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Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Epilogue) {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series Book Two: (Epilogue) {CC PLEASE}

Posted September 12th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy


enjoy i guess






The literal sound of death. The sound of silence. The sound of water droplets falling to the floor. No, not water. Blood. Human blood, dripping down the walls.

A man sat down on a mountain. He had created himself a room with no roof, made of darkness, with blood dripping down from all corners of the wall. The man was surrounded by a dark aura, completely turned into darkness.

He laughed to himself. He was performing a spell, a curse. It was dark magic, magic that if used it would corrupt the user. And there would be no going back if it was used too much.

The man then completed the spell, and stood up, and waited.

? Hematite ?

It's been a good time. I fought Bainex, a legendary creature for awhile. Then I came to a place where I could fight an Elemental Master, and I had to save Saturo from Venom.

But the matter with Sokanon and that dark guy wasn't over yet. In fact, it probably has just began.

I saw Sokanon come out of her room. She seemed different. There was a dark aura around her.

She just walked around in circles. Then the aura disappeared. I walked over to her.

“Hey, Sok? You good?” I asked.

Sokanon looked at me. She blinked. “Oh… Yeah - I’m fine.” she said. Her voice was slow.

I looked at her. “How’re things going for you now?”

“They’re okay.” Sokanon said.

“Alright.” I said.

“Hey, uhh…” she glanced over my shoulder. She hesitated. Sokanon shook her head. “Nevermind.”

“What?” I asked. What was up with her?

The mist around her eyes swirled as she stared me in the eyes. “It’s nothing.” her voice was sharp and cold.

“Sokanon!” Before I could say anything, Teleyon came running over.

“What is it?” I asked.

Teleyon looked at his device. “Your Nana. Someone hasn’t been watching her or something happened. My scanners say she’s on the Rock Planet.”

Sokanon whipped around and looked at him. “Nana’s missing?!” she shouted. Her eye’s mist grew bigger and she started to panic. Saio came out of their room when she heard. “Sokanon!”

“Yes, Nana is missing!” Teleyon yelled.

“So then, should we go and get her?” I asked. “You have a tracker so we can just follow it!”

“We-we have to!” Sokanon said. She looked at Teleyon frantically. “Please!”

“Get your stuff, and get in the garage, we’re headed right now then,” Teleyon ran over to his office.

“What’s all this commotion?” Saturn floated down from his room and landed next to Sokanon.

“Sokanon’s Nana went missing, so we’re headed to find her.” I explained to him.

“Oh, can I help?” Saturn asked, stretching, “I got nothing else to do so. And I’d like to get away from Phoenix before she wakes up.”

Sokanon glanced at Saturn, surprised by his sudden appearance. “Will it be okay for him to come? I want all the extra help I can get,” she said, voice shaking.

“Considering she somehow made it to the Rock Planet, she was probably kidnapped. We could use more help.” I nodded at Saturn.

“Sweet. Syren should come too.” Saturn said, and then he yelled, “YO SYREN! COME HELP US MAN!” He then turned to us. “I’ve been hanging out with him while my sister was asleep.”

Immediately Syren was there. “You called me?”

“Yeah, could you come along and help Sokanon find her Nana?” Saturn asked.

“Yeah, of course. You coming with too?” Syren asked.

“Yes,” Saturn nodded.


“Let’s go to Tele’s spaceship then!” Saturn exclaimed.


To Be Continued…

to be conti--- wait i already said that! 

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