked Saturn to the ground.

“Ow.” Saturn rubbed his head as he got up. “Not nice.”

“Sorry,” Aurallia replied.

“It’s okay! This is a tournament after all.” Saturn smiled at her.

“True.” Aurallia surrounded Saturn with ice. “Then I won’t hold back.”

“Neither will I.” Saturn flared his aura, releasing energy. His hair changed color to match his aura, bright green. It caused the ice to melt.

“O-oh. Great,” Aurallia said. “You’re stronger than me.”

“Uhh, yeah? I guess?” Saturn said.

“What’s the point in fighting if I am already gonna lose?” Aurallia sighed.

“You don’t know that, you have to fight and see,” Saturn said. “Otherwise if you’re just gonna give up… you’ll never win.”

“Exactly. I’ll never win.” Aurallia walked over to the edge of the arena.

“Uh… okay…” Saturn said, looking unsure as Aurallia just jumped off of the arena.

“Uh.” John then said. “Aurallia gave up after Saturn transformed. So… NOW WE MOVE ONTO THE NEXT ROUNDS!!!” Saturn returned to his seat, as Aurallia did the same. “NOW! THE NEXT ROUNDS!!!! FIRST UP WILL BE ARROW VERSUS STYREIX!”

I watched as they got onto the arena. Arrow had summoned his bow right away as Styreix stared, his face covered with his hood. He was a reaper. John did the countdown as the two opponents watched each other carefully. When it started, they leaped at each other.

Arrow then jumped back after failing to land a few hits, taking out his bow and aiming at him. He shot, and a red barrier blocked it before it reached Styreix. John did his commentating as they fought, but in the end, Arrow lost. The next round also ended pretty fast. It was Arnav versus Pixelen. Pixelen won the same way he did against Kehori. People were losing faster now, huh.

The one after that was Alem versus Asolo. Asolo took Alem out after taking a few hits, winning. Wow. I wonder who’s gonna win this tournament.

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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