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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 4) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 4) {CC PLEASE}

Posted August 28th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Here's the next chapter.....


enjoy, and I also love pie btw if you didn't know







Chapter 4: Guy


“This thing is so slow…” Lil’ Timmy complained. “We’ve been on it for a long time and we’re not there yet…”

“Well yeah…” I said, “it’s a pod. It doesn’t have light speed.”

“Don’t worry, I think we’re almost to somewhere. Those specks are getting bigger,” Bob said.

“So we should just wait a bit more then…” I addressed.

“Most likely, that is correct,” Bob said as he nodded.

Then, something started beeping.

“Okay, I think somebody is trying to communicate to us. Should I respond with video or just audio?” Bob asked.

“What’s the difference?” Lil’ Timmy asked with a curious voice.

“With video, they would see us. With audio, they would only hear us,” Bob explained.

“Choose audio, they could be from them… they would know it’s us if it were.” I suggested.

Bob flipped a switch, and a voice crackled on.

“Hello?” asked a voice. “Do you copy?”

“No, do you paste?” Bob asked, laughing a little to himself.

“Ha!” said another voice, slightly deeper. “Good one dude!”

“Thanks. Now, who are you?” Bob asked, leaning back in his seat.

“My name’s Vivofit. We saw you, and decided to ask if you need help getting somewhere. You seem to have lost momentum, you’re stuck in the middle of space,” said the first voice.

“But there’s no air resistance in space, it’s a vacuum. What do you mean?” Bob asked.

“Well, it would take you a year to actually get somewhere,” said Vivofit. “Need a lift?”

“Sure, we don’t have much fuel, so we can’t really get to you,” Bob said, “we’re getting a ride guys. Get ready.”

“Alright, that’s good news.” I stood up.

Then there was a clank sound, and the back of our pod opened up. We saw a brown haired guy standing there.

“Yo. My name’s Bob, and this is Lil’ Timmy, Guy, and Malum,” Bob said, pointing to each of us.

“I’m Vulgon. You’re welcome for the ride,” the guy said, letting us in.

“So, where do we sit?” Bob asked.

We reached the pilot room, and saw the pilot, likely Vivofit.

“You’re Vivofit, I assume?” Bob asked.

“Yes!” Vivofit replied, “take a seat! We’re headed somewhere, but you can come along.”

“Alright. Where is the destination? Also uh… do you have any different seats? Like, ones with holes in the back of them?” Bob asked, looking at his scaly tail.

“I mean. No, but… I have been working on a design. It may not suit your tail, but… try it. It’s that one in the back.” Vivofit pointed at a chair, as the rest of us sat down. Bob sat in the chair Vivofit had pointed at.

“It works, but it’s a bit bigger than I would like, thanks though!” Bob said.

“There you go then!” Vivofit exclaimed.

The spaceship then sped up.

“Okay, we’re gonna crash, so hang on.” Vulgon said, sitting next to Vivofit and putting on many seat belts.

“Wait, what the heck?! Are we going into a war zone or something?!” Bob yelled as he pulled on a seatbelt. Lil’ Timmy looked terrified too. Malum looked the same, like he didn’t care.

“No, Vivofit just sucks at landing.” Vulgon grumbled.

“Look, I could do it if you have a manual!” Bob exclaimed, starting to shake in his seat.

“He kinda threw it away after his brother bought him this spaceship,” Vulgon said, as Vivofit was focusing hard on driving.

“Oh crap we’re gonna die…” Bob muttered, “and just after we escaped too…”

“AAHH!” Lil’ Timmy screamed.

“Don’t! Scream! Please!” Bob yelled as he covered his ears.

“Why? Are you sensitive to loud noises?” Vulgon asked.

“Yes, I really am. One of my three flaws,” Bob said.

“Welp… The crashing sound is very loud… so…” Vulgon looked back past us at him. “Good luck.”

“Do you have a propulsion device I could have?” Bob asked.

“It should be somewhere in the back… But… We’re crashing right now.” Vulgon pointed out the front window, at a planet that the spaceship was going down towards.

Bob unbuckled his seat belt and ran back towards where we came in through. I heard a mechanical groan, and wondered what Bob was doing.


I looked back, to see what Bob was gonna do. Malum had gotten out of his seat, grabbed Bob and put him in his seat. Something covered Malum’s hands, and he covered Bob’s ears.

“I just hope this works…” Bob whispered.

I held Lil’ Timmy tightly because he was terrified. And then…


? Saturo ?

When Venom absorbed his Ultimate Crystal, he was surrounded with a dark green aura. He smirked at Draco and I.

“Do you dare to attack me?” Venom mocked.

“I dunno, do we Satu?” Draco asked me.

“No…” To be honest, I was pretty scared considering the last time I fought him he wasn’t even using his Ultimate Crystal.

“Well I guess we aren’t exactly the most confident group at the moment,” Draco said looking back towards Venom. “Besides shouldn’t you be more worried about the other group trying to raid you at the moment?”

“Other group?” Venom questioned.

“You know. That crashing sound like fifteen seconds ago?” Draco said.

“They’re not raiders. They’re co-workers.” Venom replied. “That’s why I let your teleporting friend take a look around. The co-workers have the doctor secured.”

“Eh should’ve figured,” Draco said.

“But if he does get past them, I’m going to stop him. I need the doctor for something,” Venom said.

Both Draco and I remained silent.

“It also seems that the other two ran off. It’s just the three of us now,” Venom said, motioning his hands to point around the room. Saturn and Phoenix were gone. I wondered where they went off to… “Timrek needed to go shopping, and Styreix has an appointment with another reaper. So, it’s just us.”

“How swell.” Draco said coldly.

“What happened to your gauntlets and armor, hmm?” Venom asked Draco.

It was then that I noticed that except for the flying parts of his wings and his right gauntlet, Dracos armor was completely broken with pieces littering the floor.

“Styreix and I had a scuffle,” Draco simply replied.

“Ah. His dark reaper magic and the scythe.” Venom said, scratching his chin as he thought, “good to know.” He looked back at Draco. “So, you use the Tentuar Model 3.5 then, the failed experiment. Or I guess, that would be ‘used’.”

Right after Venom finished speaking, Draco’s right gauntlet fell apart piece by piece and laid on the ground and I saw cracks forming in the flying portion of his wings.

“Well that sucks for you. You were too reliant on the Tentuar that you aren’t as powerful without them,” Venom said. “You need to replace them, perhaps get a better one. Of course, not the best. That one’s mine.”

“Well. That’s gonna be hard when the person that has access to them is the person you won’t let us take,” Draco said coldly.

“Of course not. You can take him after I’m done with him.”

“And when will that be? Because judging from the fact that you’ve gone full power with your crystal means that either it's almost done or it's barely started,” Draco said.

“I just need him to give me what I want first,” Venom replied. “Which is not easy. This dude is a genius and is messing with me.”

“Oh well.” I said. I had to complete the mission somehow. I just didn’t know how…

? Guy ?

The crash was loud. Very loud. But the spaceship was fine, only the outside was damaged, while the inside remained the same. And by the look on Bob’s face, it seemed that Malum’s method worked in blocking sound.

“See? We’re fine.” Vulgon took off his seatbelts and got up.

“I… I don’t ever want to do that again. I feel like I’m gonna hurl…” Bob said, rubbing his stomach.

“Me too…” Lil’ Timmy said, also rubbing his stomach and covering his mouth with a hand.

“Don’t ride with Vivofit then,” Vulgon said, opening the spaceship doors, “let’s go Vivo, we have business to take care of.”

“You guys can go freely now,” Vivofit said to us.

“Okay. Let’s go!” I said to the others, exiting the spaceship. Looking around, we were in a forest.

“Well… now what? We’re free, out in the open, anything could happen. Who knows? I sure don’t, heh.” Bob laughed a little.

Malum sat on the dirt against a tree and laid down.

“I guess we’ll rest a bit,” I said, sitting down as well.

“That sounds nice. I can finally sleep how I feel I was meant to.” Bob jumped onto a tree, and hung himself upside down with his tail.

“Yeah. You can also go take a look around. See if you can find anything.” I suggested, as I also spotted Vulgon and Vivofit walking towards a mountain.

“Yeah, I guess that would work too. I’ll be back if I find anything,” Bob said as he jumped down and ran off, incredibly fast.

? Mehrunes ?


Shut up.

I had left a while ago and was walking down a hallway, I was supposed to be looking for… someone I think.


No, not you either, go away.


Not Draco. Draco has his fancy shmancy techniques and stuff.

I luv pi!

Shut up!

It’s been happening for a little while, and I hate it. These voices will drive me insane, very fast. It’s not hard to deal if it’s one voice, but two is a pain.


No, I’m not going to.

This is a noice way hall.

Both of you shut up!


It makes more sense to not, as they can help.

Can we have seafood souffle?


It’s hard to deal with it, it’s really impossible to think. Sometimes they even take over. I’m going to fix it. It will happen.





At this point I’d been walking for a bit. I then found a door.



I don’t need this in my head, go away.

I tried the door handle, and it opened. I peeked inside to make sure I wasn't gonna get ganked. I spotted the reaper dude, facing the other way, with his hood on.


I quietly closed the door as I wondered the likelihood of him being able to see invisible people.

Go in a box!


I decided he probably could see me if I was invisible, but it’s worth a shot anyway. So I opened the door again. The reaper dude was still facing the other way, standing there. I went invisible and came into the room, closing the door behind me and looking around.

The reaper dude remained still in his very spot.



I looked closely at the reaper dude because of what Draco said about ‘puppets’ or whatever, even though it was probably nothing.


I don’t.

I stopped looking at the reaper dude and looked for another door. I realized that the reaper dude was looking in the direction of another door.


Stiiiiiiill can’t.

I wondered what I was supposed to do, I could make a clone and tap him on the shoulder, then one of us could slip past, but probably not. I could try to move through the wall, but this seems more like a bunker than anything else. I guessed I’d try the clone thing, so I did, I made a clone and he tapped the reaper dude on the shoulder, as I prepared to teleport/maneuver around him.

But nothing happened.



I had no idea what was going on, as my clone disappeared. I wasn't about to try the door with him standing there, but may as well. I moved slowly towards the door, hoping for a reaction.

But there was no reaction.


Fed up, I threw a dagger at the scythe dude. I then realized that it was just the cloak, floating there.

That’s not good.



I went to grab the handle, and it was locked. I look at the robe, before trying to phase through the door. After successfully phasing through the door, I spot two people sitting down at a desk, in front of a cage that had a white robed scientist inside.

Assuming that’s who I need. How does one get there. And what are the odds these people can see me.

I loo-


I looked closer at the people sitting at the desk, and what they were doing.

One of them was watching the other one working on a machine.

There’s no way I can open the cage and get the scientist out with them there. I wish I could do the thing where I could sense their power. Ahem Ahem Sentinel Ahem Ahem.

“What? I’m not supposed to do the work for you, you have to do it yourself.” Sentinel said in my head.

Fine. Can you at least tell me something, or am I on my own?

“Remember, the crystal is a tool, but you have to do it on your own. I’m not allowed to do it for you just like that.”

Right. Okay.

I look at the cage the robed guy is in, to see if I can find a keyhole.

“Yo, are you gonna fix the spaceship anytime soon?” one of the guys asked the other.

Okay they’re having a conversation about a spaceship.


No. I wanna listen. Then… maybe.

“Well, yeah. When I finish this thing Venom needed. Then we can go fix my ship.” The other guy replied.

So there was a crash… and now someone needs to fix a ship…


I’m not going to assume here… but I’m guessing this is important so I should break it…

“As usual. You can never land.” The other guy replied.



But it could be Vivo and Vulgon! Vivo can’t land and does tool stuff and Vulgon does… that. Why would they be here?

“Are you ever gonna pay Rafens back?” The guy asked.

Yep this is Vulgon and Vivo. I’m gonna stay invisible for a little longer though… to make sure definitely not to spy

“If I make money,” Vivo said.

Oh so he’s probably doing this for money. I’m gonna scare em now, sounds fun.

I took a dagger and moved away from the door, and threw it right into the machine, before teleporting to the other end, still invisible.

“…the fricc.” Vulgon looked at the dagger.

“Is Venom messing with us?” Vivofit took out the dagger and inspected it.

I smirked. This was funny. I waited to see if Vivo would recognize my dagger.

“It looks cheap.” Vivofit said. “So it can’t be Venom’s.”

“Maybe it’s Styreix’s. Or Timrek’s.” Vulgon suggested.

I smirked, and threw another dagger in the machine, and then changed my position in the room. I wanted to mess with these two for so long. It felt good.

“Maybe we’re haunted.” Vivofit said, looking at the other dagger.

“As long as it’s not our flat screen TV or console…” Vulgon said.

Long overdue, I went visible next to the desk and said: “It’s about to be if you don’t explain.”

The two of them looked over at me. There was some silence.

“Who’re you?” Vulgon then asked.

“Hmph.” I said. “Whatever.”

I needed the scientist, and if they weren't gonna recognise me I didn’t care.

“I thought Mehrunes grew a beard,” Vivofit said to Vulgon. “At least that’s what I was told.”

“Nope. But I’m takin the scientist and I’ll go through you.” I said.

“Well you haven’t changed, heh,” Vulgon replied. “You’re still pretty ‘meh’.”

“Dude, that joke is so old,” Vivofit told him.

“Yeah, like you’ve had a year or two to think about this and you use that come on man,” I said. “And actually, I run a diner at the place we live and have a pet snake that makes me nice, I’ve changed more than you know. Serious face yaknow?”

“Nice. We’ve been trying to make money.” Vulgon said, “by the way, how’re you and Listy?”

“It’s going we- I forgot to tell her I left.” I said, facepalming. “Other than that it’s going good… you trying to get ultims I assume?”

“Yeah. To either buy a better spaceship or to keep buying spaceships, cuz this chump here STILL can’t land!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“Except for that one time,” I said. “It’s been forever, Vivo I met Rafens awhile ago, there was this whole thing with Lagi or something… it was kinda ridiculous.”

“Oh yeah. We were stuck so we couldn’t help. So I sent him in my place,” Vivofit said.

“So these guys yer working with, typical evil guys or…?” I asked.

“Evil? They’re not evil,” Vulgon said.

“I’m confused,” I said. “I’m here because Satu, Draco and two others were assigned on a mission to get this Scientist dude from these people who don’t like us. And they seem evil or something. I don’t understand to be honest.”

“If you ask me, I’d say you’re evil based on how you act sometimes,” Vivofit said, pointing at me.

I smirked. “My past is more complicated than you could ever know. But just because I’m mean, doesn’t mean I’m evil,” I just kinda smirked.

“Same with them,” Vulgon said, “I mean, except for Styreix. That guy can go pretty evil, since he’s a trained reaper.”

“Fair game I guess,” I said. “But then, why are w-they on a mission to take this guy?”

“They?” Vulgon questioned.

“Remember? Satu, Draco, others…” I said. “A mission from literally Elec, Electricity master… and Windoren…”

“Oh yeah. Uh. I dunno. Venom called us for tech help.” Vulgon said, as Vivofit went back to working with the machine.

“They want this scientist guy to make stuff for em,” I said. “Apparently he made Draco’s armour or something.”

“OH. Who is that anyway?” Vivofit asked, looking at the scientist who looked like he was meditating.

I took out my device and went to where I collect info on things I’ve spied on.

“Uhh… Dr. He I think,” I said, putting it away. “Yo! Dr He!”

“Dr. He?! Woah!” Vivofit jumped out of his seat and helped Dr. He up. “Let’s get out of here!”

“There’s a floating robe outside this locked door,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s Styreix’s… He brings the robe to him when he fights. And he uses it to spy on people,” Vulgon said.

“So he’d know if we left with He?” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s why we’re taking a different route,” Vivofit said.

“We’ll have to apologize to Venom though.” Vulgon said, “we said we’d help. But like, if he has this guy, we can get some good stuff outta him for helping him.”

“Cool. Greed,” I said,  “Wait, no…”


“You’re very loud,” I commented.

“Thank you,” Vulgon thanked.

“Now let’s go,” I said.

“Ye--” Vulgon was then interrupted.

“WOAH! CHECK OUT THIS FLOATING CLOAK!” It was coming from outside the room.

“We should run,” I said. “Before ‘Styreix’ or whatever comes.”

The door then opened, and the other two people that came with Saturo and Draco were standing there. I believe their names were Saturn and Phoenix. Saturn was wearing Styreix’s cloak.

“I just got info from my friends here that, that is a cloak that Styreix uses to fight and spy on people with. Put it back or else,” I said, calmly.


No. Not yet at least.

“I-- I didn’t put it on. It flew on me,” Saturn said.

“For some reason,” Phoenix added.

I closed the door.

“I don’t know what’ll happen, but if you explode I don’t wanna be there,” I said.

“I won’t explo-- I’M GONNA EXPLODE!?” Saturn exclaimed.

“Vivo can we go?” I asked, before telling Saturn. “No. If you get the cloak off you’ll be fine I think.”

“AH OKAY!” Saturn took off the cloak and tossed it aside. “Anyways, let’s go!”

to be contined in the next chapter....
btw i love pie :')

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Mehrunes' POV is kinda

Mehrunes' POV is kinda funny, even though i'm pretty sure it's not intended to be quite as funny as i found it. Uh. Slang like 'noice' and 'wuv' should be avoided at all costs. Please. It looks unproffessional (this is probably very subjective) and it really dates your writing (this is objective). 

The parts about Vivofit being terrible at landing was also really fun to read, I could see good characterization shining through there!

"They say before you start a war/ you better know what you're fighting for" ~ Angel with a Shotgun; The Cab

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