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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 16): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 16): {CC PLEASE}

Posted August 21st, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

last chapter in the book! Enjoy. Book 2 is being worked on and the first chapter or prologue or whatever I made it be will come soon.




Chapter 16: Saturo


We were just having lunch at the restaurant, called Calf-Fil-A. (They had good steak). Elec had appeared inside and took me out.

“He's been kidnapped again.” He said to me. “You can't rest with your friends for awhile.”

“Wha-- oh darn.” I at least ate enough. I didn't get to thank Rosetta for the meal though. Saturn and Phoenix were enjoying themselves though.

“I'll have more of your friends go with you. You'll take… Draco along, so he could get some training,” Elec said, “and anyone else that wishes to come along.”

“How would we find the kidnappers and where Dr. He is?”

“Teleyon will let you know where to go, I've sent the data to his computer.” Elec grabbed me and disappeared.

He teleported us back to Ertin, to our base. I didn't get to say goodbye to Lav, but she saw Elec come in and grab me so she would know why.

“Your mission starts now. You will only be successful and get your reward if you return to here with Dr. He. Understood?” Elec said.

“Yes Master Elec.” I replied. “What's the rating of this mission?”

“I estimate… 7.5.” Elec said.

Oh. It's not too bad.

“However I don't know who you'll be going against. So you'll have to figure it out. That's how you'll get more powerful, figuring things out on your own.” Elec smiled and patted me on the head. “Good luck Saturo.”

He then turned and walked away, fading as he did until he disappeared. I turned around then to head to Teleyon's office and ran into Draco along the way.

“Hey Draco I'm back from my mission, and I have another one. Elec said to bring you along.” I approached him.

“Sounds interesting… What do we have to do?” He asked as the two of us began walking to Teleyon’s office.

“Get the kidnapped scientist back here.” I said. “It's harder than it sounds.”

“I assumed as much. Why exactly does Elec want me to go with?” Draco asked as we kept walking.

“I'm not exactly sure. He just said so you could get more training. Maybe he noticed you were bored.” I opened the door to Teleyon's office as we walked in.

“Well that would make sense. It’s been a bit since I’ve been on a mission and I have been getting bored training by myself recently.” Draco said with a nod.

We then spotted Teleyon playing video games.

“Well he sure is being efficient at his work.” Draco smirked.

“YES! BEAT LEVEL SEVENTY TWO!” Teleyon jumped from his seat.

“Congrats.” Draco said as he slowly clapped.

Teleyon looked at him. “Uh. Thanks.” He then got back into his seat and dusted himself off. “Anyway I got their location of their base. They're on… some planet. It's not one in the Elemental System, which is smart of them since it's populated here, but yeah. It's somewhere else. Dunno what the planet is called, never bothered to look. I'll be coming to drive you as Elec asked, with some reinforcements.” Teleyon stood up and walked over to us.

“Sounds good.” Draco said.

“Let's get moving then.” Teleyon said.

? ………… ?

“Everything is ready?” Venom asked, walking through into the room.

“Aheaheaha… Everything shall be ready soon enough… Soon enough…! JUST YOU WAIT! HEHAHEHAHA!”

“The heck is wrong with Dr. He?” Venom looked at the scientist trapped inside a cage.

“He's a mad scientist. What do you expect?” Styreix said, typing into a computer.

“Whatever. Get him to work on the machine as soon as you can. If he doesn't cooperate, try anything to make him.” Venom said.

“Hey don't tell me what to do. I don't do tech.” Styreix shook his head. “Let someone else do it.”

Venom frowned. “Timmy is outside in case anyone comes for him. I'd have to call for help if you won't do it.”

Styreix walked out of the room with his hands behind his head. “I won't. Figure something out, I'm gonna go for a walk.”

Venom picked up the phone and dialed a number. “Yes? Hello there. We need your assistance, yes, technology. Also guarding sure. You both can come. Yes thanks.” He hung up. “That's good.”

He thought to himself about his real mission to try and get himself a role in the Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction. The company has been around and left undiscovered.

“I'll use Dr. He to lure in the leader, maybe I can get myself some stuff that way. This should be fun.” Venom was looking at Dr. He as he said this.

“Fun? Did someone say fun? Oh yes I'm having much fun! Hehehe…” Dr. He laughed.

“Whatever old man.” Venom sat down in a chair. He then thought of an evil plan, to get himself to come face to face with the student of the master of electricity. “Yes I'll just have to kidnap her, easy as that eh? Playing with him for a bit… fun.”

“Kidnap? Do you bid to kidnap? Building the foundation of my laboratory could use some kidnap…” Dr. He stroked his beard that was not there.

“Shut up old guy.” Venom stared at him. “Whatever… Saturo and I will have a fun battle though. Heh.”


To Be Continued…

to be continued in the next chapter/book....

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