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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 5) {Sad Chapter...}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 5) {Sad Chapter...}

Posted September 19th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5: Teleyon


You’ve been probably wondering where the heck I am and what the heck I’m doing. Well. When we had first made it to Nana… I picked up Dakrus on my scanner. He was bad news. I had to get backup. Bring everyone so that we could all fight him.

It was the only way we would stand a chance against him. Saturo. I was headed for Saturo. Elec is his master. And Elec defeated Dakrus before. Saturo might know how to defeat Dakrus if Elec has taught him it.

Luckily I knew where he was. He was at Lavender’s house. He moved there. How do I know? I have secret cameras that are always on in case of emergencies. Mehrunes has access to them, because, well. I made a deal with him.

But that doesn’t matter. The cameras is how I knew that Rosetta, Lavender’s best friend, came into Saturo’s apartment. And took his stuff. And moved them to a different house. Saturo was living with his girlfriend and her family now.

So I landed my spaceship in front of their house. I parked it quickly and got out. I knocked on the door.

Soon it was opened by a man. Lavender’s father I’m assuming.

“Hello there.” The man said.

“Is Saturo busy?” I asked.

“He’s asleep.” The man replied.

“Who’s there Dad?” Lavender then came at the door and saw me. “Oh. Teleyon. Hi.”

“Hey Lav. Uh. Dangerous stuff is happening, and if Saturo doesn’t come help us… we might all die. We need Saturo. He’s our last hope.” I tried to sum everything up for her.

“What! Then let me come and help them too!” Lavender said. “I’ll go wake up Saturo!” She then ran into the house. And soon she returned, carrying a sleeping Saturo. “We’re ready to go.”

“Okay let’s go!” We all then got into my spaceship and I took off immediately. And I activated light speed.

“What the,” Saturo then woke up.

“Hey Saturo, we’re going to help.” Lavender said, “friends are in trouble. Dakrus is gonna kill them. We have to help.”

“Dakrus?” Saturo looked around. “Okay. I’ll give it a shot. But… I’m in pajamas.”

“Go change in the back.” I said to him. “There’s a pile of clothes you can choose from.”

“Gotcha.” Saturo went back. He then returned wearing normal blue clothing. “When will we arrive?”

“Soon.” I said. I had activated light speed, and a few other things that let us go even faster. If I messed up the route it would end bad. But I didn’t. I got out of lightspeed and then approached the moon.

Soon I would land.

? Saturo ?

Dakrus eh? The guy who Elec had trapped in a staff once. That means he didn’t beat him. He didn’t fight him beat him. He had to trap him in a staff. And I remember that someone used a wish-trophy thing that freed him.

So I just had to trap him? Elec said once that he had to weaken him first. I had to fight him. And beat him. Nushot’s lesson did strengthen me a lot. Hopefully I could do this.

Teleyon landed the spaceship. “We’re a bit far. Get close to them.”

He wouldn’t go cuz he can’t even fight. Lavender stepped out of the spaceship and ran over to where Teleyon had pointed at. I followed.

After awhile, we made it. I could see him. Dakrus was floating in the air. Charging something. I began charging something too.

But Lavender went ahead, summoning water below her and giving herself a boost towards Dakrus. She then attacked him. With water. And flowers, plants, whatever it was.

It did something actually. He stopped charging. He looked down at her. I used my source and ran over, appearing next to her in an instant.

“More people to kill. This will be fun then.” Dakrus said.

I looked around to see who else was here. Draco, Syren, Sokanon in her beast form, Saturn… Saio and Badok. Those were the people here.

“You’re not killing anyone.” I said to Dakrus.

“Bet.” He then picked up Badok with a dark vines and crushed him into bits, dropping his body parts into a void of some sort, that caused him to disappear.

“That just seems excessive.” Mehrunes appeared.

“And extremely violent.” Draco said looking quite peeved.

“Badok!” Sokanon screamed. “Wh- He-”

“No, not just Badok.” Dakrus then did the exact same thing to Saio, dropping her into a void after. Lavender didn’t look happy.

“Okay I’m am very upset and very grossed out right now.” Draco said.

“Ditto.” Listy also appeared.

“Stop killing people!” Lavender screamed.

“You wanna be next?” Dakrus flew over to her. I punched him, as strong as I could at the moment without powering up. Before he could touch her. He was knocked back a bit.

“Don’t you dare touch her.” I threatened him.

“No more death.” Saturn said.

Dakrus smirked. “You challenge me?”

I let out my full power, surrounding myself with electricity and bolts. “If you’re going to hurt people, then yes. I challenge you.”

“Elec…” Dakrus muttered, pure rage appearing on his monstrous face.

The air around us thickened. Dakrus raised a hand, and destroyed a mountain behind us with a single blow.

“Dang Elec!” He yelled. He then began charging something, and he let it out. A big explosion. Everyone else got crushed, falling to the floor. “DANG ELEC!” Dakrus was mad. And he was about to kill everyone.

“NOOOOOOO KILLING!” That released some rage inside me, I jumped at him at full speed, putting all of my power into a punch. I punched him. He went flying into the air, a hundred feet away before he stopped himself.

“Yes killing.” He then growled. “One by one. Everyone shall die.” He then appeared back down on the ground. By the time I had returned to the ground, he was behind Syren. He stabbed him, and threw him into a void. “One down.”

“No!” I leaped at him, attempting to hit him. He disappeared, appearing behind Sokanon.

“You’re not my minion anymore so.” Dakrus grabbed her head and kneed her, before jabbing her arms off and tossing her into a void as well.

“Stop!” Lavender shouted.

“Make me, mortal.” Dakrus said.

“I will!” I shouted.

“I won’t!” Mehrunes yelled, grabbing Listy and swiftly teleporting away. He left us. To live.

I don’t blame him. I would’ve done the same thing if I were him and Listy was Lavender.

“Stop…!” Saturn then made a green barrier around Dakrus. I looked over at him. He was crying. “Stop this… killing…”

Dakrus smirked. He then punched his way out of the barrier, like it was nothing. Saturn looked shocked as Dakrus then flew right through him, spilling Saturn’s blood, only to throw him into a void afterwards. This was horrible… I felt weak, unable to save them.

Dakrus then looked over at who was left. Me, Lavender, and Draco.

“Heheheh…” Dakrus laughed.

I glanced at Draco. “Full power. Me and you.” At least we had to live. At least we had to win.  

“Got it.” Draco said as he strained to stand up and closed his eyes for a few moments before suddenly there was a large energy pulse and Draco’s eyes were covered in glowing white fire and electricity was coursing across his body. He also had taken off his jacket and scarf, probably to keep them from being torn to shreds.

I then let out my full power once again. I was surrounded by a massive aura of electricity and plasma. I didn’t do the same as Draco, so my shirt was torn to shreds. Lavender stood behind us, crying.

“You will pay for that,” I growled at Dakrus. “For killing them all.”

“Yeah we kinda don’t like that.” Draco said as he floated up next to me.

“Not bad power.” Dakrus smirked.

“Yeah. We’ll show you how strong we are.” I said. Draco and I both attacked him at the same time, at full speed. He was hit back.

Draco went from above and shot a super powerful blast of plasma at Dakrus, while I went from below, uppercutting him with a powerful electric punch. Draco and I were a good team. Our powers fused together and bonded perfectly during an attack, and it did more damage. Because Dracos plasma caused the air to conduct my electricity better, which means it hurt more.

Dakrus fell to the floor. The attack weakened him. I remembered what Nushot told me. Imagine Lavender… Imagine everything… being taken away from you. I felt my power boost.

Then I yelled, as Draco and I attacked him on the ground. I used my full power. My actual full power.

There was a big, loud, explosion. Mountains, the whole area of land, exploded into bits. There was a lot of dust.

Draco and I were breathing heavily in the air. We put everything we had into that attack. After the dust cleared… Dakrus was there. Lying on the ground. Hurt.

I checked over at Lavender, to make sure she was okay. She looked fine. Good… I didn’t want her to be hurt in the attack we made. The whole terrain was nothing anymore. Everything had died.

Dakrus was still in the crater.

“Did we… do it?” I asked, still breathing heavily.

“Don’t know…” Draco replied, breathing heavily as well. “I can say however that I haven’t done that in a long time.”

“Pfft, you thought that would kill me?” Dakrus then floated back into the air. Dang it!

“I was actually hoping that we would at least knock you out.” Draco said gloomily.

Dakrus’ aura then appeared. “Now it’s my turn. Prepare to meet your death.” He then charged up a giant ball of darkness. “Now die!” He chucked it at us.

There was no way we could dodge that. No way… It was way too big. This was it then… the end… We just stood there, watching the giant ball of darkness, which was the size of a moon, come down at us.

But then it disappeared before it hit us. There was a red barrier that stopped it.

“……I have some questions.” Draco said after a period of silence.

Suddenly Dakrus was knocked back down to the ground, getting tumbled by acid afterwards. Then I spotted someone floating where Dakrus used to be.

“Yo.” It was Venom. “Told ya next time we meet it would be different.”

“Venom!?” I shouted.

“Pathetic!” Dakrus flew out of the acid.

“We can win.” Styreix appeared next to me. “We’re strong enough together.” He slashed Dakrus back down with his scythe. “How to fight Dark Magic? With Dark Magic.” He took out a card, and made the same red barrier around Dakrus. He then said some words and the card turned into particles that entered the barrier.

“NO!” When Dakrus yelled, I knew that he had now been defeated. I smiled.

“Now hit em with all we got.” Venom said, as Styreix, Draco, Venom, and I stood next to each other.

“The curse I’ve casted makes all our attacks go through the barrier. But he can’t attack or get out.” Styreix explained.

“So it's like a one way window. Only with Plasma and electricity and poison shooting out of it and stuff.” Draco said.

“Yes.” Styreix nodded. “Those and my dark magic.”

“Neat.” Draco said as he made a large glowing ball of white plasma in between his hands and charged it up practically creating a microscopic star too large for me to see all of it.

“Now you will pay, Dakrus.” I growled as I then charged up an entire storm behind me. It began thundering loudly.

“This is where it ends for you.” Venom said, “the full power of all four of us Ultimates. You are one, even though you are stronger than all of us. But combined, we meet your match.”

“So today you shall burn.” Draco said as he had finished making his mini star which was looming over us.

“This is for everyone you’ve killed.” I said, over the sound of the thunder. “Everyone you’ve hurt. Everyone you’ve brought suffering to!”

Venom and Styreix have finished charging up too. We were ready now.

“SPELL CAST! COMBINE!” Styreix then yelled. “ATTACK NOW!”

Then we all attacked. The ground shook like the moon was gonna split in half, it was so bright it was near impossible to see. There was a loud, sound. And a giant explosion, more than ten times the size of the last one.

We waited for the dust to wear off after. We did it. Dakrus was there, after. Too injured to move. We defeated him. We did it!

“Ugh…” Dakrus stood up, struggling a lot in doing so. He looked over at us, angry. He tried to attack, but couldn’t move anymore. We did it. We did defeat him. “This… isn’t over… yet…”

“Pretty sure it is.” Draco said with a glare.

“Then shall I kill you?” Venom stepped forward. Dakrus stepped back, he was scared. HE LOOKED SCARED!

“Afraid that’s not going to happen.” A man appeared next to him. Oh no. Dakres. Glare’s old friend.

“Dakres…” Dakrus muttered. Dakres then tapped his head, and suddenly Dakrus was no longer injured. No. Not after all we’ve done!

“It’s time.” Dakres said. Both of them pulled out their Ultimate Crystals. What were they planning…

Then they said something faintly, and the Crystals touched. Then I was blinded by a bright light. I could kinda see them combining…


“Hahahahaha!” In front of us stood an even more powerful foe. “Dakres and Dakrus, fused together… What shall we call ourselves? Dakrees. Sounds lame. But we don’t care.”

“I think Dakruskres sounds better but whatever.” Draco commented.

“Sure, we’ll go with that.”

“Yes, it is lame.” Venom leaped forward to attack at his full power. He was then chopped in half. Just like that.

“Go suffer will you?” Dakruskres said. He then threw him into a void as well.

“No!” Styreix shouted.

Dakruskres appeared behind us, and sliced Styreix’s head off and kicked him into a void as well. He then snapped Draco’s neck and cut his legs off, and threw him into a void too. No…

This couldn’t be…

“Now watch and cry, boy.” Dakruskres made Lavender appear in front of me. The look on her face. I felt broken. And terribly weak.

He then sliced her in half, throwing her into a void. I fell to the floor, crying.

“Arrogant fools.” Dakruskres spat. “Student of Elec? Saturo. You shall suffer as well. And since you’re related to Elec in a way… We’ll give you more suffering.”

He then walked towards me. I didn’t even care anymore at this point…

“I won’t attack you here since you’ll get more down there.” Dakruskres said, and then kicked me into a void too.

It was it… This was it…

This is where we all died. And I couldn’t do anything about it…

I was too weak.

I failed everyone.

I failed Lavender.

I failed myself.

I wasn’t good enough…

I’ll just accept the suffering.

Accept the pain.

Accept death.

There was nothing left for me at this point.

I can just die…

the end

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