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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 3) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 3) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 18th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 3:


“The curse is complete.” He looked down at the old lady, his dark face smirking, showing teeth. “After many years… When I first tried it on you, it did not work since you were different. However now… It works perfect. Rise, my minion.”

The old lady stood up, a dark mist surrounding her whole body.

“Not good enough.” He ripped out her eyeballs, and chucked them aside. The old lady showed no reaction. “Ah. Nevermind that. It works.”

The dark mist began to appear in the old lady’s empty eye holes.

“I give you… new eyes.”

Dark solid eyeballs appeared in the eye holes. A red dot appeared in the middle. He smirked, showing his sharp teeth.

“Go now.”

? Bob ?

We appeared in what looked like a workshop. There were scythes, both blades and whole, being displayed all over the place.

“We’re here,” Styreix said, as the black particles disappeared.

“Woah. This place seems loaded.” I said. And wow… I’ve never seen anything this cool! Except maybe that brownie. That brownie was great.

“It’s closed as you can see, since the lights are off,” Styreix said.

“But obviously you’re permitted in, right?” I mean I hope he’s allowed to be here. Maybe it’s his workshop? Or maybe we’re breaking in. That would be fun too.

“Nah. I just remember this place well, so it was easier to teleport to over long distances.” Styreix said, “we’d get in trouble.”

“So we aren’t supposed to be in here right now?” Oooooh man… I think we’re not supposed to be here…

“But now I can just teleport us out since I can see,” Styreix grabbed me and Malum and we both disappeared along with Styreix. We were now outside the front door of the workshop.

“Good to know. Now, what next?” I hope I can get a scythe, I’ve always wanted to use one again after that time they let us test weapons. That was the one good time, it was fun.

“Well. Do you want to make your own scythe with magic or buy one?” Styreix questioned.

Man, is this even a question? “I’d rather make one than buy one.” I answered. I mean, it would probably be better quality, and if we’re being honest, I don’t have the money to buy one even if I wanted to.

“Kay, then we’re headed to class then.” Styreix began walking.

I wonder why I thought I’d just be able to make one right here right now… of course I’d need lessons! I’m doing great so far. “Got it.” I started following Styreix. Malum stuck by too.

We walked through the town, past many buildings and people. There were many people with scythes and robes. This place… they all look so cool! Wait, I wonder if any of them are looking at me. Am I yellow? Please don’t be yellow… any color other than yellow!

“Yo!” another reaper jumped in front of Styreix.

Styreix stopped walking and looked up at him. He took off his hood and revealed his face. He had black hair and headphones on.

“What do you want?” Styreix growled at him. I’m guessing they know each other. And this guy is one of the annoying sort.

“What do you think I want?” He replied. “And why’s this guy with you yellow?”

WHY AM I YELLOW?! “Uh, I get yellow when I’m excited.” I explained. Of all the times to be yellow…

“Ah.” The guy nodded.

“He’ll be on my team for the Reaper Games.” Styreix said. “What’s it to you?”

“Oh so you’re not gonna be on my team this year?” the guy asked. “Odd. We always used to be on the same team.”

“I’m making my own team where I’m leader, thank you very much.” Styreix said. “Cuz I don’t want you being a leader.”

“But dude! You’re pretty strong! I need you on my team!” The guy whined.

“Nah. If you want you can join my team. Think about it.” Styreix then motioned for Malum and I to follow him as he walked away from the guy. Guessing they’re probably friends. But Styreix is probably stronger than that guy, and he’s probably not the strongest. So… yeah.

And honestly, I think I’d rather be on a team with Styreix as the leader than that guy. He seemed too chill. “So, that guy a friend of yours?”

“Yes, that’s Ceol.” Styreix replied.

“And I’m assuming that he isn’t the most strategic mind and you would prefer yourself in charge rather than him?”

“Yeah. I’d rather not get too many people on a team. He brings like, so many people he knows and brings them on a team but there can only be five participants in the Reaper Games per team. He brings substitutes. It’s hard to manage, considering the lot of them bug me.” Styreix said as we kept walking.

“So, what are the Reaper Games like?” I’ve been wondering for a while now.

“There are always battles in it. It could be 1v1 or 2v2 or 3v3 or the whole team versus the other. Otherwise they have us do other things; it changes every year.” Styreix explained. “Once we had to play capture the flag. Another time they had us fight only with spells. Yeah, and dark magic curses aren’t allowed.”

So… they can be like, anything. Sounds fun! “Now, we almost there? Or no?”

Styreix pointed at a big building in front of us. “That’s the Academy.”

“And we’re going in there, right?”

“Yep. To register you for a class.” Styreix nodded, and opened the front door of the Academy, walking in. Malum and I followed. Inside was a front desk.

There was a man in robes standing at the desk. We walked up to him.

“Hello there, how may I help you?” The man asked.

“Can we register this… blue guy for a class? The Beginners class.” Styreix said.

“Hmm… I’m afraid they’re all full. We had a lot of new students this year.” The man said. “Sorry about that.” No. I’m not doing that.

I slammed my fist down on the desk. “If you knew what I’ve been through, you would let me and Malum join.”

“If you had applications done, yes we would.” The man replied.

“What about the Intermediate Class?” Styreix then asked.

“There’s a few spots there.” The man said, looking at a paper.

“Alright. Sign them up there.” Styreix said.

“Thanks, so when does it start?” Good to know, I won’t have to punch them.

“It’s already started. You’ll just have to attend the next one tomorrow.” The man said.

“We’ll come back tomorrow.” Styreix then grabbed us and took us back outside. “I’m going to have to try and teach you basics by myself.”

“Alright. Well, sounds good!” Nice… can’t wait to start!

“You have Ultimate Crystals right?” Styreix asked.

“Yeah, we do.” I answered.

“Then it should be easy. Just use them.” Styreix said, summoning his scythe into his hands.

“So, what do we start with?” I asked.

“Making your scythe.” Styreix replied. “You first will have to know the dimensions and stuff before that though. Then you imagine it and use the spell.”

“Okay… so I just, like imagine the scythe and then use the spell you’re about to teach and it’ll be there?” I hope it’s that simple…

“Your crystal will make it easy. Absorb it and then just imagine the scythe, and then make yourself believe you’re going to make it, and you will get it. Some people like to say words for the spell. Sometimes it helps.” Styreix said.

I nodded and took my crystal out of my pocket. I absorbed it, and then closed my eyes. I thought of a scythe, with a long, sharp blade and a light, crooked shaft. I could almost feel it, I actually felt like I was holding it. I opened my eyes and… I actually was holding it! It was light, and it looked just like how I imagined it!

“There ya go. You got it.” Styreix clapped.

“Woah… I like it!” I can’t wait to really test it out! “So, we gonna do testing and stuff? Like, learn how to use it well?”

“Well. The school is really for non-Ultimates. Because they take forever to learn things. You can already fight right?” Styreix asked.

“I uh… I know how to fight, not well though.” I mean, I only really used a scythe that one time. We never really had to fight that much. “Why?”

“There are fighting classes.” Styreix said. “So you can learn that.”

“Oh. So, am I gonna have to attend one? Or are you gonna teach me?”

“I could probably teach you. It’s not too hard. If you get attacked, you block or dodge. You attack quickly and stuff.” Styreix replied.

“I think I already have the dodging part down.” I said, scratching my neck. I’m pretty sure I’m green now… I like green, even though I don’t like why I feel it.

Styreix then swung his scythe at me. It was pretty fast… but nowhere near me. By the time it was where I was, I was already behind him. “This good?”

He looked back at me. “Yeah you’re good there. You’re pretty fast.”

“So, when are we gonna train?” I asked. I can’t wait to start… “And uh, where as well?”

“Depends on how you want to train.” Styreix said.

“Like, are there different styles of how I could fight?” I mean, this is a simple question, and the answer is yes, but I was going for a more, are there any specialty styles of fighting a reaper would take up?

“Yeah. But are your attacks strong?” Styreix asked. “Because then you could be the type of fighter that stays far back. Since you’re fast.”

“They… they told me that I was really weak, but I made up for it with incredible speed. And I am pretty weak, offensively and defensively. This one time, they just hit me with a bat and it fractured my arm.” It… it hurt when that happened. They said I would never live well, that it’s good that I was in there. I believed it for a while. I almost gave up hope…

“Well you could leave fighting to me then, you could be the secret weapon for speed. How fast are you?” Styreix asked.

Well… green. I don’t even need to look. “What do you want me to use as an example?”

“Like… how many laps can you run in a minute?” Styreix asked, “around the whole academy?”

“I uh… a lot.” I don’t know how many it’ll be, but it’s a lot. “You want me to try it out?”

“Yes. And count it.” Styreix nodded.

“*Sigh*” Great. I hate counting. I started running. I wasn’t gonna go full speed, that tires me out too much. One, two, three… has it been ten seconds yet? I’m gonna just… oh hey that’s seven. I’ll head back when I reach thirty. Twelve… thirteen… fourteen… I think I’ll just, go back now. “So, I was gonna go to thirty, but it was too boring. I got to fourteen before coming back here though.”

“Then yeah, you’re pretty fast.” Styreix said. “Speed is a key to fighting, even if you aren’t good in offence or defense, your speed will… You said you had more speed since your offence and defense sucked? So you’re balanced out then. You’ll be useful!”

“Good, now, is there any sort of style that could fit high speed and low attack?”

“Not that I know of. You can make your own style.” Styreix replied.

“I’ll try to develop one. For now though, I’m a little hungry. And tired. Is there anywhere where we could fix those?”

“Oh. That’s something you should probably learn then,” Styreix then said, “lots of us reapers don’t sleep often. We’re trained to be able to stay up to four days without any sleep.”

“Woah… I need to learn that.” No sleep for four days? I need it.

“It’s hard if you sleep often. If you’re like me and you have problems that keep you up at night… it’s easier.” Styreix said, “otherwise. Caffeine could help.”

“I’ve been on a solid schedule for most of my life, but I’ve already broken it, I took a nap earlier.”

“Well then. You have a class tomorrow. But you should stay up all night training, using spells and such.” Styreix said. He summoned a book, which floated in front of him. “There’s a few spells in here. You could practice them until tomorrow.”

“Okay. So are there rooms for us to stay in?”

“I don’t have one anymore. But you could probably search and find some.” Styreix replied, handing me the book, “I gotta do something so I’ll cya later.” He then teleported away, leaving me and Malum alone.

? Hematite ?

It was a pretty smooth teleportation. Usually it’s hard to teleport far distances since it takes a lot of energy, and Lauralye did it anyway. Not that I’m surprised. I’ve seen it done before multiple times.

We all appeared… somewhere. It had mountains; and a lot of interesting plants. There were pink bushes. I wondered what planet this was - no wait! Teleyon said it was a moon. The gravity here seemed normal though. When I jumped, I realized it was a lot less than the Rock Planet. But it should be bearable.

“Woah cool.” Saturn said, looking around.

Everyone else looked around. I then took a moment to make sure everyone was here… Lauralye was. Sokanon, Badok, and Saio all were… Saturn was since I heard him talk. And then there was Syren. Check. Everyone was here.

“Just want to make it clear,” Lauralye then said, turning to Sokanon. “I have nothing against you. You didn’t kill my brother, you were his friend. The monster you became killed him. If I found the one who made you into that… I would kill them.” She looked up at the tallest mountain. “And. We’ve found him.”

Sokanon looked up at the mountain. “Did I really kill him?” she said. “It’s… Not hard to believe. But I don’t want to believe it.”

“Neither do I.” She said. “But yes, the beast you became killed him. The beast that he made you become.” On the mountain we could see… something surrounded by darkness.

Sokanon looked up at the mountains and clenched her fists. The mist around her eye floated around her head.

Then it jumped. It landed down in front of us, and the darkness wore off. We spotted Sokanon’s Nana, standing there.

Sokanon’s eye widened. “Nana? She’s okay?”

Lauralye inspected Nana. “Seems so. She’s not been harmed in any way shape or form.”

“What’s happened to her?” Sokanon asked.

“What do you mean?” Lauralye questioned.

“Darkness was on her. What did the darkness do?” Saturn asked.

Lauralye shrugged. She then approached the Nana. Nana suddenly attacked her, jabbing her arm through Lauralye’s chest. Blood sprayed. Lauralye was shocked as she fell to the floor.

“Lauralye!” Sokanon shouted. She ran at her Nana and grabbed her by the arm. “Nana, stop it!” she looked at her hand and pulled it away. Lauralye’s blood covered it. Sokanon looked at Lauralye. “Is she an Ultimate?”

“No… When I scanned her I didn’t sense an Ultimate Crystal.” I said.

“She’ll bleed out and die, then!” Sokanon shouted. She crouched down and tried to block the wound, but she couldn’t.

“Yes.” The Nana then spoke. “You all shall die.”

Sokanon looked at her Nana. “Nana?”

“Yes deary?” Nana replied. Something about her eyes was off…

Sokanon paused. “Who are you?”

The Nana then smiled. “Just another monster, inside a worthless vessel.”

“Yet she didn’t change form…” I thought to myself. I noticed something was off and I could sense the same energy that Sokanon gave off when she transformed… But this seemed to work slightly different.

“You should all fear me.” Nana rasped. “I will be the one to kill you all.”

Sokanon stepped away from Lauralye and Saio swooped in to help. She growled at Nana. “You aren’t my Nana so I know I can kill you.” she snapped. Her body shook with fear. Somehow she was keeping the monster form. “Fight me, you witch!”

“Nonsense. You will be joining me in the slaughter.” Nana said. “You and I together will kill everyone else.”

Sokanon bared her teeth. “Bully I will.”

“But first things first. You.” Nana pointed at me. “Dakrus would like to have a word with you.”

Oh dang. I get to fight the strongest one!

“Go up there.” Nana pointed up the mountain.

“Sounds good to me.” I said. “Will you guys be alright?”

“It’s a trap.” Sokanon hissed at me.

“I’ll fight the trap.” I said back. “What if I bring someone with me… just to watch my back?”

“I could go!” Syren volunteered.

“Yeah, Syren and I could go.” I pointed at him. Syren looked pleased with himself as he sauntered up to me.


“Kay, it’s decided, cya!” I then jumped up to the mountain Nana had pointed at, expecting Syren to be right behind me.

I was soaring through the air for a few seconds before I landed on the top of the mountain. In clear sight was… Probably that was Dakrus. His energy felt strong. This was gonna be fun.

Syren was right behind me. “Wow, what a guy. There’s quite a darkness.”

“Yeah. This is the guy who cursed Sokanon. And Nana, though that was recent.” I nodded, inspecting Dakrus.

“Welcome, welcome,” Dakrus suddenly appeared in front of us. “Welcome to my little game… of death.”

“Death sounds kinda bad. I’m here to fight you though!” I said to him.

“Fight me? Oh of course. You were the strong one. That’s why I must be rid of you. You shall be the first… to enter…” Dakrus smiled creepily, and his sharp teeth were revealed on his dark face. It was literally all black and darkness, and his eyes were red, glowing dots.

“Enter?” What was he talking about? “Enter what?”

“Eternal Darkness. My realm of suffering.” Suddenly I was surrounded by darkness. I felt like all my energy and power was being eaten. “Heheheh…”

I punched through the darkness, nailing Dakrus right in the face. I let out my full power. He was not a joke. I could tell that now.

“No! You must perish!” His hands glowed red and he sealed me inside a barrier similar to Saturn’s. “Hehehe… prepare to perish now, foolish mortal.”

“Are you saying you’re immortal then?” I asked, not really taking him that seriously.

“I have submitted myself to Dark Magic. I have went all the way. I have become Darkness itself! And you have not. I am Eternal Darkness! Now you shall suffer in my realm!” Dakrus yelled.

“Cool.” I punched right out of the barrier.

Dakrus hissed. “You leave me no choice but to use the Unallowed Curse.” Everything around me started to get dark again.

I was then starting to dissolve into the darkness… Everything I ever fought for started to fade. All my past horrible memories started to appear… It was a trap…

What was happening to me?

to be continued in the next chapter...

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