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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 15): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 15): {CC PLEASE}

Posted August 5th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 15:


It was dark in the hallway as Venom appeared. He was beaten up, bruised all over his body. He grunted as he walked towards a spaceship attached to the facility.

“You look good,” a voice said.

Venom spotted a guy with dark green hair and a dark green jacket. He was smirking at Venom.

“Shut up.” Venom growled at him.

“Looks to me like the student of Elec really is the student of Elec, as he beat ya in a fight. I'm sad I didn't get to watch.” The guy frowned.

“Yeah. And I failed to get Dr. He. Now Elec will return him, after the E.F.A.I. did so much to capture their creator,” Venom replied. But then he smiled. “On the bright side, I stole a device from them. It lets you steal your opponent's energy!”

“Nice.” The guy smiled and had his hands in his pocket. “Then this wasn't for nothing. Let's return for now.”

“Yes, let's go, Timrek.”

? Saturo ?

I groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I sat up and everything suddenly came back to me. I was supposed to be dead. Something had happened and I was still alive… something very special, I remembered Krydret saying something about it but I didn't remember what it was.

In front of me was Lavender. She wasn't alone, next to her was Rosetta and also Saturn and Phoenix.

“Rise and shine,” Saturn said. “It's about time you woke up.”

“Yeah,” Rosetta said. “We should get out of this place now.”

I stood up. “Ah! I almost forgot! John and Flip have the scientist!”

“Nah Elec has him now,” John appeared into sight from behind. “He said the mission is over. We can go home now.”

“Home…” Phoenix mumbled. “We don't have anything we call home.”

“Yeah this place is pretty much home. A terrible one at that,” Saturn added.

“Then how about you come with us?” Lavender suggested. “I'm sure Elec would have more rooms for you!”

“R-really? We'd love that!” Saturn and Phoenix beamed.

My stomach then growled. I set a hand on it. “Anyone else hungry?”

“Oof yes we don't get fed well here.” Saturn’s stomach growled as well.

“I know! I'll treat you all for dinner!” Rosetta exclaimed.

“F-food…” Phoenix's eyes widened and her mouth watered. “Real food…”

“Yes! Let's get out of here!”

? Hematite ?

“Hey Sokanon,” I finished my talk with Draco and Mehrunes, and came back over to Sokanon, Badok, and Saio. “Where do you want Kinji to be buried?”

Sokanon glanced at him. “Korrovez would be nice…” she murmured.

“Oh, we're gonna fly back then.” I took out my spaceship from my pocket and enlarged it. “Who's coming along?”

She pointed at her friends, who were standing near her. “Them. You can bring your friends if you want. He’d like it I guess, if he was alive. Maybe Arada, I don’t know.” she sniffed.

“I don't have any friends here really, yet, so… Arada eh? Where's she?” I asked.

“Who knows.” she shrugged.

“You were asking about me?” Arada appeared. “What's this? You came back, huh? Where's Kinji at?”

“He’s very dead.” Mehrunes appeared also. Sokanon flinched at this.

“Sucks to be him. How'd he die?” Arada questioned.

“Creepy evil guy apparently.” Mehrunes replied. “Showed up, restrained Hem, killed Kinji.”

“Then why did Sokanon and Hematite survive?” Arada looked at us all suspiciously.

“See no one really knows, this guy kinda left after killing Kinji he was kinda a flat jerk, he really just hated Kinji or something, we can talk about this later, Sok wants you to come to his funeral.” Mehrunes has a straight face, but looked at Arada fleetingly with a ‘I’ll tell you more later’ face.

“Oh okay.” She shrugged and walked into my spaceship, knowing we were leaving the planet since it was there.

“I think I’m gonna stay here, if you want you can get a clone though. I’m guessing Saturo and Lav are out somewhere on a mission or something, and I wanna be here when they get back,” Mehrunes said.

Sokanon sat down in a seat in my spaceship. “A clone would be pointless. It’s not real.” she said, and added, “No one hated Kinji,” quietly.

“Whatever you say, weirdo.” Mehrunes said, throwing a smoke bomb and disappearing.

“I gotta give it to him, that smoke bomb disappearance was wicked cool,” I commented. “Anyway, yes, let's get going.” As the spaceship doors closed, I looked at the seated people in my spaceship. Sokanon, Saio, Badok, and Arada. And Kinji's body covered in white cloth in the back.

There was no time to lose, I immediately sat down and took off into space. Korrovez was far away, in the outskirts of the Galaxy. It would take forever to get there at normal speed. So I entered light speed.

I breathed and sat back in my seat. “So… this will take awhile. What should we do in the meantime?”

Sokanon stayed silent, so Saio looked up at him. “How about we play a game, like a name game - that’ll distract us!” she was trying to sound cheerful.

“We could. Or…” I stopped myself. I wasn't sure telling them the truth about Kinji's death would end well. “Or I can tell you a story about me. Or why I like to fight the strongest people out there.”

“Yeah, let’s do that instead. Tell us a story.”

“Okay… once upon a time, I was with my little sister in a cave hunting for rocks. Then a demon came and killed her. The end.” I choked.

Saio frowned. “Oh. That sucks.”

“Yep. I was too weak to do anything. That's why I fight the strongest people out there. I had to get stronger,” I said. “So I can protect those that I love.”

Sokanon sniffled. She’d started crying again. Saio started talking again. “Tell us another story, a happy story this time!”

“Hm…” I thought for awhile. “Well I was extremely happy when I came across a member of the Ultimate Council and got to fight them! It didn't last long since they had something they had to do but I landed a few hits.” I paused. “Wait that's just happy for me. Arada you tell them a happy story.”

“Most of my race was slaughtered in a war between giant sea lizards called Lagiacrus,” Arada said.

“That’s not a happy story.” Saio whispered.

“Wholey shiz, really?” I asked.


“Those creatures are dangerous when they're in their true form. They have enough power to… destroy a planet.” I looked back at Arada and she looked surprised. “And you were slaughtered… by them. Wow. That's interesting.”

“True form… just… what?” Arada asked.

“They're corrupted when they're not in their true form, and all kinds of evils generate inside of them. But with enough training I'm pretty sure a Lagiacrus could transform,” I explained.

“What about Human Lagiacrus?” Arada asked.

“Oh. You mean… part human and part Lagiacrus? I've heard my brother reading out loud about them, they could turn into the real form of the Lagiacrus, called Letheroin. Lots of power comes from it.” Then there was some silence. “I mean, that's just what was written in the book. Who knows if it's real or not. Maybe it was just a fictional concept.”

“Yeah…” Arada said. “Are we arriving yet?”

“No we've still got… a few hours.”

Badok frowned. “A few hours? Jeez, didn’t take that long to get to Ertin.” he huffed.

“Tele is a better pilot than him, and he knows shortcuts,” Arada said, crossing her arms.

“…Oh.” Badok said.

“Can you tell me how Kinji died? I didn’t really hear…” Sokanon asked quietly.

I gulped. “He was decapitated.”

“By who?” she asked. Her eye was wide and her eyebrows raised in question. It showed a glint of something other than asking.

“By that monster,” I said.

“What monster?” Sokanon asked.

“The monster that the dark guy summoned,” I said to her.

She blinked slowly at me and then turned her head. “Oh.”

“Yeah, the guy was strong and his power made you faint so you didn't see what happened,” I said.

“What did the monster look like?” Saio asked. Her voice had a spark in it, something of anger or surprise.

“Some weird dark creature thing or some shiz.” I answered. “Never seen it before, it's probably from somewhere in the outskirts of the galaxy or not even from the galaxy at all.”

Dark creature… okay,” Saio sounded suspicious.

“Well yeah, the guy who summoned it used dark powers so it would only make sense that it's a dark creature.”

A moment passed. “So how long until we reach Korrovez?” Badok asked, restless.

“Why don't we contact Teleyon and let him take control?” Arada suggested.

“Uh, sure, if you can,” I said. “What's his… contact info?”

“I'll put it in,” Arada got up and inserted Teleyon’s information into the spaceship computer. “Teleyon, take us to Korrovez.”

Then the spaceship changed it's direction. “There,” Arada said. “He's taking us through the shortcut.”

“Dang, he can control it from Ertin. This dude's pretty impressive.” I sat down and relaxed since I didn't have to drive.

“Yeah so now… we'll be arriving in about a minute.” Arada sat back down.

“WOW.” The shortcut had me mind blown. Looking out the window, we were passing by… weird barriers. I also spotted some space clouds of some sort.

After a few moments, Korrovez appeared in sight. “Okay I'll land this.” I took control of the wheel and brought us down to Korrovez.

Saio and Badok looked out the window. “It looks… different.” Saio said.

“Yeah. It looks… better than last time. Less smoke.” I said. Suddenly a spaceship flew past us. “Oh wow that was a B.D.O. spaceship. They're leaving.”

Then the spaceship hit something and it stopped moving. It was… an invisible barrier of some sort.

“Greetings,” a man in dark armor appeared in the spaceship. “What are you all doing coming here?”

Sokanon looked up at the man, and the other two had fallen out of their seats in surprise. “Who are you?” Sokanon hissed quietly.

“I am supposed to be on the lookout. Anyone that enters the planet must be questioned first,” The man said. “Since the planet Korrovez is under construction at the moment.”

“Shut your mouth. This is my home, I’m just coming for mourning.” Sokanon snapped at the man.

“Ah so you are a resident?” The man questioned.

“Me and those two,” she pointed with her face toward Saio and Badok. “There’s a fourth, but he’s the reason we’ve come for mourning. The rest of them aren’t from here, but they’re joining us for the funeral.”

“I see. Well then, welcome home.” The man disappeared into dust. The spaceship moved forward into the atmosphere of Korrovez.

“Incompetent fool.” Sokanon said, and then stopped talking.

“They gotta do that for security purposes. In case we're like, terrorists.” I said. “So… it's their job.”

The spaceship descended and we could see towns and cities being built.

“Where are we gonna… have the funeral?” I asked Sokanon.

“Somewhere far away, in the flatlands. I don’t want there to be a building in sight. There should be a place about… 15 or so miles from Corumes, our old city.” she replied.

“There wasn't anything there before but…” after a few moments we arrived at the flatlands. “Oh. They didn't build here. Looks like there are only building where there used to be buildings.” I landed the spaceship. I got up as the doors opened and took Kinji's body and walked out.

The others came out behind me. I set down Kinji and began digging a hole. I looked back at the others.

Sokanon had started helping me dig the hole, and looked at the body when we stopped. “Should we… put him in? We’ve never been to a funeral, the people in our town normally dumped the bodies in a river, or burned them in a mass fire.”

“Wow. Normally they're buried under the ground.” I put Kinji's body into the hole and put the dirt back on top. “There.”

Saio, Badok and Sokanon stood around the grave. “Do we have a stick or a rock to put over it, to mark that it’s a grave?” Saio asked.

“We could.” I summoned a rock and wrote 'Kinji’ on it. “What was his last name?”

“His last name… it was… Oh, yeah. Guukoi. G-U-U-K-O-I.” Saio answered.

I wrote that down and placed the rock where it's supposed to be. I then took out his Ultimate Crystal, which was now powerless and had no power left in it. It was just ultaniam now.

“Do you… want to keep this?” I asked Sokanon, showing her Kinji's crystal.

Sokanon nodded and took it from my hand. She looked it over and stuck it in her pocket.

“Now you can like… say stuff or something like they do in movies and books,” Arada said, her hands in her pocket.

Saio stepped forward. “I can go first.” she said, and cleared her throat. “You were an amazing friend. All of our adventures together, a loved them all, even the bad ones. I’ll miss you.” she stepped back and looked at Sokanon.

Sokanon stepped forward now. “Goodbye, Kinji. I loved you.” she rasped, and stood still for a second. Saio and Badok didn’t look surprised. Then she stepped back and Badok stepped forward.

“You were an amazing pal, Kinji, and I miss you. You were my only friend who wasn’t some girl, no offense, you two. I hope wherever you are now you’re happy.” Badok said, and stepped back.

I stepped forward. “I didn't even know you but I was excited to train you to get stronger so you could fight me. But now you'll just be a memory. From wherever you are, make Sokanon and Badok stronger.”

“And I barely knew you.” Arada stepped up when I stepped back. “But you seemed chill. We'll still remember you. As a friend.”

Then it was silent for a few moments.

“…are we ready to go back now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Saio said. She set her hand on Sokanon’s back, since Sokanon looked like she was asleep standing. Sokanon looked at her and shook her head.

“Let's go back.” Arada said.

“Yeah, come on, Sokanon.” Saio said.

I entered the spaceship behind Arada and turned it on as we waited for the others to come in before we took off.

? ………… ?

“Okay we're out of the camera's,” Timrek sat next to Venom as their escape pod flew through space towards the nearest planet.

“Now I can tell ya that I could easily have beat the student of Elec in a fight,” Venom said.

“But you lost didn't you?”

“But I didn't use my Ultimate Crystal either.” Venom smirked. “Now let's wait for Styreix.”

“Unlike you he won't hold back. We'll have Dr. He kidnapping again in no time,” Timrek said.

“Then we can force Dr. He to finish the machine for us. Then we can help the E.F.A.I. get more subjects and we'd get some of the machinery they're hiding.” Venom looked down at the energy stealing small device in his hands. “I'd like a better version of this.”

“I'd like nothing I've got all I need.” Timrek sat back as there was a green frog puppet sitting on his head. “Let me know if you want anything,” he told the puppet.

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” the puppet replied.

Timrek smiled. “We're good to go, we'll meet up with Styreix and then go back to our base.”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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Oh snap, he didn't use the

Oh snap, he didn't use the Ultimate Chrystal. I wonder what's going to happen when they meet Styreix.

Posted by chicken123 on Thu, 08/16/2018 - 09:42

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