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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 8) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 8) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 6th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 8: Saturo


I was sitting down on my couch, waiting. Waiting for what, you may ask? Waiting for someone. Who else other than Lavender? I wanted to spend some of this time with her. Because I didn’t have a mission, and won’t for awhile. Elec will contact me when I need to.

Then I heard a knock on the door. Possibly Lavender? I got up and opened it. I spotted Hematite carrying Phoenix, and next to him were Syren and Saturn.

“Uh.” I stared at them blankly. “What happened to her?”

“She got knocked out in a fight,” Saturn said. “Do we get a room? We gotta put her somewhere until she wakes up.”

“Oh, oh yeah. Yeah, there’s a free room next to Sokanon’s and Saio’s. You can have it.” I told him.

“Okay, thanks Saturo!” Saturn said.

“It’s on the other side.” I pointed across them to the other apartments.

“Oh.” Saturn then flew over, knowing which room was his. I walked on down the stairs and over to his room so I could help out. Of course, Hematite came along since he was carrying Phoenix. Syren came along as well.

“I’d have to get the keys,” I said, seeing the door was locked.

“Okay, we’ll wait,” Hematite said.

I went down over to Teleyon’s office. Going inside, I spotted Teleyon was present and was playing video games.

“Tele, can I uh, use the keys for the room next to Sokanon’s?” I asked.

“Oh, sure.” Teleyon threw me the keys.

“By the way, your wound. Is it good now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Teleyon nodded, his eyes focused on his video game. “Lavender came over and healed it for me.”

What? If Lavender was here, why didn’t she come talk to me? Or say anything to me at all?

“Okay,” I just walked back over to the others. When I arrived, I opened the door with the keys. “There you go.”

“Okay, here,” Hematite tried to hand Phoenix to Saturn.

“Wha, no. You put her in.” Saturn said.

“She’s your sister. It’d be weird for me to do that.” Hematite said.

“Here, give her to me.” Syren said. “I can bring her in.”

Hematite handed Phoenix over to Syren, and all of them entered except for Hematite.

Syren set Phoenix down on a bed. “Man she’s heavy.” he joked. “Oh, um… What’s your name?” Syren looked at me.

“Oh! I’m Saturo,” I said, “Saturo Kanshiro.”

“Yeah, Saturo. Do I just sleep outside or what?” He said sarcastically.

“Oh. Right.” I thought. “Yeah, cuz the rooms were taken… I don’t know, ask Badok since he’s alone.” I pointed at Badok’s room.

Syren glanced at the door. “I think outside is fine. I don’t have to bunk with anyone, or bunk at all. Besides, the ground isn’t bad.” he looked at his feet. “Without fluff I guess it is though.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Well. You guys can rest.”

“I don’t want to though,” Hematite said, “can you like, call Elec over or something? I wanna fight em.”

I widened my eyes. “You… want to fight Elec?”


“Are you crazy or something?”

“No. Just want to fight someone powerful.”

“Okay… I’ll call him then.” He really was gonna fight Elec? I wanted to watch that… I think everybody would want to.

“Thanks!” Hematite beamed.

I then walked down the stairs of the balcony to enter the apartments, and went back over to my room. Hematite was following me, while Saturn and Phoenix were in their rooms.

I opened my room door, and walked in. “You can come, Hematite.”

He walked in and I closed the door.

“Nice place you got,” Hematite said, seeing the lightning paint on the wall.

“Thanks.” I walked over to the kitchen counter. I then froze.

“What is it?” Hematite looked over my shoulder.

It was a piece of paper. I cautiously picked it up.


I have Lavender captured. If you want her back, come get her. Come alone. If you tell your Master about this, I will kill her. You have to fight me 1v1, with me at my full power. Good luck - Venom


I looked up from my paper. That’s why Lavender didn’t talk to me… Cuz Venom kidnapped her! I was angry.

“Uh.” Hematite said. “Who’s Lavender? Your girlfriend?”

“I guess you could say that,” I replied. Since I figured she also liked me… Why didn’t we just get together?

“How strong is Venom?” Hematite then asked.

“Oh. Very strong. He beat me when without using his Ultimate Crystal. But I got back at him with my full power… But he didn’t use his Ultimate Crystal at all.”

“I’ll come with you. I’m not Elec, so…” Hematite smirked.

“Thanks.” Knowing he wanted to fight Elec, he probably was strong. I could use him. “But… he never said where he was. And where he’s keeping Lav.”

Hematite took the paper from me and turned it around. There was a backside.


We’re located on the Toxic Planet. It’s in the Elemental System, so not too far away from Ertin. Come alone. I will have someone guide you to me once you’re on the planet. If you’re not alone, I will kill Lavender. Choose wisely.


“It’s never good to go alone. He could kill you both,” Hematite said.

I wanted to rip the paper apart. I was mad. Just wait, Venom… When I get to you… I will…

“Take me with you. I’ll be your pilot, since you have nothing… He should understand that you can’t fly a spaceship,” Hematite suggested.

“Good point.” Maybe with Hematite I could do this. “Well. Let’s not waste anymore time.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

? Guy ?

I yawned, getting up. When I opened my eyes, I found myself on a bed in a dark room. I recalled what happened before… Vulgon and Vivofit said they were gonna get us a place to stay at.

It looks like I’m at that place now. But where was everyone else? I looked around the room. I was at the bottom of one out of two bunk beds. Lil’ Timmy was above me, I realized, when I got up. On the other bunk was Bob, and Malum on top.

“Yo, you woke up,” Vulgon came into the room.

“Yeah.” I looked around some more. The room was practically empty except for the beds.

“Yeah, this room used to be empty, it was just for storage really, although we never used it.” Vulgon shrugged. “We just had to bring in the bunk beds last second.”

“Huh. Where’s Vivo?” I asked.

“With Mom. When we brought you in she questioned who and what you are. Since you don’t look human.” Vulgon said, “she kinda got worried about the safety of the house. But I told her it would be fiiine. Because. We’re not gonna stay here for long. We have stuff to do.”

“Like what?” asked a voice. It was Malum.

“Well. Venom asked for our help again. Not sure what.” Vulgon said. “But we’re gonna go to him. We could use you, and you can repay us for letting you live here for awhile by coming along and helping.”

“But Bob and Lil’ Timmy are still asleep.” I pointed.

“We’re taking you and Malum then,” Vulgon said. He opened the door. “Let’s go.” Malum hopped out of his bed, his hands in his pocket. The two of us followed Vulgon out of the room and into the hallway.

“No worries, Mom!” we heard Vivofit say. “We have everything already in the spaceship! We’ll be fine!” We had reached the kitchen, and Vivofit was talking to a woman, his mother.

“You’re going to a planet filled with poison!” His Mom said.

“Yeah, but we have suits and stuff. We’ll be fine,” Vivofit replied.

“Okay, but be careful! Don’t crash into any acid lakes, okay hon?” Vivofit’s Mom said.

“Yes, okay Mom.” Vivofit rolled his eyes.

“Ah, and you too Vulgon! Watch out for your brother!” Vivofit’s Mom told Vulgon.

“Got it.” He gave her a thumbs up.

“Alright, you guys can go.” She went back to doing whatever she was doing. It looked like cooking, from what I remember cooking was. Then we followed Vivofit and Vulgon to the garage and hopped into the spaceship.

“You guys are brothers?” I asked as we took our seats.

“Well, yeah.” Vulgon said. “But I’m adopted.”


Vivofit then started the engine and the garage doors opened, and we flew off.

? Saturo ?

I was silent, sitting next the Hematite, the pilot taking me to the Toxic Planet. I looked down at my lap, where the note Venom left for me lied.

“Almost there,” Hematite then said. “You ready?”

“I have to be. I need to save Lavender,” I growled.

“Heh.” Hematite laughed a little. “If you’re not together, then you should be. Maybe after this.” I could see the Toxic Planet, with green gas covering it. Was I ready?

“Yo.” I then heard a different voice. I turned around. There was a robed hooded figure with a scythe. Styreix. “Oh, good.” he said. “You came alone.” But then he stared at Hematite.

“Hey, I can’t drive a spaceship. Someone needed to drive me.” I shrugged.

“Well. If you did bring anyone else, we’d have to deal with them while you fight Venom.” Styreix glared at Hematite.

“I’d love to.” Hematite smirked.

Styreix looked unsure. His scythe then began glowing red. “You got any idea what this scythe can do?”

“Not really. But I’d like to find out,” Hematite replied. The spaceship then landed.

“Hmph.” Styreix then took out something. A pill. He handed it to me. I stared at it. “It’s not gonna kill you. Venom wants to fight you. That pill will just make you immune to the toxic gas on the planet.”

“But won’t it also make him immune when he fights Venom?” Hematite asked, putting the spaceship on park.

“That’s the point. Venom want’s a challenge,” Styreix said.

“Then let me fight him,” Hematite said.

“He wants the Student of Elec.” Styreix said. “Not you. Who’re you anyway?”

“Hematite Shiny,” Hematite replied.

“You from the Rock Planet then?” Styreix asked.

“Mhm.” Hematite nodded.

Styreix looked back at me, ignoring Hematite. “Take the pill. We gotta go.”

I took the pill, and drank a cup of water with it (Hematite had a gallon of water laying around). Then I looked at Styreix. “I’m ready.”

“If anything goes wrong, I’ll come to save ya,” Hematite said.

I didn't reply. I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to win. I could finally become strong. At least I wanted to be stronger than Venom. Styreix then grabbed my shoulder, and a black vortex surrounded us. Then we were somewhere else.

“Alright, that’s done. Bye.” Styreix then disappeared, using the same black vortex.

I then looked in front of me. It was a big room, kinda like a palace. Why did Venom have this?

“Finally, you’re here, Student of Elec.” Venom appeared in front of me, ten feet away.

“Where’s Lavender?” I asked. Of course that would be the first thing for me to ask.

“She’s fine. I just used her to bring you here,” Venom said. “So I can fight you again.”

“Why do you want to fight me?” I asked.

“You’re the Student of Elec. You should be strong,” Venom replied, looking me in the eyes.

I chose to not train all the time… I chose to have breaks. Elec also let me take that choice. He said some people need to rest as part of their training. I think I could train all day, but I would get bored and probably tired.

I activated my source, becoming surrounded by electricity. Venom smirked.

“That’s not even your full power,” Venom said. “Can you even use your full power?”

I ran at him, at extreme speed, sending in a punch. But he blocked it with his left hand. “Your attacks don’t do much to me.”

I then charged up all my energy into one punch, and threw it right at Venom’s face. It actually hit this time, and he went flying backwards. But he kicked off the wall, and came flying back. He then charged up a punch, and with toxic green gas taking the shape of a snake head surrounding his fist, he punched me back.

I went flying, and I landed roughly on the ground. Ow.

“Not bad, not bad,” Venom frowned. “But not good either. I still haven’t used my Ultimate Crystal.”

I got up onto my knees. Come on, Saturo… remember your training. Remember what Elec taught you… I could do this. I just had to focus on the fight. Focus on defeating him, to save Lavender.

“Save your girlfriend,” Krydret then said in my head.

“Venom… You better watch out.” I glared at Venom, but he didn’t seem to care as he was still smirking.

“Come at me then.” He looked at me, his hand surrounded by toxic green gas.

I then charged up lighting bolts and zapped them at him. Then I jumped into the air, and and threw a big, fully charged lightning bolt right at him. It zapped him, it actually did something to him.

“Nice attack,” Venom was surrounded by a toxic green aura as the same sword from before appeared in his hands. “You made me use my crystal.”

He has a weapon. Elec told me not to use weapons because then I would become to reliant on them, and if they broke then I would lose a lot of power. But if he’s using it… I might as well use my Electric Axe. The one that I got from the Haunted Mansion guy.

I then summoned my axe in my hands (it was pretty small, more like a hatchet), and it was giving off sparks like crazy. Venom watched and said, “woah. Looks like you have a weapon too.”

I then slashed the axe at the ground in front of him, and a shockwave was made. Venom avoided it, but I then slashed at him, sending another shockwave.

“You suddenly got better,” Venom said, trying to avoid the shock waves, but failing as they all hit him.

“And you’re not doing your best,” I said.

“Of course I’m not, if I did this would end too soon,” Venom replied. Venom then stabbed me with the sword. “Or do you want me to end this faster?”

“No.” I responded. “Not you ending it. I end it.”

Venom smirked. “I doubt you could bring me down to a position where I’m helpless, but you never know.” He then surrounded me with toxic gas.

But I was fine. Because I took that pill Styreix gave me.

“Good. So you have the advantage since my poison won’t affect you,” Venom said. “But. Physical damage still is a thing.” He then slashed with his sword at my arm, and blood appeared. The serrated edge of the sword didn’t help by adding to the pain.

Then he continued slashing all over, and I fell over due to all the cuts.

“I didn’t even steal your energy this time.” Venom said, standing above me. “You still lost anyway. So… how about it now? I kill Lav in front of you and then kill you? Or put you both in a dungeon?”

I clenched my fists.

“Sounds good? Okay we can do that.”

to be continued in the next chapter... as I said. Uh oh.

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