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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 7) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 7) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 3rd, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

it's here. Enjoy <3


Chapter 7: Hematite


“Okay, so how’s this gonna go?” Saturn asked.

We had finished eating at the diner and went over to the training room/arena or whatever it was. It was just this big room that looked like a gym, but it wasn’t. It was made out of some weird material, the walls I mean. The ground was normal dirt. But under it was probably the same material.

“It’s pretty hard to tell how it’ll go,” Mehrunes replied, eating popcorn.
“Kinda depends, but if you mean like, what are the rules or something, then mention that.”

“None of us have ever been in a battle for fun. So explain how we do it!” Saturn said, as his sister Phoenix stood next to him. Syren and I were just watching from the side.

“Uh, well, It’s kinda like a normal battle, only your life isn't on the line, and losing means less I guess,” Mehrunes said. “I dunno, I can’t really explain it.”

“Oh! Okay, so… who goes first?” Saturn questioned.

“What? It’s not a turn based strategy game, no one ‘goes first’,” Mehrunes said. “Are you both fighting me at the same time right now?”

“I don’t know. Are we?” Saturn shrugged.

“You’re the only people that know that,” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn.

“Then we go one at a time! So I can prove I’m better!” Saturn said.

“Pfft,” Mehrunes almost laughed. “Okay then, let’s go then, Saturn.”

“Alright! Time to experiment more with what I can do,” Saturn surrounded himself with a green aura.

“Fun,” Mehrunes whispered to himself.

Saturn then shot a blast of green energy at Mehrunes. Mehrunes dodged with ease, returning fire with a few purple stars. Saturn flew up, avoiding the purple stars.

Saturn then raised his hand and made a disc of some sort, chucking it at Mehrunes. Mehrunes unsheathed his katana and destroyed it, before sheathing again. He then barraged Saturn with stars.

Saturn surrounded himself with a barrier, deflecting the stars.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said. “Although I will admit I do not appreciate the barrier.”

“I figured I can increase the size or decrease the size of the barrier. I could trap someone in it and shrink it down to an inch,” Saturn said. “Crushing them… So I rather not do that.”

“Makes sense,” Mehrunes said, throwing handfuls of purple orbs at Saturn.

Saturn surrounded the purple orbs in a barrier and crushed them. Except they were a distraction, as Mehrunes punched Saturn in the face, launching him backwards.

“Ow.” Saturn caught himself in mid air. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Yeah… although if you’d paid attention to my approach, the purple bombs would’ve exploded. It’s a lose lose situation,” Mehrunes smirked.

“I guess.” Saturn shrugged.

Mehrunes threw several daggers at Saturn.

“Ack! Sharp!” Saturn screeched, barely dodging the daggers.

“If they were blunt, they’d be useless. Do you not like sharp things?” Mehrunes asked, throwing a bowl of popcorn at Saturn.

“I mean… I hate needles and I always would be terrified whenever they would inject me with stuff…” Saturn said, getting hit by the popcorn, and then getting hit by a ton more popcorn.

“Makes sense,” Mehrunes said, thinking. “It’s been forever since I’ve had a fight I have to think, wait no…” Mehrunes made a clone, then the clone threw him at the popcorn covered Saturn, and then the clone disappeared.

“You literally just fought Syren awhile ago,” Saturn said, destroying the popcorn with green energy. Just in time to get punched in the face by Mehrunes.

“I mean only kind of though, it was more of a ‘I was being annoying then he threatened my girlfriend and I obliterated him’ than a fight,” Mehrunes shot a look at Syren. “I used like two of my most powerful moves in tandem, so…”

Syren smirked at Mehrunes. “Call it what you will, lover boy. I coulda killed her if I wanted!”

“Be careful with your words there,” Mehrunes said. “And also seriously? Lover boy? Nothing more creative I mean come on dude!” Mehrunes grabbed Saturn and threw him at a nearby wall. “So uncreative.”

“Oh hush up! What are you gonna do, kill me?” Syren shouted.

“You sound really casual about dying,” Mehrunes said suspiciously, “what’s with that?”

“Death doesn’t scare me,” Syren said smoothly.

“Doesn’t scare me either nimrod, doesn’t mean I’m okay with it,” Mehrunes replied, still fending off Saturn. “Therefore, you are hiding something.”

“Oh quiet you. It’s not like dying hurts a lot, don’t you think? Just pain then blackness?”

Mehrunes just smirked, and then put his focus back on Saturn.

“You say dying doesn’t hurt…” Saturn mumbled. “You don’t know then…”

“You don’t either. Ironically enough I was killed once and brought back. So both of you shut up,” Mehrunes said, punching Saturn.

Saturn blocked the punch with his hand. “Not what I meant. I haven’t died. But I’ve seen people be tortured to death. It hurts. A LOT!” Saturn then punched Mehrunes straight in the face, knocking him back across the room. Mehrunes bounced off one wall and launched himself back at Saturn, ramming his chest.

“Well yes, of course torture hurts. But it’s not like it’s… Scary or… I don’t know, like, yeah.” Syren shook his head. “I’ll shut my trap now.”

“Good, enough arguing about something we know nothing about,” Mehrunes said, as Saturn was on the ground from his latest attack. Mehrunes dropped a bomb on Saturn's chest and it stuck there.

Saturn stared at the bomb. “…” He then surrounded it with a barrier. Mehrunes punched him in the face, and put a bomb on one of his legs.

“How many barriers do you have?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I just make them,” Saturn replied, surrounding the other bomb with a barrier. Mehrunes held up a bomb, and then all three exploded into a cloud of dust. The ones in barriers didn’t go anywhere, it remained inside the barrier. Saturn suddenly came flying out of the dust to hit Syren.

Syren made yelping sounds and hit the ground. “Ow! Watch, man! I’m still sore from my last fight.” he groaned. “Get offa me!”

“Sorry, not my fault.” Saturn stood up and dusted himself off.

“I mean I was spinning around to throw you that time, so I’m taking no blame,” Mehrunes cleared the dust with a big fan. “Hey Saturn, look behind you.”

“Hm?” Saturn looked behind him. And then a purple dragon appeared where he wasn't looking, it was where he was looking before he looked behind him.

“I only see Syre--” He then looked back in front of him, spotting the dragon. “What the…”

The purple dragon roared at Saturn, before swatting him into a wall like a fly. Syren had to duck out of the way of it’s massive claws to avoid getting hit again.

“Ow.” Saturn said. “That thing is gonna cause me trouble.” He then surrounded the dragon with a big barrier, and then shrunk it down to an inch, crushing the dragon.

“Oof, too bad it’s this type of dragon, from my galaxy,” Mehrunes said, as the dragon teleported out, then grew back to it’s normal size, harmed, but not dead.

“Oh phooey.” Saturn rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t even know how to go to full power. How am I supposed to defeat it?”

“We’re having fun, so I’ll make it easier,” Mehrunes said, as the dragon shrunk down to about the size of a big dog. “There, less powerful and smaller.” The dragon charged Saturn at an impressive speed.

Saturn shot blasts of green energy at it. It made itself a purple barrier in front of it, and approached considerably slower, you could tell the energy hurt.

“Take this!” Saturn charged a big blast of green energy, and launched it at the dragon. It broke the barrier and the dragon made a roll out of the way, and Mehrunes blocked the rest with his katana.

“Nice,” Mehrunes said.

“I’m starting to get used to my powers,” Saturn said, looking at his hands which were glowing green.

“That is a good thing, look out!” Mehrunes said, as the dragon jumped at Saturn. Saturn glared at the dragon, then trapped it in a barrier before he appeared behind it, removing the barrier, and then blasting it with more green energy. The dragon roared madly before it clawed Saturn’s leg, gashing it.

“OW!” Saturn yelled. He then glared at the dragon again, his aura becoming brighter. Then he grabbed it, blasting green energy inside its mouth. The dragon disappeared.

“Nice.” Mehrunes said.

Saturn looked at himself, realizing his aura. “Oh, this happens when I get mad? I get stronger?”

“Happens to some people, but usually it also comes with being reckless as well,” Mehrunes said, as he unsheathed his katana. “Learned how to make a sword with your powers yet?”

“Sword? I don’t know, I never used weapons before,” Saturn replied.

“I think what it was, was you concentrate your energy into a form of a sword or something,” Mehrunes said.

“Uhh…” Saturn tried to do something, and he blasted energy at Mehrunes, and it took the form of a sword.

“…” Mehrunes looked confused.

“I concentrated my energy into a form of a sword as you said!” Saturn exclaimed.

“But you were supposed to hold it…” Mehrunes said, grabbing the sword and tossing it at Saturn.

“How do you hold energy?” Saturn asked. “It burns.”

“It does burn. How does Draco hold plasma? It burns! It’s a thing you know? How this how that, you get used to your level of power and what effects is has on you with training,” Mehrunes said.

“I never trained before. I was just trapped in a cell all day,” Saturn said. “Sometimes we’d be let out. But rarely.”

“This is training, but it’s also fun. That’s why Hem wants to fight everyone even if they’re stronger than him. We’re training right now, but it’s in a fun way, so, do stuff you know?” Mehrunes smirked, throwing a dagger at Saturn.

“But when will it end?” Saturn asked, as the dagger reached Saturn but melted from his aura.

“When one of us loses,” Mehrunes smirked, “Now come on, sword fight me.”

“Okay,” Saturn tried to make a sword again. He then made a sword not out of energy, but out of the stuff his barrier’s were made out of. “Got it!” He grabbed it by the handle.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said.

“So… how do I exactly do this?” Saturn asked, looking at the sword.

“Good question, depends on a lot of variables. So, can’t tell you,” Mehrunes said. “So uhh, yeah.” Mehrunes charged Saturn with his katana.

Saturn tried to block it with his sword. Mehrunes was clearly going easy, as he struck Saturn's sword.

“I don’t know how to sword fight,” Saturn said.

“The same way that you do other fighting, swing your sword and block with it,” Mehrunes smirked. “You don’t HAVE to use a sword if you don’t want to…”

Saturn tried to swing his sword at Mehrunes. Mehrunes just kinda moved a little, and he missed.

“Yeah, I don’t know how.” Saturn made the sword disappear. “I want to try and bring my full power out.”

“Go right ahead, but I’m not gonna make it easy,” Mehrunes said, swinging his katana.

“But I don’t know how!” Saturn exclaimed, dodging.

“I dunno man,” Mehrunes said, throwing Saturn into a wall and pinning him there.

“Maybe if you make me angry enough it’ll come out,” Saturn suggested.

“Easy peasy,” Mehrunes said, slashing Saturn’s chest and smashing him into the ground chest first, before throwing him into a different wall, teleporting with momentum, slamming his feet into Saturn, right on the gash his katana made, crushing Saturn into a wall.

Then some sort of explosion happened around Saturn as he was surrounded by a green aura again, this time it was brighter. His eyes were glowing green, and his hair had also changed from brown to green.

“Looks like that worked,” Saturn said, looking at himself.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Mehrunes still wasn't recovered from the explosion.

“So uh, did I win?” Saturn asked.

“Not quite,” Mehrunes stood up. “But that’s pretty impressive.”

“Yeah.” Saturn said, “I think this is my full power.”

“Yo Phoenix, what do you think?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I don’t know,” Phoenix shrugged. “But when we were tested, if we were brought to any harm that could kill us, the power is dragged out. So probably.”

“I have no idea what that means but sure,” Mehrunes said, a katana appearing and him throwing it so it was aligned up and down with blade to hilt.

“It means that when we’re near death, our full power is brought out so we can protect ourselves,” Phoenix explained. “But anyway, it’s my turn now, right?”

“I mean, I don’t care,” Mehrunes said. “You two can do whatever. It can be your turn if you want and Saturn’s okay with it.”

“Okay.” Phoenix said. “Hey Saturn, come fight me.”

“No.” Saturn refused, “I don’t want to.”

“Why not?” Phoenix asked.

“Because. I just got finished fighting Mehrunes,” Saturn replied, landing his feet on the ground.

“Stupid, in the real world you may still have to fight after any fight.” Phoenix insulted. “Get your butt over here and fight me.”

Mehrunes, Syren, and I just watched.

“Fight Mehrunes!” Saturn pointed at Mehrunes.

“No, I’d rather fight you.” Phoenix said, “to prove I’m stronger than you.”

“Well I don’t want to!” Saturn yelled.

Phoenix ran up to him and tackled him to the ground, her hair turning into flames.

“OW! OKAY! I’LL FIGHT YOU!” Saturn screamed.

Saturn then stood up, pushing Phoenix back with his powers. He then put himself in a barrier.

“I have to fight you anyway, defeat you, and then I’m free to do what I want,” Saturn glared at his sister.

“You dumb shiz,” Phoenix blasted fire at Saturn, but the barrier repelled it.

Saturn stayed silent, glaring at his sister. “You always do that.”

Phoenix surrounded the entire barrier with fire, leaving Saturn out of sight entirely. Only flames were visible.

“You can’t defeat me!” Phoenix growled. “I’m the stronger one!”

I was actually interested to see who was stronger. This would be a pretty interesting fight.

Phoenix continued shooting fire at Saturn, and he remained inside his barrier. “Pathetic as usual, Saturn. You’re terrible at fighting.”

“Horrible!?” Saturn’s barrier exploded open, and he blasted the fire out of the way. “I almost pretty much defeated Mehrunes, and you say I’m horrible!?”

“Yeah, you’re the worst at fighting. You suck, you dumb fricc.” Phoenix insulted again.

“I’m not dumb.” Saturn said, “you are.”

“What did you say?” Phoenix growled.

“I said you’re dumb. Dumb fricc.” Saturn stuck out his tongue.

Phoenix bursted with flames, and leaped over at Saturn. He watched closely and then dodged.

“Ha, my fight with Mehrunes has taught me stuff. While you know what? Nothing.” Saturn laughed.

“Shut the fricc up!” Phoenix yelled. She shot fire all over the ground so Saturn couldn’t dodge.

Saturn just flew up in the air and stuck his tongue out. Phoenix then bursted with more flames, her entire body turning into flames. She appeared behind Saturn, and thrusted a punch.

Saturn went flying after getting punched, ramming into a wall. He almost fell on Syren again, but Syren dodged it. “Oh my, Saturn! Watch it! I swear, I’ll knock your lights out.”

“Do it.” Phoenix said, as Saturn got up and rubbed his head, “knock his lights out.”

Syren winked at her and quickly pulled out a mask, put it on, and his skin turned white. He aimed a punch at the back of Saturn’s head and hit the center. “Let’s see if that knocked em.”

“…” Saturn looked back at Syren, a barrier standing in between the two of them. “Don’t.”

Syren chuckled. “You beat me to it,” he said, and backed off.

“Why do you have to be so mean to me?” Saturn asked Phoenix. “Telling people to hurt me, isn’t what you do enough?”

“I think that’s what a sibling is supposed to do, trust me on that,” Syren said.

“Hmph.” Saturn mumbled something to himself, that I couldn’t quite hear.

“Don’t be such a grouch,” Syren said. He was walking around, trying to find a way through Saturn’s barrier. “If you don’t like it then punch her back once in a while - or are you scared?” Syren teased.

Saturn glared at Syren. “Whenever I fight back, I end up beaten up badly. But my fight with Mehrunes taught me some more skills, so I’m lasting.” Saturn looked over at Mehrunes who was across the room. “Thanks Meh!” He then looked back at Syren. “She always does this. I hate it.”

“Haha, I bet so. I used to be with a girl who had… Oh gosh, how many siblings? A whole lot. Anyway, they were like my siblings. We used to try and kill each other before I dated the girl. One of em still hated my guts for a while. Those things always fought and they were so annoying.” Syren rambled. “I wonder if they’re dead now…” he added in a murmur.

“So it’s not just me?” Saturn said, “alright. PHOENIX! WHAT’S WRONG?! CAN’T GET TO ME!?”

Phoenix looked extremely ticked off. She appeared in front of Saturn, who was still in the barrier, covered all in flames. “I will burn you.” She shot flames back at Saturn.

“Dang, I wish I’ve discovered how to use the barriers long ago. Your fire can’t reach me.” Saturn smirked. “Idiot. Or should I say… Idot.”

“Shut the fricc up you bench.” Phoenix shot more flames at Saturn.

“Give it up, sis. You can’t win against me. I’m stronger.” Saturn said.

“No. I will find out how to get past your barrier.” Phoenix said.

“Later though. M’kay, can I end this now?” Saturn asked.

“With me winning, yes.” Phoenix said. “You mother friccin idiot, can’t do anything right and you always complain, you whiney shiz.”

Saturn looked down. “Say that one more time.” He glared at Phoenix with his green eyes, his hair green and with a bright green aura. “I dare you.”

“Jeez, you two are as bad as Zara.” Syren said. “You really need to calm down.”

“After I finish with him!” Phoenix growled.

“And after I finish with her!” Saturn added.

“Oh my- No!” Syren shouted. He aimed a fist at Phoenix. In half a second he hit her in the head. He glanced at Saturn, who was still in his barrier. Phoenix was on the ground, not moving.

“D-did you knock her out?” Saturn asked.

“Um…” he bent down and put two fingers on her neck. “She’s still alive, so… Yes?” Syren said.

“Thank you! Now I don’t have to deal with her!” Saturn’s barrier disappeared and his hair turned back to normal. As soon as that happened Syren punched him, too.

“Ow.” Saturn however was not knocked out. “WAIT! I WASN’T KNOCKED OUT BUT PHOENIX WAS!”

Syren took off the mask and he was normal. “Crap. I thought that would work.” his face was slightly red.

“It just means I’m stronger.” Saturn smirked. “Thanks again, Meh!”

“Well, I didn’t actually punch that hard.”

“Oh. Then thanks!” Saturn said. He walked over to Phoenix who was lying on the floor. “Uh… do we have a room yet? Cuz…”

“Uh.” I stood up. “Let’s go ask.”

“Yeah!” Saturn said.

to be continued.... in the NEXT CHAPTER! YEET!

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