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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 7)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 7)

Posted September 27th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 7:


He sat there in his chair. He thought to himself.

The spaceship flew through space. He was heading over to investigate.

“Elec.” He then saw the Master of Electricity floating outside in space.

“Glare Relnitron.” Elec then appeared inside the spaceship in front of the golden robed man. They looked at each other for a moment.

“Dakrus has done it again hasn't he?” Glare said.

“Indeed.” Elec was holding a staff. “I must trap him again for good.”

“And my old friend Dakres. He must be brought back.” Glare said. “I have a method of removing the effects of the dark magic usage. They would not be as corrupt.”

“Dakres hasn't gone over the edge. Bring him back before that.”

“That is the plan. But Dakrus, you must exterminate. He is powerful and can't be killed easily, but we can trap him in the staff again.”

“Yes.” They then arrived. They looked down at the giant purple planet, and at a specific moon. Glare opened the spaceship door, and jumped out along with Elec.

The two of them flew down into the moon. And they saw who awaited them. One man, with a large dark aura around him, floating atop the moon.

“We’ve been expecting you.” He looked up at Glare and Elec.

“They have fused.” Glare said.

“That explains their boost of power. They must be stopped.” Elec said, “we must break their fusion.”

“Yes.” Glare surrounded himself with a golden aura.

“Then let's do this.” Elec surrounded himself with an electric aura. “You'll pay for your destruction, Dakrus.”

“Actually, we go by Dakruskres in this form.” Dakruskres said.

“Then we shall get you out of this form.” Glare flew into him, knocking him all the way down to the moon.

Elec appeared behind him and knocked him back up to Glare.

“Your power is still fresh.” Glare said. “We cannot surpass it the way we are now.”

“Of course not, fool.”

Elec slashed him with a giant electric slash. From the surface of the moon it would cover the whole horizon. Glare then made a giant ball of light and threw it at Dakruskres.

“Let's end this now.” Elec and Glare then shot a lot of energy at Dakruskres, shooting him back at the moon. The entire moon exploded into bits as it crashed down to the planet that it was orbiting.

They could hear Dakruskres shouting as he fell. Elec and Glare then teleported to the surface of the planet, and found Dakruskres on the floor, in a large crater.

Glare then performed a spell, and Dakruskres was no more. He split back into Dakres and Dakrus.

“What the…” Dakres said.

“Now, speak.” Elec threatened, taking out his staff and pointing it at Dakrus. “Where is my student?!”

Dakrus smirked. “Dead.”

“He is not dead. I would know if he was dead. Where is he?!” Elec shouted.

“He is in my realm of suffering. He will die there. I shall kill him.” Dakrus smirked. “If you imprison me in your staff, you will be unable to reach them. So do it! Hahahahaha!”

“You crazed monster.” Glare growled. “Dakres! Snap out of the dark magic curse!”

He then surrounded Dakres with light, and then charged up a punch, nailing Dakres in the stomach. The air was knocked out of Dakres, along with some darkness.

“Glare… what… happened?” Dakres asked.

“You were corrupted for years, old friend.” Glare greeted his friend with a hug. “And now I've found out how to bring you back. Welcome back, old friend.”

“What is this? Who is this?” Dakres looked over at Dakrus.

“Your former teacher, fool!” Dakrus barked.

“Answer me Dakrus!” Elec then shouted. “Where is your realm of suffering?!”

“It is, in my realm.” Dakrus replied.

The air around Elec thickened as miles and miles of thunderclouds appeared in the sky. He glared at Dakrus.

“Don't mess with me, fool.” Elec said. “Where is your realm.”

“It's! In my realm!” Dakrus repeated.

Elec grabbed him. “I will not hesitate to toss you into a black hole. It will get rid of you and your realm however. Do I need to get someone who can knock information out of you or do you want to play this easy?”

“I got this.” Dakres said. “I can read minds very well.”

Dakrus frowned as Dakres looked into his eyes.

“Well?” Elec asked, still holding Dakrus.

“He's… mastered the realms? He has his own realm like Dream World masters. Only his is suffering.” Dakres said. “That means it's possible to find if we contact the Dream World King.”

“That can be done.” Glare said.

“No.” Dakrus said, “it's not a pocket realm in the dream world. It's a realm in my mind.”

“It exists in your mind?” Glare asked. “Hmmm…” he thought to himself.

“It's not a pocket realm, but it is a realm. It's not in your mind however.” Elec said.

“It's like the underworld.” Dakres said. “This planet we're on. It may be the underworld of it.”

“You'll never find it, the reality behind it.” Dakrus said. He then made a void appear under Elec.

Elec just floated above it. “This is it.”

“Do not go in there!” Glare shouted. “It's dark magic! It will make you powerless!”

“Ah, Glare has figured something out.” Dakrus said. “But yes, Elec. I will get my revenge on you.”

“You've been weakened.” Dakres said. “How would you get revenge? There are three of us and one of you.”

“That's why he does not fight.” Glare said. “We should imprison him. He's done a lot of bad things.”

“Yes.” Elec nodded.

Suddenly there was a loud, crashing sound. So loud that normal humans would lose their ability to hear.

Glare looked at Elec. Elec nodded. Glare then flew up into space, and looked down at the planet. The planet had crashed into another planet, due to the moon getting destroyed, it's orbit had changed.

Glare went back down and informed Elec the news.

“Ah.” Elec said. “I should've known.”

“We should return to the Elemental System. We should inform the council.” Dakres said.

“Yes. I will talk with the council about Dakrus and what to do with him.” Elec said.

“No! You will not tell the council anything!” Dakrus shouted.

“He was a general for Ultimate Darth. He would be taken in.” Glare said, “not a bad idea.”

“No!!!” Dakrus yelled. “You leave me no choice, then. Fools.” His aura began to thicken. “I call upon the power of Ultimate Darth himself! I call upon the power of the Dark Planet! I call upon the power of Korrovez!”

“This is not good.” Elec said. “We must retreat.”

Elec, Glare, and Dakres made it into space just in time before Dakrus exploded the entire planet.

“Now we really must inform the council.” Dakres said, looking down at the explosion.

“ELEEEC! COME AND FIGHT ME NOW YOU FOOL!” Dakrus yelled, flying up towards Elec.

Elec shook his head, and teleported away, with Dakres and Glare. They appeared far, back in the Elemental System, in a large room in Elec’s Mansion on the Electric Planet.

“Oh my.” Dakres looked shocked. “That power.”

“You've used it as well when you were an army general for Ultimate Darth.” Glare said. “Darth enchants his generals and allows them to use some of his sacred power. It's why they are overpowered.”

“We must talk to the council now.” Elec said. “Let's go immediately before he causes more destruction.”

“Didn’t I say, no council?” Dakrus appeared.

“Indeed you did.” Elec replied.

“Even if I wanted to, it is not possible to bring them back to this world. They shall suffer forever, and die in Eternal Darkness.” Dakrus said. “I will kill them, over, and over, and over again. For eternity!”

“I’ll go in to investigate.” Dakres said.

“No, you shouldn’t.” Glare refused.

“It’s fine, you can go investigate.” Dakrus smirked. “You won’t be able to get out however.”

“We need to send in someone powerful to figure this out!” Dakres exclaimed.

“Go ahead. I won’t stop you.” Dakrus made the void appear in front of him and them.

“Don’t do it Dakres.” Glare said.

“I’m sorry Glare. When I was under him, I have done some terrible things. This is how I shall pay for it.” Dakres patted Glare on the shoulders. “I will come back.” Dakrus smirked evilly.

Glare nodded. Elec didn’t refuse.

“Farewell.” Dakres then leaped into the void.

“Hehehehe… Now he shall suffer along with the rest!” Dakrus laughed.

“We could reach them.” Elec said. “At least, Dakres could be reached.”

“It is a curse that once anyone enters the realm, they are powerless. The Ultimate Crystal is deactivated for the time being. And the natural powers are taken by force.” Dakrus said.

“We are not in the realm and have our powers.” Glare said. “We could reach him and talk to him. I still sense his energy.”

“Good luck then.” Dakrus said. “You will not get any information out of him. I’ll torture him to stay quiet.”

“We need another strategy.” Elec said, thinking.

“Dakrus.” Glare looked at Dakrus. “Stay down. Do not fight. And we will not call the Ultimate Council.” Dakrus looked uncertain. “I have my wife positioned right in front of their temple. If you fight, we will tell on you. If you do not, we will not.”

“Hmph.” Dakrus frowned. “Fine. Deal.”

“That gives us time to figure this out,” Elec said.

“Yes.” Glare said, glaring at Dakrus.

? Bob ?

So. I’m a bit tired, and honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I practiced most of the spells in that book, and trained a bit with my scythe. Me and Malum couldn’t find a room, so we found a tree instead. Styreix isn’t back yet, so that troubles me. I guess I should go back to that one place where we signed up for the classes.

“Not back.” Malum mumbled.

“Yeah, he’s not back yet. Should we just go to that place where he signed us up?”

Malum shrugged.

“Well, let’s see if we can remember how to get there. I mean, that’ll be easy, it was a pretty big place, right? Let’s get walking.” I started walking over towards the biggest building I could see.

Malum followed me with his hands in his pockets.

“Hello guys!” Styreix’s friend, Ceol, found us.

“Yo, you’re that one guy, right? We need some help getting to classes.”

“Oh? It should be right inside the academy. Ask around.” Ceol said.

“Thanks. By the way, have you seen Styreix? He said he was gonna come back after doing something, and hasn’t come back yet.”

“No, I’m pretty sure he’s not present on the planet.” Ceol replied.

“Oh. Well, if you see him, tell him to say hi.” I walked off to the academy. Malum followed.

“Sure!” Ceol replied. “What class are you taking? Intermediate?”

“Yep.” I said.

“Today’s lesson, last I checked, was reaper teleportation,” Ceol said. “After you do that, we can go look for Styreix together.”

“Okay, sounds good. Meet outside the academy after it?”

“Yes.” Ceol gave me a thumbs up.

I entered the academy and walked up to the front desk. “So, I’m here for the intermediate class, and I have no idea where to go. Could you help me?” I asked the person standing there.

“Sure! It should be on the second level. Classes are harder the more stories you go upward.” The person said.

“Okay, thanks!” I started walking towards some stairs. Second level, so the first place I can get off if this isn’t the basement or something like that. I found a door leading into a hallway after not that long of walking.

Malum pointed at another door, which had people inside the room the door led to. I walked over to it, and then opened the door and walked inside.

“Oh, hello Bob and Malum. You are late.” The instructor said. All the other students looked over at us.

“Sorry, got a little hooked up practicing stuff last night.” I said. Dangit. Late to the first class, not a good way to start.

“Take a seat young man.” The instructor replied. Malum had already taken his seat.

I followed suit and sat down next to Malum. The instructor was wearing a reaper outfit of course. But he had a huge scythe.

“Today’s lesson,” the instructor said. “Reaper Teleportation.”

I wonder if this is gonna be anything like that Rapid-Teleportation I glanced over in the spell book… “Hey, is it anything like the Rapid-Teleportation in this book?” I asked as I held up the spell book.

“It’s similar. But Reaper Teleportation can take you to farther distances. You could teleport to planets with it.” The instructor answered.

“I see, thanks for answering that for me.” I didn’t practice that one much. I hope this isn’t gonna be too hard.

“Anyway,” the instructor said. “It’s not that hard to do. Just know where you are going, and then you use the spell; just like any other spell.” The instructor appeared in the back of the classroom, leaving black particles where he was before and where he was now. “If you observe me doing it, you can figure it out, for those of you who are Ultimates.” He kept teleporting around the room.

So… I feel like those particles have something to do with it..

“Keep observing. For five minutes. Then you give it a try.” The instructor said to the class. He kept on teleporting around the classroom.

So I think… that those particles are the leftover matter from where they were, and when you want to transport, you simply imagine where you wanna go… so if I imagine that I’m atop Malum’s desk… and then put power into it… I look up and find myself there, the particles where I was. “Like this?” I asked the instructor.

“Yes, well done Bob.” The instructor said. “Keep practicing it.”

I imagined myself in right in front of the door… and then put the power into it. I was next to the door. I started imagining myself all over the room, one spot after another. I was getting better at this… I like it.

Malum then started doing the same. And a few other students.

“Well done, well done.” The instructor said. “You’ve got it. Now that you can teleport… You may leave the class. But, by teleporting. And to a place you haven’t been in before. You must imagine it. Imagine it accurately so you teleport to the right place.”

A place I haven’t been before…? Huh… so… what if… a grassy field. The tallest grasses blowing in the wind. A sun shining brightly near the horizon. The sound of the wildlife and wind combining in a beautiful melody… a place full of peace, and a place where I can relax. Get away from life’s problems. I imagined that place… and then pulled power from myself and took myself there. I open my eyes and… I feel grass. The plains that I imagined, I’m there. I look around, the early sun, the shaking grass… it’s all just as I imagined it. I took in a deep breath and let it out, flopping down on the ground. This… this is great. I wonder where this place is? I think… I think I’ll stay here for a little bit. It’s nice here. Maybe after a nap, I’ll go back to Malum and look for Styreix. Maybe… or maybe I’ll just sleep on it and decide when I wake up. I stared into the sky… and just loved the view. The grass flowing around me, the sky getting brighter. I closed my eyes… and let the tranquility of nature wash over me.

Malum walked over next to me and sat down beside me. He probably found me because of his amazing sense of smell. Malum was able to see farther, smell better, and hear better. Those three senses were more efficient for him. He could sniff anyone or anything out and find them or it.

Malum poked me. He made a sleeping pose and then shook his head. He made a sculpture out of black material of Styreix with his hands.

I sighed. “Yeah, yeah. We need to find him.” I jumped up and looked around. “So, we should head back, right? So we can meet with Ceol and have him help us find Styreix.”

Malum nodded and then disappeared using the teleporting technique, leaving black particles floating around where he used to be. I thought about the academy, right outside of where we came in, and then teleported. I saw Malum a little bit away, and walked over to him. “So, where now?”

“There you guys are,” Ceol appeared in front of us.

“Yo. So, should we get looking?”

“Yeah. He could be anywhere.” Ceol said.

Malum raised his hand. He sniffed the air. He pointed up at the sky. Ceol looked at him with a confused look.

“Yo, what’s in the air?” I asked Malum.

Malum made Styreix with his hands again.

“He’s up there?” I mean I don’t see him. He must be beyond sight range and Malum is just sensing him.

Malum shook his head.

“Do you mean he’s not on this planet?” Ceol asked.

Malum nodded.

“So, we need to figure out what planet he’s on.”

“Malum you can sniff him out as we go, right?” Ceol asked. Malum nodded. “Great then, we could just teleport to every planet and see if Malum can sniff him out.”

“I might get a little tired by then. I mean I didn’t sleep last night. And it’ll take a while so that’ll take a while. But yeah, let’s do it.”

“I could teleport us all myself.” Ceol said.

“That would work.” I said with a nod. Alright, so I guess the teleportation can do multiple people. So I just gotta try and imagine more people there with me if I wanna do that. I think.

“So, if you don’t want to drain all your energy, I’m still fresh. I could teleport us all.” Ceol said. “Well, Malum, let's see where you nose takes us.”

to be continued in the next chapter...

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