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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 1) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 1) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 15th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the chapter of the one of the series of the three





Chapter 1: Teleyon


Space is cool. I always loved driving spaceships.

Okay, that’s kinda off topic. This is kinda an emergency. Sokanon’s (one of my friends who lives back on Ertin with us at the Training Facility) Nana was kidnapped. And the tracker I put on her (hey it’s not stalking, it’s to keep track of that old lady) was leading me to the Rock Planet. So, we formed a little team to go and rescue her. Why? Because her Nana went to a different PLANET. So she couldn’t have done that on her own. She’s too clumsy. Once I tied her in a chair because she was bothering me.

“Going to my home planet,” Hematite said. He said next to me since Arada didn’t come. Arada usually sits next to me. “To find a kidnapped nana. Seems legit.”

In the back sat five other people, the other members of our little team. Saio, Badok, Sokanon herself, Saturn, and Syren. All of their names start with ‘s’. Badok is an exception.

“We should have a team name!” Saturn exclaimed.

Syren nodded. “Yeah. What will it be?”

“Hmmm… Oh! Nana Finders!” Saturn said. If I’m honest, that sounded lame. I didn’t say anything though, just kept driving.

“That’s dumb.” Sokanon said. Phew she spoke for me. “We need something cool, we aren’t little.” she thought a moment. “…the S Squadron,” she hissed under her breath.

“But my name starts with an ‘H’. Teleyon’s a ‘T’ and Badok is a ‘B’. Only the rest of you are ‘S’.” Hematite commented while leaning back on his chair.

Sokanon frowned. “I don’t know, I’m tired, okay?”

“I had a dumb idea.” Syren said.

“What was it?” Saturn questioned.

“Two, actually.” he paused. “The Ultimates, and Radical Heck Raisers.” he cackled.

“Gotta be honest, Radical Heck Raisers sounds cool. Let’s do that!” Hematite exclaimed. “Since Teleyon and Syren aren’t Ultimates.”

“I’m not either,” Saio said. “Don’t forget me!”

“Oh yeah, sorry about that,” Hematite remarked. “You can’t fight so I forgot about you.”

Saio shot a look at him. “Excuse me?”

“Ah…” He looked away, his face turning red. “I mean… I never seen you fight and yeah… didn’t sense much power coming from you either.”

“Stick it, jabroni.” Saio said sharply.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t help though!” Hematite remarked. “Just leave the fighting and stuff to the rest of us!”

“Hmph. Jerk.” Saio retorted. “But whatever.”

“I’m sorryyyyyyy!” Hematite apologized.

“How long until we’re there?” Sokanon asked.

“We’re landing right now,” I said. I drove my spaceship down into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet. “Following the tracker right now.”

“Great. How close are we to her?” Sokanon looked out the window.

I looked at the tracker. “We’re moving fast. So… we should be here.”

Sokanon sighed. “I hope she’s okay…”

I landed the spaceship and put it on the parking gear nearby a mountain. The Rock Planet has a lot of mountains. “Alright, everyone out!”

We all got out of the spaceship instantly. In front of us, we see the Nana! Except there was a masked figure with a dagger, around Nana’s neck.

Sokanon shook. She let out a gasp and her eye’s mist exploded. She crouched in fear.

“Yes, there she is,” the masked figure said.

Sokanon’s hand clenched and she groaned. She looked like her skin was turning darker. Hematite backed all of us off from her.

The masked figure spun the dagger in their hands. “I knew it.” She looked over at us. “She’s the one who killed Kinji.”

Saturn looked confused. Hematite remained silent. However…

Saio and Badok looked terrified. “Sokanon, oh my god, Sokanon,” Saio said, voice shaking. Suddenly, Sokanon grew large and her clothes tore. Her skin was black as the night, and she looked like a demon. Her hands were like claws. Her face was a muzzle, and her mouth opened to show glinting white teeth. She looked back at us.

Hematite stood in front of us. “Sok, save your Nana.” he said.

Her huge white eyes stared at Hematite. She lowered her head and her hands touched the ground. She let out a hissing growl, But it sounded strange and high pitched. She moved toward us.

The masked figure leaped from behind, attempting to throw a dagger into Sokanon’s eye. “I’m your opponent, you little monster.”

Sokanon whipped toward the figure and launched herself at it. She dug her massive claws at its sides. She snarled.

The masked figure stabbed both of Sokanon’s arms with daggers and kicked her in the face as she backflipped back behind the Nana.

“You’re not doing it again.” The masked figure said. “I’m gonna stop you right now. Maybe if I end your life, you’ll stop taking others!”

“What! No!” Saturn yelled.

Suddenly, Syren, his skin turned white now that his mask was on, stood between Sokanon and the figure, a katana at each one. He glared at the figure. “Who are you?” he spat.

The figure stepped back, and took off it’s mask. It was a face of a girl. She had long black hair and brown eyes. “My name is Lauralye.” she said.

“What are you doing here?” Syren said, backing away from Sokanon slightly.

“Revenge.” Lauralye barked.

Saio and Badok looked at her with disbelief. “Lauralye?” Badok said, his face plastered with surprise. “You’re Lauralye?”

“Yes,” Lauralye replied, watching Sokanon carefully. “I’m Lauralye. And you should distance yourself away from that monster or you’ll end up dead like my brother!” She looked at Saio and Badok. “You’ll end up dead. Cuz you’re too weak!”

Saio and Badok looked hurt by what she said. “Sokanon’s our friend! It’s not her fault she killed Kinji!” Saio said.

“Hmph. Fine then, try and help her, just try to. You’ll end up dead.” Lauralye said.

Saio and Badok looked at each other, and then Badok’s hands lit up. “I can try to help her, you stay back.” Badok told Saio. Saio nodded, and Badok walked over to them. Syren looked at him.

“That’s not a good idea,” he said. He ducked out of the way as Sokanon swung at his head with her claws, and sliced her shoulder with a katana. Sokanon bleated and swung at him again, But he moved out of the way and she almost hit Lauralye.

Lauralye jumped high in the air, throwing a rope that wrapped around the tied up Nana’s legs. She swung her upwards with the rope and launched her far away; throwing a dagger at Sokanon at the same time. I saw Nana suddenly disappear in thin air afterwards. Lauralye looked a little shocked for a second, But then looked back at Sokanon with a serious expression as she landed on the ground.

Sokanon bellowed at her and stood on her hind legs. She scratched the dagger from her shoulder and white blood trickled from it. It had a slight glow to it.

Lauralye took out another rope and threw it at Sokanon. She tied her up by running around her at a fast speed. Then she pressed a Button, sending electric shocks through the rope (there are probably metal wires in there or something that’s a conductor or peat moss or something like that), zapping and electrocuting Sokanon.

Sokanon snarled and broke the rope. She dropped to the ground and she faded into a shadow, just a lump of mist on the ground wherever she moved.

Lauralye threw a dagger at the shadow. It passed through it. Suddenly the lump was gone and something came out of the ground under Lauralye. It was Sokanon.

She latched onto Lauralye’s side with her jaws and pulled her down. She bit hard and blood spurted from Lauralye’s stomach. Sokanon clawed her and then backed off, staring, waiting. Syren and Badok were too shocked to do anything.

Then Lauralye smiled. Weird. She smiled. “Nice one. Would kill anyone normal.” She then threw another dagger at Sokanon’s eye. “Not enough to kill me.”

Sokanon batted the dagger away and roared at Lauralye. She charged her and swatted at her head. Lauralye ducked, and forcefully jabbed a dagger into Sokanon’s stomach. Sokanon shrieked and pushed Lauralye to the ground swiftly. She landed with a thud, and Sokanon raked her claws across Lauralye’s chest, and retreated toward the shadows and pulled the dagger out.

Lauralye stood up, covered in blood and cuts. “Why you hiding, you monster? Come out and fight me.”

As Sokanon was dropping into the shadow, Badok ran forward and shone a bright beam of light at her. It cut through her arm and white blood ran from it. She screamed in agony, the wound gaping. She swatted Badok away and he hit the ground with a gasp.

“Badok!” Saio shouted. “Are you okay?!”

Badok didn’t respond quickly. He groaned and staggered to his feet. Blood dripped from the back of his head, and his hands shook and he produced more light rays.

“Keep that up, Badok, buddy,” Lauralye said. “Light is her weakness.”

Badok looked at Lauralye, his eyes wet. “I don’t want to hurt her, she’s my friend.” he rasped, But shot more light at Sokanon. Sokanon shrieked as the light hit her again and slumped to the ground.

“You just did buddy.” Lauralye said. “With her, it’s either you hurt, or get hurt. Unless you find another way to contain her.”

Badok watched Sokanon’s body. It lay on the ground. She was shrouded in dark mist. She slowly got up and stared at him. Her mouth gaped and she tried to form words, she seemed like she was aware again. But then she dashed at Badok. She grabbed him in her claws and shoved him on the dirt. Badok wailed in terror and pain as Sokanon’s claws raked through his back.

“Badok! Someone stop her!” Saio shrieked, looking at each of us.

Sokanon suddenly flew up in the air, and a green barrier appeared around Badok. Saturn appeared on the scene. “Got it.” He then looked up at Sokanon before he then brought her back down onto the ground, ten feet away.

Sokanon stared at him and made a growling sound. She looked like she was going to attack. Saturn stuck out his hand at her.

“Come at me. I dare you.” He taunted.

Sokanon suddenly laughed. She showed her teeth. “Foolish boy,” she hissed. Her demonic voice echoed. “You think I can be defeated so easily? You think you can fight me? Think about the consequences, boy.”

“That’s not Sokanon,” Saio said. Her voice shook.

“Could tell.” Saturn said to Saio. He turned to Sokanon. “I wasn’t really planning on fighting you, I was more planning on saving you. Or. Keeping you in one spot.” He made a barrier around Sokanon.

Sokanon looked at the barrier and cackled. “Save me? You think you can save this girl?”

“I don’t know. I could try.” Saturn replied, “whoever you are, leave Sokanon’s body. Or you’ll be trapped in that barrier for… a long time.”

“Silence! You swine, I will not leave this girl, not for a very long time. This vessel is mine, you hear, and I’ll keep it even when it rots in the ground!” Sokanon roared and slashed at the barrier, But it did nothing.

“You can’t break the barrier.” Saturn informed Sokanon. “And since you don’t wanna leave yet, I’ll keep you in there.” He then took away the barrier around Badok. Saio rushed up to him. She dragged him back to us.

“Who can help him? What if he dies?” as she was speaking the wounds began to heal before her, But it was slow.

“Those wounds aren’t deep, he won’t die,” Hematite said, looking at Badok’s wounds. “But, about Sokanon, we’ll need another way to get that monster out of her body. How’d it get there in the first place? Cursed? By that creature dark guy, Dakrus, or whatever the dude said his name was?”

Saturn shrugged. Hematite walked over to Sokanon.

“I’s the name Dakrus familiar to you?” Hematite questioned her.

Sokanon smiled sheepishly. “Idiotic. You will get no information from me,” she spat.

“Oh. Okay.” Hematite said. “Then where can we get information?” He then realized. “Oh wait you just said we won’t get any info from you, so we can’t even get info about getting info from you.” He laughed. “So… if we kill your vessel, will you leave it?”

“No! You can’t kill Sokanon!” Saio shouted.

Hematite held a finger up, pointing one of his hands at Saio. “Shh! Let the monster answer!” He looked back at Sokanon. “Will you?”

Sokanon chuckled. “Check.” she said.

“Nah. That just means we need another method.” Hematite thought to himself. “Wait. When do you wear off and turn back to normal?” he asked. Then he realized again. “Oh wait. No info out of you. Forgot again.”

“Bruh.” Saturn commented.

“WAIT! I asked if they’ll leave the vessel and they said ‘check’! I GOT INFO OUT OF IT!” Hematite shouted.

Saturn then opened up the barrier, a small part of it, and he tapped Sokanon on the nostril. “Boop.” He then closed the barrier again.

Sokanon snapped at him but there was an echoed and faint laughing. Saturn smiled and then made a barrier inside that was the shape of a hand, and poked Sokanon on the nostril again. “Boop.”

There was more laughing. Sokanon swatted at the hand and growled. Saturn then was surrounded by a green aura and dozens of hands appeared inside the barrier, poking at Sokanon rapidly. “ULTRA OMEGA BOOOOOOPPP!!”

So much laughing now. It was a girls voice, it sounded like normal Sokanon. “Stop it! Stop! It tickles!!” a girls voice said. The monster Sokanon just bit and clawed at the hands, snarling in anger.

Saturn kept at it with a wide grin, poking Sokanon some more. The laughing continued and soon the monster was laughing as well and smiling. There was the girls voice when Sokanon talked, but with the same deep echo of the monster. “Stop it, before I have to make you!!”

“You won’t be able to get out of there, how would you make me?” Saturn questioned as he kept the poking going.

The laughing continued with the poking. “I don’t know! I can try!” Sokanon rammed herself at the barrier and tried to break it.

“No one has ever broken it.” Saturn said, “so… have fun getting booped.” He summoned more hands and poked at Sokanon.

“Saturn! Darnit, stop!” she laughed, and started booping the hands on the tips of their fingers.

“Umm,” Syren was standing behind Saturn. “Why is this… thing… happening? And for this long? This is outrageous, Saturn, you should know that.”

“Outrageous is my middle name,” Saturn said, keeping the poking going.

“Played out saying,” Syren said. “Used too often. Not even good anymore. Tsk, be more elegant in your words, Saturn.” Syren said sarcastically.

“Saturn, please! That’s enough booping!” Sokanon laughed.

“Not until that monster is gone!” Saturn said as he kept the booping going more. “Because this is the only thing that seems to be working.”

“Should have thought of this when she turned back on Korovez,” Saio said aloud.

Sokanon was basically crying in laughter on the floor of the barrier. She had stopped swatting at the hands now.

“Well. It’s time to take it to another level.” Saturn summoned twice the amount of hands inside the barrier. “The Ultimate Boops. Coming your way.” They all then started to boop Sokanon.

Sokanon rolled onto her stomach and curled into a ball. “Ow! That’s too many! That hurts now!” the echo in her voice got stronger and deeper, and the laughter was gone.

Saturn then stopped, and the hands all disappeared, but the barrier remained. He watched Sokanon carefully, waiting.

Quiet. Then she stood up and looked at Saturn. Hesitation. “Much better,” her voice was back. She was still the monster, only her voice had gone back to normal.

“We came to rescue Nana. She’s gone.” Hematite said, looking over at Lauralye who was sitting down on the ground. “Where’d you take her?”

“I didn’t take her anywhere. She was just taken. By someone or something else,” Lauralye replied.

I checked the tracker, and saw she wasn’t on the scale. “She’s not on the scale. That means she’s not in the Elemental System.”

Sokanon turned around and looked at Lauralye. “Nana’s gone?” she said.

Lauralye nodded silently. Sokanon gasped and whipped around to face us. “Someone has to do something!” she said. She rammed into the barrier multiple times, growling. “Someone has to let me find her!”

“I’d have to increase the scale to see if she’s even in the Real World.” I said, fiddling with the tracking device. I opened the back of it and started to change some of the settings. Moments later, I got it. “Okay, so I found her. She’s just on another planet.”

“What planet?” Sokanon looked at me desperately.

“I’m not sure if it even is a planet, I’d say it’s more of a Moon. It’s really small,” I said. “But we can go there.”

“Then let’s go! We need to hurry if she wants to stay alive,” Sokanon said. For some reason her claws were smaller and her fur - or whatever it was - was much shorter, especially on her head.

“If you want a faster way, I got one.” Lauralye stood up.

Sokanon looked at her again, and as she turned she was back to normal, mist coming from her eye. “Yes, please, let me find her!”

“We should probably also get you some clothes.” Lauralye said.

“Already on it,” Hematite said. A silver-white portal appeared above his hands and clothes fell.

Saturn had removed his barrier, and Hematite tossed Sokanon the clothes.

“U-Uh,” Syren looked away. “Why is she nude?”

“Cuz everytime she turns into the monster, she gets bigger and the clothes rip. We’d have to get her a stretchable suit.” Hematite answered.

Sokanon put the clothes on. Her face was red. She looked mortified. “Don’t look at me!” she snapped at us, and hid her face.

“Relax, no one is looking at you. None of us are perverts.” Hematite said to her.

“You better not be!” she said, and walked over to Saio. “Why does this always happen?”

Saio coughed. “I have no idea, but at least you’re covered now…” Badok was fully healed now and sitting beside Saio.

“Well, I’ll order you the suit so it doesn’t happen again.” Hematite said.

“Thanks…” Sokanon murmured. “Can we find Nana now?”

“Yes, but I can take only a few people. So, at least one person will have to stay here.” Lauralye said.

“That would be me,” I said, “I’m not leaving my spaceship.”

“Okay. Everyone else. Stand beside me and hold hands.” Lauralye said. “Because that’s the only way I can take you all.”

Sokanon walked up to her but didn’t take her hand. Saio did, and Sokanon held hers. Badok held Sokanon’s other hand. On the other side of Lauralye were Hematite, Saturn, and Syren (in that order).

“I’ll come with my spaceship,” I said to them.

“Then see ya later.” Lauralye said, and then they all disappeared.

I went back into my spaceship and took off. I headed to Ertin first to get some stuff, then I would go to them.

to be continued in the next chapterrrrrr.....

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I love how creative you are

I love how creative you are with your stories and how focused you are! I wouldn’t be able to think of something like this and write so many books and serieses!
“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.”
- Beatrix Potter

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Thankssss! __________________



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Posted by QuartzMaster on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 08:54
I love how creative you are

I love how creative you are with your stories and how focused you are! I wouldn’t be able to think of something like this and write so many books and serieses!
“There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you.”
- Beatrix Potter

Posted by /alem/ on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 20:28

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