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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 14): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 14): {CC PLEASE}

Posted July 28th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 14: Lavender


I stood there for a moment. I felt a lot of pain, all over my body. Saturo was not dead… he couldn't be. He mustn't be. He was probably just really injured. If I got to him I could heal him and he'd be alright.

So I started walking towards him. Venom spotted me approaching, and smirked at me. Then he stabbed Saturo in the heart with his sword.

“Tsk. You're next, by the way,” Venom said. I felt like crying but I couldn't, not with Venom walking towards me attempting to kill me.

I took a deep breath. I just had to… beat Venom and save Saturo. I hoped so at least…

“It's too bad I have to kill a girl.” Venom walked towards me, the tip of his sword scratching the ground as he walked. He stuck out his hand. I shot a blast of water at him, but he just blocked it with that hand he had stuck out. “No matter how hard you try, you're just gonna die. Just like your boyfriend.” He was then surrounded by toxic green gas as he smirked at me. The gas began to fill the whole room. I started coughing, and fell to the floor.

Then I filled the space around me with water. I made a small bubble so I could breathe some fresh air. I took a few breaths. Then I felt my hair being pulled.

“Get out of there!” Venom yanked me out of the water, grabbing my neck afterwards. The water disappeared, and I felt all my energy being drained in an instant.

I dropped to the floor, unable to move. I would cry now… but I had no energy to. Toxic gas still filled the room. And it was beginning to enter my lungs.

“Now you're gonna join your boyfriend. Too bad you never got to get married,” Venom said. He pulled up his sword. “Goodbye.”

I closed my eyes as he swung. I was ready for the impact, ready to face my death. But I didn't die. I opened my eyes and looked up. The sword was blocked. And in front of me stood…

Saturo. He wasn't dead. But how… he was stabbed in the heart too…

“Huh?!” Venom looked just as surprised as I was. “You're not dead?!” He then attacked Saturo with the sword. But Saturo grabbed it, by the blade, and snapped it in half with one hand.

“You…” he muttered, as electricity began forming around him. “You… you've angered me.” Electricity exploded around him. He was obviously angry. “I wouldn't mind you beating me up… but touching Lav…” He glared at Venom. He was really angry. “YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT!”

Saturo grabbed Venom and punched him in the face. It looked like it hurt, to be honest. I couldn't help but smile at the situation.

“Tsk. You're a pain in the butt.” Venom released a lot of energy, becoming surrounded by a toxic green aura.

“YOU'RE MORE OF ONE!” Saturo punched him hard, sending him flying into a wall. Then, Venom broke THROUGH the wall, and Saturo hit him again, causing him to break out into space. But then Saturo went after him, into space. A pink laser barrier appeared that stopped everything and the air from being sucked up into space.

I had gained back some of my energy. Enough to stand up. I stood up. I walked over to the broken wall (which had a hole in the shape of Venom’s body which I thought was funny), and walked through.

“Oh my.” I then spotted Rosetta, with the two knocked out siblings that I'm pretty sure were named Saturn and Phoenix. “Are you okay, Lav?!”

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

“You should have let me help! Why didn't you let me?!”

“Saturo had it all under control.”

“Sure, yeah. Being almost dead on the floor. Totally in control.” Rosetta rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “But now you have to ask him out! That's the only reason I agreed to stay back and not help!”

Oh yeah. I… didn't forget about that. But…

“No.” I said. I wanted him to ask me out instead.

“Hmph.” Rosetta just crossed her arms.

I looked past the pink barrier. I missed the fight. Saturo was floating in space, having passed out! Venom was nowhere in sight.

“Hey, Rosetta,” I then said. “Help me bring Saturo back in.”

? Draco ?

“Hey Badok, what power are you gonna pick when you get your crystal?” I asked him as we walked to where Zephyr was most likely napping.

“I can pick a power?” Badok asked. “Sweet! What powers are there?”

“Oh there’s loads, but first you need to pick an element. There’s a lot.” I replied. “There’s fire, water, flora, electricity, air, earth, poison, tech, metal, ice, light, darkness, space, healing, and the element I picked, plasma. Do any of those interest you?”

“Ooh, hmm. Maybe… Air? That could be cool,” Badok replied.

“Oh so you’ll have the same element as Ich. Nice choice,” I said.

“Ich? Who’s that?” Badok asked.

“Oh he’s one of the people who train here, he’s been gone for a while though,” I replied as we continued walking.

“So we’re riding a dragon? That’s sick. How big is he?”

“Oh Zephyr is about twenty feet tall and around fifty feet long. He’s about the average size of a plasma and electric dragon,” I replied casually. “He can reach thirty feet tall if he stands on his hind legs though.”

“That’s awesome! Does he have a power or element thingy?”

“Well he is electric and plasma, so he can go pretty freaking fast. Plus he can basically shoot lasers and lightning bolts in layman's terms,” I answered.

“Hey! Where are you guys going?!” I heard who can only be Meh ask.

“Oh hi Meh, I’m about to take Badok off to find his ultimate crystal here on Ertin. We’re taking Zephyr since he’s so fast no one can see him fly by,” I replied.

“Can I come? I’m unbelievably bored,” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t see why not, I’m helping Badok because I was bored so sure.” I answered before looking at Badok, “is that cool with you?”

“Totally! As long as the situation doesn’t feel ‘meh’ with him there.” Badok resisted smiling at his joke and winked.

“You cannot make a ‘his name starts with meh so i’m gonna use that to make a pun/joke’ thing that I haven’t heard yet,” Mehrunes said. “And I don’t appreciate you trying.”

Badok rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath.

“Also don’t mutter, we can totally hear you.” I said to Badok with a smirk as we kept walking as Meh followed behind.

Badok shook his head. “Hmph. Downer, Mehrunes. You’re such a downer.”

“Pffht!” Mehrunes threw up his hands. “Where did that come from?! Randomly calling me a downer and such?”

“Sarcastic too.”

Mehrunes glared at Badok. Badok smiled slyly at him.

“Well at least we’re here.” I said as we entered a giant room with a giant pile of shiny/golden objects in it. “He should be around here.”

“Why’s there gold everywhere?” Badok asked, looking around. “Are you like, rich or something?”

“Not in terms of this planets currency at least, no,” Mehrunes said.


“Zephyr just likes shinies because he’s a dragon. For some dragons their hoards boost their power, not plasma and electric ones though.” I said as I looked throughout the room.

“How much of that book I gave you did you read?” Mehrunes asked.

“Three quarters.” I replied calmly as I kept looking.

“Huh,” Mehrunes said.

“So where’s the dragon?” Badok asked, searching the piles of gold and shiny things.

Suddenly a giant reptilian head descended from above the dark room and looked Badok glaring him straight in the eyes, the head was about twice as big as he was.

“Oh also Zephyr doesn’t like it if people he’s unfamiliar with dig around in his hoard.”

“I FOUND A MICROWAVE, WHY?!” Mehrunes yelled. “How?!”

“Remember that one you threw away?” I said.


“…Sooooo yeah.” I said, waiting for him to connect the dots.

“I’m asking why he would take this?!” Mehrunes said.

“Because it’s metal and because it glimmers a bit in the light.” I said as Zephyr growled at Badok WHO WAS STILL DIGGING AROUND IN HIS HOARD.

Badok jumped away from Zephyr. “Grump.” He snorted.

“Well would you be happy if a tiny person was digging around in your room and looked like he was going to rob you?” I asked as Zephyr snorted in Badoks face, releasing a cloud of steam.

Badok glared at Zephyr and stuck his tongue out. “Jerk, go steam a ham instead.”

“He could swallow you like a mint you know. Best not to insult him as he can understand every word of it.” I said.

Mehrunes was just listening and smirking.

Badok chuckled. “You smell like a bucket of fish, you know?” He put his face closer to Zephyr’s.

Zephyr then sniffed him before a device on his neck lit up.

“And you smell like a dozen skunks pooped in a dumpster full of rotting flesh,” A male robotic voice said. It was a device that translated what Zephyr says so we could understand it. Teleyon had gotten it for him. “Do you even know what a bath is?”

“Suck on a stick, you featherless bird.” Badok stuck out his tongue.

“You also clearly have never learned of manners you hairless simian.” The robotic voice said again.

Mehrunes snickered.

Badok narrowed his eyes. “I lived on a planet of rot and death. To be honest, it looked better than you ever did. You could really use a cleaning, you know. Those feet look like the birds like to sit on them.”

“*SIGH* Draco I don’t think a boy this immature and dependent on insults in order to feel strong is ready for what an ultimate crystal entails yet don’t you agree?” Zephyr asked me, through the robotic male voice.

“Hmmm… you may have a point.” I said as I thought to myself.

Badok finally laughed and looked up at Zephyr again. “I was kidding, lizard! You only smell half as bad. Anyway, let’s get going.”

“I know you were kidding it’s just that you need to learn that acting like how you did will only end badly.” Zephyr said via the robotic voice again. “Petty insults will only lead to angering your opponent.”

Badok looked for a way to get on his back. “Oh, shush, lizard. You’re acting like my mom.”

“Clearly your mom is wise, and second don’t call me lizard. My name is Zephyr.” Zephyr said via the voice again.

“Got it, lizard.” Badok crawled up his side onto his back.

Shortly after Badok got tired of climbing the twenty foot tall wall of scales and slid down in exhaustion.

“You're not gonna be able to get up like that. At least not without a crystal.” I said to Badok.

“So were we supposed to be doing something or…” Mehrunes said.

“We’re supposed to find Badok’s crystal while riding Zephyr but he can’t get up to his back.” I replied.

“Guess we’ll have to, oh I dunno, Badok, maybe you could ask for some help,” Mehrunes said.

“I can fly you up there and Meh can teleport you up there. That’s a lot easier then trying to climb him.” I added.

“Okay.” Badok was laying on the ground. “That lizard is so tall.”

“At least call me a dragon. I’m not even that closely related to lizards.” Zephyr said.

“Can I please smack Badok?” Mehrunes asked. “He totally deserves it.”

“Nah a smack would hurt too much, it would send him across the room. Just give him a flick.” I said.

“But smacking him is so much more fuuuuun,” Mehrunes said, appearing behind Badok and flicking him in the back of the head.

Badok gasped. “Dude! Totally uncool.”

“No one ever said I was cool,” Mehrunes said. “But you really deserve it.”

“Meh’s more cold rather then cool, as in… he doesn’t emote much. Speaking of cold I bet Hematite has already gotten to the Ice Planet with Kinji and Sok by now,” I said.

“Who?” Mehrunes asked.

“Eh I’ll introduce you to him when he gets back, now then let’s actually get moving now,” I said as I walked over to Badok and grabbed the back of his shirt before large metal/crystal wings with blades for feathers sprung from my back.

“Woah, that’s rad!” Badok said, looking back at my wings. “Just, don’t drop me.”

“He has bladed wings and you’re worried about him dropping you?” Mehrunes asked.

“Eh he’ll be fine,” I said as with one powerful flap of my wings I had already sent up past where zephyr’s back was and set Badok on his back.

“Beat ya,” Mehrunes said, casually sitting.

“You totally did that when I was talking,” I said as I then sat in front of the both of them.

“Maaaaaaybe,” Mehrunes said.

“Off to find the Crystal?” Badok asked.

“Yep.” I said as I grabbed the end of Zephyr's horns like reigns. “Alright buddy let's get going. Meh open the door so we can fly out.”

“Yeah sure whatever.” Mehrunes said as the doors opened.

Then in an instant we zoomed out at incredible speed, so fast that to other people we had vanished from sight.

Badok was screaming but it was barely audible. “WOAH, THIS IS SO FAST!”


“YOU SHOULD TOO!” Badok responded.

Mehrunes flicked Badok again.

Soon we went above the clouds. I took out the radar that Hematite had given Badok. The arrow was pointing East, away from the city.

“Alright we’re going east.” I said as Zephyr changed his direction to head the right way.

I couldn’t tell how far we were as he radar didn’t specify. So we would just kept flying until we arrived where the glowing dot was. We were above a desert. That explains why the clouds beneath us disappeared.

We just kept flying in silence for a while as talking was rather pointless as we were going faster than sound.

“How close are we?” Badok called to me.

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed as I couldn't hear him because of what I had previously mentioned.

I just decided to have Zephyr slow down and then land as we were close to the dot anyway and I couldn’t sense anyone else nearby.

I looked around as we got off of Zephyr’s back to see if there were any caves or hills or anything nearby where Badoks crystal could be.

“Look at the radar why dontcha,” Mehrunes said.

I looked at the radar, and it lead up ahead next to a cactus.

We then walked over to where the cactus was and spotted a green radiating and glowing crystal, half of it buried in sand.

“Alright Badok, do you sense anything? Like in your head?” I asked him.

Badok’s hair was windblown and he blinked. “Uh, kinda.” He looked at the Crystal. “I feel… something… with the crystal.” he shook his head so his hair fell back down.

“Well then it’s time for your test. In the Dream World.” I said as I raised my arms and waggled my fingers to over exaggerate.

“Best believe it’s not fun,” Mehrunes smirked.

“Yeah it can be intense.” I said calmly, “one time I saw a version of me with a black demon eye and lots of blood and a machete. It scarred me mentally quite a bit. But I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

“Like when your girlfriend died?” Mehrunes couldn’t resist mentioning.

“Dude you know that topic is off limits.” I said to him as both of my eyes were covered in blue fire.

“I know, but it’s so fun to make you mad,” Mehrunes smirked. “You never know, I might even be a clone.”

“You probably are. There’s as many clones of you as there are people living in the complex.” I said as the blue fire on my eyes faded away. “Alright Badok. Time to touch the crystal.”

“Touch the- okay.” He walked up to the crystal and glanced back at us, then reached down and touched it. He disappeared immediately.

“And now we wait.” I said as I sat down on the ground.

Then Badok appeared after two seconds.

“Long wait,” Mehrunes said.

“We’ve been here for dayyyys.” I said, faking sounding exhausted. “So how did it go? Did you get the crystal?”

Badok looked tired. “Man, I was in there for like hours. Yeah, I got it.” He pulled out his crystal, smiling.

“Good,” Mehrunes smacked him in the face. “Now I can do that.”

“Seriously?” I asked as I stood up. “So have you named it and selected your power yet?”

“Named it? Oh, yeah. Seitori.” Badok said, smiling at the crystal. “It’s uh… My power… uh…” he thought for a moment. “… light?”

“Oooooo… interesting. That one is new.” I said.

“Have fun with that choice,” Mehrunes said. “Or don’t I don’t care.”

“Yeah. She said that it’s kinda like fire, but different, and I can kinda shapeshift with it or something like that? She wasn’t too clear.” Badok said.

“She who now?” Mehrunes asked.

“I think he means his crystal.” I said.

“What? Oh, my Crystal, yeah.” Badok said.

“Well anyway let’s head back to the complex. Then you three can start practicing with you're powers. The rest of us can show you some of the basics.” I said.

We then got back onto Zephyr and flew back to the complex and landed back in Zephyr’s hoard room.

“Back home,” Mehrunes said. “Anyone want some food?”


“Yeah.” Badok said. “I wonder if Sokanon and Kinji are back yet. I can’t WAIT to see them!” he looked giddy.

“Odds are they’re probably not unless the ship’s here,” Mehrunes said, leaving the room. “See you at the diner eh?”

Badok nodded and waved goodbye to him. “Bye to you too, lizard!”

“*SIGH*” Zephyr sighed as he laid down on his large hoard and fell asleep as me and Badok left his room.

When we walked out, we spotted Sokanon and Hematite walking towards Saio, seeing they had arrived at the same time as we did.

“Oh hey look they’re here.” I said as me and Badok walked over to them.

“Yo Draco.” Hematite smiled at me. “We've returned.”

“I see that.” I said with a smirk. “How did you're expedition to the ice planet go?”

“Oh hey,” Mehrunes appeared. “You, I don’t know you.” Meh was looking at Hematite.

“Neither do I know you,” Hematite replied. “I'm Hematite Shiny, nice to meet ya.”

Shiny?” Mehrunes asked, “Huh… whatever, I’m Mehrunes, and I also run the diner here, I would say something like: it’s got to meet you but, meh.”

“Oooh food! That's nice, I'll join you guys for dinner if you don't mind me.” Hematite said.

“I really don’t care, so what’re the two powers the others had?” Meh asked, walking around to look at them.

Sokanon was standing behind Hematite. Saio and Badok crowded around her. “Where’s Kinji? The bathroom?” Saio asked.

“Are you okay?” Badok asked Sokanon, who looked mortified.

Sokanon shook her head. “Kinji… Kinji, he’s dead… he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead…” she choked out. Saio let out a gasp and a wail.

“Yeah… about that. He's in my pocket at the moment.” Hematite rubbed the back of his head.

“Well that made this situation a lot darker fast.” I said awkwardly.

“Huh. What was his power though?” Mehrunes asked nonshalontly.

“It was fire. Except he's dead now. We have to make a funeral for him,” Hematite said.

“Sok, do you want me to get some clones or are you still too sad to speak?” Mehrunes asked.

Sokanon wasn’t paying attention to him. Saio was crying hysterically and Badok was standing with tears in his eyes. “W-What happened?” Saio asked. Sokanon didn’t answer her either.

“Uh… this evil powerful guy came.” Hematite looked nervous. “And killed him. Yeah.”

“You… sounded a bit… unsure of that…” I said skeptically.

“Hey Hematite, let’s go start getting a funeral set up, you come too Draco, let’s leave them alone for now.” Mehrunes said.

“Good idea.” I said as the three of us walked away from them.

Mehrunes looked back and then looked at Hematite.

“Okay so I know for a fact you’re hiding something from them at least,” Mehrunes whispered as to make sure they wouldn’t hear him. “So don’t deny it to us, and let the cat out.”

“We won’t tell them if you want.” I whispered.

“That is the only condition. Do not tell them,” Hematite said.

“Got it.”

“Deal.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay… so. The evil dude didn't kill Kinji. Sokanon did,” Hematite explained.

“Did it have to do with the eye thing?” I asked quietly.

“I also have a question, did the evil thing say anything? Like a name or place or something arrogantly?” Mehrunes was also quiet.

“Yep… he came in and said something about Sokanon being a minion of Dakrus, and her eye did a thing and she became this monster and slaughtered Kinji.” Hematite explained. “I couldn't do anything because the guy had me trapped in some curse. The dude was oddly obsessed with death too. I think it has to do with the dark powers he's used to stop me.”

“Hmmm… how did they talk? Try and replicate it…” I said.

“He kept talking about death and people not being saved and said the smell of death was a nice perfume. Creepy guy.”

“Uh huh. And how did his voice sound? Was it like echoey or demon like or what?” I asked.

“You know the way your Ultimate Crystals talk? That voice. His was more… demon like when he started using the dark powers. Before it was just like an Ultimate Crystal.” Hematite explained.

“Oooh that means it was one of those really powerful guys… I’ve heard voices like that before.” I said.

“Where are we making the funeral?” Mehrunes asked. “Because like, I don’t really care where, but we do need to figure it out because that’s how we got away from the others to be talking about this. Also I’m interested, did he say anything about the curse?”

“Which? The one he used on me or the one that Sokanon is under?” Hematite questioned.

“Both.” Mehrunes said.

“The one used on me was the powerful curse that lets a friend watch their friend suffer in front of them, without being able to do a thing. It didn't make me feel much. I've felt enough suffering already that seeing just one more stranger die wouldn't do much,” Hematite answered.

“Huh. I could’ve helped. I don’t make friends very quickly, none of those guys are my friends, you’re not, but I suppose he’d have other ways so… not all around useful info. What about socs eye?” Mehrunes asked.

“I think I have her curse all figured out.” Hematite took a deep breath. “So, when she feels negative emotions, her eye becomes dark and makes them worse. And, whenever that dark power the evil guy uses is around her, she turns into that monster and loses her mind, and does whatever the wielder of that dark power wishes.”

“Okay wait, so I’m guessing it was after she got her crystal that this happened, and her power was like dark or something right?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, her power was darkness. But I don't think that has to do much with her eye… maybe the curse is why she had dark powers. Most likely.” Hematite said. He then muttered to himself, “that dark power the guy used though. It's not normal. I don't like the feeling of it.”

“So… sokanon became a monster right… is that why she’s wearing… different clothes…” Mehrunes smirked

“Huh?” Hematite said. “Oh yeah. They ripped off. I had to get her new ones.”

“Just asking. So, anyway, what do you wanna bet that the monster thing and her getting ultimate powers happening at the same time, wasn’t a fluke or coincidence?” Mehrunes asked.

“I'm pretty sure it was something that this Dakrus dude has planned. Besides, the other guy called Sokanon 'Minion of Dakrus’. He also said he'd deal with me later, after getting Dakrus into this. Doesn't sound safe to me.” Hematite said, and then smiled. “I like it.”

“Dots. Connect. Dakrus cursed Sokanon, that’s my guess,” Mehrunes said.

It was interesting to just listen to them talk as we walked along.

“Yeah. Meaning that Dakrus has to be really powerful to do that. I wanna fight this guy.” Hematite beamed.

“Hah! I think we’ve actually met him once. Am I wrong about that Draco?” Mehrunes asked me.

“Yeah I remember that name being mentioned.” I replied.

“Wait. There’s nooo way, Draco remember how we met Elec?” Mehrunes asked. “Wasn't it cuz Dakrus tried to kill him?”

“Oooooh yeaaaaaah man we just seem to know all of the important people when it comes to recent events.” I said, remembering.

“We absolutely have to tell Elec and/or Windoren!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Yeah, but first. Where are we going? We’ve just been going all over the place in the complex while we’ve been talking.” I pointed out as we were now upstairs.

“Well where are we having a funeral?” Mehrunes asked. “Even though I’m probably going to be setting it up…”

“I think we should let Sokanon decide where to bury him.” Hematite said. “So let's ask her.”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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