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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 9)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Chapter 9)

Posted December 21st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 9: Saturo


After Jasper and Draco’s battle, the screen read who was going next. It read ‘Saturo versus Ena’. I was up again, fighting against someone named Ena. I looked around to see who it was, and a girl with short black hair stood up. I couldn’t sense any power from her yet, so I didn’t know what to expect. I should be ready for it anyway.

I stood up and hopped into the arena, ready for the fight. Ena entered the arena after me, looking pretty prepared. She saw my Voltaic Form from when I fought Karown. I’m gonna have to be careful with that, in case she has something that could work against my form.

“ARE YOU READY!?” John Ceno then exclaimed into the mic. “THREE… TWO… ONE… FIGHT!”

Ena immediately pounced towards me, her fists turning into a blade as she attempted to cut me. I dodged it smoothly, and knocked her back towards the edge. She turned around quickly and leaped back at me, her left arm transforming into a blade as she sliced towards me.

I released my electric aura and caught the blade, pushing it back. Ena smirked as I pushed against her attack. I wondered what she was planning. Then I started to float upwards. I wasn’t doing this, it must be Ena.

I was then tossed towards the side, but I grabbed the edge before I fell off, and jumped back up, summoning a lightning bolt in my hand before I tossed it towards Ena. She dodged it and grabbed it before she tossed it back at me. I grabbed it again, and appeared behind her.

I zapped her with it, paralyzing her. Then I picked her up without touching her and tossed her over the side. But she teleported back up and tried to get up. She failed since she was paralyzed.

I walked towards her. “Good fight.” I stuck my hand out and blasted her off the arena, and knocked her down with my fist into the ground before she could teleport.

“AND THE WINNER IS SATURO!” John exclaimed.

That was an easier battle than against Karown. As the ref got Ena to the sidelines, I jumped back into my seat next to Lavender. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It said ‘Mehrunes versus Venom’. Oh that would be an interesting battle.

? Mehrunes ?

I had to fight Venom? Great this will go well. I teleported onto the arena as Venom jumped onto it as well.


Venom smirked as he surrounded himself with toxic gas. “How strong are you? I never fought you so I don’t know.”

“What, on a scale from one to ten? Or are you talking more about, like… I don’t even know,” I replied.

“Let’s see, compared to Saturo, how strong are you?” Venom asked, as clouds of toxic gas floated around him in a ring.

“Weaker,” I said simply and saltily.

“Ah, well I beat that chump easily last time,” Venom said. “I’ll take it easy on ya. Show me what you got!” He made a fist and the toxic gas disappeared into him, like he sucked it in through his skin.

“Is toxic gas a good moisturizer or something?” I smirked.

“I mean, yeah.” He smirked as well. “But it’s deadly to others. So I’m gonna hold back on it so I don’t burn your skin cells.”

“Well that’s very nice of you,” I said, charging a laser. “No hard feeling about taking what you rightfully stole, right?”

“Depends on what it is,” Venom replied. “The latest thing I stole was an energy sucker-up thing from the E.F.A.I. That was a long time ago, when I first fought Saturo. Not allowed to use it here, though.”

“Mister what’s his face,” I replied. “Some scientist.”

“Dr. He? Not part of the E.F.A.I. anymore,” Venom replied. “He ran off again, doing stuff.”

“Good for him.” I shot my Laser at Venom.

Venom jumped out of the way, dodging it. He then looked back at me, awaiting another attack.

“*Cough*,” I coughed. “This is definitely fair.”

“I don’t think this tournament is gonna be fair in terms of power. I’ve seen many people over there, in the sidelines, that won their battles…” Venom said. “They seem to be pretty powerful.”

“Yeah well, I, unlike some people.” I glanced at Aurallia. “Don’t give up.”

He looked up at Aurallia too and laughed. “Some people are just losers. Your style is cool, not giving up.” Aurallia didn’t look too happy up there as she crossed her arms and frowned.

I grabbed my purple sniper out of thin air and shot at Venoms leg. It hit him and pierced through his leg. He looked down.

“Ow.” He stretched out his leg to look at the wound.


Venom then looked fine, as if either the wound didn’t bother him or he healed. I wasn’t sure since he was moving around, I couldn’t see the injury through his pants. I bolted my sniper back and shot at him again, this time center mass.

His toxic green aura appeared and he stopped the bullets from reaching him, and toxic gas appeared. The bullets melted due to the toxic gas.

“Well there goes that.” I threw my sniper aside.

“Why don’t you do that flashy thing you did before?” Venom suggested.

“Which one?” I asked.

“The one where you turned into energy,” Venom replied.

“Oh yeah that,” I said. “Well, what if I don wanna.”

“Then you don’t have to, it’s your choice. I’m just giving you a suggestion.” Venom shrugged.

“Maybe in a minute,” I said, pondering what to do to get past Venoms aura. Finally deciding that because he said he would go easy on me, I would start to walk to one side of him by walking sideways and facing him. He turned his head, watching me.

“Alrighty.” He surrounded himself with toxic gas once more.

“Question,” I said, charging up a laser while still crab walking around him. “Any chance that’s flammable?”

“It’s toxic gas. Not the flammable kind,” Venom replied.

I shot my laser at him. A relatively small laser, sure, but a laser all the same. It went through the gas, and came out the other side. Venom was gone.

“Huh. Neat,” I said.

“What’s neat?” I heard his voice next to me as toxic gas appeared, making Venom appear with it.

“GAH! SPOOKY GHOST!” I punched him in the face. Hard.

He fell back a bit, extending his back backward as his feet stayed exactly where they used to be. He then walked back a few steps.

“Do you lift?” he asked. “Or is just brute strength not your thing?”

“Actually I prefer to use a special sword but…” I said. “Kinda can’t.”

“If you summon it, you can.” Venom shrugged. “They limited it to nothing you bring in. But you can summon your own stuff.”

I shrugged. “Nah. I prefer-” I swiftly cut off and shot him in the knee with a purple summoned revolver.

He looked down. “Ow.” Then he did the same thing when he extended his leg and then looked fine. “You wonder what I did there?”

“Yeah, but not really,” I said.

“Acid melts bullets,” he simply said as he stretched.

“Wanna test that theory?” I smirked.

“Well, normal bullets, it can’t melt bullets made of plasma or energy,” Venom said.

“Looks like it’s been a minute.” I smiled, charging up my energy.

“We have like ten minutes or so left for the fight.” Venom looked up at the timer.

“Good for us,” I said.

“Yes, indeed,” Venom replied. “Now, you gonna use the thing?”

“But I can’t talk when I do,” I said. “Whatever.”

I absorbed the energy and went into Full Star. Instantly a machine gun that looked like a dolphin cyborg from space crashed down into my arms and I load it with the particles created around me, and aimed it right at Venom.

“Ooooouu.” Venom looked at it and waited for it, looking prepared.

I opened fire on Venom. Venom started to run around, using the toxic gas to hide him as he dodged around. I flared my aura and made the particles fly faster. Venom seemed to struggle in dodging and was trying to fight against the particles, using his gas and his sword which he had summoned.

I popped the side off where I feed in ammo, and particles flew in firing out at a much faster, chain gun like rates. In addition to this, I used one hand to charge energy into myself, and started to glow. This meant I fired faster as well.

Venom was now surrounded in a toxic gas cloud as he ran towards me, blocking the particles I was shooting at him. I smiled, letting go of the Machine gun causing it to fly above us and continue shooting down at Venom. I then turned into energy and flew rapidly around, continuing to charge. Venom was still deflecting the attacks that came at him. I then landed on the other end of the arena from where Venom stood, and charged faster.

Venom then suddenly turned around and threw his sword at me. I smirked and caught it, throwing it towards out of bounds. He then summoned more swords, and chucked them all at my direction. I just distorted my form and let them miss me, moving away in the process.

I smiled and signed at Venom. Pointing at the machine gun, which was still shooting at him, holding up two fingers, and then tilting my head like a dog. Venom made toxic gas appear around the machine gun, and it stopped firing. He then jumped at me.

I signed sad in sign language and warped away, leaving the energy that made up my hand to become a straight sword, and charged at Venom. He summoned a sword and clashed with my hand straight sword thing. Meanwhile I flew around charging more energy into myself. I wanted to know what happened, I just kept glowing more.

I landed down and called my arm back to me, merging it with my body. I then summoned a katana and it slowly turned into energy as well, I did that thing that sword fighters do where you hold your hand out palm up and curl your fingers towards you.

I wasn't gonna win. I just thought I was being boring.

Venom seemed to play along as he walked forward, his toxic gas orbiting around him, as he had his sword. I rushed first, charging him with my katana nearly dragging on the ground, preparing for an upward slash. He watched the blade and prepared to block it.

I slashed up, and transported my energy to re-adjust so that I sliced across from top to bottom across his chest, opposite of where he prepared to block. He fell back, clearly injured, as he then sliced his sword forth towards my chest. I just distorted my chest so his attack missed and swept his legs with my katana. I smiled at him.

He then jumped away from me, his chest healing as it touched the toxic gas.

I launched myself at him, morphing my sword into a straight one and aiming to spear Venom in the chest. He blocked it this time, both hands clapping the sword and bending it away. Another sword appeared in my hand and I ducked under his arms, stabbing him through my own chest and into his.

Venom then backed away again, healing himself with his gas.

I signed him sad again and smirked. I rushed him again, with dual sword. My intent? Push him towards the edge and knock him off. It would work if I wasn't too obvious, and if he didn’t notice.

Venom started to push back with toxic gas. It didn’t harm me, since I was energy, but it did blind me since I couldn’t see where Venom was. I wondered if I could push out his gas with my own attack, so I surrounded myself with a laser ball and expanded it rapidly.

The gas did move away but I then realized that the whole arena was covered with toxic gas. Nice strat, Venom. Making it hard to spot him was a good strat. Well what I did worked before, so may as well keep going with it, I violently flared my aura and expanded the laser ball at an incredible rate.

Soon the whole arena was cleared of toxic gas, but Venom was nowhere in sight. Well. I had a massive ball of what was essentially plasma, so naturally I want to absorb it. Makes sense really.

So that’s what I did, I absorbed the massive orb of plasma into myself, and I was suddenly knowed across the arena towards the out of bounds. I caught myself mid air and flew back into the arena, seeing Venom standing there in a fighting position. I signed sad again and smirked. I started to charge the meteorites, with Full Star it would be way more powerful.

Venom saw them coming and smashed some, while he dodged others. He hopped off of some meteorites and then leaped at me to hit me in the face. I smiled and dodged, grabbing his arm and then putting my palm on his chest, and flew into the ground, slamming him into it. There was a crater in the arena floor due to the impact.

But then Venom grabbed me and pretty much hugged me tightly that I couldn’t escape, nor breathe. But with Full Star I didn’t need to breathe, I was literally energy, so I was good. The problem was I couldn’t move. I was also made of energy though, yet he was still touching me. Maybe he was using his own energy to keep me in place.

I started to struggle madly, and exploded. He healed himself with toxic gas, his grip tightening on me. Frick. I kept exploding violently, trying to escape. But he kept healing and his grip tightened even more. I grabbed with my hands and kept exploding, trying to grab something so I could fry it with plasma.

Venom saw me doing that, and then jumped into the air, taking me along with him. His grip didn’t get any less than before, I was still stuck.

I looked at him. My eyes reflected my confusion. Then Venom smirked, and tossed me all of a sudden right outside the arena at a fast speed. I tried to teleport back, but he interfered and knocked me off again.

He knew my tricks so I used a new one, launching a hook at the ground and reeling myself into the ground. Venom jumped off the arena and kicked at me. He also used me to push himself back up, while I went down towards the floor outside the arena.

I cloned myself and did the same, simultaneously charging up and launching myself upwards like a rocket. The look on Venom’s face showed he didn’t expect that, and he prepared for my attack.

I was a tad peeved, and surprised any of that worked, so I rushed Venom, blasting at him with lasers. He blocked them with acid that appeared around him like a box. I froze in place, and glanced at the timer. There were five minutes left. Suddenly, while I was looking at the timer, Venom jumped out of the acid box and threw me off the edge.

I knew I couldn’t pull the same thing again, so I cloned myself up in the platform and swapped places with it in about a second, launching Venom out of bounds instantly after. He turned into toxic gas and appeared behind me, before tossing me out of bounds instead. I turned into energy and flew back in, pushing past Venom.

I went back to normal and held up one finger.

“Nice fighting, dude,” Venom then said.

“Yeah. You too.”

“Yeah.” Venom then flared up his toxic green aura. “But now we gotta end this.”

“Yeah sounds about right,” I said.

“I was holding back, but I also want to fight some other people and see how strong they are. So I gotta beat you,” Venom said.

“Understandable. I just have one more trick up my sleeve.” I smiled and drew a circle in the air. And then palmed it turning it into a rune. I then used both my hands and spun it and then stopped it, and it glowed brightly before shooting a massive laser that basically disinterested half the arena and most of my remaining energy.

Luckily, I had nailed Venom straight in the chest with the laser. He looked a bit surprised as he stopped himself from falling off and jumped back onto the remaining half of the arena. I fell to the ground afterward.

“Nice move,” Venom said, as his toxic gas healed him. “You did better than I expected.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“If you want to get even better, keep on training and learnin’.” Venom surrounded himself in his toxic green aura.

“Well yeah,” I said, trying to get up. “Kinda how that works.”

“Yep.” Venom’s fist then was surrounded by toxic gas as he punched toward me from afar. It’s impact knocked me off the arena. I grabbed onto the edge and tried to pull myself up.

Venom then knocked me towards the ground out of the arena. I hit the ground.

“AND THE WINNER IS VENOM,” John said. The ref teleported me to the sidelines as Venom jumped back to his spot next to Styreix. I looked up at the screen to see who was going next. It was Ich and Summer.




to be continued in the next chapter....


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