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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 9) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Chapter 9) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 7th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

the next chapter is ere, enjoy




Chapter 9: Hematite


Man, this atmosphere is really toxic. The people of this planet could survive it, but me? No, I’m just from the Rock Planet. I can’t breathe toxic gas, I can only breathe normal oxygen.

But staying here in my spaceship is boring. I wanted to leave it. Well. Shrink it and put it back in my pocket. Then I’d go over to wherever Saturo was. I didn’t know where the reaper took him, so I’d have to find him. Toxic gas… Will stand in my way but I could handle it. I’ve been here before. It’s not too bad if you get used to it.

So I exited my spaceship and shrunk it back down, putting it in my pocket afterwards. Then I looked around at the ecosystem. There were lots of different types of plants, and toxic gas was all over. Not surprised, this is the Toxic Planet afterall.

I walked around for awhile, just taking a look. It was just the same all over. Well. I did reach an acid lake, so that was pretty cool. I had to figure out where Saturo was though. So I could go over there and save him, cuz he’s not strong enough to fight this Venom guy, based on what I heard. I mean, unless he was hiding his power. Lots of people these days hide their powers.

Maybe I could sense Saturo’s energy and find him, if he’s giving enough of it off. I haven’t mastered tracing the small amounts of energy yet, and I’m not sure I will since I’m not really into tracking people. I’m more into physical fights where people find me and I fight them to get away.

Pfft, enough talk about me, I gotta find Saturo. I focused my mind on sensing. Some people close their eyes when they do that, but like, what’s the point? I can sense with my eyes open. Doesn’t really affect much. I mean, except some people when they close their eyes it helps them focus on it. So nevermind about that.

I then sensed something. It was probably Saturo! I’m not entirely sure since I haven’t actually sensed Saturo’s energy that much. This must be it then.

I leaped across the toxic jungle, pretty much letting me fly for a while. I was going in the direction of the energy. Then I felt it coming closer. I stopped, landing somewhere on the ground that wasn’t gonna burn me.

Then I realized. I was still in the jungle. Saturo was nowhere in sight. Then who’s energy was it?

I looked over, and spotted who it was. That hooded reaper guy from before. What was he doing? He was surrounded by those black particles that he had on him when he teleported earlier. Then they disappeared.

“Oh hi there, Styreix.” A girl’s voice spoke. Not the reaper guy himself, I assumed his name was Styreix.

Then another person appeared from hiding in the jungle. I wasn’t surprised to see them wearing a robe and a hood. They then took it off, and it was a brown haired girl.

“Sup Grims,” Styreix replied. Grims? Is that her name? What an odd name. “Being a lil’ reaper again?”

“Not little, I’m older than you.” Grims crossed her arms.

“Then why are you called Grims Lil’ Reaper?” Styreix questioned.

“That’s just the name they called me at school,” Grims responded.

“Sounds stupid.”

“Why do you think I hate it?” She snorted. “Now, Venom lives here?”

“This is his planet. You’ve never been on the Toxic Planet?” Styreix asked.

“Nope. It seems rather dangerous if you ask me.”

“No duh it’s dangerous. But I have a pill that keeps me immune for awhile.”  

“Good for you. I’m dying here.”

I was literally just sitting down nearby and they haven’t noticed me. Grims said she was dying, that means the toxins were getting in her system. I was fine however.

“Hey there,” I then said. I could just do that. Since I’m not afraid of anything really. The two of them looked back at me.

“Who’re you?” Grims asked.

“He’s the guy that drove the student of Elec here,” Styreix said, looking at me. “Why’re you here?”

“Dunno. I got kinda bored alone. Wanna battle?”

They stared blankly at me like my question was weird. What’s so weird about battling? It increases your abilities, makes you stronger and better than before.

“Uh.” Grims looked at me strangely. “Not on this planet, or at least, not in this weather.”

“Oh c’mon. It’s not that hard to resist it,” I said. I could breathe just finely. Well, sorta. I was fighting the toxins.

“We have no reason to fight you,” Styreix said.

“What if I went and interfered with Venom and Saturo’s battle?” I asked.

Styreix stared at me. “Then, yeah, I’d have to stop you.”

“Yo wassup,” I hear a voice.

“Who’re you?” Grims asked, every one of us looked over at where the voice came from.

“Tis I! Mehrunes!” A boy (Mehrunes) came through some bushes, he had green hair and was wearing jungle camo. I knew him a little, and he wore a lot of green, and was not very tall, being probably 5’6, and smirking up a storm in his shoes that made him quiet, he had a katana on his back at all times. “How you doin on this blasted planet?”

“It’s bearable,” I responded to him.

“I have no idea what you just said,” Mehrunes said. “why are you all here?”

“I’m here cuz I drove Saturo here. Then I got bored.” I replied.

Something appeared to glitch on Mehrunes, and a suit appeared. “Well, guess I have to fix that, I’m testing toxic resistance on my suit, for obvious reasons.”

“I see.” Styreix stood further away with his arms crossed. Grims was right next to him.

“Yo Sty, who’s yer girlfriend?” Mehrunes asked.

“Wh--” Grims exclaimed. “I’m not his girlfriend!”

“What? You’re not? You look the type of ‘Edgy reaper’ type,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s younger than me!” Grims shouted.

“Well I can see that, but it can’t be much younger, what you’re like, fifty? So he’s probably like forty-five right?” Mehrunes continues to antagonize.

“Nah.” Styreix said. “She’s like, six-teen. I’m only fourteen.”

“Seems counteractive, like, you both fit the ‘edgy teenager’ thing now, which means that you’d definitely be an item, but you’d deny it, and secretly make out at the middle of the night and yell at your parents when you’re caught, you realize that right?” Mehrunes asked. “You’re so cliche. Like you’re totally boyfriend-girlfriend there’s no way.”

“Ha. That would be interesting.” Styreix said. “But I’m not into girls.”

“If you’re not into girls, what are you into weirdo?” Mehrunes asked.

“No one. I’m alone. Always have been, always will be.” Styreix replied.

“You’re a sad person,” Mehrunes said. “Go home and cry in a corner for an hour why don’tcha. And you, whatever your name is, who are you? And why are you offended so easily?” He looked over at Grims.

“Uh.” Grims replied, “I’m called Grims.”

“And I don’t cry. Crying is for the weak,” Styreix said.

“Oh you’re one of THOSE people,” Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “Ugh, you’re so gross.”

“How’s he gross?” I asked. “His clothes look fine and clean. Somehow they didn’t get dirty on this planet.”

“And it’s true. Crying will only make me weaker. I live with what I have. Being alone is fine with me. I don’t need a ‘lover’. They’re useless,” Styreix said.

“I hate you so much,” Mehrunes said. “Although I hate everyone, so that doesn’t mean much. Okay, three things, you’re toxic, not literally, don’t even say that. Two, crying is fine, I will not be swayed, don’t try, three, love is pretty cool, this is coming from someone who had to learn it, so don’t try and argue that.” Mehrunes started messing with a watch.

“Love only destroyed me. I’m better off without it.” Styreix replied calmly. “And crying is a sign of weakness.”

“So is having personality, feelings period, friends, allies, truces,” Mehrunes listed. “What’s your point, speech is useless, I could go on.”

“None of those have harmed me. Love has. Crying has.” Styreix remained calm.

“How have they harmed you?” Mehrunes smirked. “If it’s anything like I think it is, this’ll be rich!”

“No. I’m good.” Styreix replied, still calm.

“Kay,” Mehrunes replied. “Hey Hem, were you doing something I interrupted by chance? Like fighting edgy Mcgee and Miss what's her face?”

“I was gonna. But I lost interest now.” I shrugged.

“Cool man, are you gonna look for Saturo?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah. Except I don’t have any clue where he is.” I said, then looking at Styreix. “But he does.”

“How convenient,” Mehrunes said.

“By the way,” Grims said, “I have a boyfriend!”

Styreix looked over at her, staying silent.

“I wouldn't think so, you’re not very attractive,” Mehrunes said.

“It’s really just a matter of opinion. Her boyfriend probably thinks she’s attractive,” I pointed out.

“And edgy, can we move on? Cuz I’m getting tired of the edginess in the air, I swear I’m gonna get cut any moment,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix then grabbed all of us including Grims, and the black particles appeared, and we teleported. After he finished, and backed off, we were still in the jungle.

“More edginess for you.” Styreix laughed, pointing at an acid waterfall. It was a cliff.

Mehrunes acted like he was punched in the gut. “Come on man, you couldn't have at least teleported us to Venom?” Mehrunes looked at the acid waterfall, “Wow you’re soooo cooool with your waterfall.”

“Not mine.” Styreix said. “And it leads to a palace if you follow it. Ahem. That’s where Venom is.”

“Cool,” Mehrunes said.

“Kay, I’m gonna go home now.” Styreix said, as he began to be surrounded by black particles. “Bye.” He then disappeared.

Grims however was still here.

“Yo,” Mehrunes said. “You were left behind.”

“I never intended to go with him.” Grims said back.

“Cool, I’m gonna go see Venom and Saturo,” Mehrunes said. “Let’s go Hem, Satu’s def gonna a fight with venie.”

“What was that sentence?” I asked.

“I don’t know…” Mehrunes said. “I think it was supposed to be let’s go save Saturo from Venom, but it didn’t work out that way…”

“Ohhhh, well okay, let’s go then.” I jumped down the waterfall, fell for a few moments, before landing on the ground next to the acid river. Mehrunes simply appeared next to me. Probably teleported.

I then began walking next to the acid river. This place was more desert-like. No trees, just gray-ish sand and the acid river. It would be boring so I decided to start a conversation.

“So… Mehrunes,” I started, “how’s life?”

“Cruel and difficult,” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s unfortunate,” I said, “can’t say I don’t agree.”

“Yep,” Mehrunes said.

“But… how’s it cruel and difficult for you?” I asked.

Mehrunes sighed. “Relationships are confusing, and I haven’t achieved my goal of coming here, among other things.”

“Huh. I’m assuming you’d rather not go into details?” I asked.

“Are you going to tell people if I do?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not if you don’t want me to. I have no reason to tell anyone.” I shrugged.

“Good, I don’t want you to if I tell you,” Mehrunes said. “I came to this galaxy following a close friend, and my goal was to bring him back to help his insanity, and I’ve encountered him once and he taught me something, I don’t remember, were you around when I fought Syren?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I was watching. Did you do something that he taught you?”

“Yeah it was the aura and the particles, he taught me how to get it started, I’ve been learning more of it progressively, at first stage, just the particles, I couldn't move. I could only really speak and teleport, the one I used, Half Star, makes me more powerful. I’m still trying to get better with it,” Mehrunes said. “You now know pretty much more than anyone else about why I came here, sept you don’t know that I crashed down from space to the rock planet immediately meeting Ich, Saturo and Draco, and that I got my crystal from a creepy lady in a disappearing booth thing.”

“Niceeee, so if you trained more you could master the Half Star thing.” I said. “Maybe achieve the Full Star?”

“Yeah, sept my problem is I’m unreasonably closed about everything that I do, part of my past that I’d rather not tell you, and so I have trouble trusting people and NOT keeping secrets, some that shouldn't even be secrets, like Half Star,” Mehrunes said. “I’ve read it’s good to open up to people, so…”

“Yeah, I guess. It really depends. You’d never know.” I shrugged. “So the most sensitive information should be kept until the time is right.”

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “I know that part…”

“Some people are more trustworthy. I can tell my friends things, but not my enemies.”

“Yeah, that’s a given,” Mehrunes said. “The sad thing is the only other Shiny I’ve met was Jasper, and I hated him.”

“Jasper? Why’d you hate him?” I asked.

“I hate everyone till proven otherwise, Jasper proved annoying to me, so I rejected the notion of us being friends,” Mehrunes said.

“Well he is pretty young.” I said, “so he could be pretty annoying.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Mehrunes said. “Fair game man.”

“He usually just keeps himself busy doing his own things.” I said, “we sometimes team up to try and find someone strong to fight. Last time, we found Bainex.”

“Did you beat him?” Mehrunes asked.

“I knocked him out with my head. Then another one of his kind, except he was electric, came and took him away,” I replied.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. A Chimæra. They’re these creatures that can take any shape or form; they’re legendary pretty much. Very old too, probably as old as the galaxy,” I explained.

Mehrunes was about to say something like ‘neat’ again or ‘cool’ or something boring. But then. Something crashed in the distance. It was a spaceship. It was pretty far away though, like, a few miles. So I jumped over to it, so I could check it out. (Yes, I can defy gravity; I only do it for awhile so that I can come back down quick without having to do anything else. It’s faster this way)

“What a landing.” I heard a voice say. “What’s this, a desert?”

Four people came out of the spaceship. One of them was wearing goggles on his head, and a pilot jacket. The other guy just had a leather jacket. The other two dressed in these weird white suits. One of them had feathered arms and a head of a bird. Oh, and also some cool afro-thing.

“Oh hi,” the pilot jacket guy said. “Tis I, Vivofit. You a friend of Venom?”

“Nope, except, heading over to meet em slash fight em.” I replied.

“Tis I! Vulgon! You a friend of Venom?” The guy wearing a leather jacket said, doing the same thing Vivofit did.

“Nope, except, heading over to meet em slash fight em.” I did the same thing they did. The other two people didn’t however.

“I’m Guy,” the bird head guy said, “and that’s Malum.”

“I’m Hematite,” I replied.

“And that’s Mehrunes,” Vulgon pointed next to me, where Mehrunes had probably teleported to. “Hi Meh.” Vulgon waved at him.

“Why must you be everywhere I am?” Mehrunes asked. “I may as well have went with you guys, but whatever, your friends Guy and Malum seem… whatever.”

“They’re helping us out, since we gave them a place to live.” Vivofit explained.

“And also, you are everywhere we are! Not us being everywhere you are. It’s the other way around!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“Does it even matter?” I asked, “anyway. Are these two strong?” I looked over at Malum and Guy.

“Uh. I dunno.” Vulgon shrugged. “Never seen them fight.”

“Guy gives off a familiar energy. And Malum seems to be hiding a lot.” I said.

“He barely talks anyway.” Guy pointed out.

“Why?” I looked over at Malum. He just had his hands in his pocket and stayed silent.

“I don’t know.” Guy shrugged.

“Well. Do you guys know where Venom is?” I asked.

“Uh… not really.” Vivofit muttered, rubbing the back of his head. “He didn’t give us exact coordinates.”

“Well. We gotta find Saturo too,” I said.

“Mmmm…” Malum mumbled something and he began walking towards the acid river. He was sniffing the air, even though it was toxic. He then pointed across the river.

“Are we sure he’s not a dog?” Mehrunes asked.

“He might have some of their genetics.” Guy said, as he followed Malum.

“How many gene spliced people are there?! This is kinda ridiculous!” Mehrunes commented. “And how am I just hearing about these things recently? Lik come on!”

“There’s two. Guy and Malum. But then I also figured out, not that my brother told me or anything, but those other two Saturn and Phoenix are too. Bob and Lil’ Timmy are, Folly is, and so is Broshi.” Vivofit said. I had no clue who half the people he mentioned were. Except for Saturn and Phoenix, though, how did he know about them?

“I know four of those people,” Mehrunes said. “Where are you going? This planet is toxic so unless you have toxic genes I wouldn't go far.”

“We don’t know what they put in us so we have no clue.” Guy said.

“You could actually die, where are you even going?!” Mehrunes yelled after them.

“I’m just following Malum,” Guy replied.

“Hmph,” Mehrunes said, turning to me. “Your move.”

“He might have good senses. Might as well test it.” I began to follow them too.

“If he passes out I’m not carrying him,” Mehrunes followed.

“We’ll catch up… when we get this thing repaired,” Vivofit said.

“I’m counting on it,” Mehrunes replied.

When we reached the side of the acid river we stopped. The river was flowing at a decent pace. Since it was a river and not a ravine, then the rock here must be pretty hard.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said out of nowhere. “Wait no, edgy and bad.”

“What’s edgy and bad?” Guy asked.

“Rivers of acid, duh,” Mehrunes replied.

“Bad I can see. But edgy? Not really.” Guy said, “poison isn’t really that edgy.”

“Sure it is,” Mehrunes said.

“Ehhh kinda I guess.” Guy looked at the river. It was about like, twenty meters wide. Pretty big. “We gotta get across.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Mehrunes said. “Do you wanna have an idea?”

Malum then stretched out his hand, it turned into some weird black arm. He grabbed the other side and jumped, pulling himself to it.

“Fair game man,” Mehrunes said.

I just jumped over it. I could jump pretty far, considering it’s how I get around planets.

“Your turn, Guy,” I could still hear Mehrunes.

“Not sure how I would do this…” Guy said.

“You have wings! Well, kinda. You can’t use them to fly?” I asked.

Guy shrugged and then ran and jumped. He fell for a second, but when he started to move his arms as if he were flapping them, he began to fly. He flew over. “Guess so!” He landed next to me and Malum.

“Boo,” Mehrunes was already on our side of the river.

“You teleported,” I said.

“Uh, duh,” Mehrunes said. “Got a problem with that?”

“No, teleporting is pretty convenient and useful,” I replied.

“Yes, now we were following Malum yes?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum was already walking again, as we were talking. We caught up to him and followed. He kept going, and we were still in a desert.

“It’s probably gonna be awhile of walking. I can’t see anything past the horizon.” Guy pointed at the horizon.

“Greeeeat, where are we even going?” Mehrunes asked.

“Somewhere you shouldn’t be going,” Styreix’s voice was heard, and he appeared in front of us. “The right way is following the river.”

“For some reason I’m not inclined to believe you,” Mehrunes smirked.

“If you keep going this way, I’ll have to stop you,” Styreix said.

“Mal what did you walk us into?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum didn’t reply.

“Mal. What. Did. You. DO.” Mehrunes repeated himself, in an angry tone.

Malum still didn’t reply.

“He doesn’t talk,” Guy said.

“Well he’s better share what he’s found or else he can fight Styreix himself, cuz I’m gonna go right back to that river thing and follow it despite Styreix and you all,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix had his scythe out, and it was glowing red with an aura. Malum just stared at him with his hands in his pockets.

“Go back.” Styreix said to Malum.

Malum shook his head and pointed past Styreix at something. It was far away still, so we couldn’t even see it.

“Can you like… write it on a sign or something…?” Mehrunes asked.

“None of us know how to write,” Guy answered for Malum.

“Sign language?” Mehrunes asked. “Shape it with your hands?”

Malum nodded and then some type of dark rock came out of his hands and made the shape of some old, broken down palace.

“Okay so it’s an old palace, I think, and you think we need to go there because you smelled something, right?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum shook his head. His hands went back to normal, and he pointed at me. Then he pointed at his eyes and then back past Styreix. He made the palace with his hands again, and then made a little statue of Saturo. I thought about what he did, trying to put it together to understand what he’s trying to say.

“Saturo is in the palace that’s over there?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum nodded. Then he pointed at Styreix.

“Oh, so that’s why Styreix told us to go the other way? And why he’s stopping us right here.” I realized.

“Yeah that would make sense,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix then stuck the ground with his scythe and a big barrier appeared, blocking us from going to the palace. He then took out a card and it disappeared into black particles and into the barrier.

“Why have you done this?” Mehrunes asked. “You’ve made the card turn into ashes!” Mehrunes was messing with a deck of cards.

Styreix ignored him, and stood there. “You’re not passing through here.”

I walked over to the barrier and touched it. It wasn’t hot, like, it didn’t give any heat. In fact it was cold. And hard.

“Don’t bother,” Mehrunes said. “It’s not disintegration.”

“Hmmm…” I thought as I inspected the barrier.

“I’m not like other people like in the shows and books and stuff. I don’t tell the enemy exactly what I’m doing or explain to them stuff. That’s dumb.” Styreix crossed his arms on the other side of the barrier.

“I have no idea where that came from but sure,” Mehrunes said.

“So we have to figure this out ourselves,” I said. “Never seen this barrier before. I’ll have to experiment.”

“Good luck. You’re not getting past.” Styreix sat down on the ground.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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just commenting to let you

just commenting to let you know i read the rest of the chapters after five, i just couldn't come up with much more to say. Except; every now and again you slip into second person ('what do you do when a gigantic space bear is barrelling towards you? you run!') (basically when you use 'you' in a sentence that isn't dialogue). Switching POVs like that is something to be avoided, and second person especially is difficult for anyone to pull off.


but yeah, keep up the good work! It's amazing that you're still going this strong c:

"They say before you start a war/ you better know what you're fighting for" ~ Angel with a Shotgun; The Cab

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