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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 8):

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 8):

Posted July 10th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 8: Arada


I sat down at a table, the big table in the middle of the diner. The rest of the people from Korrovez sat there as well, as the Meh clones began cooking. Listy was there too, because she just beat up Mehrunes and was hungry.

“So, what are we gonna eat? Is there… Like, a menu?” Sokanon asked. She was looking around and not paying attention to anything.

“Yeah there’s a menu,” I said, before shouting over to a Mehrunes clone, “hey! Meh! Get us a menu!”

The Mehrunes clone then handed each of us a menu.

Sokanon looked at the menu and opened up. She looked away after a moment and continued to watch the room. “You have the spaghetti you gave me earlier?” Sokanon murmured.

“What’s with all the shrimp?” Kinji asked after reading his menu.

“Ya see… this menu really evolved over time,” The Mehrunes clone replied. “I think it was Draco, did he happen to say if he was coming or not by the way?”

“Do I need to?” Draco asked as he walked through the door.

“Not at all, I was just wondering,” The Mehrunes clone said.

“Besides, the whole shrimp thing was more Fireball’s idea, he just really likes seafood. Because he’s a cat,” Draco said as he sat down at one of the empty chairs.

“Who’s Fireball?” Sokanon asked distractedly. It seemed like she didn’t care all that much.

“Who be you hmmm?” Fireball asked as he appeared on Draco’s shoulder.

“Gah! Magic tricks!” The Mehrunes clone said.

“Nu, just a very sneaky cat,” Fireball said as he was then on top of the clone’s head.

“Kitty!” Saio squealed like a little kid and reached out to Fireball. “How can it talk?”

“Cuz a scientist,” Fireball replied as he let Saio pet his tail.

Saio grabbed Fireball and set him in her lap. “You’re so soft!” she exclaimed.

“That’s because Draco’s little sister and her friend Bella give me lots of brushing and pets,” Fireball said as he laid on her lap.

“He can also breathe fire!” The Mehrunes clone said.

“But I only toast people who I don’t like. Since you're petting me, you're okay in my book,” Fireball said to Saio as he began to purr.

“So when’s the food gonna be done?” Sokanon asked. She still seemed distracted.

“You kinda never ordered, thanks,” The Mehrunes clone replied.

“Maybe you should be more focused on what’s going on rather then staring at the ant crawling on the wall,” Draco said with a snicker.

Sokanon shook her head. “Oh, uh, what? Sorry. Umm, can I have the spaghetti?” she looked at the Mehrunes clone. The clone wrote it down in his little notepad.

“And the rest of you Aside from Arada who’s here to look after the four of you?” The clone asked.

“I’ll also have Spaghetti,” Listy said.

“I’ll have beef ribs,” Draco said.

“I’ll have my cat food,” Fireball said as he rolled on Saio’s lap.

“What’s ‘The ? Pi Pie’?” Badok asked.

“It’s a ‘insert flavor here’ pie with the math symbol Pi on it,” Draco explained.

“Oh,” Badok said. He stared at the menu for a minute more. “‘A really big cake’. I’ll take that.”

“And I’ll take a really big slice of cheese,” Saio said.

“You're gonna eat a whole wedding sized model cake Badok?” Draco asked.

“If it’s that big then heck yes!” Badok said.

“Okay then,” Draco said.

“I’ll join in!” Kinji exclaimed. “And I’ll also have caviar and… What’s TNT Juice?”

“It’s a juice in a container in the shape of dynamite that, when you drink it, tastes like your favorite thing. It’s the best,” Draco explained.

“What if your favorite thing is street apples?” Kinji asked. “We don’t have much back on Korrovez.”

“Well maybe it’ll be something you’ve never eaten or drank before,” Draco said with a shrug.

“Well then here you’re gonna have some eating to do off the menu,” The clone said.

“Give me some meat then. Just, anything. I don’t care. Meat,” Kinji said, snapping his fingers.

“Alright but first, what type of cheese and what type of cake?” The clone asked.

“Mixed? Like the orange and the white stuff,” Saio said, still petting Fireball.

“That… doesn’t really help. That’s still like almost all cheeses except for maybe blue cheese,” Draco said.

“There’s different types of cake?” Badok asked.

“I feel so bad for you,” The clone said. “I’ll get you colby jack, and yes. There’s chocolate, vanilla, marble--”

“Heck we’ve even got ones that taste like other foods,” Draco said.

“What’s vanilla or marble taste like? Or chocolate? All we have is stale bread with frosting on our planet, of what we can find,” Badok said.

“Clone, just get him marble, cause thats chocolate and vanilla together,” Draco said.

“Yes, of course,” The clone said. “What do we want for drinks as well?”

“TNT Juice,” The three said. Sokanon had gone back to staring at the wall.

“Sokanan! Hey!” The clone said.

“What?” Sokanon snapped her had back to him.


“Uhh, TNT Juice…” she said, and stared at the wall again.

“I’ll have that too,” Draco said. “Sokanon you are very interested in that ant ain’t ya?”

“There’s an ant on the wall?” Sokanon said. “I don’t… Oh there it is.”

“So have you just been staring off then?” Draco asked.

“Mhmm… Sure.” Sokanon muttered. She clearly wasn’t listening. The clone had walked off to get the order in so the other clones could start cooking.

“Okay then…” Draco said.

Fireball then yawned from Saio’s lap. Saio lifted him up by the armpits and slung him over her shoulder gently - half way, as not to hurt him. She continued to pet Fireball.

Fireball then began to sleep.

“It’s surprising some of the poses he can sleep in,” Draco said. “Once he slept hanging upside down. But he’s got and Ultimate Crystal, so he’s a tough cat.”

“Is that healthy for him?” Saio asked. “His sleeping upside down?”

“He was only asleep for like five minutes before he woke up when he was upside down. Then he got down and curled up and slept. That’s his favorite sleeping pose,” Draco replied.

“He’s cute,” Saio said, and then jumped. “He frickin’ scratched me!”

“He couldn’t of. He never scratches when he sleeps. It’s more likely you picked the chair with a splinter in it. Meh still has to fix that,” Draco said. “But yes, being cute is one of Fireball’s main traits.”

Saio was patting where she got hurt and then jumped again. She had a splinter in her hand. “Dangit!” she snapped.

“Just a sec,” Draco said as he walked over and looked at the splinter before his finger glowed cyan and he tapped the splinter in her hand.

Right then the splinter disintegrated into particles and Draco sat back down in his chair.

“Plasma powers are quite useful when you’ve learned how to control them,” Draco said.

“I wish I had plasma powers,” Saio said as she rubbed her hand.

“Well if you ever find your ultimate crystal, you can train in plasma then,” Draco said.

“When’ll the food be done?” Sokanon asked again.

“It’ll be done in about three minutes and twenty seconds,” Draco replied.

“Oddly specific,” Listy said.

“Well there is a timer right there,” Draco said, pointing to a monitor that was next to the clock, both displayed a time, one was what Draco said, minus seven seconds.

Sokanon looked at Draco. “What’d you say?” she asked.

“You’re not paying attention, and, it’s a little annoying so, tell us why,” Listy said.

“Please do, it’s a bit worrying as well,” Draco added.

“Oh. I’m… thinking. About Korrovez, and all,” Sokanon replied.

“Yeah… We can still mail the council, but who knows what that thing Tele released will do,” Draco said.

“Hey do you happen to want an appetizer?” A clone appeared.

“Oh, sure. Popcorn?” Sokanon said to the clone, and then looked at Draco. “So, what is this thing gonna do to the planet?”

“Who knows? It’s energy was incredible. It also didn’t help that it was apparently rambling about getting revenge on the people of Korrovez for trapping him and that he would destroy everything,” Draco said with a bit of a somber shrug.

“Maybe… We could go back and check after tonight. But only three of us should go, counting Teleyon,” I suggested.

“I’m not going, flying under the radar,” The real Mehrunes appeared, you could tell because he was covered in scrapes and bruises, and he had Mr Slithers, the clones didn’t need Mr Slithers.

“Hold up,” Sokanon said. “You said this monster was rambling about revenge on Korrovez? What’s this monster called?”

“His name was…” Draco said as he thought before looking at me, “what was it again Arada? B-something?”

“He called himself Bainex, Teleyon said that was written on the door of his chamber too,” I answered.

Suddenly the Mehrunes brought out the food everyone ordered.

“Yup. Right on time,” Draco said as he pointed at the monitor which had just struck zero.

“Its name was Bainex?!?” Sokanon exclaimed, standing up as the clone set the food down, making the silver wear rattle.

“Okay, I’m gonna make a guess here,” Mehrunes said. “It’s some story tale that's actually real, like those cliche story books?”

“Is it really a guess? Seemed like whatever Bainex is would have to be some sort of legendary thing. Kinda reminds me a bit of the energy Glitter has,” Draco said from his seat.

“You’re right about the story tale, Mehrunes,” Kinji said. “We were all told it in nurseries, or by parents or grandparents. Bainex was this creature that wreaked havoc on Korrovez for over a hundred years! That was like, super long ago!”

Sokanon picked up where he left off. “Then like, three centuries ago, these saints sealed him up deep beneath the earth and he’s been locked away ever since.”

Badok was nodding. “No one ever believed it besides cults and gangs and ‘witches’, but you guys are saying that Bainex is seriously real?”

“Yep, we sensed his energy and everything, it’s some scary stuff,” Draco said. “Far higher than almost any I’ve ever seen before.”

Sokanon sat back down and put her hands on her head. Her eye had started to emit the dark mist again. “This is bad. This is really, really bad.” she snapped her head up at us. “Why didn’t you guys warn the people?!”

Mehrunes made Sokanon put her hand over her eye.

“We kinda were in a hurry making sure you guys get on the ship,” Draco said. “We didn't want to stick around long because of how powerful he was. He was charging up a lot of energy too.”

Sokanon held her eye tighter and Kinji and the others stood up around her. “Why didn’t you just send out a transmission, send out sirens, just--why didn’t you do something?!” Sokanon snapped.

“Yo, Sok. Want me to like, put a barrier over your eye so you don’t have to hold it?” Mehrunes said. “Look, calm down. Now. It’s fine, we can do things and stuff so chill.” Mehrunes made everyone sit back down. “Food, remember?”

Sokanon was breathing heavily, but she put her hands down and closed her eyes. The mist sparked in her eye socket. “You could have just killed my entire race.” she whispered but began eating to distract herself.

“I MEAN EXCEPT YOU FOUR ASSORTED GENDER PEOPLE YEAH SURE JUST KEEP BLAMING US FOR EVERYTHING,” Mehrunes said. “I’ma see you later. Gotta be less cut and battered.” Mehrunes then disappeared from the room. Listy had finished her food and also walked out.

Sokanon kept her eyes closed and the mist left. “I’m sorry,” she murmured as he left. Saio put her hand on Sokanon’s shoulder. By now Fireball had woken up and had gone over to Draco to eat his cat food.

Sokanon slowly calmed down and finished her food. “Well, sorry about that, guys… Erm, where should I go to sleep? It’s been a long day. Or, should I just wait.”

“We’ll give you all some rooms to sleep in,” Draco said. “There's some free rooms in the complex. You may have to share though, we’ll have to see. Wait a sec… speaking of you guys… Sokanon, where’s your nana?”

Sokanon’s eyes… eye… widened. “Oh shoot! Where is she?” she looked around at her friends. They shrugged. Sokanon stood up quickly. “Let’s start looking! She could be dead somewhere or worse!”

“What would be worse than dead?” Fireball asked as he ate his food.

“Trust me, there’s a lot worse that could have happened with Nana,” Sokanon called as she raced out the door.

“I don’t think she’s dead,” A Mehrunes clone said. “But maybe you need a better Nana…”

“She could probably be bugging Teleyon in his office. I should go check,” I said. I got up and went after Sokanon. She was looking around for her nana. “Hey I may know where your nana is.”

Sokanon whipped around. “Where?”

“In Teleyon’s office,” I walked over to Teleyon’s office and opened the door. Inside I spotted Teleyon on his computer, and Sokanon’s nana tied to a chair. No wait. Tied, and duct taped to a chair. “There she is.”

“She was bugging me,” Teleyon grunted, “I put her there to make sure she didn’t touch anything.”

“Nana! What are you doing here?” Sokanon walked over to her sleeping nana and untied her. She woke up with a start. “What a cute doggy,” she said to Sokanon.

“Yeah, I’d appreciate if you’d get her out of my office,” Teleyon didn’t even look away from his computer.

“All right. Can you help me with her, Arada? She tends to wander off,” Sokanon said, leading her Nana out of the office.

“Yeah, I put a tracker on her, so this tracker will lead you to her if she ever gets lost,” Teleyon threw a device over and I caught it.

“Oh, alright, here you go Sokanon,” I handed it to Sokanon.

Sokanon put it in her hoodie pocket. “Thanks, Tele,” she said. They were out of the office shortly. “Where to now?”

“The ‘adults’ aren’t here to give you a room, but I suppose I could. There’s a guest room, in fact two. So there can be a girl room for you and Saio and nana, and the boy room for Kinji and Badok,” I said.

“Okay. Thanks. Let me get the others… Think you can handle this thing?” Sokanon patted her nanas shoulder.

“I could just keep her in that spot without touching her,” I said, “it’d be good practice since I haven’t done it since fifth grade.”

“All right. You do that,” Sokanon nodded. “Be careful with her, though,” it took her a few minutes to get Kinji, Badok, and Saio. During that time, I just kept the nana in her spot with my mind.

“We’re ready to go,” Sokanon said, touching her nanas shoulders and looking around. “Where to…?”

“Guest room us this way,” I walked over to the apartments and went up the stairs. “Guest room is next to mine and Teleyon’s. Though Tele is never in his room, he’s glued to his chair in the office.”

“Okay,” Sokanon said. “Uhh, where do we go if we need to use the bathroom? Is it down the hall? Or…”

“It’s in the same room, you get a bathroom inside,” I answered. “You can take a shower too, and if you want, I can go shopping for new clean clothes for you.”

All their eyes widened. “Seriously?” they said in unison. “That’s awesome!” Badok said, separately, this time. They all raced to the rooms. Kinji reached a room first. He opened the door. Thankfully it wasn’t taken and no one was in it.

“If there’s a bed I call it!” Kinji said, rushing in the room. Sokanon went over to the other one and opened it. Saio pushed past her and went into the bathroom.

“Gonna go to the bathroom really quick!” she said to Sokanon. Sokanon walked into the room and looked around in awe. She put a hand to her mouth.

“Yeah,” I said from outside. “There’s much better stuff out there, like, Elec’s Mansion, Saturo got a giant room. But this one is also pretty good.”

Sokanon had actually started crying. It was like the room was a new world or something for her. She walked in, leaving her nana to move around herself in the room. She looked at the two beds and lay down on one of them. “It’s so, so soft… It’s like I’m laying on a cloud,” Sokanon said. Her voice sounded choked from crying.

“Maybe this room could be yours and not a guest room, I’ll have to ask Elec,” I shrugged. “It’s good to see you satisfied.”

“This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen…” Sokanon said.

“If you’re bored, there’s TV. You can learn a lot from TV surprisingly,” I laughed.

“There’s a TV?!” she exclaimed, looking up from the bed. She saw it mounted on the wall. “That’s super cool! I only saw them in stores if at all.”

“You could watch the news or shows, really, it’s just a waste of time,” I sighed, “I don’t watch TV, you can if you want.”

“You make it sound like a sin, or something,” Sokanon laughed. She’d stopped crying by now. “Well, I’ll just sleep…” Saio came out of the bathroom now.

“Okay, when you wake up we could go back to Korrovez and check on what's going on over there, okay?” I replied.

“Yeah,” Saio laid down on the other bed. Sokanon rested her head on the pillow. “G’night then, Arada. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Yeah, see ya,” I waved goodbye and closed the door to her room.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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