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Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 9): {CC PLEASE}

Ultimates: 3rd Series: (Chapter 9): {CC PLEASE}

Posted July 12th, 2018 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter for those who were waiting! (you know who you are wink wink)



Chapter 9: Arada


The next morning I walked over to Sokanon’s room and knocked on the door. I waited. After a minute Sokanon answered the door in only her hoodie and underwear. “What is it…” she groaned, her hair all over the place.

“Oh, Teleyon is in the spaceship we were about to go,” I said, “but if you need you can get more sleep, we can wait an hour or two.”

“No, we can go now.” Sokanon turned around and opened the door. She picked up a shoe and chucked it at Saio, who was still sleeping. “Get yer filthy butt up!” the shoe landed next to Saio. Sokanon threw another that hit her in the back of the head. Saio jumped up.

“The heck was that for?!” she shouted, getting out of bed.

“It’s time to go! Get yourself ready, we’re going to Korrovez to warn the people,” Sokanon said groggily, going to get her clothes. The rest of them, at least.

Saio got out of bed. She’d slept in her clothes. “Hey, Arada? You think on the way we could maybe get some better clothes than these rags?” Saio asked me.

“Yeah,” I replied, “I suggested to get you some last night. But I don’t know your taste in clothing, so we can go shopping for clothing. You’d have to come with me.”

Saio nodded. “All right. Sokanon doesn’t like the general public though - so we’ll have to be careful with her precious little mind,” she teased Sokanon in a whining voice.

“If thats so then, just tell me what you want to wear and we could order online,” I suggested.

“Well, how do I know the options? Can you show me?” Sokanon asked, holding her arm nervously.

“There’s everything, so, anything you want,” I replied. “It’s much easier to decide what you want now, if you see the online catalog you’ll never decide. There’s too much good stuff.”

“I want a hoodie. Probably… Saio, should I mix it up a bit? Maybe a purple-ish color?” Sokanon asked. Saio nodded at her and gave a thumbs up. “And then, maybe, soft black pants? And if you can a change of clothes. Oh! And a rock shirt, like, any good, classic rock band.”

“Alright,” I replied, “and for you, Saio?”

“I’ll take a white tee with a design on it. Flowers on it or something? And then jeans,” Saio replied.

“That it? Alright,” I nodded. “I’ll have Teleyon order those and we can pick it up along the way. Now, should I give the boys a chance to choose or should they have to wear something that we pick?” I smiled evilly.

Sokanon smiled deviously. “Get them the wor- the best thing you can find for them.”

“Well everything is good quality. What should the design be?” I asked.

“Maybe just plain black or something. I’m not sure,” Sokanon said.

“And then just jeans?” I asked.

Sokanon shrugged. “I guess Badok might like a white long sleeve.”

“Okay, then, Tele you got all that?” I asked, even though I know I wasn’t getting a response, “good, alright let’s go girls.”

“Coming!” Saio said, rushing out the door. Sokanon had finished getting her clothes on as they had talked.

“What about Nana? Think she’ll be fine here?” Sokanon asked as she walked out the door.

“If she stays in there, yeah. Lock the door,” I said. “Or make one of Meh’s clones look after her.”

“Okay. I’ll just do the clone thing,” Sokanon said. “Where is one, so I can put it to work?”

“The diner is where they always are,” I responded.

“All right. Let’s swing by there and get one of them.”

The three of us walked down the stairs away from the apartments and crossed over to the Diner. Sokanon opened the door and leaned in.

“Yo, Mehrunes!” She called. “I’mma need one of you to keep watch on Nana!”

“Uhh… what?” One of the clones said. “But, I’m supposed to be serving people even though there’s no one here…”

“Get your dang butt up there anyway!” Sokanon yelled.

“Oh, uhh… yes ma’am,” The clone said politely, running past us towards the rooms.

“Good boy,” Sokanon said. “I’ll give you a tip afterwards!”

“Cool!” The first clone called back.

“Have fun on whatever you’re doing that you’re leaving nana,” Another clone said, as he swept.

“What would you give him as a tip though?” I questioned Sokanon.

“My regards?” Sokanon shrugged. “Anyway, let’s go.”

“Ha! Yeah let’s go.” We then walked over to the garage but I stopped. “You should go call the boys,” I said.

“Oh, yeah, good idea,” Sokanon said, rushing back to the apartment and returning a minute later with the boys.

“Now let’s go,” I said. We walked into the garage, seeing Pixelen’s car. But Teleyon’s spaceship was not there. “What, where is he?”

Then the garage’s ceiling opened up and Teleyon’s spaceship appeared, landing. The door opened. “You guys took so long,” Teleyon called from inside, “that I went and bought the clothes.”

“Well okay then. Give ‘em to us!” Sokanon said, entering the ship.

“Each one's you ordered are on your seat. Yep. You took so long I even had time to organize them,” Teleyon said from the pilot’s seat as I took a seat next to him, in the co-pilot’s seat.

Sokanon headed to her seat and I could faintly hear her say, “Don’t have to be such a smart aleck.”

“What was that?” Teleyon remarked.

“Nothing! Nothing,” Sokanon said, holding her hoodie and shirt up to her chest. “Think this’ll look good on me?”

“Yeah, it’ll look great!” I replied.

Sokanon smiled. “Thanks! I’ll change into it later.”

“Yep, now take a seat and wear the seatbelt!” Teleyon said.

Saio and Sokanon sat down in the seats, new clothes on their laps. “Ready when you are, ‘captain’,” Sokanon said.

“I’m not a space pirate!” Teleyon exclaimed, pressing a button that closed the spaceship doors.

“There are different types of captains!” Sokanon shouted.

“Then what ‘captain’ would that make me?” Teleyon asked.

“Ship captain. Duh,” Sokanon said, putting her seatbelt on.

“I guess so. General is higher than captain, but captain sounds cooler,” Teleyon said as the spaceship took off out of the garage and into space.

“You know, I’ve never really been on a spaceship before last time,” Sokanon said. “I always thought it would take a lot longer to get to another planet than this - at least a few days. But then again, I could be wrong,”

“That’s because I have light speed,” Teleyon explained, “and I have the thrusters so I can go past light speed and we’d be across the galaxy in minutes. Plus, I know shortcuts.”

“Oh. Cool,” Sokanon said, nodding.

“Problem: Uh…” Teleyon hesitated.

“Is something wrong?” Sokanon leaned forward in her chair to look in his direction.

“Yeah, sorta,” Teleyon started, “so by the time we get back to Korrovez, a about a month would have passed since we last left it only yesterday.”

“Okay… And, so…” She gasped suddenly. “Does that mean?”

“Bainex would have enough time to cause destruction on the whole planet,” Teleyon said, “the question is: Did he?”

“Probably. In fact, most likely,” I said, “he had the energy, he probably started something.”

“Shoot!” Sokanon yelled. “What are we supposed to do if he did?!”

“Then… I don’t know,” I shrugged.

“It depends on what he did,” Teleyon added.

“From the stories, he’d have burnt them all to the ground and watched them wither in pain,” Saio said. “That’s what he did all that time ago. Either that, or he… Burnt the whole planet to the ground? In the stories, he really liked to burn stuff.”

“Then we’d need a whole fireship to put out the fires,” Teleyon said, “or someone with water powers.”

“It’s just a possibility. He could have used another method, like tearing them to shreds, or something,” Sokanon said. “Either that or nothing at all. That’s what I’m hoping for, anyway.”

“It’s gonna be about ten minutes before we arrive,” Teleyon said.

“Can’t you make it go faster?” Sokanon asked.

“Korrovez is like, very very far from Ertin. Ertin is in the middle of the galaxy while Korrovez is way out! My spaceship isn’t durable enough to go any faster than this!” Teleyon exclaimed.

“Well, shoot then,” Sokanon sighed, leaning back. “Let’s hope the whole planet’s not destroyed by the time we get there.”

“At least we can somewhat do something, unlike Saturo,” I said, “he had to just get on a spaceship in time to get off the planet and boom. Whole planet explodes.”

“Dang,” Saio said. “I hope that doesn’t happen to us, if it’s not destroyed yet.”

“Hey, Bainex has a lot of energy, but it’s not enough to blow up the planet,” I said, “so at least some of it should be fine.”

“Yeah, we can only hope so,” Teleyon said.

? Saturo ?

I sighed. I laid down on my bed. I probably just needed some time to myself, some time to reflect. I couldn’t find Lavender anywhere, she wasn’t in her room. I doubt she was even here, at home, if you can even call it a home.

I sighed again. This was one of those times where I wish I could pick up my phone and call my parents. But I can’t do that. I don’t have parents anymore. I wasn’t tired. I already got my sleep, it was now morning. I had no clue what the others planned to do today. I know that I haven’t planned anything. So I laid there. Then I decided to get up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. After rinsing I walked into the living room. It was empty. I lived alone anyway. Maybe in the future I won’t.

I was bored so I turned on the TV. The Weather Channel was on, and it was warm today in the region on Ertin we were on. I changed the channel to the news and saw that there were no more terrorist attacks. For now, I’m assuming. The B.D.O. is still out there so who knows when they’ll attack again. I decided to stop watching TV so I turned it off. I wondered when Elec would send me on another mission for training and practice.

I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. I opened the fridge and pulled out some toast and cream cheese. I then opened a cabinet and took out spicy chips. I put the toast in the toaster, and let it cook before spreading cheese and putting spicy chips in it. I then ate the sandwich, it tasted good. Afterwards I went out to the balcony. There was a nice river flowing down the hill this training facility was on. There were birds chirping too. Ertin reminded me so much of Hindro, it was practically the same except for the name, and some regions I guess.

I then jumped off the balcony, landing in the grass next to the river. I was pretty sure, if my geography is correct, that this river emptied into an ocean. But then, I never did learn much about Ertin’s geography for I don’t go to school here. To be honest, I still remember Hindro’s geography, but it doesn’t matter anymore since its all divided and scattered around in space, or is just destroyed. I walked up to the river, and stuck my hand in it. The water was clear and cold.

“Hey Saturo,” I then heard a voice behind me.

I turned my head towards the voice and spotted a guy my age. He was about an inch taller and had short brown hair. He was wearing a white tank top and black shorts. It was one of my friends, one that understood me in ways that others don’t.

“Hi John,” I said.

“How’s it been going for you?” John asked.

“Well enough.” I hadn’t seen John since… a long time, a couple months ago. “How’d you find me?” I asked. It was a dumb question. I already knew the answer.

“Oh, ya know. Just close my eyes and spot your location,” John smiled. “Where’s Ich?” John had the ability that, if he met or sees anyone in real life he could close his eyes and see from their eyes, no matter where they are or how far they are. It’s how he ‘stalks’ people, technically.

“Why don’t you close your eyes and find his location?” I asked.

He closed his eyes, as the smile disappeared off of his face. “Huh… he’s… doing… stuff…”


“Nevermind that.” John looked over in my direction. “How’s Lavender?”

“Well… I don’t know where she is,” I shrugged.

“I’ll find her for ya,” John closed his eyes. He then suddenly looked shocked. “DANG!”

“What?” I asked, clearly curious.

“She’s with some hot girl!” John exclaimed.

“Uh, she is hot herself,” I said.

“No, I already know that, Lav’s pretty, but… dang,” John shook his head and whistled. “Who even is that, I wonder?”

“Wait, go back a bit John,” I said, “what did you see?”

“Well. I saw through Lavender’s eyes some hot girl in a bed. She seemed sick. I think Lav’s helping her.”

“Oh, so that’s why she’s not home,” I realized. “But who is that girl then?”

“I don’t know! I don’t look through Lavender’s eyes much, but, now I might. I want to meet this hottie,” John said.

“Phht.” I shook my head. “There are some things you shouldn’t see you know.”

“Of course I know. I already have seen some things with your other friends,” John said. “I’m pretty useful that way. Like, you can ask me if you want to know where anyone is.”


“So… I know things. I don’t think I should tell you all…”

“What do you mean?”

John looked devastated for a second. “Well, you know my father? How he blew up our planet and killed my Mom, and your parents… I tried to reach him multiple times.”

“Oh… And…?” I asked.

“Well, things happened. I’m still trying to reach him,” John replied.

“Alright…” It was then silent for a moment.

“So then, have you asked Lav out yet?” John then asked, breaking the silence.

“Nope. You know how shy I am. I can’t do it,” I said.

“If you ask me, what we should do right now is leave everyone and go to Lavender right now! You can ask her out and I can meet the hottie,” John smirked.

“I’m not asking her out,” I said. “I can’t do that.”

“We can just hang out then. You need to talk more with her ya know,” John said, “so what do you say? We go to them?”

“Umm…” I thought to myself. John raised his eyebrows. “Fine, we can go.”

“Yeeeee! That’s my bro! You gotta braven up!” John exclaimed, patting me on the back.

“Where are they though?” I asked.

“Ha, it’s in the city. Whoever the hottie is, she lives in the city. So, it’s not far from here,” John said.

“Then would we need to get a car or something?” I asked.

“Nope. Or kinda. We can take the bus,” John answered.

“Oh, right!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, and the bus stop is just down the street so it’s not far. How do you think I got here?” John smiled, as he then turned and began walking down the hill next to the river. I followed and caught up with him. We walked silently for awhile. “Dang, this is gonna be good.”

“Heh,” I laughed. “You’re interesting.”

“How so?” He smiled.

“Like, what’s your love life like?” I asked.

“Oh. Um. Lots of girls have liked me but I’m not around. You know. I move around the galaxy often doing things and I’m trying to reach my father,” John said. “So I never actually did get into any relationships. Because none of them wanted to come with me all the time. Ya know?”

“Oof. Yeah, I can see why,” I said.

“Mhm, so I can't really get into any. But. With this hottie, I'll try,” John smiled.

“Uh, no offense John, but don't you find it a bit creepy that you're going to a stranger's house?” I asked, hesitantly.

“Nah fam,” John replied. “We're going for Lavender so we have an excuse.”

“I don't know if that excuse works for you.”

“I'll just be there to… uh… not make you lonely. Your bestie! Ya!”

“Sure, I suppose that works,” I shrugged.

Then we had reached the bus stop. Lucky for us, the bus was already there. John pulled out two coins and dropped it into a box when we entered the bus. We took a seat in the back.

“So we can just get off whenever now,” John explained.

The bus then moved through the city. John was looking out the window, waiting for the right moment to get off. The bus stopped at different places a few times.

“So how would you know when we get off? You only saw the inside,” I then said to John. He looked over at me.

“When I close my eyes and look through someone else’s eyes, I know their location. So even if I haven’t seen the outside, I could make a prediction on where it is,” John explained. “Which means… we should get off here.”

The bus then stopped and John and I got up and headed towards the front. We then exited the bus. In front of us was a tall building, like a hotel or something, but not at the same time. John smiled and elbowed me. “Let’s go dude!”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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