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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 8)

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Three: (Chapter 8)

Posted October 2nd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 8: Mehrunes


Train. That’s all I could think about for some reason. I had to train and get stronger. I think it’s some kind of reaction to everyone dying. I could think about nothing but training and getting stronger. It was impossible to do anything else but sleep.


And he’s been going crazy. So my minds split between murder and training. I can’t do anything about it except going along for the ride. In fact, right now, I’m supposed to be focusing on my Half Star and making it better, but in this moment of respice, I could only think about Listy.

My mind is messed up.

No its not! IN FACT! I’m going to prove it!

I got up from where I was focusing and walked away.


No! I’m going to talk to Listy.


Listy’s been down for a while. She hasn't really left her room, so I wasn't going to catch her in the hall, instead I knock on her door.

“Yeah?” I heard Listy ask.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Listy said.

I opened the door (that she never locked) and went into her apartment, and sat down next to her on her couch.

“How’ve you been holding up?” I asked.

“Poorly.” Listy said. “I’ve cried a little.”

“Yeah. It’s really kinda terrible.” I said.

There was a long period of silence where we just kinda sat there.

“You’ve been acting weird too.” Listy said.

“I mean, yeah.” I said. “It’s uhh, it’s no-”

“No it’s definitely something.” Listy said, turning to stare me in the eyes. “What is it?”

I hesitated.

“Come one Meh.” Listy said. “You can’t keep secrets like this.”

“Fine! There’s two voices in my head!” I exclaimed. Listy looked startled. “One is derpy and one is a psychopath. It’s why I keep ‘derping’ is because the derp one takes control. The other one hasn't yet.”

“I mean, that make some sense.” Listy said. “Why did you keep that a secret?”

“Long story.” I said. “Lets keep it short and say I have a certain amount of trust issues.”

“Fair.” Listy said.

“Although it is telling me to train, and everything else in me tells me to train. I don’t like being told what to do regardless, and this doesn’t help.” I said.

“Yeah I know you don’t like it. That’s the whole point of me beating the crap outta you, remember?” Listy asked.

“Yeah I know.” I said. “The whole thing with you and Slithers so I can be semi-normal, but the whole everyone died thing doesn’t help.”

“Yeah…” Listy said.

“The facility is so empty.” I said. “Can we at least like, go find more people? Like it’s far too empty. And they’re dead, they probably won’t mind.”

“Well, I mean, you said that Ich and Saturo took a few years to get that many people, how are we supposed to do it again? We may as well have started over.” Listy said.

“We basically did.” I said.

We were both silent.

“I’m gonna run it by Arada and Tele.” I said. “See you later.”

“Love you.” Listy said, as I was about to leave. My mind froze for a second.

“Love you too.” I said, and left. I headed for Teleyon’s office. When I arrived I knocked on his door.

“Come in,” I heard him respond.

I opened the door to his office and walked in, seeing Teleyon sitting on the ground playing video games.

“So Tele, I wanted to run an idea by you.” I said. “We could go out and find more people to stay here.”

“Nah.” Teleyon replied. “It’s calmer. I like it.”

“It’s quieter. I don’t.” I said. “I have slightly less than nothing to do but train and plan for food stands and neither of those things are fun.”

“Find what you find fun and do it.” Teleyon replied.

“I find teasing people fun.” I said. “Do you really want me to walk around teasing all of the six people we have left? And after all this death?”

“Yeah. You could also go out and make new friends. Tease them.” Teleyon said, “maybe go to school. Find something that lets you meet new people.”

“School is for losers.” I said. “And frankly I don’t make friends, that was basically all Ich and Saturo, and Draco, and I just happened upon them and didn’t leave.”

“Well then don’t make friends and don’t have any fun.” Teleyon said.

“Tele why haven't you found your crystal yet?” I asked suddenly. I don’t know why, I just did.

“I’m not looking for it.” Teleyon replied.

“Why?” I asked. “Seems like if you’re useless, you would want to help.”

“I’m a pilot and a technician. Not a fighter. I’m useful in different ways.” Teleyon answered.

“Except you’re also an escort mission and nobody likes those.” I said.

Teleyon continued playing his game, but stared at me blankly.

“I mean, think about it. You can’t even run away without a ship. You’re an escort mission, because even if you don’t use the crystal to fight, at least you could escape.” I said. “Or ensure you don’t end up like the others.”

“That’s why I always stay near my ship.” Teleyon said.

“But why not have your crystal anyway?” I asked. “There’s no reason not to. We have the technology, and you’d be able to do more with tech.”

“I can already do a lot with tech. I’m not trying to become tech or control it at will. I’m just being myself.” Teleyon replied. “Besides, too much effort to get one. Then there’s a test.”

“Yeah? So?” I asked. “If you can’t defend yourself, someone has to defend you. Like I did.”

“Defend? I can’t defend myself from Ultimates or stronger people, yeah. That’s true.” Teleyon said, “but I still have my technology to defend me.”

“But in a galaxy full of Ultimates, what’s the use?” I asked.

“No one’s just gonna attack me to kill me. Besides, if someone were to do that, others would see him. There’s a lot of good people that would protect me.” Teleyon said.

“And what if there’s no one?!” I asked. “Like back when you released Bainex? What if those people killed you instead?”

“Then I’d be dead.” Teleyon replied.

“But if you had powers, you wouldn't have even been captured.” I said. “And you haven’t even considered Ultimate magic, I’m technically still trying to get a book, to be fair.”

“Yep. I just hate tests. Never liked them.” Teleyon said. “I have, what would be called, testophobia.”

“Well then why not get magic?” I asked. “There’s significantly less tests.”

“I’m not interested in magic. That’s Karta’s thing.” Teleyon said.

“That’s not a valid argument what do you mean it’s ‘kartas thing’?” I asked. “If you don’t like tests, and you don’t want magic for whatever reason, what’s even the point?”

“Point for what?”

“You live in a world where basically anything can be done, and you decide to not.” I said.

“Ertin has different laws so… Don’t need to.” Teleyon replied.

“You are insufferable.” I said.

“At least I can’t drown.” He retorted.

“Sure you can’t.” I said.

He nodded, continuing his video game binge.

“You’d have to do something to not drown. I don’t have to do anything. So ha.” He said.

“Your point?” I asked. “I can teleport and make clones, and go Half Star, you can not drown. So… eh.”

“I can hack into anything.” Teleyon said. “Except for… the very secure stuff.”

“I got an AI implanted into my suit by Cyrus Borg.” I said.

“I made my own AI.” Teleyon retorted.

“And I’m sure it’s better than the one made by Cyrus Borg, yeah, definitely.” I said.

“Depends on what, mine is better in certain things. Besides, Borg has lots of different AI’s so you’ve just got one.” Teleyon replied.

“Cool man.” I said. “What are we even doing by the way?”

“You’re talking, I’m playing video games.” Teleyon responded.

“Yeah that sounds about right.” I said. “Hey, I’m gonna go ask Arada about stuff, hit me up if you change your mind about powers and such.” I then left Teleyon’s office. I had no idea where Arada would be, so I started by knocking on her door.

She opened it soon after. “What do you want?” She growled.

“Hey growly, you enjoying the quiet?” I asked.

“Past tense.” She said. “You’ve made noise.”

“Indeed I have. And I’m gonna make some more, hey keep it up, and we can arrange for less food portions! Isn’t that fun?” I said. “Now, I’m bored, and it’s too quiet, so I was wondering how you thought of finding more people, but I already know.”

“We don’t need more people.” Arada said. “Not to stay, visit sure.”

“Sure we do. Everyone's dead.” I said. “You don’t seem bothered, considering you almost joined them.”

“Not the first time I almost died and or watched others die.” Arada said.

“Although, I have died before. So. I’m gonna go adventuring, see if I can find a group of friends to mu- make friends with.” I said.

“Kay, you have fun with that.” Arada said.

I left Arada without saying bye, cuz she sucks, and went back to Listy.

“Yo Listy!” I said. “Let’s go exploring and find something distracting and fun in people we haven’t met yet.”

“That’s a complex way to say let’s go find people.” Listy said. “Either way, I don’t really wanna.”

“Suit yourself!” I said, walking away and out the door. I realized I didn’t have a ship to get to the Rock Planet, so I decided to take Teleyon’s. Although that would just end badly, and so instead I’ll planet hop. I put on my space suit and charged a hop, after a few seconds, I shot into space like a rocket, and went towards the Rock Planet. Everyone in base probably heard it too.

I flew through space surrounded in a green aura. I suddenly almost lost control and just missed smashing into an asteroid. Note to self, things require practice to keep working. Then it happened again, and I just missed being squashed by an asteroid.

It was then I realized It would take me forever to get to the Rock Planet at this rate. And I was in an area with a load of asteroids. HMMMMMM.

I noticed an asteroid heading my direction, and by proxy the Rock Planet, so I managed to grab onto and lurched forward as it pulled me through space faster than I was going. I was going to have to get more practice in planet hopping.

It took a while, but eventually, I could see the Rock Planet.

How do I land again?

As I thought about how I was going to land, the asteroid decided for me, as it got pulled by the Rock Planets gravity. I’ve already crash-landed on this planet once, it’s not gonna be any worse this time.

As I kept falling, I realized I had let go of the asteroid, Meh. Using my new and fixed boosters on my space suit, I slowed my descent, and soon crashed on the surface on the planet, this time without knocking myself out.

Once I got onto my feet, looking around, I saw I was in the middle of nowhere. Just a flat area, no mountains. I thought this planet was known for mountains and there’s nothing. Whatever.

I start walking in a random direction. Absolutely nothing, except for some mountains in the distance. I guess I’m just in a flat area. I’ll just keep walking till I find something, food and drink aren’t an issue, neither is sleep or shelter. I won’t even go insane, I’ll just wait till I find something.

And eventually I found a city. Neat. I suppose while I’m here I could look into it. It can’t hurt much. I kept walking and went closer to the city. Nothing out of the ordinary happened so I kept walking, and eventually made it into the city. There were buildings of all sorts and people walking around. The rock planet was a big planet, so I had no idea which city this was.

Potaaaatoooooo plaaaneeet!

Not right now, go away.

I needed to find something, I’m not sure what, but I needed to find it. At first at least, I needed to find what city this was, without looking like a fool, and without disturbing someone from their work or something. I could go into a store and ask that person. I saw a watch store, yeah I probably need a watch anyway, and walk in.

Someone bumped into me on their way out, apologized, and moved on.

“Welcome, you wanna watch?” a guy at the cashier area said. The store was decently big, with watches on the walls.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking at my wrist for the time, hair isn't very accurate for time.” I said.

“Well, I’ve got this expensive watch that changes time zones automatically and changes to different planet’s times.” The guy pulled out an expensive looking watch. “It’s on discount. Only 1,500 ultims. Used to be 3,000 before, so this is half the price!”

“Yeah I don’t have that much, sorry.” I said.

“No problem, take a look around if anything interests you.” The guy put the expensive watch away.

I did, and looked for slightly less expensive watches, because 1,500 is a lot for a watch. I found one that I liked, it was a nice watch and 100 ultims.

“Yeah I’ll buy this watch.” I said.

“Do you want a specified color or this silver one?” The guy asked.

“Yeah, can I get green?” I asked.

“You want a normal green or metallic?”


The guy took the silver watch from me, put it away, and took out a metallic green one. “That’d be 100 ultims.”

“Yep.” I said, handing the guy 100 ultims. “Oh and, what city is this?”

“Sedimentary City.” The guy replied, “would you like a receipt?”

“Yeah sure.” I said.

The machine printed out a receipt and the guy handed it to me. “Have a nice day!”

“Yeah you too.” I said, walking out of the shop.

I still had no idea what I was doing on the Rock Planet, but I got a fancy watch. I suddenly spotted a familiar person in the distance, walking the opposite direction. Obviously I instantly teleport behind them to figure out who they are. It looked like… Saturo?

That’s not possible, Saturo definitally died, there's no way he survived Dakrus.

Yer a pessimist.

Yeah yeah.

I tapped Not-Saturo on the shoulder to get his attention. He turned around, asked, “yeah? Wassup?”

Not-Saturo. No way.

“Is your name Saturo by any chance?” I asked.

Not-Saturo stared at me. “…you recognize me?”

“Yeah I got a piece of paper with your description right here.” I said, not believing it was Saturo and acting like I was looking for him. “‘Course I recognize you.”

“Well this could be a problem.” Not-Saturo said.

“Yeah and why’s that?” I asked, playing dumb still. “It really shouldn't be, nothing’s wrong is it Saturo? You feeling sick?”

Not-Saturo surrounded himself with electricity and sped off.

“Ah ah aaaah!” I said, waving my pointer finger in a disapproving manner. “That’s pretty rude man, you coulda broken my watch. At least I know what I’m doing now.” I looked in the direction he sped off in and teleported after. I then saw him speeding away faster than Saturo has ever gone.

My assumption? That’s Dakrus disguising as Saturo, although I could be wrong.

“I can do this aaaaall day!” I said, teleporting after some more, although Not-Saturo was pretty fast. I managed to get in front of his path and held a dagger towards him. He’d probably move but hey, it’s worth a shot.

“Bruh.” He appeared to have stopped in front of me.

“So. We gonna have a lovely conversation now friend?” I asked.

“It’s kinda not allowed.” He replied.

“Why not, Not-Saturo?” I asked.

“Against Article One of Dimension Travel rules. Don’t interfere with other dimensions. Talking to you is interfering.” He said.

“Then you've just failed.” I said. “Look buddy, I’m really sorry if I’m being honest, but the only reason you’re suspicious is because the Saturo here is like uber dead. But you’d probably know that if you’re a Dimension Traveler, right?”

“No, I came to see for myself how it is here.” He replied. “Just, don’t speak to anyone about me and it’ll be fine. Kay, Meh?”

“Oh so you know about me as well, that’s pretty cool Not-Saturo, and if I’m being honest, I’m not promising anything, but hey.” I said. “It’s good to see you, even if it’s illegal, and stuff.” I thought for a second. “Wait so you can travel through Dimensions?”

“Yes, I’m a dimension traveler.” Not-Saturo said. “Wanna know how the Mehrunes from my dimension is doing?”

“Sure Not-Saturo.” I said.

“He dead bro.”

“Hah. Sucks to be him.” I said. “What happened?”

“He was killed during an attack.” Not-Saturo said. “His house was attacked by these strangers. Don’t know who they were.”

“I’ll keep my eye out.” I said. “Hey, do you happen to have been put into a vortex by Dakrus in your past?”

“Dakrus? No. He just killed people.” He replied. “Draco died there, like, he bled out.”

“Wow your Dimension sucks.” I said. “Almost as much as this one where the only people left are Tele Arada Listy and Me.”

“Teleyon died. Arada lived, but Teleyon died. Then Listy uh, survived too.” Not-Saturo said. “I apparently went into darkness for awhile.”

“So, Not-Saturo, does that mean you’re left with Arada and Listy and no one else?” I asked. “Then why did you come here?”

“They died too afterwards.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Your life is messed up.” I said. “Do what I’m doing, wander aimlessly on a planet till you find a group of people to join. I feel like an NPC waiting to be recruited if I’m being honest.”

“Nice. I’m just checking this dimension out. But… I died here, right?” Not-Saturo asked.

“As far as I know.” I said. “The way I see it, in your Dimension Dakrus murdered people, and over here he murders people and puts them into a realm of suffering or whatever. So Saturo here has a small chance of coming back, but yeah he’s effectively dead bud. And I have no clue where Ich is. You?”

“Ich is alive. He’s powerful.” Not-Saturo replied. “But he was gone for awhile. He usually trained 24/7, and I started doing so as well.” He looked at me. “So… what happened to Lavender here?”

“Met the same fate as Satu, realm of suffering and all that.” I said. “I don’t know how it works, but if I know Saturo, the second he has any form of free will in there he’ll be coming for Lav like a moth to a flame. So effectively dead as well.”

“I see. Where’s Dakrus.” Not-Saturo said.

“Ask Elec, I assume he got some buddies and annihilated Dakrus, and is trying to figure out how to get the people out of his realm.” I said. “Did yer Lav die too?”

“Dude, that’s when I went into darkness. I apparently started breaking everything around me. No clue, I don’t remember it very well.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Yeah. Did you meet Saturn and Phoenix? How are they doing?” I asked.

“Mmmm, no don’t know who those are.” Not-Saturo replied.

“How about Sokanon and company?” I asked.

“Oh. Yeah. Sokanon is evil.” Not-Saturo replied. “And powerful. But I apparently killed her in my rage.”

“Over here she was cursed, and not evil.” I said. “Hmm… Hematite?”

“He didn’t fight. He’s a little kid.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Like literally?” I asked.

“Yeah, he’s like, ten years old.” Not-Saturo replied. “He can fight, but only if he needs to or he knows he can win.”

“So the opposite of our Hematite.” I said. “So, how did Me and Draco act in your dimension?”

“Mehrunes was the ladies man.” Not-Saturo chuckled. “He always had like, three or four girls over and they’d help him build his spaceship. He liked making spaceships.”

“UHH, EXCUSE ME WHAT?!” I basically yelled. “You HAVE to be joking right? I am so not that here!”

“Oh?” Not-Saturo smirked. “Well, Mehrunes was also pretty nice. He’d compliment me every time I beat people in battles when we’re training.”

“This person does NOT sound like me at ALL.” I said. “Lemmi guess, he didn’t like popcorn?”

“Yeah no, he didn’t.” Not-Saturo said. “Oh, and since he’s too nice. He got this snake that makes him meaner when he needs to be, during battles against bad guys.”

“THIS CANNOT BE!” I said, shoving my face with popcorn.

“Yeah.” Not-Saturo said. “Dimensions are so different. And there’s an infinite amount of them, so it’s very confusing.”

“What about Draco?” I said, still chomping popcorn.

“He was the bully, basically.” Not-Saturo replied. “He’d be a jerk to you, and make fun of you and stuff. Beat you up sometimes.”

“That's a serious role reversal.” I said. “I used to do that to him. Cept for the beating up part.”

“Oh? Well, yeah, I guess. The you here is like the Draco there.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Except everyone's dead.” I said.

“Yeah, they die later. How old are you?” Not-Saturo asked.

“Fifteen.” I said.

“Oh. Yeah. I’m eighteen.” Not-Saturo said, “if you could tell, I look older. You didn’t die until you were seventeen. You weren’t the first to die though either. It started with Draco, then everyone started dying.”

“Was it Dakrus?” I asked.

“No. Sokanon.” Not-Saturo answered. “Dakrus didn’t really fight. Sokanon did.”

“Wait so over there, Sokanons curse was perfected?” I asked. “Cuz over here she kinda had her eye smoke or something.”

“Oh, that’s just the beginning. If you make her really mad she’ll turn, like, become smoked all over. Then she’s much stronger.” Not-Saturo said.

“She just turned into a bear dog thing.” I said.

“Yeah, but when you can see her aura you know she’s stronger.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Wait so, Sokanon killed everyone in your Dimension?” I asked.

“Except for you and Listy. You teleported out trying to save her, since she was the girl you liked the most.” Not-Saturo replied.

“Then who killed us?” I asked.

“Dunno. It happened fast when they came into your house.” Not-Saturo said. “Well. You and Listy’s house. You guys were engaged.”

“Oof.” I said. “That’s too bad. Even if I’m not the kinda person to feel bad for myself and all that.”

“Ha! Yeah.” Not-Saturo said.

“So Dimensional differences aside, we seem to have a similar problem here eh? All our friends are dead kinda thing.” I said. “It’s a shame, hey before I forget, just in case, did I ever find a trainer or anything?”

“Hm? Yeah. Your old friend Edgar.” Not-Saturo replied. “He trained off of people and then trained you, taught you all he knew.”

“Sounds like him…” I mumbled.

“Maybe he isn’t different.” Not-Saturo replied.

“That can happen?” I asked. “It seems like a rare occurrence.”

“Not really. I’m the same. I think.” Not-Saturo said.

“No, you’re faster.” I said. “And there’s a few other noticeable differences, just not enough that I can’t pick you out of a crowd. I could tell it wasn't my you, thus Not-Saturo. Oh and you’re alive. And where’s your axe?”

“Well, I’m not exactly the same. Because I’m from a different dimension. And I’m older.” Not-Saturo replied. “But, yeah, uh, my axe got destroyed.”

“Huh. Sucks.” I said.

“Yep.” Not-Saturo said. “Oh, well, wanna know anything else? Cuz otherwise I gotta get going.”

“Yeah. Why did you come to this dimension?” I asked.

“Because I wanted to see.” Not-Saturo said. “What it’s like.”

“Probably like yer dimension only we can have a slim hope our friends are alive.” I said. “Oh by the way, did you happen to get to kiss your Lav?”

“What kind of question is that?” Not-Saturo asked.

“Because there was a whole thing, in this universe I dared my you to ask this Lav on a date, and he eventually did, me and Draco then ruined their date and we said we’d leave if they kissed, and they did. So I wanna know man.” I explained. “Did you or did you not kiss?”

“We were together for a long time.” Not-Saturo said. “So… yeah. Many times.”

“Nice.” I said. “Well, I think that’s it. Good luck with not dying.”

“Not a problem. I won’t die anytime soon.” Not-Saturo said. “I’m not weak anymore.”

“But you still couldn't get away from my teleportation.” I smirked.

“I could’ve easily, but you seemed lonely.” Not-Saturo replied.

“THEN YOU’D BE CORRECT! GIVE THE MAN A PRIZE!” I exclaimed, pulling a trophy from out of nowhere. “Wait no, you don’t get this, sorry, we cant be messing with dimensions and such.”

“Yeah. Although it’s only bad if I killed someone or hurt someone in another dimension where it wasn’t supposed to happen.” Not-Saturo said. “If I cause too much trouble they’ll take my powers away.”

“Hey, maybe this IS supposed to happen, you’d never know!” I said.

“Maybe.” Not-Saturo replied. “But if I were to kill you, that’d be real interference, and that’s NOT supposed to happen. Talking is not too much interference.”

“Good.” I said. “So uhh, catch ya later I guess.”

“No, it’s probably the last time.” Not-Saturo said. “So, farewell.”

“Bye, Not-Saturo.” I said.

“It’s Saturo. I was named Saturo by my parents.” he replied.

“Yeah, I know.” I said.

“Get it right then.”

“I’m teasing you, it’s kinda the point Satu.” I said. “As well as the obvious statement of you’re not the Satu I know, so yeah.”

“That’s the nickname you’ve given him? Satu? Bruh.”

“Don’t bruh me you poor excuse for a lightning rod!” I said. “What nickname did you get?”

“None. We don’t give nicknames.” He said. “At least, I didn’t get one.”

“You mean you didn’t give nicknames right?” I asked.

“I mean, you were still called Meh, but you were not Meh since people liked you.” He answered.

“Wait, what about Rando?” I asked.

“Who now?”

“You don’t have a Rando?” I asked.

“Uhhh describe him.”

I showed Not-Saturo a picture of Rando.

“Ronald? His name is Ronald in my dimension.” Not-Saturo said.

“…What?” I asked. “Okay, what are his powers then?”

“He didn’t have any really. He would just be around sometimes to hang out, make silly comments every once and awhile.” Not-Saturo said, “he is a comedian basically.”

“Yeah, that would probably explain why your Meh was different.” I said. “I had to deal with Rando, who is wholefully random.”

“Is he related to you in any way here?” Not-Saturo asked.

“I mean, I guess you could say that.” I said. “It’s complicated.”

“In my dimension you were like brothers.” Not-Saturo said. “You even said you were brothers, yet you didn’t have a last name.”

“Still don’t have one.” I said. “Rando here came up with his own last name.”

“Yeah, see, dimensional differences.”

“It’s very confusing.” I said. “I guess if I were nicer, more open, and less of a sarcastic jerk I could consider Rando my brother, but not like literally.”

“Presumably.” Not-Saturo said.

“I should find my snake, I have no clue where he went.” I suddenly realized.

“Well maybe you should look for him. Don’t you also have a tracker on Mr. Slithers?” Not-Saturo asked.

“…THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” I exclaimed.

“Yeaaah, probably should do that.”

“Yeah. I’ma go do stuff now, great talking with you.” I said. “Do you want a watch?”

“No thanks.” Not-Saturo said. “Yeah, I think my time is over now. I gotta go.” A portal suddenly opened behind him, but out of it came someone else. It was Saturo, another one, but he had black clothes on.

“Times up. It’s my turn.” he said.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh. It’s Meh. Sup fam.” The other Saturo said.

“WHO ARE YOU NOT-SATURO2!?!?” I yelled.

“I’m Saturo. We’re dimension travelers so we kind of meet a lot of different versions of ourselves.” Not-Saturo2 said. “C’mon me. We gotta go.”

“Yeah, bye Meh.” Not-Saturo said, waving.

“Bye Not-Saturo and Not-Saturo2. Maybe I’ll see you again.” I said. “Like, specifically me though.”

“Sure, that’d be nice.” Not-Saturo2 said. “I’ll tell Meh you said hi cuz, that’s fun.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Kay, bye bye.” The two of them then disappeared into the portal, which disappeared afterwards.

Dimension Travel looks fun. And dangerous. And very strict. I found a pamphlet, what do you want?



No, thanks though.

While I’m still on the Rock planet, may as well check out Granite City, I wanna put a food truck there. And yes, I found a map. So I know where I’m going now. It’s a REALLY BIG MAP. And it’s just the region!

I headed for Granite City.

to be continued in the next chapter.... 

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