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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 6) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 6) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 1st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6: Saturo


Where could he be!? Draco literally just disappeared. I was trying to sense his energy, since I’m familiar with how his energy felt. I continued to walk through the forest as I searched.

“Hey Saturo!” Saturn then landed from the sky in front of me.

“Hey Saturn, I’m looking for Draco. Have you seen him?” I asked.

“Nope. I was gonna ask, are we done with the mission? My sister went back over to Teleyon. Vulgon and Vivofit are fixing their ship then they’re leaving. And Mehrunes… no clue. Same with Draco.” Saturn shrugged.

“Well. You can wait with your sister. I’m looking for Draco.” I went back to walking.

“I’ll come with you,” Saturn said.


The two of us continued walking for awhile. Then I stopped us.

“What is it?” Saturn questioned.

I felt something odd. Something felt off. I looked around, inspecting the area. I closed my eyes and focused on a method Elec taught me, and then opened my eyes. I spotted some weird barrier in the middle of the forest. It was invisible, but with the method I was using, I could slightly see it.

“Scuse me, Sat. Do you have any clue where Draco is?”

I turn around and spotted Mehrunes.

“Oh there’s Meh.” Saturn pointed.

“I can see that.” I looked over at Meh. “No, we’re looking for him.”

“Cool,” Mehrunes said. “I’ll join you. Cuz going home early is worse.”

“Alright.” I replied.

I then looked back at the weird barrier. I slowly walked into it, followed by Saturn and Mehrunes. It felt different inside.

“W-what’s that feeling?” Saturn asked, shivering.

“I think,” Mehrunes said, looking at me. “Saturo knows more than we do about it, as we’ve walked right into it.”

“It… feels odd. And familiar.” I said. “No wait… it’s slightly familiar. I can’t tell what it is.”

“Greetings,” we heard a voice speak. Then out of nowhere, a man appeared, dressed in dark green clothing.

“Hiiiiiii…” Mehrunes said.

“Who’re you? And did you make this odd barrier?” I questioned the man.

“Yes, indeed I did.” The man responded, walking closer. “But do not be alarmed. We’re not in the real world anymore. That’s all.”

“R-real world? W-what!?” Saturn was confused.

“Yes.” The man smiled. “You’re in the Dream World.”

“Kinda figured,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. No wonder it felt familiar.” I nodded. “So… who’re you?” I asked the man.

“I have no given name, but I did find a name that I liked.” The man responded. “So, you may call me Rorikan.”

“Neat, where'd you get that name?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Someone who entered my realm once gave it to me.” Rorikan smirked as well.

“Alright, alright, so what’re you doing here?” I asked Rorikan.

“My realm moved again, and it came to this specific location.” Rorikan answered, as all the trees and forest suddenly disappeared. Saturn was shocked at this. “And so, you entered it through the barrier.”

“Makes sense really,” Mehrunes said.

“Yes, I encounter people randomly every time my realm moves.” Rorikan nodded.

“Okay.” I replied. “I’m uh… looking for a friend. Do you happen to know where he is? Maybe he entered your realm too?”

Rorikan shook his head. “Not mine. Try and locate him.”

I closed my eyes, and I sensed Draco’s energy nearby. “I found him!” Then I felt his energy become much much higher than it normally is, even at his Draco Eye level two. I wondered what was up with that. Maybe he went at his full power again? Was he in danger?!

“Draco is just in a neighboring realm, that happened to spawn here as well.” Rorikan said. “If you want to save him, go on and do so. However, I can slightly help you if you get into trouble. So good luck.”

“Okay, be seeing you, Rorikan,” Mehrunes smirked.

“Indeed.” Rorikan smiled. “Now I’ll transfer you over to his realm.”

Then, all the white became darkness. I found myself in a familiar realm. It wasn’t too scary, like I remembered it.

“HELLO PERSEEN WHO OWNS THIS REALM!” Mehrunes shouted, suddenly holding a purple lamp that put off a decent amount of light. “WE HAVE COME FOR OUR FRIEND!”

“What the…” Saturn commented.

“Welp. So much for the isolation idea.” said a strange yet familiar voice. “It seems that even though I have blocked the entrance, you were forced inside. Must be another Dream World Master.”

“Do I know you? You sound familiar,” Mehrunes said.

“Yep.” replied the voice.

“Are you that guy that gave me the book that one time?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeeeeep…” the voice replied again.

“So you’re also the guy we basically always run into when we go to the Dream World?” Mehrunes asked.

“Must be destiny.” the voice responded.

“But what destiny?” Mehrunes asked.

“The one that lets us encounter each other every once and awhile.” replied the voice once more.

“Fair game. Can we have Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“Sure. Since you have another Dream World Master on your side, I would rather not get into conflict with him.” The voice then replied, and Draco suddenly appeared in front of us. He looked like he was out cold.

“Dream World master… noted…” Mehrunes wrote in a handbook.

“Well, you can have him. I was gonna do more with him, make him all evil and stuff. But, guess not. I’ll go back to watching this cool show I found called Game of Thrones. It has a lot of violence, which I like.” The voice said.

“Just remember the number one rule. No spoiling,” Mehrunes smirked. “Now we’ll take our leave, good to know I know at least two Dream World masters. Comon Satu crew, let’s go.”

“Alright I’ll release you.”

Then, the darkness disappeared and we were back in the forest. This time, Draco was with us.

“Lets wake Draco up,” Mehrunes said.

I charged up electricity, and zapped Draco with it. He suddenly got up, eyes wide open.

“WHAT THE?!” Saturn exclaimed.

“It’s one of the only ways to wake him up. Coffee doesn’t work with him.” I told Saturn as Draco got up and rubbed the back of his head.

“Huh. That felt… oddly short.” Draco said with a yawn.

“Thats cuz it was dipstick mcgee,” Mehrunes said. “We saved you before mister Dream World master made you all evil and stuff.”

“Oh okay.” Draco said.

“Well, we can go back now.” I said, “let’s go.” We then started walking back towards Teleyon’s spaceship. It wasn’t too far, so we arrived pretty quick. Once we got in, we spotted Teleyon playing video games in the pilot's seat, and Phoenix sitting down.

“Oh, they’re back.” Phoenix yawned.

Mehrunes splashed water on Phoenix.

“DUDE WHAT THE HECK?!” She bursted. Teleyon stopped his video games and looked back at them. Saturn laughed.

“I… don’t know…” Mehrunes looked confused, holding a bucket.

“What’s happening to you? Is there something that you wanna tell us?” I asked him as we took a seat.

“…Maybe later…” Mehrunes said. “It’s… complicated…”

“When did Mehrunes even come here?” Teleyon asked as he started up his spaceship.

“Draco and me planned some things…” Mehrunes said.

“Oh. Alrighty,” Teleyon replied, driving the spaceship up into space. “Speaking of Draco, did he sleep last night? He’s asleep right now.”

“He was forced into isolation in a Dream World master thats I know realm,” Mehrunes said. “There was a lot of stuff that happened. Potatoe.”

“Oh. Makes sense.” Teleyon responded.

“Hmph.” Phoenix grumbed, still wet.

“Your name is Pheonix, do you not have fire powers at all?” Mehrunes asked.

“Like I’m gonna use that in a spaceship?” Phoenix replied.

“No but like evaporate the water,” Mehrunes said. “Potatoes-- would know that.”

Phoenix looked at him strangely.

“Ignore the potatoe talking, m’kay?” Mehrunes asked.

“I--” Phoenix replied. “O-okay.”

“Good. Don’t worry it’ll make more --potatoe-- sense later,” Mehrunes said, cutting weirdly. “I swear I’m not always splashing water in people and talking about potatoes for no reason all the time.”

“Never would have figured.” Saturn commented.

“Shut up,” Mehrunes said. “I’m taking partial credit for getting He out by the way…”

“Sure,” I told him. I leaned back in my seat and looked out the window as we flew through space.

“When we get home, and I hopefully avoid a beatdown, I haven’t had a fight for a while…” Mehrunes said. “Any of you remotely interested?”

“Yeah, your girlfriend is gonna beat you up. Sounds fun.” Phoenix said.

“It can be avoided. And you didn’t answer the question as far as I’m concerned,” Mehrunes said.

“Are you asking if you wanna have us fight you?” Saturn questioned.

“Kinda, why have you never had a battle for fu-oh… oh yeah… nevermind that question…” Mehrunes said.

“Okay…” Saturn responded.

“And I mean the question I cut off,” Mehrunes said. “Cuz I remembered the whole ‘captured test subject’ thingy so…”

“Yeah.” Saturn replied.

“Not really purposely trying to be wholly insensitive, but yeah, it’s kinda like a battle, only your goal is not to kill the other person, it’s for fun and training and stuff,” Mehrunes said.

“Oooooh. Sounds like something I would do with my sister.” Saturn said, looking over at Phoenix.

“I think part of the point is to give you experience fighting against different elements, fighting styles, and such with your own. So like when Draco wasn't powerful I would pick on him a lot, cuz it was fun, and that wasn't effective training, it was me picking on him cuz I knew I could win,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s kinda a thing you’d do with everyone who was willing.”

“Oh alright!” Saturn beamed.

“It’s actually a thing you can compete with, there’s like tournaments and prizes, and you have have friendly competition to how much you win to lose in your friends, its like an integrated part of society around here,” Mehrunes said. “It’s neat to learn about this galaxy, especially since I’m from a different one. I’m telling you this because I feel bad that I soaked yer sister.”

“Then why don’t you tell her instead?” Saturn questioned.

“Well, I’m not like whispering this to you, she can hear too, and it’s intended to be that way. It’s just that she’s non-engaged and you’re asking questions and holding a conversation,” Mehrunes said.

“Ooooh okay.” Saturn nodded.

“Yeah. So now that you both know all that stuff, and you hopefully understand a little bit, my offer/request still stands,” Mehrunes said.

“I mean, sure.” Saturn shrugged. “Why not?”

“I dunno,” Mehrunes said. “Phoenix?”

“Sure,” she replied.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said. “Now we wait till we’re home, and I’ll get out of being completely destroyed by Listy.”

“Is Listy your girlfriend?” asked Phoenix.

“In a word… yes,” Mehrunes said.

“She’s also his tormentor,” Saturn laughed.

“Our relationship is complicated,” Mehrunes said. “Just like the inner workings of my head.”

“Oh?” Saturn responded.

“I’m not saying I’m crazy smart, I’m saying if my mind was a physical thing it would be a maze with random parts that are ‘locked’ off for no reason and have no key anywhere,” Mehrunes said.

“Is that good?” Phoenix asked.

“Not necessarily, cuz I don’t have the key either, so even I don’t know some stuff about my past, and other info that’s locked,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh.” Phoenix said.

“Yeah,” Mehrunes said.

“So, what exactly are we gonna do when we arrive?” Saturn asked.

“Uhhhh… I’m guessing land, you’re gonna meet people, maybe get a room, and then since you both said sure, head over to the training area thing, unless you’re hungry or something in which we can go over to my diner, and then the arena,” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna guess something like that.”

“Food sounds nice.” Saturn said.

“M’kay, Phoenix?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, food.” Phoenix replied.

“Seems legit,” Mehrunes said.

“Are we there yet, Tele?” I asked Teleyon.

“Almost.” Teleyon replied. “Just a few more minutes.”

? Hematite ?

We waited for them to come back. It wasn’t too long, I expected them to return after a day or so. As we waited for them, I drove my spaceship along with everyone else (including Silence) back over to the Training Facility. I’m not exactly sure why we let Silence into it but… we did. So we’re all inside now.

I already had parked my spaceship and took everyone out, shrinking it down to pocket size before storing it.

Sokanon was looking at Silence with fear and her eye was slightly misty. Saio was comforting her.

“Teleyon should be here soon.” Arada had her arms crossed, and was looking up above the garage where Teleyon would land his spaceship.

Silence shifted his katanas in his hands. “Good.” he said. “It’s best if this is quick.”

Then, Teleyon’s spaceship appeared and landed in the garage. We waited a few moments, and then Teleyon and Mehrunes walked out of the garage (along with three other people, one that I assumed was the student of Elec, and two others a guy with green clothes and a girl with a red dress).

“There he is,” Arada said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mehrunes asked. “Who’s that?”

Arada shrugged. “No clue. He wanted to talk to Teleyon.”

Teleyon glanced over at Silence. “What do you need?”

Silence was looking at one of the new people that Teleyon and Mehrunes had brought back, but quickly looked at Teleyon. “My name is of no importance. I need to speak with you, Teleyon.”

“PFFFFFFFT!” Mehrunes laughed. “OH! THATS RICH! No, no I don’t think I’m going to let an intimidating stranger who doesn’t disclose their name talk to, be alone with, or even get much closer to the person they’re staring at for much longer than I’ve been here, I already hate you, you give off the ‘terrible person’ vibes, and I need you to go fall in a pit, I know what this is, I think, and it’s gonna stay a matter of you wanna talk to Tele, you’re gonna have to do it through me mister katana.” Mehrunes was clearly hostile towards Silence.

Silence lowered his katanas so the tips touched the ground. “You may believe what you want, but there’s much about me you don’t know.” he said. His voice, throughout the whole thing, had remained calm and unwavered. “But I would like to talk with your friend.”

“You can talk all you want. Right now, and here. If you have nothing to hide you won’t have a problem with that,” Mehrunes said.

“What I have to say need be heard only by Teleyon. You have nothing to do with it.” Silence’s voice shifted to a slightly cold tone.

It was interesting how everyone else was quiet and we watched Silence and Mehrunes talking back and forth.

“Get used to it. I don’t trust you, and like Teleyon with all of his blood, so I can do whatever I want. And what I’m going to do is revoke your access pass that you didn’t have, again, if you have nothing to hide, nothing will be wrong, and even if you somehow got Tele alone, there's cameras, lot’s of them. So talk or leave,” Mehrunes tone changed to be even colder, almost like he was a killer.

Silence tightened his grip on the katana’s and they raised toward the group an inch. “If that’s how it will be, then.” he said. Suddenly, he was out of sight, and there were pounding footsteps behind them, then on the side, then all around.

“I told you he was bad news,” Mehrunes said. “Now will you stop giving him who he wants, and help make sure he doesn’t get him? Yes? THAAANKS.”

Right when he finished speaking, a katana sliced through the air by Mehrunes’ face and gave him a cut.

Except Meh was prepared for it, and it instead passed right through his face.

“Dude, I can walk through walls and stuff, I can pass through your katana as well, you’re so overrated. Now kindly face me like a man and not a literal baby,” Mehrunes drew his own katana.

“I’ll fight how I fight,” Silence snarled. He aimed his katana as Mehrunes again but instead of hitting him, he passed by and hit Teleyon’s shoulder. Teleyon winced in pain. After that the footsteps stopped and Silence wasn’t in sight, for now.

“Fine then! I’LL FIGHT MY WAY!” Mehrunes made ten clones, one of them grabbed Teleyon and nine of them disappeared, only one remaining. “I like games, scavenger hunts, have fun.” That Mehrunes then disappeared.

Sokanon was shivering on her knees out of fear. Her eye was clouded in mist, it was everywhere around her. It was like the time she turned into the beast… Maybe she’ll turn into it again?

Then, out of nowhere a red haired girl came running.

“I heard Meh yelling!” the red haired girl said. “What’s going on?! Oh- Sokanon are you okay?”

Sokanon didn’t look at her. She stayed still while Saio rubbed her back.

“Okay I’m confused who’re the new people?” the red haired girl asked, looking at the guy with green clothes and a girl with the red dress.

“Look! It’s Silence!” Badok shouted suddenly. He was pointing across the yard.

“Who?” Listy looked. (I figured out her name because it was written on the back of her shirt)

Silence’s eyes were glowing red and orange like fire. He was holding his katanas at his sides, he looked like he would a attack again.

Then, Mehrunes popped out of thin air and slashed Silence across the back. “Nerd.” He simply said, before winking at Listy and disappearing.

Silence wasn’t fazed. He didn’t even look hurt. “Stop hiding, it’s cowardly.” He said, looking up.

“No. It’s the way I fight, dipstick, if you don’t like it you shoulda taken my offer!” Mehrunes appeared next to Listy. “But now Telyon could be miles away and there’s nothing you can do about it, nerd.” Mehrunes said, shooting a revolver right at Silences chest.

All that happened was Silence stumbled. There was a hole in his hoodie now. He snorted. “Now I’ll have to sew it up. Where will I get the string?” He chuckled slightly.

“Heh,” Mehrunes said. “Nice…” Mehrunes then shot him five more times.

I looked at Silence closely, realizing he wasn’t taking any damage. I then figured out what it was, but didn’t say anything.

Silence flicked his katanas up toward Mehrunes. “Come fight me, stop holding back. I’m not afraid of you.”

“Stop holding back?” Mehrunes asked. “Hmm…” Mehrunes thought for a moment. “Are you sure? I mean I kinda like holding back.”

Listy suddenly tossed a giant boulder at Silence. Silence leapt into the air and dodge it. He landed on it as it hit the ground and zoomed towards Listy and Mehrunes. He passed Mehrunes and tackled Listy, then in a swift motion lifted her and himself up and put his katanas tight against her throat. A small drop of blood trickled from a scratch it made. “Your move,” he said quietly.

“Loud and clear, captain,” Mehrunes had already made his move, having moved so fast no one really saw what happened, but the aftermath was List was gone, Mehrunes was surrounded by an aura and floaty particles, and a meteor esck object came down, soon to be recognized and a… Dolphin? A cyborg Dolphin. “There was a line…” The Dolphin landed in Meh’s hands and loaded itself with the particles, and he immediately open fired, making an abysmal noise of pure destruction as Silence was barraged and coated in a thick smoke.

When the smoke cleared a bit, Silence was on the ground. There was a mask beside him, and his white skin was gone. His katanas were on the ground beside him. He was still awake. “Good move,” he said, raising himself to a kneeling position.

“Indeed it is,” Mehrunes said, he was still surrounded by an aura and had the particles, but the machine gun thing left.

Silence looked up at Mehrunes. He was smiling. It faded soon, though. “You’ve defeated me, it seems. Do what you wish, I won’t stop you.”

“I wish to know your name,” Arada said from next to me.

Silence blinked at her and hesitated. “Syren.” he said quietly. “There’s no point in not saying.”

“Syren. Alright Syren. Why were you after Tele?” Arada questioned him.

“That is one thing I cannot share with you.” he said.

“Oh, alright.” Arada responded. “Well. You might as well quit going after him. As you were only defeated by one of us.”

“I’m the one that’s kinda in the middle low on the ‘who’s the strongest’ spectrum…” Mehrunes commented.

“That’s cuz you don’t train.” Arada told Meh. “Alright then, Syren, what do you wish to do now?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Syren responded.

“You don’t seem that bad. Mehrunes may think otherwise, but that’s just cuz he hates on anyone that give a bad first impression. He doesn’t always give chances.” Arada said, looking at Syren and then at Mehrunes. “I’m not saying I trust you. I’m just saying, I’m willing to give you another chance. Of course, we’ll still have to have someone watching over Teleyon.”

“I had fun…” Mehrunes said.

Syren stood up and pulled his hoodie down, showing his white hair with black specks in it. “I did, too.” he held out his scrapped hand to Mehrunes. Mehrunes grabbed it.

“Uh…” The boy with green clothing then said, “when can we eat?”

“Probably now, Saturn,” Mehrunes told the boy. “Syren you hungry?”

Syren’s eyes were glittering and he was smiling. “Yes, quite.”

“Oh good. Diner’s this way, we can eat and all that good stuff,” Mehrunes said, moving in the direction of the diner.

“Can you tell me where Tele is? I need to go to him.” Arada asked Mehrunes.

“I literally put him in the Diner,” Mehrunes smirked back at us.

“Oh. Well then let’s go!”

A lot of people started moving around. I took a moment to try and figure out where everyone was going. The student of Elec had gone somewhere else, probably to his room since I spotted him enter a room. I also spotted Sokanon, Saio, and Badok go to their rooms. Perhaps they need some time to themselves after the death of Kinji. I still wondered when the truth will come out.

Saturn, Syren, Mehrunes… Along with Arada and that girl with the red dress went over to the diner. I went on in with them. I could use a snack too.

“So what do you have?” the girl with the red dress asked. I looked around the diner, scanning it. There were tables, and there was also a kitchen of course. There were a lot of Mehrunes’, clones of him, working.

“Lots of stuff, it evolved over time because there’s a few kinda rules, food for friends is free, so the lot of you can pay jack squat, if it’s not on the menu and you ask about it, in a few days I’ll know how to, and then make it,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s like a thing.”

“Do you have chicken and rice?” the girl in the red dress asked.

Mehrunes took out a piece of paper and looked at it. “Apparently not, but I know how to make rice, and I know how to make chicken… so how hard could it be really?”

“Yeah.” Saturn said, “Phoenix likes rice for some reason.”

Oh, so that’s what her name was. I spotted Teleyon seated down at the table, Arada sat next to him. I went on over and sat across from Teleyon, next to me sat Saturn and Phoenix. Syren sat next to Arada, sitting across Phoenix.

“So Tele, do you want some healing for that wound?” Mehrunes asked. “I could send a clone to get Lav or something.”

“Yes please.” Teleyon nodded.

Mehrunes motioned at one of the clone, and it walked out of the diner.

“So if you need a clone for something, just kinda yell at them,” Mehrunes said. “HEY! CLONE! COME SERVE US PLEASE!” Mehrunes yelled as an example, as a clone came running. “See? Works like a treat.”

“Nice.” Saturn smiled.

“You know, the clone is here. Can I just order now?” Syren asked Mehrunes, the real one.

“Yes. That is the point,” Mehrunes said. “Why would I call him? I knew at least one person would know what they want.”

“You could have called him to waste his time.” Syren said sarcastically. “Mehrunes-clone, I would like… I don’t know if you have it in this ti- galaxy. It’s called ‘Venison’ and it’s absolutely delicious. And ya know if not, just anything from your menu.” Syren shrugged.

“Okay,” The clone said.

“I would like… the pi pie?” Saturn asked, looking at the menu.

“Okie-Dokie,” The clone said.

“I want chicken and rice.” Phoenix said.

“Kay’,” The clone said.

“And I’ll take…” I said, looking at the menu. “Ooouuu, I’ll take some TNT Juice.” TNT Juice is very useful to me.

“Okay.” The clone said.

“Me and Teleyon will take the usual.” Arada told the clone. “One plate.”

“Kay,” The clone said.

“That’s all.” Arada gave all the menus to the clone.

“Okay,” The clone said, leaving to give the order to the other clones.

“After this we can battle, Meh!” Saturn told the real Mehrunes.

“Indeed,” Mehrunes said.

“I’d like to join as well.” I smiled.

“You always wanna join!” Mehrunes smirked.

“Of course.” I smirked back.

“Mmm but no, thanks,” Mehrunes said.

“I really want to fight Elec though. Whenever he comes back.” I said.

“Good luck with that,” Mehrunes said.

“I’d probably need it.” I replied.

? Guy ?

“What do we do now?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

All four of us were now back in the forest. We were just this weird place that had an odd voice speaking, but now we’re back here.

Malum was sitting down calmly behind a tree, as usual, silent. Bob had finally woken up (he fainted due to the sound of Lil’ Timmy’s screaming).

“We’re free… But we don’t have a spaceship. What do we do?” I questioned myself and the others.

“I say, we find a shelter outside a city, and during the day we can find food and stuff and at night we can hide in free shelter.” Bob suggested.

“Is there even a city around here?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“Good question, I don’t have an answer to that one. So I guess… I don’t know, we just walk in a general direction until we either find a city or find people who know where we even are.” Bob said.

“I think we should help.” Vulgon then appeared, beside him was Vivofit, and behind both of them was their spaceship, all fixed and ready to go. “We could take you with us, give you shelter, food, and all that.”

“Woah, really?” Bob asked.

“Sure! We have plenty of everything!” Vivofit exclaimed. “Cuz we don’t live alone. I’m sure Mom’ll allow you guys to stay.”

“Thanks! If there’s ever a way to repay you, just tell us. You’ve helped so much, I just can’t express my thanks enough!” Bob exclaimed, shaking Vivofit’s hand.

“Hehe, you’re welcome!” Vivofit replied as Bob, Lil’ Timmy, and I were all smiling in joy. “Now, let’s go in!”

Our smiles stayed for awhile, as we all got into the spaceship and took out seats, Bob sitting in the back on the chair with the hole in it. Vivo and Vulgon got into their seats and we immediately flew up into space.

“Yo, just gimme a heads up when we’re gonna crash and stuff.” Bob said as he started to relax in his chair.

“Oh no worries, dude,” Vulgon said. “We’re going to Vivo’s home, so he’s not even allowed to crash.”

“Thanks, I’ll just take a little nap over here, shake me if we’re getting close.” Bob said as he yawned a little bit.

Lil’ Timmy also yawned, and I felt a little tired too.

“We should all sleep, it’s been awhile since we’ve last slept.” I said, yawning.

“Sounds good,” Vulgon said. “We’ll wake you when we’re there!”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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