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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 2) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 2) {CC PLEASE}

Posted August 26th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

next chapter. enjoy.


btw i like pie



Chapter 2:


“You know your mission,” Nimat said. “I’ll review it for you once more… Find the kid who released Bainex. I have some valuable data for you to help you find him. See that girl over there next to the grave? My crew informed me that she came in contact with the target. Follow her. It will be a good start to finding the target.” He looked to his right, at the guy who was to accomplish the mission that Nimat had assigned him. “I want him brought to me alive. Once you have him, contact me and I’ll send you my location. Then you can get your payment. Got it, Hyybari?”

The guy nodded. “Yes, Nimat. I understand.”

“Good. You can sneak onto their ship or something. It’s all up to you now.” Nimat saluted the guy and then flew away with his jetpack.

The guy watched him go, and looked over at the grave, holding his hands together. He walked over and looked down at it, and snorted. “Poor thing,” he said.

He then saw black mist entering the soil of the grave from the air.

His expression changed and he bent down. He set his palm on it and recoiled. “This is no good.” he stood, and looked over at the ship.

The ship was about to leave. The guy slipped on his fox-ish mask and his skin became covered in a thin white sheet. He dashed over to the ship at a high speed, took out his katanas, and slipped in, just as the door closed, and hid in the back with the crates and boxes.

? Arada ?

We had all gotten back into the spaceship, ready to leave Kinji’s grave. Hematite got the ship up and running, and we left the planet Korrovez. No one stopped us since we were leaving, not entering.

“Well… Ready to go back?” Hematite asked.

“I am,” Sokanon said quietly. Badok and Saio nodded.

“Maybe when we get back you can train a bit, get more used to your powers,” Hematite said.

“Or you could just relax in your rooms. Badok gets one to himself now…” I added.

“Yeah… We could do that,” Saio said.

Suddenly, there was a fast tapping of feet and a blur.

“The fricc?” I looked back where Hematite had his boxes stored and saw faint red eyes hidden behind them. “Did Kinji’s ghost follow us or something?”

“Ghosts are real?” Hematite asked. “I’d never know cuz I can’t see them. YO! KINJI GHOST DUDE! COME SAY HI!”

The eyes flashed and there was another blur, and then there was a guy with white skin and a japanese carnival fox mask holding Hematite by the shirt with katanas pressed against his neck, ready to cut if he so much as moved.

“DANG! IT IS A VIOLENT GHOST! I LIKE IT!” Hematite beamed.

In a quiet voice, the guy said, “Stop the ship. This is a hostage situation, I’m not afraid to kill.”

“Katana’s can’t cut me, and uh, I can’t fight in here. I’d destroy the ship,” Hematite said. “Besides, I’m the only one who knows how to stop the ship.”

He turned the katanas upwards. “These katanas will cut through the hardest rock, I suggest you listen to me and stop the ship, or I’ll dump your cargo and kill everyone here.”

“Okay, uh, let me go so I can stop the ship then,” Hematite said.

The guy hesitated, then slowly drew the swords away. He held them at his sides, readied to attack if need be. Hematite then walked over and took a seat, wearing the seatbelt. He then got out of lightspeed, and the guy went flying into the front window.

“There,” Hematite laughed. “Sorry about that. You didn’t wear the seatbelts.”

He stood up slowly and held his katanas up. “Land on the nearest planet, I need to talk to that one,” still looking at Hematite, the guy pointed at me.

“Can’t you just talk to me as we go back to Ertin?” I questioned.

He looked at me and his eyes blazed with bright red light. “I have the power here, we’re landing or you all die.”

Sokanon was shaking and mist was coming from her eye.

“Alrighty, the nearest planet is pretty far from here,” Hematite said.

“I can wait then.”

“Okay, but, you can chill dude. I wanna fight ya, but, we need a better setting,” Hematite said.

“I don’t want to fight,” the guy said. “That’s not why I’m here.” he was still talking very quietly, but he wasn't hostile. He sounded calm.

“Don’t want to fight? You threaten me and don’t wanna fight?” Hematite asked.

“You heard what I said, I don’t want to fight you.”

“Aww.” Hematite whined. “Oh well. Let’s just go back to Ertin, and then we can talk.”

The guy was holding a sword near my neck again. “Good, it’s best for us all.”

“But it’s not too smart to try anything very suspicious considering an Elemental Master is with us back there. So, technically, it’s better to land on the nearest planet.” Hematite said.

“That’s not very helpful to us,” I snarled at him.

“I’d rather us go to Ertin instead,” the guy said. “It makes my job easier.”

“What’s yer job?” Hematite asked.

“‘Job’ is a figure of speech. I should say my purpose.”

“What’s your name anyway?” Hematite questioned.

“My name is of no concern to you,” his katana lowered slightly and then he raised it again. “All that matters is you keep your life.”

“My life wouldn’t disappear from you, so…” Hematite said. “Yeah. Whatchur name?”

The guy stayed silent and just looked out the ship’s front window.

“Are you Kinji’s ghost or not?” Hematite asked curiously.

“The Stars don’t exist here, so no, I’m not ‘Kinji’s’ ghost,”  the guy replied.

“Stars? I’m presuming not real stars, since we are passing many at the very moment,” Hematite said, looking out the window. “Well, so you’re not Kinji. Then who are you?”

The guy pressed the katana slightly onto Hematite’s throat. “Who I am is none of your concern.”

“BOI, YER ON MY SHIP. I HAVE TOTAL CONCERN.” Hematite responded.

The guy chuckled under his breath. “How long till Ertin?”

“Maybe an hour or so. So you can stop trying to be intimidating and chillax,” Hematite laid back in his seat.

He hesitated, then drew his katanas away and held them at his sides. The guy walked back to an empty seat away from us and sat down.

“There we go,” Hematite said. “So… you’re not gonna tell us your name?”

He didn’t respond.

“Okay, then what am I supposed to call ya?”


“S? Alright, S. I’ll call ya silence since yer not sayin’ your name.” Hematite said.

Silence put on his seatbelt. “Make it lightspeed, we don’t have all day.”

“We’re in lightspeed,” Hematite said as the spaceship entered lightspeed. “Even so, it would take longer than all day to get there normally.”

“Good. When we land I need to talk to her,” Silence pointed at me with a katana.

“Sounds legit. Can I watch?” Hematite asked.

“Watch me talk with her?” Silence asked.

“Yeah.” Hematite nodded. “Or just, join in.”


“Yeet. Then that works! We’ll be there soon.”

? Saturo ?

“Hey! I think I found it!” Saturn shouted.

I looked back at where he was. I walked over and found him standing in front of a metal door.

“Oh, nice job.” I tried to open the door, but it was locked. Of course it was.

“It’s locked.” Phoenix said. “How will we get in then?”

“Step aside, I’ll knock it down.” Draco suggested. We all moved out of the way, and Draco activated his Wrath form and his Draco Eye, and knocked the door clean off.

“Now yer talkin,” Saturn walked on in first. After I walked in behind him, I saw that we were inside of a carved out cave.

“Wonder how long it took them to carve this out without it collapsing,” Draco said as we walked along.

“Yeah,” Saturn said.

“Where are we supposed to go?” Phoenix asked.

“Nowhere,” said a voice. Then a guy appeared. He had messy brown hair. “Yo. I’m Styreix. Glad to meet ya. I heard about you all. Student of Elec, Draco, Saturn, and Phoenix.”

“Oh have you now?” Draco asked.

“Enough.” Styreix said.

“I was just trying to make conversation, no need to be rude,” Draco said with a bit of a sour expression.

“Whatever,” Styreix responded. “I was saying that I’ve heard ‘enough’ about you. Not that I was being rude.”

“You don’t have to mention being rude in order to be rude. Anyway what exactly do you want?” Draco asked.

“Really, not much. Just. A battle seems fun,” Styreix replied.

“Oh okay that’s simple enough,” Draco said.

“You really just have to get past me to complete your mission to recapture Dr. He. But, then you have Venom to deal with,” Styreix said, crossing his arms.

“Okay…” Draco said before he looked at me, “so who’s fighting him first? Do we let the newbies try their luck or should we do it?”

“Nah.” Styreix said, “I don’t do that. I fight whoever.” He threw a punch at Draco.

Draco caught it with one of his hands which was now covered with his gauntlets.

“Good to know,” Draco said as he activated his Wrath form and his Draco Eye once more and punched Styreix square in the face with his open hand, sending him hurtling into a wall and leaving a large crack in it, causing small pieces of rock to tumble to the ground.

“Okay, okay, I underestimated you,” Styreix said, standing back up. “You have some neat tools.”

“Indeed I do,” Draco said.

Styreix then smirked evilly. “My goal of this fight has been decided.”

“Oh he’s planning something real bad ain’t he?” Draco asked us as he saw his opponent’s evil smirk.

“Yes, if he plans to destroy precious Kermit, then it is real bad,” Saturn commented.

“I’m pretty sure he’s referring to my armor. Not your frog puppet,” Draco said. “Which is concerning since nothing has scratched them before.”

“I wish it was mine,” Saturn sighed. “Kermit I mean, not your armor.”

“Nothing has scratched it, eh?” Styreix said, “then I know exactly what to do. Come on, big boy, show me what you got hidden inside you!”

“I know I’m like six foot two inches but I do not feel comfortable with you calling me that,” Draco said as then his blades boots and bladed wings appeared.

“Oh, great! Alright big boy, I won’t call you big boy!” Styreix said.

“Dude, he just said he doesn’t feel comfortable with you calling him that,” Phoenix said.

“But, since when were battles comfortable?” Styreix responded. “Welcome to the real battles. It’s unfair and uncomfortable.”

Phoenix didn’t reply.

“Exactly. Idot.” Styreix laughed.

“Idot? Excuse me, what?” Phoenix asked.

“Made up word. It means you’re more idiotic than an idiot. You’re an idot.”

“Who made that up?” I asked. “It sounds dumb.”

“Of course it does. You gotta find a dumb word to describe a dumb person,” Styreix replied.

“Seems legit,” Saturn smirked.

“Anyway,” Styreix put his hand in front of his face and dark particles began to appear. “I used to work as a reaper assassin. So, good luck.” Then a creepy mask appeared on his face, and a cloak came flying towards him from behind. It magically came onto him. He left the hood off, and looked at us with his creepy mask on.

“Ooooo spooky,” Draco said with a smirk as his armor then vanished and a cyan aura like a forcefield surrounded his body.

“Force field, eh?” Styreix said. “Will it stop me from touching you?”

“Care to find out?” Draco asked.

Styreix then walked on over with caution and threw a punch at Draco once more. There was simply what sounded like a metallic clang as the punch did no damage at all.

“Ah, it’s a form of defence.” Styreix said, “I would like to test out your armor, however. So, if you could please, bring it on out?”

“And what exactly is oh so important about my armor? What do you recognize it?” Draco asked, staying in his Dragon Scales form rather then expose his armor.

“Oh, nothing,” Styreix said, “I’m just. Interested.”

“Now it definitely sounds like you know what it is or is made of,” Draco said as he leered at his opponent.

“Maybe.” Styreix was probably smirking under his mask.

Draco then after a few moments of silence makes his armor appear but he remains in his Dragon Scales form.

“Very interesting, I should say,” Styreix commented.

“Oh? And what’s so interesting about it?” Draco asked, “it’s just some wings, gauntlets, and boots.”

“Not just any wings, gauntlets, and boots. It was created by the man you’re trying to rescue,” Styreix said.

“It is?” Draco asked, “then what was it doing buried in the snow of the Ice Planet? What, did he drop it?”

“I wouldn’t know. Ask him yourself if you reach him.” Styreix appeared in front of Draco and pointed at his armor. “See, right there? It’s his logo.”

“So that’s what that thing is.” Draco said.

“You never wondered why ‘Dr. He’s Lab’ was written on the armor?” Styreix asked.

“Actually the paint has gotten scratched over the years so I always thought it said ‘Dr. He-something-ab’.” Draco replied.

“Ah, I see. Makes sense.” Styreix backed off a bit. “Well then.” A scythe appeared in his hands. “Let’s get down to business!” The scythe then began to generate some kind of energy. I could sense it, and Draco probably could too.

“That doesn’t feel good,” Draco said, a slight nervousness in his voice.

“Feel? How does it not feel good?” Saturn asked.

“The energy I’m sensing from that scythe feels very… genocidey.” Draco replied.

“Indeed. I have been trained to slaughter dozens in one attack. I use a form of dark energy to power my scythe,” Styreix explained, as his scythe then began to glow slightly. “And it can destroy a lot of things. If I strike hard enough, it will probably destroy your armor.”

“Oh… great…” Draco said.

“Now, what are you waiting for? Come on forth. Fight me,” Styreix demanded, as his scythe now was surrounded with a red aura.

“As you wish…” Draco said before suddenly his feet were surround by a cyan aura and he vanished briefly before reappearing above Styreix. Before Styreix could react, Draco activated Wrath and pinched him in the top of his head knocking him straight into the ground causing a decently sized crater.

“You’ve got a lot of strength.” The dust disappeared, and Styreix was standing in his spot. It looked like he had blocked Draco’s attack at the last moment with his scythe. Because… it was glowing brighter now. “That is good. Punch it again.” He raised his scythe.

“You know… maybe I should’ve gone level two for this,” Draco said, sounding like he knew he had made a mistake.

“Do you want me to lend you some energy?” I asked. “Or… help you out?”

“Either or would be appreciated,” Draco replied.

I charged some energy and made an electric ball. I threw it at Draco, and he caught it, absorbing the energy.

“Thanks,” Draco said as he closed his eyes for a few seconds before both of them opens up and were lit ablaze and Draco’s power rose even more.

“Oh. Oh wow. I did not expect you to have, that much,” Styreix said.

“Is that a problem or are you glad?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“I’m very glad. Now it won’t end that fast.” Styreix replied.

“That’s good, I didn’t want to knock you out too fast, or else it won’t be any fun,” Draco said.


The two of them stood across from one another, ready to fight.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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