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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 5) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 5) {CC PLEASE}

Posted August 31st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

okay... this chapter is slightly different in a different way

u may not understand







Chapter 5: Saturo


“Hm?” Venom raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Draco asked.

“I sense the doctor escaping,” Venom replied.

“I thought you said he was secured by your coworkers,” Draco commented.

“And you never thought that the drug we gave him would wear off?” Venom responded, “the dude’s a genius. Once he gets back his sensations, he’ll be outta here.”

“And you thought I even knew he had taken a drug.” Draco said. “There’s a lot of assumptions on both sides at the moment.”

“Of course, no one’s gonna tell the enemy the plan.” Venom said, “I expected Dr. He to get his sensations back. Now I can plan my next move. So, adios. You got lucky this time.”

“Okay bye I guess,” Draco replied.

Venom then slowly started evaporating into toxic gas before he disappeared completely. Draco and I stood there for a moment.

Draco then sniffed the air.


“Don’t smell it!” I said, holding my breath.

Draco then took his scarf and wrapped around his face so it covered his mouth and nose. He then pulled out a sign out of his backpack (he just has it with him all the time, I sometimes forget he does).

“Now where do we go?” was written on the sign.

“Well we have to make sure about Dr. He, if he escapes then we gotta follow him because our mission was to bring him back,” I responded. “So let’s do that first!”

Draco nodded before he started looking around for a way forward.

“Just go backwards the way we came from,” I turned around and walked over to the entrance that we used to get in here.

Draco had put the sign back in his bag and had put his scarf back around his neck since we were out of the room with the gas. We walked out back into the woods again, getting some air.

“Ah… Much better,” Draco said.

“Yep,” I agreed. “Now we gotta find Dr. He.”

“I wonder where they keep him…” Draco said as he thought to himself as he looked back at the mountain and examined it.

“Venom said he escaped, probably,” I said.

“Yeah…” Draco said as he made his wings appear. “Imma check from the air to see if I see anything that may tell us where he may have escaped too.”

“Alright, do that!” I exclaimed.

Draco then flew high into the air and looked around before calling out.

“Hey Satu! I see a crater over there! Like something had crashed!” He yelled down to me while pointing to the right of us. “Looks like whatever it was was moved a while ago though.”

“Alright, let’s go investigate,” I said.

I waited for a response from Draco, but he didn’t respond.

“Draco?” I looked around for him, but he wasn’t where he used to be. Where did he go? I decided to go investigate myself, assuming Draco had went ahead.

? Mehrunes ?

“Gah!” Vivofit fell over, knocked by Dr. He. The doctor surrounded himself with a barrier and disappeared into a wall.

“Welp. He’s gone,” Vulgon said.

“Uh huh. Sure,” I said. “I’m sure it’ll be fine, like we could probably go get him but eh.”

I followed Vulgon and Vivofit until we were outside, back into the forest.

“Are we gonna find Dr. He or…?” Saturn asked, standing next to his sister.

“Well duh,” I said.

“Which way did he go though?” Saturn questioned. “He went through the walls.”
“I dunno. Maybe we should find that out. Can any of you fly?” I asked.

“I can,” Saturn replied.

“M’kay cool. Maybe look around in the air for either He or our friends,” I said.

“Got it.” Saturn flew up into the air to look around.

“So while we’re waiting on that…” I said. “We should do something productive as well. Any ideas?”

“You can do something,” Vivofit said as he and Vulgon walked away. “I gotta fix my ship.”

“Whatever,” I said.



“Soooo…” I said. “I have no idea what to say.”

“Maybe you should apologize for kicking me earlier,” Phoenix said, as she and Saturn (who was flying up above) were the only ones left.

“Hi, I’m Mehrunes,” I said, extending my hand. “I say this because you seem to not know me at all. Wait, that’s right you don’t.”

“Of course I don’t, I literally just met you,” Phoenix said.

“Yeah I know, a few things to know about me, most people see me as a jerk, my girlfriend is gonna destroy me when I get home because I forgot to mention I was going miles away, I run a diner at the complex thing, and it’s pretty hard to make me apologize,” I said. “Besides, you kicked me first.”

“…” Phoenix was silent, staring at me.

“What?” I asked. “I can’t read your mind, and staring at me does you no good.”

“Okay then,” Phoenix replied.

I shrugged. “Ask anyone, this is kinda how I treat people. I recommend getting used to it, cuz it’s probably not changing,” I said, “How long is it gonna take for Saturn to look around for people?”

“Who knows,” she responded.

“I would hope, you or him,” I said, looking up for him. “I don’t know what he’s doing.”

“I don’t think he even knows what he’s doing,” Phoenix said.

“Ugh,” I said. “Whatever, can you just like, yell at him or something to remind him he’s supposed to be looking for people?”





“I dunno about you, but I’m going to go there,” I said, as I started running in that direction.

? Saturo ?

I still had no clue where Draco disappeared off to. But he gave me directions before, so I headed on over to them. Once I got there, I spotted a damaged spaceship, and a guy with goggles repairing it.

I scanned his power, and found he didn’t have much. So I walked on over.

“Yo, look, there’s Saturo!” Another guy jumped from the spaceship, landing in front of me. I recognized him… Vulgon! Then that must mean the guy in the goggles is Vivofit!

“Long time no see, Saturo,” Vivofit said, “Dr. He got back his senses and escaped.”

“Well, I need to get to him.” I said, “Elec told me to bring him back with me.”

“Well, we ourselves don’t know where he went,” Vulgon said as Vivofit did his repairing.

“You speak of my name,” said a voice.

Turning towards it, it was Dr. He, standing on top of Vivofit’s damaged spaceship.

“Hello Doctor, I was assigned a mission by Elec, the Master of Electricity, to return you to him,” I explained to Dr. He.

“Oh is that so?” Dr. He raised an eyebrow. “Then let him know that your mission was a success, as I am now free. However, I have to deal with my kidnappers myself. Not these ones of course, they just took me from the real kidnappers.”

“The E.F.A.I.?” I asked.

“Indeed,” Dr. He replied.

“Your mission was successful enough.” I recognized Elec’s voice as he appeared floating above me. Elec always monitors my missions, and determines if I succeeded or not. “Maybe next time I shall send you alone so other people don’t do the work for you.”

Dr. He looked up at Elec. “Hello, Elemental Master.”

“Hello there, Doctor He.”

“I give you my thanks.” Doctor He said, “but I have to return to my lab.”

“Of course.”

Dr. He said his farewells, and then walked away, and I could hear some machine-like sounds following his leave.

“Welp.” Vulgon said, “mission is done.”

“Though Venom still wants Doctor He,” Vivofit added. “He probably followed him.”

“It does not matter, Doctor He is an intelligent man. Venom is just out for power and fun,” Elec said, “Saturo. Come on back to Ertin. You have a break now for a few days before your next mission.”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

He smiled before he then disappeared.

“Well.” I said to Vulgon and Vivo, “I’m done so I can go back home. Catch ya guys later?”

“WHAT! NO, WE STILL HAVE LOTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!” Vulgon exclaimed, “LIKE… How’s Lavender?”

I stared at him. “Yeah, no, I’ll pass. Cya.”

“Dangit Saturo,” Vulgon said. “I’m interested in your love life! Why won’t you tell me?”

“Because I don’t want to. I’ll pass.”

“Fine, fine.”

Good, now that that’s over, I can search for Draco.

? Draco ?

At first I was looking for Dr. He, and I found a spaceship crashed in the distance (which reminded me of someone). Then, something came at me, and a few seconds later I was surrounded by darkness.

It felt a little familiar for some reason. Also it was hard to see, obviously.

I stood up and made a ball of plasma and began to walk out of what seemed to be a dark cave.

I needed to figure out where Saturo was so we could continue with the mission.

“Who are you?” a voice asked, coming from all around.

“Depends mysterious voice, why do you ask?” I asked back calmly.

“You fit a description I heard of once. I wanted to see if it was you,” the voice asked back.

“Oh so you know who I am. Must mean you’ve must've been involved with me at some point then,” I replied. “Anyway why am I in this… dark area? Did you bring me here?”

“Sure, let’s assume I did. Anyway, I need to make sure you are who I think you are. So tell me, who are you?” The voice demanded.

“Well let’s see… my name is Draco Saurashido, I’m from the planet Aerth, I’m 16 years old and why does this matter?” I asked.

“A bit more info than what would have been needed, but I have one question now. Have you heard of a person named, Broshi?” The voice asked.

“Oh you mean my evil twin brother who Folly got me confused with, yeah I know em.” I replied.

“Well, if you know Folly, then what was your relation with him?” The voice asked.

“Well Folly tried to kill me since he got me confused with Broshi and like a year ago we were gonna fight but then we met the real Broshi and then Folly stabbed him in the head.” I explained.

“Well from what you’ve said, I’m sorry for mixing you up with the wrong person. I just thought I saw him and wanted to investigate.” The voice said. “Oh, are you afraid of bugs or anything of the sort? Just a question.”

“Not necessarily why do you ask?” I replied.

“Just wanted to make sure, there’s quite a few spiders and things around, I mean that wall over there is completely covered.” The voice said.

“Okay good to know that I now know there is a wall over there so I should not walk that way.” I said as I ten walked opposite the wall with the ball of plasma allowing me to see.

“So uh, you’re pretty deep into this cave. It took me about ten minutes to get into this chamber, and it goes deeper. Try not to get lost. I’m probably just gonna go back now, unless you want help or something.” The voice offered, seeming to get quieter.

“Ten minutes? You must be pretty slow. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ve been in here for less than ten minutes.” I said.

“Yeah, I wiped a bit of me carrying you here from your memory. But, really. You’re pretty far in. It’s gonna take a while for you to get out.” The voice said again.

“Found it.” I said as I had used my speed technique to find it while he was talking. “Looks like some sort of barrier is stopping me from leaving though. That doesn’t bode well.”

“Uh… yeah so I did that as a small precaution. Also it’s a bit further into this place than it appears, it’s quite the walk. Maybe two full minutes? I dunno how fast you can walk.”

“No this is definitely the exit. Also judging from how you talk I’m not exactly confident in that you even know how to get out.” I said.

“Look I really don’t know and I admit, I didn’t set up a wall or anything I just came into here after finding you. Look, I don’t know how to get out either.”

“Really? You couldn’t find a less dark and dangerously mysterious cave? Lazy bum.” I said coldly.

“Look this was the best I could find in about three seconds. Now do you want to help me get out of here? I’ve got some friends I need to get back to.”

“Well judging from how this barrier seems to be constructed only the person who created it can get rid of it, so get comfy we may be here a while.” I said as I sat down on the ground and took out a granola bar from my backpack and began to eat it. I also noticed that there were a lot of bugs in the cave that disappeared randomly. Eh. No big deal. I’ve seen weirder things. Like that time Meh took a bath in a tub of potatoes. Now that was weird. That was really weird.

“Okay, I’ve eaten, you’re eating. So, is this not working or something? Or can you not see me?” The voice asked. “I just wanna make sure.”

“Well either you’re invisible or you're intentionally avoiding my light beacon so I'm not sure.” I said calmly as I continued eating the granola bar.

“Oh good. Because I’m sitting right in front of you. And no, no invisibility. Too many flaws.”

“Flaws?” I asked. “Like what? Pretty sure you can only see an invisible person via heat detectors, echolocation or if you have very good hearing and can sense energy.”


“That’s not very many. Besides everything usually has at least one flaw. Nothing can be perfect. Heck I’m sure you have some flaws.” I said.

“Yes, everything has flaws, except for me,” said a different voice.

“Oooo another mysterious spooky voice. This one sounds much more intimidating than you, bug muncher.” I commented. “Do I know you mysterious voice numero dos? Or is this our first tropezante?”

“That doesn’t matter, Draco.” The voice replied.

“Oh so you DO know me! Man so many people recognize me today.” I said. “So I assume you are the one who made the barrier?”

“Of course, Bob can’t make one of those. It’s none other than me,” replied the voice.

“Huh, so bug muncher’s name is Bob. That’s one of the first normal names I’ve heard in awhile.” I said. “So should I also assume that you don’t want us to leave your dark area?”

“First off, Bob is not a normal name.” The voice said, “and second, yes. I do not want you to leave at the moment. It’s been awhile since someone has entered my realm again. Like my new pets? I got them from a planet full of spiders.”

“Ooooooh wait! Are you that dark mysterious dude from the Dream World? I knew I heard that spooky voice from somewhere!” I exclaimed.

“I’m not the only one. You might mistaken me for someone else.”

“I guess that’s to be expected when I only ever hear you guy’s voice.” I said with a nod.

“So, I don’t know what I’ve gotten into but can I leave?” Bob asked.

“He just said like thirty seconds ago that he didn’t want us to leave yet, were you even paying attention?” I asked Bob.

“No, I have a short attention span.” Bob answered.

“Course you do. Anyway mysterious dream person do we have to do something before you let us out? Or do we just have to wait here for like a decade or however long you want?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter since time doesn’t affect this place.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“Oh good so I won’t be late for fish tacos tonight.” I said relieved.

“But wait, can I really just get out and go tell my friends some stuff and then come back?” Bob asked.

“Nah.” The mysterious dream person said. “You didn’t realize when entering that cave that I had a portal placed. So, yeah, you’re in the Dream World now. Good to be back, eh, Draco? Also, Bob, I can do something else for you other than releasing you.”

“And what’s that?” Bob asked.

“WHAT THE?! AHH! I’M SCARED OF THE DARK!” A little kid’s voice suddenly shouted.

“I’ve brought them to you. Hehehehehehe…” said the mysterious dream person.

A person popped out of nowhere right in front of me. He was slowly falling to the floor.

“I’m not… feeling good… help me…” the person in front of me muttered.

“Well now it just sounds like they're trying to reenact a scene from a superhero movie.” I commented.

The person in front of Draco stood up, and brushed off some dirt from their clothes. “I’m Bob, by the way. Now please, don’t let him make any more loud noises.”

“What loud noises? What are you weak to them or somethin?” I asked. “Wait… who am I talking to again? I’m confused.”

“Look, he brought some little kid voices or something and it hurt a lot. So, yeah try and not make any loud or high pitched noises just a heads up.” Bob sighed.

“Oh yeah, he’s sensitive with loud sounds.” Next to Bob appeared a guy… with a bird head? And he had feathers on his arms too and hair on his head going straight up, which was at least two feet tall. “My name’s Guy. The little kid back there is Lil’ Timmy, and the quiet guy is Malum. He rarely speaks.” Guy looked at me. “And you are… you fit the description of Broshi.”

“I’m not Broshi. I’ve already explained this to bug muncher.” I replied.

“His name is Bob!” Lil’ Timmy said.

“Is there anything wrong with having a nickname?” I asked.

“Bug Muncher is not a nickname!” he said.

“Yes it is, I’m calling him a name I came up with that is not his actual name so that makes it a nickname. It may not be a nice nickname, but he kidnapped me so it’s justified.” I replied.

“He kidnapped you because you look like Broshi, who’s an enemy to one of our friends,” Guy explained. “But it’s justified that you’re someone else. What’s your name?”

“Draco. And about Broshi, Folly stabbed him in the head like a year ago.” I replied.

“Huh,” Guy responded.

“Dunno if he’s actually dead though,” I added.

“Right.” Guy nodded.

“Anyway I’m pretty sure all of us are gonna begin receiving nightmares soon so prepare yourselves.” I warned them.

“NIGHTMARES?! AAAH!!” Lil’ Timmy screamed.

“Yes. Nightmares of what could be your most horrid fears that will torture your brain until it loses all of your sanity until you can no longer endure it.” I said menacingly with a smirk. “Or maybe it’ll just be like... some spiders and ghosts and maybe a murderer or two no biggie.”

“Are you challenging me? No biggie, you say?” The mysterious dream person said coldly.

“No I’m just saying that if it were only spiders and ghosts it would be no biggie because it’s a tad uncreative. I dunno what you're actually gonna do,” I replied.


“I’m confused, where are we?” Guy questioned.

“You’re in my realm. And I have full control here.” said the mysterious dream person. “Notice, I said my realm. Not the Dream World.”

“Nice to see you got your own place. Although I do have to ask, why is it here of all places?” I asked.

“It changes every hour.” the mysterious dream person responded.

“Ooooooooh that makes sense. And what exactly do you do in your realm?” I asked.

“You wouldn’t understand. You’re human.” The mysterious dream person replied. “But, what do you think I do?”

“I dunno, capture people, torment them, curse them, watch tv, how am I supposed to know, you're ethereal.” I replied.

“Yes, that’s partly correct. Though, the cable doesn’t reach here.” the mysterious dream person replied.

“Eh this planet is a bit out of the way, plus there’s only like one town on it so that makes sense.” I said with a nod. “What shows do you watch anyway?”

“I don’t know. People enter my realm and I read their minds, and watch whatever they seem to like. Human shows are quite odd.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“What do you find exactly?” I asked.

“Not sure. The concept of love is very confusing to me, as you know, I like to torment and curse people.” The mysterious dream person said.

“Huh. Sounds like you and Mehrunes have something in common.” I said. “Both with the love part and the tormenting part. He doesn’t curse though. Although he did say something bad once.”

“Heh. There’s a LOT you don’t know about him. I can say that since I know practically everything in his mind. You can just say he’s different then humans.” The mysterious dream person said.

“Well that’s because he refuses to say anything because his secrets are just so precious to him. Speaking of which is anyone else I know not exactly ‘human’?” I asked.

“Yes, many aren’t fully human either. Other than the fact that there are different types of humans in this galaxy.” The mysterious dream person responded.

“Hmmmm... What about me?” I then asked, pointing at myself.

“You’re mixed species too, but you can still breed with other humans of any types, female of course. All humans could.” The mysterious dream person said. “You have genetics from a different creature inside you, while you still are a Aerthian human.”

“But… what is it?” I asked. “Or am I not allowed to know that yet?”

“It’s a creature. I’ve seen them before, since they came inside my realm multiple times. Except you’re not that creature, you’re partly that creature.” The mysterious dream person responded. “A lot of these creatures are like humans, and technically, they’re still classified as humans, just slightly different than the others.”

“Huh. Confusing. Though I’m not sure what I was expecting when asking an ethereal being a question.” I said.

“Yep. Although, I still would like to try and understand what love is. Last time I tried to find out, with these two people you know named Lagi and Ivory. I tried to make them do whatever it was I saw on TV, but they failed it. So… I have no clue what love is really.” the mysterious dream person said.

“I feel ya. Most people probably won’t know until they find it for themselves. And even then their will be challenges before and after. I mean… Meh’s girlfriends beats him up if he doesn’t tell her when he leaves the base, and Satu has only just now gotten used to Lav liking him after almost two years of knowing each other. And Lagi and Ivory basically got forced into a relationship cuz their species needed it. And the last time I interacted with it, it led to a grave.” I said sadly.

“Oof.” I heard a different voice I didn’t recognize say.

“Who’s there?” I asked solemnly.

“That’s just Malum. He rarely speaks.” Guy said pointing to Malum who was sitting down at the wall, looking down.

“Huh. It’s a nice voice. He should use it more.” I said calmly. “Sounds a tad older then he looks though.”

“Cuz we’re all mutated and stuff.” Lil’ Timmy said. That reminded me, Bob. Lil’ Timmy screamed multiple times, so Bob was now fainted on the floor.

“Oh yeah, the rest are not even normal types of humans. Their genetics have been altered, they are multiple species in one.” The mysterious dream person said.

“I can see that. By the way I have one more question, and it’s kinda personal.” I said to the mysterious dream person.


“You see… I wanted to become an ultimate so I could protect people from those that were stronger then them and keep them from destroying what they cared about. It was a driving force for me to improve.” I started.

Then slowly both of my eyes were lit ablaze with white fire as I looked at my right hand which had it's fingers positioned in how someone would do a flick. “But now I’ve gotten so strong that now I wonder how I could protect people when I myself have the power to destroy all they have weather on purpose or not.”

“And your question is…?”

“What do I do? Most of my friends don’t know really only Elec and Winodren have noticed so far.” I replied.

“Why protect when you can destroy?” The mysterious dream person asked. “Heros are another thing that I don’t understand. If you ask me, just destroy everything that you don’t like. Can’t control it, then destroy everything anyway or learn to.”

“But that leads to nothing but being alone.” I replied.

“Exactly. I am alone.” The mysterious dream person responded. “Most humans prefer company, little of them like isolation. You can start loving isolation. I can help you learn that.” Then I noticed that everyone else (Bob, Guy, Malum, Lil’ Timmy) disappeared.

“But… That makes me question you. Why do you want to understand love if you like to be alone?” I asked.

“How am I supposed to enjoy watching TV if I can’t understand what the heck is going on?” The mysterious dream person retorted.

“You don’t need to, besides you can try to break me with isolation, but I’ve been alone before. It’ll work eventually but we’ll be here a while.” I replied.

“In my realm, I do whatever I want. You will feel like you’ve been here for years, but in reality you’ve barely been here for seconds.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“I know.” I replied.

“Well then. Enjoy some isolation.”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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not impossible, I could do

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