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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 11) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 11) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 11th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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poor saturo




Chapter 11: Mehrunes


Why must you leave me. Like seriously, you leave me with these two and my insane asylum of a head. You guys suck I’m definitely making fun of your relationship Lav. Come on man!

“Oh wait!” Vivofit pointed in the sky. They came back, and landed. That doesn’t change anything man.

“We forgot you Meh, did you want to come?” Hematite asked.

“Dude, duh.” I said.

His potato didn’t potato know potato that potato.


“Why don’t you want to come with us?” Vulgon asked.

I motioned at the crash sight.

“We’d be going home, and Mom restricts him from crashing there.” Vulgon said.

“Uh huh. And where do you live?” I asked.

“At our house,” Vivofit said, coming out of the crashed spaceship.

“PLANET.” I said.

“Depends. Which house would we be going to?” Vulgon asked Vivofit.

“Where Mom lives,” Vivofit replied.

“That would be the Tech Planet,” Vulgon said.

“I’m gonna go with Hem…” I said.

“Aw c’mon man!” Vulgon said, “we have mutants with us! We want some-- Shouldn’t say that out loud. Malum has great senses.”

“Yes, I do.” Malum appeared, and he, spoke this time. Next to him was Guy.

“We’re slow, what did we miss?” Guy asked.

“Go away, I kinda don’t care, and I would like to get home as fast as I can to avoid a beatdown, thanks,” I said. “Although Sat asked Lav on a date, for whatever that’s worth to you.”

“Oh yeah, your girlfriend beats you up.” Vulgon said. “Sucks. Well then cya. Everyone! Get in the ship!”

“C’mon Mehrunes, we don’t have all day!” Lavender shouted from Hematite’s spaceship. Sept I was already there when she finished, casually.

“Kay.” I said.

Hematite then took off into space. Saturo was seated down next to Hematite in the front and Lavender was behind him.

“We gotta redo that,” Lavender said, “the asking out.”

“Oh?” Saturo said, “will you go on a date with me, Lav?”

“Yes.” She smiled. Saturo smiled back. I was confused.

“…What?” I asked.

“Nothing,” Lavender replied. “Just redoing it.”

“W-why?” I asked. “Because Saturo was all scared and shy the first time?”

“Yeah,” Saturo said, “after you’ve done it… and stuff… I’m not shy anymore about it. I could say I like Lavender.”

“AWWWW! DO YOU WUV WAVENDERRR!” I said like I was talking to a baby.

“UH! WHAT.” Saturo was shocked at my talking like a baby, “I mean, yeah, sure?”


“Definitely not with you around though,” Saturo said.

“I’m always around Saturo, how do you think I know about nigh everything?” I smirked.

“NO SPYING ON US!” Lavender screeched.

“For security purposes, no. Although you’ll be happy to know theres no surveillance in your respective rooms, so there’s that.” I said. “But other than that, no.”

“Good,” Lavender said, “so we’d just have to be in our rooms.”

“I mean it’d be easy enough to install…” I smirked.

“We just have to… not live there anymore. Got another place, Lav?” Saturo said.

“Very persistent on no one knowing about relations… noted.” I said, writing on my device the note.

“Well I’m not ready for everyone to know!” Saturo exclaimed.

“So you DON’T want me to tell everyone?” I asked.

“I mean.” Saturo started. “You could. If I’m not there to see their reactions, cuz that’s what I don’t want to see.”

“And, what makes you think I would just waltz into the facility, put the announcement on speaker or something, and watch them flock to you and react?” I smirked. “That would be RIDICULOUS!”

“And funny,” Lavender laughed.

“I agree with you there!” I said.

“Yeah, that’s why… I just wanna go somewhere else. Me and Lavender alone. Just so we could… get to know each other a little better.” Saturo said, “ya know?”

“I hear ya.” I said. “Why do you think you never see me and Listy going on dates? Here’s some advice, night time’s a good time, cuz no one's ever awake enough to question why you’re up.” I smirked.

“We would be at my house, so,” Lavender said. “No one would be around anyway.”

“Fair game man.” I said, messing on my device. “Although I hope you stick around, it’d be a shame if you missed their reactions to your relationship.” I smiled.

“I’m not a man,” Lavender said.

“WOAH! I HADN'T NOTICED!” I said sarcastically. “You do realize I have eyeballs right?”

“You did say ‘fair game man’. I think, Lav, he’s just used to talking to guys all the time,” Saturo snickered. “And rarely talks to his girlfriend.”

“Did you not hear anything I said?” I asked.

“You go on dates at night?” Saturo questioned.

“Therefore…” I said, wanting him to continue.

“You could go on double dates,” Hematite suddenly said out of nowhere.

“Breh no,” I said. “I talk to her more than most people, and also breh no.”

“Yeah… no. I’d rather not.” Saturo said. “AND SEE. I need to spend some time with Lav then, cuz I barely talk to her.”

“We can go hope, get people reactions, then you can leave and talk or whatever.” I said.

“Fine,” Saturo said.

“Not too long though, we gotta go to my house.” Lavender said, “my Dad’s gotta meet ya.”
“WAIT I’M MEETING YOUR DAD?!” Saturo exclaimed.

“OO can I come?” I asked.

“AND MEHRUNES IS COMING!?” Saturo exclaimed again.

“I’m gonna take that as yes.” I said. “Cool man, you’re meeting Lav’s dad. I’m like, totally stoked.”

“I mean, as long as you don’t tease me or anything,” Saturo said.

“Bud, there was a point where I didn’t tease anyone, I can be appropriately mediocre with the lack of teasing.” I smirked.

“I’m gonna have to learn how to ignore teasing,” Saturo said.

“Yes, yes you do.” Lavender patted his head.

“It’s not that hard if you know what you’re doing. Although otherwise…” I smirked.

“Yeah. I’m gonna have to learn,” Saturo said.

“Yo Hem are we there yet?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Hematite drove the spaceship down into the atmosphere of Ertin.

? Saturo ?

I walked out of Hematite’s spaceship behind Lavender. We were back at the base, the training facility. No one was outside. Well. I spotted two people that I haven’t seen for awhile.

Tango and Lauren sat by the fountain. They usually were inside their rooms doing stuff by themselves. Or they left into the city.

“Oh. Hey Tango, hey Lauren!” I greeted them, walking over to them with Lavender.

Suddenly, before they could say anything, I could hear Mehrunes through the entire facility, testing his speakers. Oh no.

“Test Test. 1-2-3 Test.” I heard. “Ahem. This just in on the news, Saturo asked Lav out on a date, she said yes. In a related note Lavender has said that Saturo is hers, and she will take good care of him. We are by the fountain, come on by and give us a good reaction. It is high time, and I hope to see you all soon. That is all.”

“Why, Mehrunes.” I muttered, and Tango looked at me.

“As your friend, it is my job to repay you for every tease in the book. Also as your friend, I will repay you by making you look better when you meet her dad.” Mehrunes said. “It is only fair, and you said we could do this yourself, when you got a girlfriend, remember?”

“Congratulations.” Tango said in my mind telepathically.

“Yeah,” I replied telepathically, “congrats on you and Lauren too. Or did that not happen yet? I don’t know since I haven’t talked to you in like forever.”

Listy showed up first. “Come on Meh, did you HAVE to do that?”

“Duh.” Mehrunes said with a grin.

“Congrats you two,” Listy rolled her eyes, ignoring Mehrunes. “Although you should really have not told Meh about it.”

“He was there when we pretty much got together,” Lavender said.

“I dared Saturo to ask Lav out to be fair,” Mehrunes added. “Glad it’s working out.” Only now did I notice Mr. Slithers wrapped around Mehrunes’ neck. I thought he was supposed to be nice when he had that snake?

“A waterpark blew up when he found out about Tango and me,” I heard Lauren say from behind me, “And we’ve been lucky enough to not have him around since then.”

“Yeah, he was bothering other people instead,” I said, rolling my eyes as I turned around to face Tango and Lauren.

“Do I need to introduce myself again?” Mehrunes smirked. “Cuz, duh!”

“Yep.” I replied, “now uh, can we go now, Lav?” I looked at her, begging.

“We haven’t gotten enough reactions man!” Mehrunes smirked, interrupting Lavender before she could even speak. “One for each person you’ve teased bro!”

A bunch of plant vines slithered into view. They all appeared to look at Mehrunes, then at me, before slithering away.

“You happy now?” Tango asked Mehrunes. He had summoned the plants.

“What did I do now?” Mehrunes asked, smirking with his katana idle.

“You wanted reactions. They all came over to see what’s up.” Lauren answered, “Don’t say that they don’t count. They are living and they have feelings. I know because of what happened when I got annoyed with one.” Perhaps they knew how it felt… Since Mehrunes was making it hard for them too.

Mehrunes shot one of them still in sight. “Heh.”

Tango tensed up, looking like he was about to explode. He made a quick motion with his hand and the vine recovered, before quickly slithering out of sight. Mehrunes just smirked at Tango, knowing full well that he’d made him mad, Mehrunes looked smugly at Tango.

“Don’t.” Tango warned Mehrunes.

“Heh.” Mehrunes said. “You’re in no position to warn me.”

Tango smirked, and the rest of us stood watching.

Mehrunes smirked right back.

Lauren sighed and looked at Listy. “Boys are so strange. They sit there forever and mock each other but don’t do anything,” she said, grinning a little.

“Yeah…” Listy said, smiling.

“I don’t do that…” I muttered but no one heard me except for Lavender, and she patted me on the back and nodded.

“Tango, I’m really not scared of you.” Mehrunes said.

“I never said you should be.” Tango responded, “but I don’t think I need to be scared of you anymore, either.”

“Oh you sure do.” Mehrunes said.

“Hardly.” Tango responded, smirking, “Aside from a few… other… things, Listy is here and you left without permission for a while. That alone should concern you.”

“Not really.” Listy said. “You're kinda being threatening and asking for trouble, both of you. Also he actually told be this time…”

“Shadahp!” Mehrunes said.

“Did he?” Tango asked, “Impressive.”

“No it isn’t.” Mehrunes said. “What’s impressive is you think you can pick a fight with me after last time.” Last time. He got a lot of injuries from Meh’s katana.

“I didn’t say that it would be good for me to pick a fight with you.” Tango told Mehrunes, “But it wouldn’t be as good an idea for you to pick one with me.”

“Alright then, Tango Park.” Mehrunes smirked. “Prove it.” I wasn’t complaining since… the topic changed from me and Lavender. I just stood beside her and watched now.

“Parks have plants.” Tango said, looking pointedly at Mehrunes’s katana, “But as nice as they are, my last name is Perks. And I can’t prove anything unless you want to be that person and pick a fight with me.”

Mehrunes literally threw a dagger right into Tango’s chest while he was talking. It went right through him. “Kay.”

“Pity you never learn.” Lauren told him, “that nothing is ever what it seems.”

Tango stepped into view.

“I’m the one who makes clones of himself, shut up.” Mehrunes said.

“I know.” Tango said, “I’m not the one that never learns.”

“Yes you are.” Mehrunes said, as another dagger flew straight at Tango’s chest. It never connected. Tango had simply grown a small tree in the path of the dagger. Mehrunes teleported to the dagger, removed it and smacked Tango in the nose with the hilt. This all happened within a few seconds.

Tango rolled his eyes. “Oh no. You hit me.” Tango flicked his wrist and a small vine covered in shimmering thorns swung at Mehrunes. It withered as it burned, but instead of burning, the thorns just flew towards Mehrunes. They passed through him harmlessly.

“Tango, at least I can hit you.” Mehrunes said.

“This is quite possibly the strangest fight I have ever seen.” Tango laughed.

“It’s not a fight, I’m not trying, and I’m not gonna. You’re not worth the time.” Mehrunes smirked.

“If you don’t try, you can’t prove me wrong.” Tango informed him.

“Ladies, no fighting,” Flip came out of Mehrunes’ shadow. I haven’t seen him in awhile, the last time was when I met Venom. “I thought this was about Saturo and Lavender.”

Tango looked disappointed.

“It was. But we’ve been here for too long now. We gotta get going, Saturo!” Lavender said.

“Yeah, okay!” I said. Finally I could leave this place. “How’re we gonna go?”

“Walking,” she grabbed my hand and headed for the Training Facility door. Mehrunes teleported and opened the door before we even got there.

“Yeah, and, does Mehrunes have to come?” I asked, scratching my head.

“No, but, hard to stop him he’ll follow us anyway. Better to know he’s there and watching than not there and watching,” Lavender replied.

“Good point.” I looked at Mehrunes, “enough teasing me though.”

“Well duh, we can’t have you losing your girlfriend cuz her dad hates you!” Mehrunes said wholesomely, maybe with a hint of teasing.

“That would suck if he did…” I muttered.

“He won’t. He’s really nice,” Lavender was still holding my hand and we were walking down the hill to the city.

“That’s good then. Would he like me?” I asked.

“No duh. How many times have you saved me now and almost died in doing so?” Lavender questioned.

“Like, three?” Mehrunes said. “That seems to happen a lot.”

“Yeah.” Lavender said, “so… What’s not to like about you?”

“Do you want a list?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Yes actually,” I replied.

“That’s too bad, cuz it got stolen a year ago,” Mehrunes said. “But there are some things.”

“Like what?” I asked, we were almost down to the road to the city.

“You make fun of people.” Mehrunes said. “You have an addiction to spicy chips, you can’t keep a secret…”

“Oh. I don’t even remember that.” I shrugged.

“Which one?! THERE WERE THREE!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“The last one. I could keep secrets, it’s not that hard.”

“Everyone and their mothers knew you had a crush on Lavender.” Mehrunes said. “Except Lavender, how she did not notice will be shrouded in mystery, but it was painfully obvious.”

“I noticed when I first met him actually,” Lavender said, “back on Hindro. He’s terrible at hiding it. It’s cute.” We were now in the city, walking through the streets past people and buildings.

“Wait so if you knew, why did…” Mehrunes looked utterly confused. “Uhh…”

“I’m good at hiding my feelings, and I only need to say them when the time is right. Pretty much… I was waiting for him to man up and ask me,” Lavender smirked.

“Despite his up-man being based off a dare?” Mehrunes asked. “And then redone?”

“Mmmmm yeah. He still did it so it counts.” Lavender replied.

“And he meant it, I see your point, fair game.” Mehrunes said. “Although I can’t unsee his tomato face…”

“Yeah, he’s also cute when he blushes,” Lavender said, which made me blush. Help.

“Then you’ll like the many many frames I caught of him blushing.” Mehrunes smirked.

“I’m glad that at least Draco didn’t come in time to see the news for himself,” I said.

“I heard it though.” Draco suddenly appeared.

“I would hope so, I broadcasted it over the entire center. I’m surprised Ich-” Mehrunes cutoff. “When was the last time anyone's seen Ich?”

“Uh… like… ten months ago? Think he and his dad went on a trip or sumthin.” Draco said.

“But I saw Winodren but didn’t see Ich.” I said.

“I’m gonna knock down his door when we get back.” Mehrunes proclaimed.

“Last time you knocked down someone's door, Satu had to bunk with Tango for a-”

“SHADAHP.” Mehrunes interrupted while pointing at Draco. “And also go away!”

“…*AHEM* For half a month.” Draco said.

Mehrunes looked unimpressed as he poked Draco in the nose, making him disappear.

Draco then reappeared a few seconds later. “Really? You're that upset about it?”

“Nope!” Mehrunes said, making Draco disappear again or tried, but Draco grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back. Draco then disappeared, and Meh was normal.

“Why did they have to come, they’re ruining it.” I said, practically facepalming.

“No I think we’re making it better personally.” Draco reappeared again.

“I second that.” Mehrunes glared at Draco.

“You seem upset that I’m still here.” Draco said back to him.

“Yes! Please stop teleporting HAKR!” Mehrunes yelled.

“What, are you upset that now I can teleport like you now?” Draco asked.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said. “But I’m still better at it so meh.”

“It’s not that big of a deal.” Draco said. “It’s not a competition.”

“Can we juuuust go inside?”

“We’re not there yet.” Lavender said, “we went walking so we spend time with each other. It’ll be an hour or two. You can go home if you want.”

“Nah.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn. “It’s like a movie, can’t miss this.”

“All I’ve been doing is training near my full power and I’m boooooored.” Draco complained.

“At least you have power.” Mehrunes said. “You shouldn't complain, you could probably beat mostly everyone, at the same time.”

“Pfffft what? I’m not that strong shad ap.” Draco said.

Mehrunes smirked evilly.

“You guys really are ruining it.” I sighed.

“That’s kinda our job when it comes to things like this. You did it to us.” Draco said pointing at me.

“I just teased you. Now you teased me. Now let me spend some time with Lavender!” I said.

“Bud, lemmi just say, no, I have my reasons for being here and annoying you, I’m gonna stick around for all those hours, even if in the meantime I’m silent.” Mehrunes smiled.

“Guess he has some research to do.” Draco said with a snicker.

“Shaddap Draco.” Mehrunes said.

“NEEEEEVVVEEEEE-byesatuandlav-ERRRRRRRr” Draco said as he then teleported away. Then he appeared shortly after, “I lied, I’m still gonna be here for like… half an hour at the least.”

“If you’re gonna come or stay with us for awhile, then there’s no point in walking.” Lavender said, “we’ll just teleport to my house now then.” Great. They ruined our date.

“Sick, now I don’t have to wait to see the inside of your house!” Mehrunes said. “Aww Sat, yer face is that of not happy. Did we ruin your outing?”

“Yes, yes you did.” I replied. Next time we’d have to go somewhere else entirely.

“Dude it’s cool, this is kinda a one time thing. Can’t have you being mad at us forever.” Mehrunes said, seemingly reading my mind but not. “But normal first dates are for suckas.”

“Whatever, it’s fine.” I just brushed it off. Eventually, one day, it’d be just me and Lavender and we could have fun alone without anyone else.

“Hey, listen, I got a little thing for ya.” Mehrunes smirked. “Me and Draco will bail out of your love life for a few months, if you kiss, right now.”

“WHAT.” I looked back at him. Lavender did too. “We’re in the middle of a city!”

“Yessiree!” Mehrunes smirked. “That’s the point mate, but hey, yer reward is you get a few months, no interference at all, I’ll make sure of it.” Mehrunes seemingly upped the reward. “And that includes right now, we’ll leave, and you won’t even have cameras watching you…”

“You best take that deal, he doesn’t do this often.” Draco said.

“Lav would have to be okay with it…” I said. I looked at her and she just shrugged.

“Obviously bud,” Mehrunes said. “So, what’s it gonna be?”

We stopped in the middle of the city, next to a coffee shop. I thought about it. Eventually I would have to kiss Lavender. But if I did it right here and right now, Mehrunes would leave my love life alone. That would be nice. Really nice in fact. Then he wouldn’t ruin our dates and stuff.

“Tick Tock…” Mehrunes said.

“Times draining by, don’t got all day,” Draco added.

“Well, look who it is!” Before I was able to make the decision, someone came on over. We all looked over to see a girl with a red shirt and a skirt on.

“Hi Rosetta,” Lavender smiled at her. It was Rosetta. She had red hair.

“Oooh!” Mehrunes said. “Get destroyed Satu! Now there’s more people people know! Bet still stands… fer now…”

“This is Rosetta, she’s my best friend,” Lavender said. “Hey Rosetta, these are Mehrunes and Draco.”

“Hi Mehrunes, Draco,” Rosetta waved at them.

“Good to meet you, you know, face to face.” Mehrunes smirked.

“What, are you a stalker like Ceno?” Rosetta asked.

“Nah,” Mehrunes said. “I’m worse.”

“Noted.” Rosetta rolled her eyes. “Anyway, I heard someone was ruining someone’s date.”

“I’m tryna get them to kiss.” Mehrunes said. “I said I’d go away, and prevent ruining for a few months. Almost worked actually.”

“Oooouu,” Rosetta looked at Lavender and I.

“Actually I also got Saturo to ask Lav on a date in the first place, he seems to take on dares head first.” Mehrunes said. “And if you question whether or not he can do something, like right now he can’t even kiss Lav.” Mehrunes was definitely enjoying this.

“Heh, good job making him ask her out,” Rosetta smirked. “Now, are you guys gonna do it?”

Lavender shrugged. “I think it’s better to wait until we get to the house. Do you mind taking us there?”

“Sure!” Rosetta’s hands glowed pink and suddenly we were on another hill. I looked to the top and saw a big house. That was Lavender’s home!

“Huh. Didn’t expect that.” Mehrunes said.

“You thought I lived alone? I have a family you know.” Lavender pointed out as she let go of my hand and walked over to the house.

“Yeah, not what I didn’t expect.” Mehrunes said. “But hey, thanks for playing.”

We all walked over to the front door of the house. Lavender knocked on the door and it opened. There was a woman there, and she smiled when she saw Lavender.

“Hey Lav!” she said. “Welcome back!”

The woman had flowers in her hair too. I imagined Lavender with flowers in her hair, she’d look nice.

“Hi Azalea. Guess what!” Lavender said. Wait, this was Azalea? It was Lavender’s older sister.

“What?” Azalea asked.

“Saturo asked me out. So. He’s my boyfriend now.” Lavender said.

Mehrunes was oddly quiet.

“About time.” Azalea said. “Dad would be glad you finally got someone. Wait, you are getting married, right?”

“Eventually. Depends.” Lavender replied.

“Heh.” Mehrunes chuckled.

“Well, you know that Dad doesn’t do just dating for drama or fun, if you’re gonna date you’re gonna get married.” Azalea said.

“Huh.” Mehrunes said. “Weird.”

“It’s also part of our culture, a lot of people in the Elemental System and the galaxy do it. Not always on Ertin, but other planets, yes.” Azalea said. “What, you think people date for fun? No, it’s to get married!”

“Noted.” Mehrunes said, writing on his device. “Actually I think you can date for whatever reason, to get to know someone, for the fun and drama, for marriage, for marriage but it doesn’t work… but whatever works for you.”

“It’s different for everyone,” Lavender said. “Oh, and by the way, I’m gonna be an aunt soon.”

“…Cool?” Mehrunes said.

“Congrats.” Draco said while clapping.

“It’s her baby,” Lavender pointed at Azalea.

“Well yeah, that’s how it works.” Draco said.

Mehrunes whispered to Draco, and I overheard him saying not to be rude or something like that.

“Yeah, but I have another sister. I have two older sisters and two younger brothers. Azalea’s the first to get a child, since she’s also the oldest.” Lavender said.

“Is it a race?” Mehrunes asked.

“Nah,” Azalea said. “It’s not a race.”

“Oh good.” Draco said.

“Oh would you look at that,” a voice then said. Someone came floating down next to Azalea, holding grocery bags. “It’s Saturo, Lavender, Mehrunes, and Draco!” It was a man. And since he didn’t say anything about Rosetta I assumed she wasn’t here anymore.

“Why are you floating?” Mehrunes asked.

“Maybe because that’s one of his abilities smart guy?” Draco asked him.

“Yes. What brings you guys here?” The man asked.

“Lavender.” Mehrunes simply put. “Or I suppose, Rosetta, but hey, details.”

“It was supposed to be just me and Lavender. But, they had to come along.” I told the man. Looking at him, he looked familiar to me.

“Are you seriously still upset about that? It’s not that big of a deal. It wouldn’t be normal for the two of us to not say something.” Draco said.

“Hey if yer up for it, there’s still my offer.” Mehrunes smirked.

I shrugged. “Maybe.”

The grocery bags the man was carrying floated into the house.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” I asked the man.

“Oh, you don’t recognize me because I grew out my hair?” the man asked. “I’m Nushot, you know, Ichoo’s older brother.”

“Oh yeah!” It was Nushot (Nush-a was how it was pronounced). “Where’s Ich anyway?”

“Not here.” Nushot said, “not in this system either. He’s out there. Somewhere in the galaxy.”

“So he did take a trip!” Draco exclaimed. “Knew I got that right.”

“Yes, he did.” Nushot replied. “He won’t be back for awhile. Like. A year while. Or maybe two.”

“Huh. Must be very important.” Draco commented.

“Yeah, it’s important.” Nushot replied, “anyway, come on inside, have dinner with us.”

“Guess a snack wouldn’t hurt.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Saturo, you’ll stay over. Cuz Dad’s not here until tomorrow.” Azalea said as Lavender walked inside the house.

“Oh you're having a sleepover at Lav’s house, won’t that be fun?” Draco asked me.

“Yeah, since Meh isn’t around.” I nodded and smiled. “And he can’t spy on us either or he’d get in trouble.” I knew that Nushot was very strong.

“That could be how you interpret it. Can never quite tell what he’s doing when he vanishes.” Draco said.

“He could though,” I pointed at Nushot. We were all inside the house.

“True.” Draco said with a nod. “He did beat Chill that one time pretty easily. So who knows maybe he can see Meh trying to spy on you two or something with his mind.”

“Yeah.” I looked around the house. We were in the living room. I overheard Azalea calling Lavender for help so I was alone in the living room with Mehrunes and Draco. Mehrunes was oddly quiet again, inspecting the house. It was carpeted, so we had taken off our shoes at the door.

“Wait… I thought Meh was gone like five seconds ago.” Draco said to me, “Was he hiding or something?”

I shrugged. “Maybe. I’m gonna go help Lavender. You deal with him.”

“But I already do that. Besides he’s not even doing anything.” Draco said as he knocked on the side of Mehrunes head and Meh didn’t say a word. “I think he went derp again.”

“Nice,” I then walked into the kitchen to help Lavender out. I was staying over. That would be fun, without everyone else around.

to be continued in the next chapter.... poor saturo, getting his date ruined.

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