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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 10) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 10) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 10: Saturo


I felt defeated. I got stabbed and sliced; lots of damage was done on my body. Poison; from Venom’s sword. I took the pill so it didn’t do as much as it would. But… all the cuts… they hurt. A lot.

I was helpless and on the floor. Venom smirked.

“Let’s bring her here to die in front of you, shall we?” Venom smirked evilly.

Then behind him; Lavender appeared. She was in chains, trapped, unable to escape. Venom pointed his sword at her.

“No…” I muttered. I got up, struggling, and stood in between Venom and Lavender, breathing heavily.

“Why do you risk so much just for her?” Venom asked. “You’d both end up dead. Because you’re too weak.”

I didn’t respond to him, I just stood there. He just kept smirking.

“So then, what if I do this?” Venom appeared behind me, slashed my back, and then appeared behind Lavender with his sword at her neck.

“Then…” I could barely speak, “I’d do this.” I activated the source and ran right through, hitting Venom afterwards. He was knocked back a bit, but not that much. “I saw you do a move.”

“Hm?” Venom replied.

“That punch with that snake,” I said, and then smirked. “I think I figured out what you did there.”

Venom smirked again, and charged up a punch. Behind his fist you could see the head and fangs of a snake with toxic green gas. “You mean this?”

“Yep.” I smirked. “I got something better than that too.”


I then charged up a punch. Not my normal punches. A more powerful one. Behind my fist was the shape of a Electric Griffin. Glitter; except as a griffin. Just like how Venom’s was toxic gas, mine was just electricity.

“Hm,” Venom smiled.

Then, I jumped at him and punched him in the face. He went flying, breaking through the ceiling and roof of the palace. A lot of things began to fall after that, and I made a shockwave and disintegrated the ones that fell on top of me me.

Venom then came crashing back in with that snake punch of his fully charged. I saw him coming so I jumped past him, and then came around and kicked the back of his neck. He fell to the floor, and I zapped him with a lightning bolt.

He then got up to his feet. “You’ve gotten better all of a sudden. Or are you fighting for real now?”

The actual powerful things that Elec taught me I wasn’t allowed to use yet since I haven’t mastered it.

“So, should I end you now or should I wait a few moments? See what else you can do?” Venom asked.

“Whatever.” I then focused ALL of my energy into my speed. Venom now was slowed down. I wouldn’t be able to do much damage since I’m focusing on speed, but I had my axe.

I was in front of Venom in seconds, and I got back at him and gave him cuts with my axe. And he still wasn’t moving. The speed technique I was using is one that Elec uses himself. Wait… since I was faster than him, I could just pick up Lav and get the heck outta here.

It was worth a shot. So I ran over to Lavender, picked her up, and sped off out of the palace. Then I realized it was a mistake. Lavender didn’t have a pill, she would be in danger. So I returned back in. I was only able to get out freely. Lavender needed a pill first.

“What the…” Venom then realized he was covered in cuts. He then saw me with Lavender in my arms. “Hey. We’re not finished here.” He then ran at me and flew with his sword pointed at me like a bullet. I tried to block it, but he came too fast (my speed had worn off, I couldn’t waste too much energy or I’d faint). I took the hit, moving Lavender out of the way. Now Venom’s sword was deep in my chest. “Pathetic.” He then sliced it to the side, cutting through my body. I fell. I was done.

? Hematite ?

Okay, I had no clue what the barrier was or what it was supposed to be. It was cold though, not a laser barrier that would burn you if you’d touch it. But I could probably break it if I got a speedy head start and punched it hard. Problem was, I couldn’t get a speedy head start.

“Give it up and go home,” Styreix said, “you’re not getting through.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Friends help each other. Venom needed my help. So I help him.” Styriex had his arms crossed.

“Exactly. Friends help each other. Saturo needs our help. That’s why we need to get through,” I replied.

“Hmph. Well you’re not getting through.” Styreix said.

I shrugged. I had an idea. It would probably work, since, this barrier wasn’t indestructible.

“I have an idea, guys,” I told Mehrunes, Malum, and Guy. “Wait here for a moment. When I break the barrier, then we can all go in.”

Once they agreed to trying out the idea, I jumped back over to Vivofit and Vulgon. They were still fixing the spaceship.

“Hey guys,” I said, landing.

“Yo Hematite. What the heck is that red cube?” Vulgon asked.

“A barrier, we gotta get past it to get to Saturo. I would be able to break it if I focused all my energy in it. But I need speed.” I said, “I have a crazy idea for it. It might hurt me a bit. But it would work.”

“What is it?” Vivofit asked.

“So, you put me in front of the spaceship and you fly in light speed at the barrier.” I explained, “and then I’d punch it, and we’d break through.”

“OOF.” Vulgon commented. “Sounds dangerous.”

“It is.” I shrugged. “It’s all I got. And it’s worth a try.”

“If you say so.” Vivofit got into his spaceship, followed by Vulgon. I stood on top of the spaceship, in the front. I focused some energy on my feet to stick to the spaceship so I don’t go flying.

“Okay,” I let the rest of my energy flow through to my fist. “When I punch, hit light speed. You have to time it exact. Otherwise I could break a bone or two.” I looked back at them through the glass, “ready?”

Vivofit looked focused on the light speed switch. “Yes.”

“Okay!” I then focused some energy into my legs and the rest into my fist. Then I punched.

Next thing I know, I was flying at a very fast speed. I looked back for a second, and the barrier was far away. I had made it through! My idea worked!

Now it was time to save Saturo. I was flying right towards the palace. I released some of my energy, ready for a battle.

? Saturo ?

“Well. It’s been a nice battle.” Venom raised his sword, “farewell now, Student of Elec.”

Right before he struck me, something came barging in through the roof. Venom then went crashing through the wall, and it was Hematite. He saved me! And Lavender technically.

I dragged myself over to the hole in the palace that Hematite had made. I saw a red wall, that suddenly broke. Then I saw Hematite with Venom flying right back towards the palace, and then there was a giant shockwave. The palace shook violently and everything started to fall and break.

I dragged myself over to Lavender and made myself her human shield. Her face was nice; she was asleep this whole time. I was just too focused on trying to save her to notice.

Then her eyes opened. “Saturo? What happened to you?”

I was too tired and injured to talk. She already had started healing me. I was then able to sit up next to her.

“Venom kidnapped you. I came to save you.” I said. Suddenly a big chunk of the roof fell, almost hitting Lavender. “Hematite’s wrecking the place, let’s get out of here.” I was trying to act casual. I picked Lavender up.

“Your injuries! They’re not healed yet!” Lavender said. She was still in chains. I used the little energy I had left for speed and then jumped out of the palace. I landed on the ground, and fell over. I could see the palace. It was all falling down.

“Let… me free you.” I then concentrated a little more energy into my hands and I snapped the chains, freeing Lavender. Then I fell over again.

Lavender looked sad as she healed my injuries. Hematite then came flying over and landed in front of me, his fist still on Venom’s face.

“Hematite, thanks for saving me,” I said from the ground. Hematite smiled and let go of Venom. Venom got up, looking very injured.

“Sorry about that,” Hematite told Venom. “I was going at light speed for awhile, it’s hard to slow down. You took a lot of the force.”

“It hurt a lot.” Venom growled. “Next time things will be different, Saturo.” Then Styreix appeared on the sight and teleported Venom away with him. I stayed laying on the ground.

“He left another note,” Hematite picked up a piece of paper, “it says, ‘We both know who’s stronger, but you win this time. Next time things will be different. Very very different. So beware’.”

“Hm,” I just wanted to wait until then to worry about him. I looked around. The palace was in complete pieces. “What did you do to the palace?” I asked Hematite.

“Uh…” He looked over at it. “Oh shoot. I was too destructive.” He looked back at me and Lavender. “Good thing you got out of there in time.”

“Yeah,” I breathed. I just wanted to go home and rest. It’s been… rough. My injuries had healed entirely now, but I still felt a little sore. “Thanks for healing me, Lav.”

“Of course.” She replied, smiling.

“HEY!” I recognized this as Mehrunes. “WHAT?! BUH-UHH… HEM WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

“Uh…” Hematite hesitated. “Stuff.”

Mehrunes had run up. “Yo Sat you look horrible.”

“Yep. It was a tough fight.” I said.

“I dare you to ask Lav on a date,” Mehrunes suddenly said.

“UHH…” I hesitated. I looked over at Lavender and she was smiling.

“Come on, ask me.” She just straight up said that right after.

Hematite was smirking. I could feel my face heat up like the sun.

“Come on Saturo, ask Lav on a date!” Mehrunes smiled.

“Okay, Lav…” I turned to face her. I felt nervous for some reason even though I know she liked me. Why was this so hard?

“Do you need help there Satu?” Mehrunes asked.

“N-no!” I shook my head, “I got this!”

“You sure?” Hematite asked.

“Yes!” I said. “Lavender! Will you go on a date with me?” Boom. I said it. HAPPY MEHRUNES!? I would shout it at him but Lavender was there. So I didn’t.

“Yes.” Lavender responded.

For some reason I felt my heart thumping. She said yes!

“Okay! When?”

“After you get some rest. I have places we can go to.” Lavender replied.

“Wow Saturo, she’s your girlfriend and your nurse!” Mehrunes smirked.

“Yep! I’m your girl and your nurse!” Lavender said. “Now c’mon, you need some rest!”

“Dang Saturo’s got a girlfriend now,” Hematite said. “And you got one too, Meh?” He looked over at Mehrunes as Lavender was dragging me.

“Yeah man,” Mehrunes said. “And that means I have a pretty good idea about what Sat just went through.” Mehrunes smirked at me.

“DANGIT I FEEL LEFT OUT.” Hematite said.

“Sorry man, but hey you got to break a barrier!” Mehrunes looked at Lav dragging me. “…no comment…”

“You’re gonna need a spaceship so,” Hematite said, “I can drive ya.”

“OR!” Vulgon suddenly jumped out of nowhere. “WE COULD DRIVE YOU!” Behind him was Vivofit inside the spaceship. It was also floating a bit in mid air, and it was about to land. Vulgon came over to me. “Dang dude, I see things are going well.” He smirked.

“Satu just asked Lav on a date!” Mehrunes informed Vulgon on the latest gossip.

“DANG!” Vulgon exclaimed. “HOLD ON I GOTTA TWEET THI-”


Vivofit crashed the spaceship, failing to land it yet again.

“And once again, we prove that him landing when I didn’t was a fluke.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, uh, we’re taking your ship Hematite.” Lavender said, picking me up. Wow. She actually managed to pick me up. “Take us to Ertin.”

“Alright! Mehrunes coming with us or with Vivofit and Vulgon?” Hematite asked.

“Doesn’t matter, let him choose,” Lavender said as Hematite took out a small spaceship from his pocket, placed it, and enlarged it.

“Well Vivo crashed sooo….” Mehrunes said. “Lav, by any chance do you need help?”

“Nah, I got this.” She smirked.

“Are you suuuuuure?” Mehrunes asked. “We wouldn't want to drop Satu, much.”

“He’s mine now. I’ll treat him with care.” She entered Hematite’s spaceship while carrying me.

“Heh,” Mehrunes said. “I’ll let everyone know you said that.”

“Go aheaaaaad,” Lavender said, “Hematite let’s go!”

“Yes ma’am,” Hematite entered his spaceship. “See ya Meh!”

good job saturo we're proud
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to be continued in the next chapter....

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