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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Prologue)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Six: (Prologue)

Posted November 22nd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the prologue for book 6!!!!!



Prologue: Draco


It’s been a few weeks since we got back from the realm. After resting for about a week I decided to start training again, and Fucia decided to as well. When I got up, and headed outside to get breakfast, I saw there was a box at my door.

I checked it and it was a package from Glare! There was a note inside that said ‘This is to help replace the clothes you lost. And is also a reward for making it out’. I took it inside, closing the door, to try them on.

After changing I looked in the mirror. It came with a black hoodie like my old one only it had these turquoise lines running along where the zipper was and on the back of the arms. It also had these two cyan scarf like pieces of cloth attached at the shoulders and the hood had a cyan dragon skull embroidered on the back. It also had multiple pairs of blue pants with similar turquoise lines running down them. There was also a pair of blue and black laceless shoes with light green and magenta highlights that for the brand had the name Relnitron on them. Then the final piece of clothing was this pair of black fingerless gloves that once again had those turquoise lines on them. They also had this green knuckle like attachment on them. All of the clothes were a perfect fit, like it was made specifically for me (which was probably the case here). They looked really nice too. The last thing I also needed to mention was that on the top left of the zipper on the jacket my name was embroidered on with cyan thread. I also noticed that once I had all of the clothes on, the turquoise lines seemed to glow a bit. I was of course grateful for the new clothes, as before this all I was wearing was white t-shirts and sweatpants. I learned that Meh had apparently grabbed my old jacket and scarf before he ran away but they were too battered and torn to wear so I just hung them up on the wall as a memory.

I looked at the back side of the note that Glare sent, and it said, ‘These clothes are designed to be plasma proof, so you may go at your full power without damaging them, they also have some other features. :)’  It really was perfect.

I then stepped out of my room with my new clothes on, reveling in how perfect they felt, they weren’t too tight, too loose. Not too soft or coarse, it was like Glare read my mind and knew exactly what would be best for me to wear. (Which, knowing Glare, probably wasn’t too big of an assumption.) Everything fit like a glove. Pun intended.

Now all that was left was to show the others and to see what the point of the gloves and the little buttons I could feel inside the shoe were for. As I walked into my living room I had already gotten used with my new clothes. They were just so comfortable. I decided to go to the training room to test them out.

“Oh hey Draco!” I passed by Teleyon on the way.

“Hey Tech,” I said as I walked past with a wave.

As I walked inside the training room I could see that at the moment no one was inside. That’s good, meant I could really go full throttle without hurting someone.

I walked to the middle of the room and began to focus. I’ve been practicing with my different levels of power and am trying to see if I can learn to utilize them without any strain.

I absorbed my Ultimate Crystal and began to focus.

Soon I went up to the first level of my Draco Eye, which I had all but perfected at this point when it came to energy rationing. A few seconds later I went to level two. Now this was the form I had to work on. It’s important I get acclimated to this one, as it gives me loads of power. But it costs so much stamina that at this point I could only maintain its base for about forty five minutes. And if I went full power I could only probably handle twenty minutes at best. I then went to full power, I was engulfed in a white, fiery aura. I could really feel the weight now. The intensity. The building force.The crushing energy.

“Hey hey, Draco!” Teleyon popped his head inside the training room.

“Yeah Tech? What is it?” I asked, gritting my teeth because of my concentration. The distraction wasn’t enough to break it. But it certainly slowed it down.

“I got a message, notified that there’ll be a tournament, for intermediate leveled people. You want to take part in it?” Teleyon asked.

“A tournament you say? When does it happen?” I asked. “What date?”

“In two days from now, sign ups need to be done by tonight,” Teleyon replied. “I asked around and a few people are signing up, like Saturn and Phoenix.”

“Oh really? Sounds fun,” I said as I kept concentrating while listening to Tech. “A tournament could really help me test myself.”

“Yeah, also Aurallia and Jinx are joining… I texted Saturo, and he and Lav are also joining. Arada is taking a shot at it too, the prize is money,” Teleyon said.

“It just sounds better and better,” I smirked as I then focused more, the energy felt suffocating. Then suddenly the turquoise lines on my clothes lit up with blue fire like trails of gasoline. And the weight of the energy felt significantly less yet my power hadn’t gotten lowered. So that’s what those lines were for. They’re energy ventilation! As my power rose higher and higher, the ground shook violently, and chunks of the ground around me began to break off and float. Like when I used my Novannihhilator in the realm.

“Aaaaand Mehrunes is entering too,” Teleyon said.

“Man this tournament… Is gonna be… popular isn’t it?” I asked as I gritted my teeth. Even with the ventilation this much power and energy still hurt my body. But I could still feel like I could go further.

“Yeah, I guess! Takes place on the Rock Planet, two days from now,” Teleyon said.

“Well then I’ll have to sign up by tonight,” I said as I kept increasing my energy and power. Now arcs of lighting were coursing across me and running along the ground, one missed Tele by a few feet but he didn’t seem to mind. He and the others have gotten used to this by now.

“Hey buddy, you seem to be pushing yourself quite a bit there. You sure you can handle it?” My Ultimate Crystal Plasmus asked.

“Just testing my limits, that’s all,” I replied as by now the energy’s weight was enormous, it felt like if I faltered even a bit I’d be ‘squashed’ by it all.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sign you up! I have all your information so we’re all good,” Teleyon said. He was like our manager since he didn’t fight.

“Thanks Tech,” I said, I could feel something, just beyond all of this pressure, I could sense it. I was close. But the energy was nigh unbearable! By now the flames running along my clothes had turned white, they were pushing out so much energy. If it weren’t for them I’d probably be injured or even dead by now.

“Maybe you should tone it down a bit there buddy,” Plasmus said, he sounded all kinds of concerned. “You go any farther and you might tear the whole training room to shreds!”

“Anyway, you can go have breakfast when you want!” Teleyon said before he left.

Now the energy output had become unbearable. It hurt so much! If Teleyon hadn’t closed the door then he and the others would’ve assumed I was being murdered by the amount of yelling to counter said pain I was about to do.

“Draco seriously, you need to stop. Like right now. You’re gonna blow up everything at this point if you don’t stop,” Plasmus said.

Normally I would listen, but I could feel it, I was so close! To something just out of my reach. Just like how it felt when I was training to manually achieve level two of my Draco Eye. I was almost there. I… Just… Needed… To… Go… A bit…  More… Then the flames around me began to be absorbed into my body.

GRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I screamed as suddenly my aura erupted into a giant ball of white flame that engulfed the whole room.

The intensity was incredible! The energy was so intense that it felt like the air had shattered into pieces under the pressure!

“*PANT*… *PANT*… I… *PANT*…Did it…” I said as the fire cleared and I stood there. It felt like my entire body had been broken. But the power I was feeling was incredible, I’d never felt so strong! I felt like I could run a lap around the planet and not even be tired! Or at least, I would be. If my body wasn’t beginning to shut down. I fell onto my knees before trying vainly to support myself with my hands. My vision was beginning to blur. My hearing was muffled. I could taste blood in my mouth. Every muscle in my body ached more then they ever have. It felt like I was being stabbed by millions of small invisible daggers.

Soon my arms gave out and I was lying on the ground. The last thing I could remember was sensing the energy of the others entering the room and saying something, all I could do was smile before blacking out. That power I felt. It was only for a few moments. But it was incredible. It felt like as if I had gone to a level I never knew was possible. And I’m glad I could experience it.

to be continued in the next chapter...


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