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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 13): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 13): {CC PLEASE}

Posted July 28th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 13: Hematite


Being in a hurry (for no reason at all), I had grabbed both Sokanon and Kinji and took them with me. Being on Ertin, I wasn’t allowed to use powers in public. But, this place was a training facility. That meant that I could use powers, right?

Whatever shiz it was, it didn’t matter anymore. I already jumped over the whole fence, or, whatever walls and stuff was surrounding the facility. I landed on the ground and let go of Sokanon and Kinji.

“Ready?” I asked them.

“I think so,” Sokanon said.

“Good enough,” I then took out the spaceship we were going to use from my pocket. It was shrunken down with a device that I had gotten from my brother. I set it down on the floor, and backed Sokanon and Kinji from it. Then it grew to normal size. “Okay let’s go,” I walked into the spaceship, carrying the two of them in with me.

I set them down in seats and put the seatbelts on them with a click of a button. Then I sat myself down, and quickly took off, excited to help them find their Ultimate Crystals!

“Why’d you have to carry us, Hematite? I have marks on my sides from your hands,” Sokanon rubbed her back. “It hurts.”

“Oh, sorry about that. I forget my strength can be a lot sometimes,” I apologized. I looked around as I drove. “Don’t have any healing devices around. You’ll have to deal with it.”

She glared at me and folded her arms. “Hmph.”

“Nothing I can do for you, I’m driving. Ask Kinji. Maybe he could like, caress you and it might help,” I suggested.

Kinji laughed and Sokanon made an annoyed sound. “Don’t word it like that, that’s gross, man, come on.”

“Haha, sure okay,” I laughed.

“Anyway, how long until we get to the Ice Planet, or whatever it was?” She asked after a minute.

“Not too long if I go fast,” I said as I sped up into lightspeed. “And… we’re there.” We got out of lightspeed, and the frozen planet was in front of us.

Sokanon stood up and looked out the window with Kinji. “Oh, wow.”

“You’ll probably need coats. Kinda a must if you don’t want to freeze to death.” I drove the spaceship into the Ice Planet’s atmosphere.

“Where are we supposed to get coats from?” Kinji asked.

“Uhh… I can ask for some,” I said. I looked over at the trackers so I could land the spaceship, and then I brought it down to land. Soon I landed the spaceship. Luckily, there wasn’t a storm it was calm. I took off my seatbelt and stood up.

I then set my finger on my head. “Yo, bro, can I get uh, two coats. If you have any.” I then waited for a response.

“Sure, I got some.” A portal appeared above and two coats fell down from it. I picked them up and handed them to Sokanon and Kinji.

They took the coats. “Thanks,” Sokanon said, and slipped it on.

“Let’s go,” I took the trackers and opened the spaceship doors and walked out. The two of them followed me, and I shrank the spaceship back down and put it in my pocket. I didn't have a coat on. Didn’t need one. “Alright let’s see,” I looked at the trackers. “We gotta go to a cave, as usual. Most Ultimate Crystals are found in caves.”

“WOW it’s cold!” Sokanon shouted, and huddled up against Kinji. They followed me to the cave.

“The cave is warmer,” I said as we walked towards the cave up ahead, “the lower we go underground the warmer it is.”

“Good,” She said, her teeth chattering.

Soon we made it to the cave. It was surprisingly not dark, for there were crystals glowing and lighting the place up. Just normal crystals. Not Ultimate Crystals.

I looked at the tracker. “Looks like it’s down below.” I pointed down at the ground. “Right… under here. Conveniently. That’s where Kinji’s is. Wanna go there first?”

“It’s closest, and I can’t wait to get one!” Kinji said.

“Okay, want me to come with you or, do you want me to stay put here?” I asked. People usually go alone to test themselves.

Kinji and Sokanon looked at each other. “I’ll go alone. Be back in… However long it takes!”

“Alright, here’s your tracker.” I handed him the device and he took it and headed off to find his Crystal. “Are you gonna go with him?” I asked Sokanon. “Yours is near his.”

Sokanon looked at the tracker. “Shouldn’t I wait for him?” she asked. “It’s not too close, but, I don’t really want to interrupt him.”

“Logical. Alright we can wait.” I sat down on the cold icy floor of the cave. “When he finds it, he has to touch it only and he’ll be transported into the Dream World. When he passes the test that the crystal gave him, no matter how long it takes, he’ll be back. Time in the Dream World isn’t the same as here.”

“But what if he doesn’t pass the test?” Sokanon sat on her knees near me. “What happens then?”

“Usually people pass. Even if they are evil,” I replied. “But I read somewhere that nothing happens if he doesn’t pass, he would just return to this world without the crystal.”

She looked worried. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, the crystal would lose its power and become just Ultaniam. No one gets hurt. It’s safe.”

“Okay….” about a minute passed. “Should he be done soon?” Sokanon was still worried.

“He could have not even found it yet,” I answered.

“Oh.” She said, and started rubbing her hands together. “It’s still super cold down here.”

“If you went with him, he went down deep into the cave, it’s warmer,” I replied.

She leant on one hand now. “Good point, I guess.”

We waited for a few more minutes in silence. Then, Kinji emerged from the shadows. He had a blank face and stood near us. Sokanon stood up and hugged him, then stepped back. “So?”

Kinji looked down at his feet, a defeated look on his face, and then cracked a smile and pulled out his Ultimate Crystal. “I got one!!!” He shouted, holding it above his head. Sokanon clapped and hugged him again, this time lifting him up.

“Now you absorb it to use its power. And you can name it,” I told Kinji.

“Oh, sick!” Kinji said after being set down. He looked at his Crystal. “Uhh, how do I absorb it?”

I unabsorbed my own crystal. “Like this.” I then brought it near my chest and it entered my body without struggle. “That easy.”

Kinji held it to his chest for a moment but pulled it away. “Actually, how about I try it when Sokanon gets hers?”

“If you want, sure.” I stood up and stretched. “Should we all go find Sokanon’s now? Or do you want to go alone?” I looked at Sokanon.

Sokanon shrugged. “How about come with?” she said, and headed off into the shadows to find hers. Kinji followed.

“Alrighty!” I followed as well. A few minutes later Sokanon stopped and looked around. She started feeling the walls and then touched something, and stopped. She elbowed the wall and something hit the floor.

“Oh, is that it?” She asked, and reached to grab it.

“Is it glowing and radiating with power?” I asked.

She nodded. Her face was illuminated and her eyes were wide. She grabbed the Crystal and was sucked into the Dream World. To us (me and Kinji) she just flat out disappeared.

Less than a second later, she reappeared.

“You passed?” I asked.

She nodded. “Yeah.” She held up a smooth, black stone shaped like an oval. “Look at it.”

“That’s an interesting shape, mine is shaped like… not an oval,” I said, inspecting her Ultimate Crystal.

Kinji pulled his red Crystal. It was long and square-ish shaped. “Oh, cool,” he put his near hers.

“Nothing happens when they touch, if you’re wondering. Only if you do it in certain ways. Like for fusion,” I said.

“That’s cool,” Kinji said. “Ready?” he asked Sokanon. Sokanon nodded, smiling. Her crystal wasn’t glowing much anymore, it looked dull, but she clearly showed it had power in her eyes. They put their Crystals to their chests and absorbed them. Immediately, Kinji lit up in flames and Sokanon had to jump away.

“You use fire powers then. As your main, of course these crystals give you all powers. Fire seems to work really well with you!” I said to Kinji.

Kinji lifted his hand. I couldn’t see his body at all, he was just fire.

“Feeling cold now?” I smirked at Sokanon. “If so, just go snuggle with him and you’ll be in flames.”

“Oh, hush you,” Sokanon said.

“What are your powers?” I asked her, changing the topic. “Darkness?”

Sokanon looked at her hands. “Uhhh, maybe.” Suddenly she looked surprised. “Oh- Oh, yes, it is Darkness…” she hesitated a moment. “Uhh… okay…” she looked around at the shadows and closed her eyes. Suddenly she disappeared and I could see a much darker shadow running across the floor.

It was sticking out of the floor, like a lump, but transparent. There were two white dots that moved when it moved. When it went into the light Sokanon appeared.

“Nice!” I exclaimed. But just as we were all smiling and stuff… A frown appeared on my face.

Kinji stopped his fire.

“Hm.” I looked around, a serious expression on my face. “Hey Sokanon? You know how I said before… about you eye… how I felt it before?”

Sokanon looked at him. “Yeah?” there was a slight mist around her eye.

“I feel it again.” I looked around the cave but spotted nothing. “It’s coming closer.”

Something appeared in front of me at the very end of the cave. It became dark in here, and all I could see were glowing red eyes. This figure, had the same… felt the same… as Sokanon’s eye.

Suddenly, Sokanon fell to the floor and made a groaning sound. Kinji looked at her. “Sok, you all right?” he asked. She hunched over, palms against the stone, and made a demonic growl. Her body grew and became black, and her clothes ripped into shreds and black coarse furs exploded from her body. She stood up on her hind legs. They looked like the legs of a horse, but shorter and covered in black fur. Her back arched and teeth showed beneath large white eyes. Her head looked like a crows, with long fur-feathers sticking from the back. She looked at Kinji, who was standing, shocked.

“All minions go back to their masters,” a voice spoke. “Now, Minion of Dakrus, destroy these peasants.”

Sokanon turned and faced us. The figure was laughing.

“Actually, minion, destroy the new one. Leave the other to get the VIP pass to death,” the figure said. I wasn't sure where he was looking with those eyes of his.

Sokanon glared at Kinji with her new white eyes.

“Kinji. Use your powers and stuff, try not to die. I'll fight the other guy,” I said to Kinji.

Sokanon looked at Kinji and the fur on her back rippled and shivered. She stood on her hind legs and let out a growl, then lunged at him. She bit his arm, tearing a gash through it as she zipped past and Kinji screamed, the wound lighting on fire.

He held his arm and focused on Sokanon, and shot a blast of fire at her. Sokanon made a screeching sound as she was hit and lunged again, this time stabbing her claws into his waist and tossing him to the floor. She pushed hard on his shoulders and there was a cracking sound, a screech, and Sokanon opened her mouth above his head, ready to bite down and crush his skull.

I was just about to enter the battle to save him, but the figure appeared in front of me, holding me in place.

“Hehe, no one shall be saved tonight, little one,” the figure laughed. He turned his head back at Sokanon. “Finish him!”

Sokanon was about the bite down on Kinji but he burst into flames again and Sokanon had to leap away, a screeching sound yet again coming from her. Kinji stood, wounded, crying, with fire covering his wounds.

Sokanon dashed past him and cut one arm, and fire burst from it. Zoomed past and cut his leg. Then she grabbed onto his right arm with her jaws and clamped down, hard. Kinji screamed in pain and agony, and Sokanon bit down just hard enough that his forearm clicked and she tore it from his body. Kinji wailed and dropped to the floor as Sokanon threw his ruined limb aside and snarled at him.

“Oh shiz… thats not good,” I muttered. All this time I had just been watching, I couldn't move for some reason… Something surrounded me and prevented me from helping.

“Finish him off now!” The figure shouted at Sokanon.

Sokanon pinned down Kinji, her paw on his shoulders. Kinji looked up at her with wide eyes full of pain. “Sok… anon…” he gurgled. Sokanon opened her jaws and bit down on his head. It came clean off and she dropped it from her mouth and slowly stood up. She leant back and let out a screeching roar, then looked at Kinji’s body with her large white eyes.

“Good… good… the smell of death, such a great perfume, isn't it?” The figure said, looking back at me.

“You're sick. But also pretty powerful since you're holding me in place. How are you even doing that?” I asked, clenching my fists.

“Simple curses. When ones friend is dying in front of another, the curse doesn't allow the other to save them. So that they would suffer seeing their friend die in front of them,” the figure said.

“That's a powerful… curse. Sokanon killed Kinji. Is that legit death? Or did you make an illusion? I can't tell from inside this… dark tube.”

“It is as real as reality itself.” The figure appeared behind Sokanon and the dead Kinji. “Now it is your turn to die, little one. Minion, let's see how strong he is first, shall we?”

Sokanon slowly turned her head to me and growled, eyes wide and staring. Suddenly, I could move again. I looked over at Sokanon, and watched her carefully. She was not human. She was something else.

Sokanon opened her mouth again to show her teeth in aggression and moved closer to me, then dropped to her feet.

“You alright, Sok? Can you even talk? You're not your normal self but… is your monster self… able to speak?” I asked, staying put in my spot.

Sokanon moved closer and made a growling sound, then rushed me, jaws open to grab my legs. I jumped over and smacked her on the head. She fell down. Apparently I hit her hard enough to knock her out. Maybe she'll turn back into human now?

“Hmph,” the figure said. “So you're stronger than you look. I'll deal with you, but not right now.”


“I must find Dakrus, of course. Then he'd come for his minion. I'll deal with you then. Farewell.”

The darkness disappeared, along with the figure. There was some light that came from outside in the cave. I looked over at Sokanon, seeing she was turning back into a human.

Sokanon twitched her hands and groaned, she was still lying on the floor. She sat up and looked around. “Kinji? What happened, I blacked out for a second…”

Kinji didn’t respond - he couldn’t, of course. Sokanon looked around for him. “Kinji? Where’d you go?” she stood up and walked around to find him, then stopped. She looked down at her feet where she was and made a gasping sound, then dropped to her knees. “Kinji? Kinji, wake up… Oh my god, Kinji, Kinji wake up,” she shook his corpse and looked at me. “Hematite, do something!” she screamed.

“I'm afraid we can't do much other than burry him.” I knelt down beside her. “His body is already cold too…”

Sokanon put her head and hands on his chest. “Kinji… Kinji please, you have to be alive. We just escaped Korrovez…” she cried.

“That figure… he was too powerful. I couldn't save him,” I said. I decided it was best to not tell her that she was the one who killed him…

She continued to cry on him for a few more minutes then sat up. “W-What are we gonna do with his body?” she sniffed.

“Take him back and bury him.” I stood up.

Sokanon stood up with me. “He always wanted to grow up and save the planet…” she muttered. “Don’t worry Kinji, you’ll save the planet, don’t worry.”

I looked over at Sokanon, and then turned away immediately.

“Uh…” how was I going to explain this to her… “Don't you feel… cold, Sok?”

Sokanon was crossing her arms over to keep herself warm. She just kept muttering about Kinji and his hopes and dreams. Meanwhile I was asking my brother to transport some clothes. Because… when Sokanon turned into that creature, her clothes had ripped.

A portal opened above me, dropping some clothes. I just threw them backwards, landing them in front of Sokanon. I stood there hoping she realized she was naked and would put the clothes on.

“S-sokanon?” I asked, still facing away from her.

Sokanon continued muttering and walking. She didn’t notice the clothes. “It’s cold… Where’s my jacket…” she finally said.

“In front of you. Put it on,” I replied.

Sokanon reached out for the coat and grabbed it then slipped it on, pulling it tight. “Where’s Kinji’s coat? He needs one… he’ll get cold in the cave…”

“I got him covered.” I covered Kinji’s corpse with a piece of long white cloth and picked him up. “Alright. Let's head on home.”

to be continued.. in the next chapter

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