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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 1) [Regaining My Consciousness]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 1) [Regaining My Consciousness]

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welp, let's just hop on into the next series!!!!




Chapter 1 - Draco

{Regaining My Consciousness}


“You wanna race?” Broshi asked, walking casually next to the large field of crops. He spun his head around and looked back at me, frowning. He rarely smiled. When he did smile, it wasn’t a smile of happiness, just a smile filled with smugness.

“Sure,” I said to him. “But we have to stop before we make it to school.”

“Yeah, whatever. That works with me,” Broshi said, waving his hand at me, saying he didn’t really care.

“Seems bold of you to challenge the person with a speed boosting move to a race though,” I commented.

“Hmph, I’ve been training with Dad while you were in a coma,” Broshi smirked.

“Yeah, yeah.” I rolled my eyes.

Yeah, I was in a coma for about a month or so. At least that’s what I was told. I remembered when Father had found me in that EFAI Space Station (EFAI stands for Evolutionary Facility of Animal Interaction, they were bad people who mutated people and messed with their DNA. They aren’t working anymore. They’ve been taken out by the Ultimate Council. Glad my friends succeeded in exposing them). I was kicked out of my home when I was younger because I was too weak. And then my Father finds me and tells me I have to come back to him. Like as if I’m just gonna accept him as if he didn't do any psychological damage. I got mad because my goal, which was to become powerful to prove to Father and everyone who doubted me, that I could do it… But it was like my goal wasn’t worth it to him… To that man who is my Father.

He also told me I had always been powerful and he was just messing with me, for an experiment. Because clearly, that’s how you maintain a healthy family! BY FORCING ONE SON OUT AND EXPERIMENTING ON THE OTHER BY MIXING HIS DNA WITH AN ALIEN!

I apparently let out a lot of power and energy then and knocked myself unconscious. Father had to knock me out before I let out an actual attack. Or before I blew myself up. I remember what happened after I woke up from that coma.

Here’s what exactly happened:


“Ugh…” I woke up, feeling a little dizzy. What happened? Where am I? I looked around and saw I was in a bedroom. I was currently laying in a bed. Whose bed is this? Whose room is this? WHOSE HOUSE IS THIS?!

“Oh! Dad! He’s awake!” I then heard my twin brother Broshi (my one brother who has mixed DNA) shout from outside the room.

I then heard footsteps climbing up stairs and then I find my Father coming into the room. He looked the same as I remembered.

“Ah, welcome back, Draco, my son,” Father said. I spotted Broshi behind him at the doorway.

I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t currently trying to work off the ‘coma grogginess’ I had, I’d probably be more livid at the sight of my Father than I already was.

“You’re still pretty tired so you should rest a bit. You don’t have to go to school until you’re fully awake and functional,” Father said, walking over next to the bed that I was laying on.

Even with how tired I was, I was still able to give him a wicked glare for simply doing that one action.

“You must be starving too. When you’re ready, come on downstairs for some food.” Father looked down at me for a few moments. When all I gave him as a response was a glare, he turned around and left the room without saying anything else.

I simply just did a mental scoff and turned away from the door on my bed, facing the wall and tried to go back to sleep. But as I was lying there in bed, I knew I couldn’t stay there forever.

“Draco?” I then heard Broshi’s voice. He was still at the door.

“What?” I grumbled.

“You good?”

“Depends,” I said. “Physically, I’m just a bit weakened. But emotionally, I am anything but ‘good’ right now.”

“Oh.” Even though I couldn’t see Broshi, I could tell he was still standing there. “Well, are you gonna get up?”

“Just gimme a minute or two,” I replied.

“Okay… You’ve been out for a long time you know. Like, a month.”

“Really? Hm. Wonder where the others thought I went,” I commented as I rolled back on my other side, able to see Broshi at the door.

He was like an exact replica of me since we were twins. He had the same brown hair, same skin color. The only actual difference was our eye color. Mine were brown and his irises were redder. A reddish brown. Maroon, I guess.

I also noticed that Broshi was wearing actual clothes now instead of his old dirty and ripped clothes he used to wear back before I was in a coma. He had on a black hoodie and gray shorts.

“Yeah, I dunno. Dad’s making me go to this place called ‘school’. But he didn’t trust me to go alone. Said I had to wait for you to wake up first,” Broshi said, leaning on the side of the door with his hands in his hoodie pocket.

“Probably so I could keep an eye on you. Knowing you, you’d probably think school is stupid,” I said, sitting up in the bed. Besides my shirt and pants, my clothes from a month ago were folded at the end of the bed. Mainly my jacket and my gloves from Glare (a scientist I knew).

“Well not really, actually. Dad said the school is where you learn stuff. I apparently missed a lot and I have to make up for it. He taught me some stuff. It’s not that bad actually.” Broshi looked over at me and saw that I had sat up.

“It’s not the learning part I think you’ll hate. It’ll be the other people,” I said as I finally got out of my bed.

“Other people? The teachers you mean?” Broshi asked.

“No, students. Other people who have to learn beside us. Unless he’s sending us to private tutors or something,” I said as I put my jacket and gloves in a drawer. I then looked in another drawer for a change of clothes, since it’d be best to not wear more futuristic clothes in an assumably rural area.

“Well Dad didn’t say anything about private tutors,” Broshi said. “So probably other people would be students… Eh. Whatever. You hungry?”

“Very, but first I’m changing my clothes. I HAVE been in these ones for a month,” I said as I pulled out a blue shirt and black pants as well as a change of underwear and socks. I also found a gray jacket. It wasn’t a hoodie like the one Glare gave me but it’ll do. I’ve gotten too used to wearing a second layer to be picky anyway.

“You wanna take a shower too? The bathroom is right out here,” Broshi said from the door.

“Yeah,” I said as I took the small pile of clothes and began to leave the room before I noticed something on a side table next to the bed. It was a pair of glasses. Odd. Why was that there?

“Oh. Those are for you,” Broshi then said, noticing I was looking at them.

“When did he find out I needed glasses? I didn’t know I needed glasses,” I said as I took the glasses and put them on my face. My vision was cleaner than usual. So I guess my vision had gotten slightly worse in the past three years. Maybe I had slight astigmatism or something.

“I apparently needed them, and then Dad said you would too since we’re twins.” Broshi shrugged. “So those are for you.”

“Okay then. Well, I’ll go take my shower now,” I said, putting the glasses on top of the clothes pile before heading to the bathroom.

“I’ll get your plate ready, so when you’re done come downstairs, okay?” Broshi said.

“Sure bro.” I nodded. He nodded back and then disappeared downstairs. I closed the bathroom door behind me as I entered the bathroom.

I looked around, the bathroom was pretty small but was fairly decent. There was a bathtub, a toilet, and a sink. The shower was part of the bathtub though.

I turned on the water and had it heat up while I put my clothes on the sink counter. At least now I have time to really think about stuff without Broshi or Father interrupting me. Despite being asleep for a month, mentally, I was kinda exhausted. A shower would probably help a bit.

I got undressed and got into the shower. Now to think as I clean myself.

The main thing I could think about at first was the others. By that point, I wasn’t sure how it had turned out. They were stealing files from the EFAI and taking them to the Ultimate Council as evidence of the EFAI’s crimes. I don’t even know if they succeeded or not. All I know was that my father was involved and he ran away, taking me and Broshi with him. He took us ‘home’. So I assume we were on Planet Aerth now. Better than being on a space station filled with mutated humans, I guess.

“I’m also still here,” I then heard a voice in my head say. It was a voice that sounded pretty echoey, or that of  like a mythical creature of some sort. It was just my Ultimate Crystal, Plasmus. “You never unabsorbed me, and I was in you the whole time you were in a coma.”

“Must’ve been boring,” I said mentally as I put (a lot of) shampoo in my hair. Plasmus could hear and see everything I did anyway. I usually chatted with him in my mind.

“Eh, we Ultimate Crystals don’t get bored.”

“Regardless, did you hear anything while you were awake?” I asked as I scrubbed my hair.

“I heard a lot of things. What exactly do you want to know?” Plasmus asked.

“How about what happened to the EFAI?” I asked. “Got anything on that?”

“Oh, yes. They’re gone. The Ultimate Council got rid of their leader and they’re not working anymore. All their subjects are freed, and justice was served,” Plasmus said, “yeah, your friends succeeded in getting the files to the Council. Everyone survived.”

“Man, I wonder how they took my sudden disappearance. Especially Fucia…” I thought, thinking of their different reactions. Fucia was my girlfriend, who my friend Saturo and I met in this magical realm thing made by this other guy and it’s a long story. It would require a few books for it to be written down. But essentially, Fucia and I became close over the near year we spent in that magical realm along with the weeks we spent before the Intermediate Tournament. Oh, and also the few days we spent training with this man named Eyujin Mida.

“I think they were all too busy with the EFAI to actually do anything. Who knows what they’re doing right now?” Plasmus replied.

“I mean I could try and contact them, but I don’t know what the results of that would be,” I thought as by this point I was washing my body again.

“It’s not impossible, but Aerth is very limited. It’s not like other planets and it’s quite far from the ELemental System.”

“I mean, it’s a resource planet. Our stereotype here is that we like to fight people and stuff. I really doubt they have any really far-reaching phone lines to other parts of the galaxy.”

“Ask around and see what you could find,” Plasmus suggested.

Probably the most worrying part of all of this was that who knows what all has happened in the month I’ve been asleep. Heck, I don’t even know when I’ll be able to go train with Eyujin or see Fucia again or any of my friends!

“Draco? You done?” Broshi suddenly knocked on the bathroom door.

“Almost,” I replied. “You gotta give me more than ten minutes man. I wanna make sure I’m actually clean after my one month nap.”

“Your food is getting cold,” Broshi said. “I don’t think you’d like a cold steak, would you?”

“Please, I can handle a lukewarm steak. Besides, I can just reheat it with my powers,” I said as I turned off the water and stepped out of the bathtub. I began to dry myself off with my towel.

“Alright, I’ll wait for you downstairs then.” I then heard Broshi’s footsteps as he moved downstairs.

I then put on my clothes, finishing with the jacket. I stepped out of the bathroom before finding and heading down the stairs. I spotted Broshi sitting at the kitchen table, with a plate of steak in front of him. It was a stack of steak, just a bunch of it piled on top of each other.

As I made my way down the stairs, I saw Father in the living room, on the couch, reading a newspaper.

“There you are,” Broshi then said. “Here, eat up. It’s not too bad of a steak I hope. Try it.”

I then took one of the steaks and ripped off a piece with my teeth and chewed it. Broshi watched me chew as my taste buds examined its flavor.

It wasn’t too bad. Just normal I’d suppose.

“It’s not bad,” I said.

“Oh okay, good. Have some more then.” Broshi pushed the plate in front of me, still on the table.

For most, this seemingly endless stack of steaks would be an… ‘intimidating’ task at the very least. Unless you're me, that is. Because I simply was able to eat a single steak in four bites at one steak every ten seconds (to make sure I don’t choke).

After about two and a half minutes I was done. And full.

“Ah, you’re here.” Father then appeared at the dinner table. “How’re you feeling?”

“Not comatose, that’s for sure,” I said, a bit coldly.

“Good, good… Tomorrow you and Broshi’ll go to school then. Northview High School, in that small town Northview. It’s down the gravel road. I’ll give you your schedule tomorrow morning,” Father said. “You might recognize some of your old classmates.”

“Heh, at least I know no one is gonna be able to bully me this time,” I smirked as I got up from my seat.

“Yeah, you and Broshi have to hold back though. Ultimates aren’t very common here on Aerth. Especially in Northview,” Father said.

“That’s another reason why I would have to watch you, by the way, bro,” I said, glancing over at Broshi.

“Right, Draco will watch you,” Father told him. “No killing anyone, and no hurting anyone. The boys will try to fight you since that’s kind of the culture…”

“They’d be lucky to push in my cheek without hurting their hand,” I commented.

“Aerthian boys like being the top. Being the strongest. So they will probably challenge you. You won’t have to worry about the girls, other than they’re usually attracted to the strongest,” Father added.

“Oh great, Broshi we’re gonna have ‘fans’. Yaaaaaay,” I said sarcastically as I stood next to my brother, who was still sitting down.

“Yeahhhh, this is gonna be pretty new for me. I’ve learned some things about living but I haven’t met anyone yet,” Broshi said.

“You will tomorrow,” Father assured him, patting him on the shoulder. “If you have any questions, ask Draco.”

“You don’t really have anything to worry about. At least in terms of harm. If anything I’d ‘hopefully’ only have to help you a lot with studying and emotional stuff. Hopefully I don’t have to stop you from attempting murder too many times,” I said, as I patted my seated brother on the head.

“And use of your dark vines are prohibited,” Father added. “Powers are not known here. Just strength and normal fighting. Which, you will hold back in so you don’t kill anyone.”

Broshi groaned. “But how am I supposed to get stronger when I have to hold back all the time?”

“You can still train with me during the weekend or after school. Before school if you’re awake,” Father replied. “Unless I’m busy. Draco, I’m assuming you’re responsible enough to be alone in the house and to watch your brother, correct?” He looked over at me.

“I should be,” I said.

“Because it’s only you and Broshi. Alex and your mother aren’t around anymore,” Father said.

“And Draelin is somewhere with that Jasper Shiny kid. So it’s just us not counting relatives,” I said.

“Yes. I can’t trust Broshi to be alone with such a fragile environment. He almost blew up the house many times.” Father looked over at Broshi while shaking his head. “Yeah, make sure to watch him. I gotta go somewhere so I won’t be here for a few days. Wake up for school tomorrow by yourselves, get to school, and the teachers will know who you are.”

“Alright father,” I said.

“Alright, good. See you guys in a few days.” He turned around and headed towards the front door.

We kinda just watched him leave. After a few moments, the front door closed and he was gone.

“So…” Broshi then said, looking over at me.

“Yeah?” I looked at him.

“What should we do? You probably won’t go to sleep since you just woke up,” Broshi said.

“Well there’s really only two things in my current agenda, one is charge my phone, the other is a solid maybe at best and that’d be sparring but knowing this place we’d have to do it far from any place where people would live.”

“We could go to where Dad and I trained,” Broshi suggested.

“That could work. Maybe we could go train our Ascended forms there, I think I’m getting close to mastering the second stage of it,” I said, “but first I’m gonna go get my phone plugged in somewhere.”

“You can plug it right there, next to mine.” Broshi pointed at an outlet in the living room. “Oh, your phone is from a company on Ertin. You know, we can’t call anyone off this planet. It doesn’t reach since Aerth is limited. Dad actually got you a Aerth phone, it’s upstairs in your drawer.”

“Huh, guess I’ll have to transfer contacts then. No biggie,” I said as I headed upstairs and quickly grabbed my backpack along with the new phone in the drawer before coming back downstairs.

“Sweet. Let’s go sparring then,” Broshi said as he got up and headed towards the front door.

I got everything set up before following him outside. As I did, I switched my jacket to the one given to me by Glare, leaving my gray one inside. The house was far from any cities or towns, and it was surrounded by fields of crops. There was a gravel road right in front of the house too.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d claim that there wasn’t another living soul for as far as the horizon. But I could just faintly sense other people besides Broshi.

“I think school would be that way.” Broshi pointed down the gravel road. “So the place where I trained is in the opposite direction.” He then pointed at the other side of the gravel road.

“Alright then,” I said, beginning to walk down the road.

Broshi walked beside me, with his hands in his pockets.

“So…” Broshi then said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“What are people like?” Broshi questioned.

“Hmmm… That’s… kinda hard to answer,” I said. “Really you can’t tell what a person is really like till you talk to ‘em.”

“Oh. Well, do you think I could make some friends?” Broshi asked.

“Just as long as you don’t threaten anyone without a very good reason/kill someone, I’m sure you’ll find someone besides me who’d want to talk to you,” I replied.

“Well then it would depend on if they annoy me or not,” Broshi said.

“Well yeah, that’s how you find friends in a way. If they are people you don’t really like, then you don’t hang around them. And if you do like someone, then you do. That’s how I made some of my friends,” I said back.

“I probably won’t like anyone though. Everyone here is weak,” Broshi said. “That’s what Dad said.”

“You're just thinking of their physical ability, I would assume. Sure, most people on this planet aren’t as strong as us, but there’s more to friends than their appearance and physical abilities,” I said.

“But friends are supposed to have… similar interests. And I like fighting,” Broshi said.

“So do most people here. But while having similarities is important to a good friendship, what really helps is the differences between you. Those are what help you and your friend grow a closer bond by doing something your friend likes that you maybe have never tried and vice versa,” I said.

“Hm.” Broshi looked out at the path silently, thinking to himself.

“But one of the most important parts of making friends is that you shouldn’t have to rush or be forced to be someone's friend. It can take time, sure. But it’ll happen eventually. Trust me bro,” I said, patting Broshi on the shoulder.

“I dunno, I’m not really fond of others.” Broshi shrugged.

“That just means you're introverted. Nothing wrong with that. Introverts can make friends,” I said. “I mean, you already have at least two from what I can tell.”

“And who are those?”

“Well me and Locke of course!” I smiled.

“Siblings count as friends?” Broshi questioned.

“Course they do. Heck, some peoples best friends are their siblings. There’s more to siblings than just family love. They can be your friends too,” I replied.

“Then again, both of you are pretty strong,” Broshi said.

“Fair enough. But at least you know you have at least two friends already. It’s not like you have to be super popular or anything. Even though we might be at school, but ‘fans’ don’t necessarily count as friends if all they care about is the fact that you're popular,” I said.

“Yeah uhh… what are ‘fans’?” Broshi asked.

“People who admire someone else in this circumstance. There are other examples but they don’t apply here,” I replied.

“Admiration? That sounds pretty cool to me.” Broshi grinned.

“I mean, it’s not bad.” I shrugged.

“Dad said the boys fight to find out who the strongest is, and the strongest is the most popular. So all I really got to do to get that fame is beat their strongest,” Broshi said.

“Well, if you want fame that bad, but you also have to remember something Broshi. People are gonna challenge me too you know,” I pointed out.

“And you’re gonna accept?” Broshi asked.

“Probably. Really the only people we’d have to worry about at school would be each other when it comes to strength,” I said.

“Yeah, we can’t fight at school. We’d destroy everything,” Broshi said. “How about, when it comes to that, we just don’t fight. Even though I’m stronger.”

“Sure man.” I rolled my eyes at his last sentence.

“Oh, we made it!” Broshi then said. In front of us was a large empty field. No crops were in sight. It was just a big chunk of dead land, with a few craters around here and there.

“So this is where you guys trained?” I asked.

“Yep.” Broshi nodded. “No one ever comes around here so we use this space.”

“What all has Father taught you anyway?” I asked.

“Well, he didn’t teach me any actual stuff. He just helped me improve with what I already had. I did discover some new things that I could do.” Broshi took off his jacket and shirt, and I could see the black tattoo thing on his back. “He said there are more things that my DNA allows me to do, but he didn’t tell me. I dunno why.”

“He probably has his reasons,” I said as I walked out into the field. “In all honesty, I probably need to come up with some new moves of my own anyway.”

“I can help you with that,” Broshi said, doing some stretches.

I did the same.

I then thought about my current abilities and what my weak areas were. I was able to create plasma and ice. I had a powerful yet destructive ability that had many uses, and another more technical ability that could also be used in multiple ways. I had techniques that could allow me to heal my wounds, burn enemies, boost my strength, boost my endurance and stamina, fortify objects and weaken opponents physical attacks, as well as be able to improve my speed and agility and make illusion clones. I also had a technique that allowed me to boost my strength, energy, speed, (most things really) by shooting a plasma sphere into the air and then reabsorbing it after stating what number of multiplier I wanted, then it would multiply my abilities by that number.

There was also my transformations. Which in its first stage, ‘Draco Eye’ we called it, gives me the ability to teleport by locking on to people's energy as well as generally improving my abilities. My second stage ‘Double’ improves my attack and speed more. Then there was the Ascended Line. There was Grade One, which was a pretty substantial boost to my abilities and was easy to maintain, then there was the current limit I had found in the form above Grade One, which we’ve called Full Ascended. It multiplies the boost from Grade One by a pretty big amount, but I haven’t mastered it yet. That’s why I don’t know if there’s a level above it. And finally, there was that style of fighting called Boost Style I made up which allowed me to be more unpredictable and more mobile as well as allowing me to boost attacks by using momentum. It was most effective indoors though, since I could bounce off walls and the ceiling.

That was about all of it, now what did those abilities not cover?

Well, obviously there’s the fact that with all of my abilities raw power, it’s not as hard as you think to dodge a giant beam of superheated plasma. That and more open spaces can be either a good thing or bad for me. That and my airborne abilities are pretty limited. That and the fact that if an opponent can close the distance between us, all I can really do is use Dragon Scales or try to dodge away. And while my maximum speed is impressive, there’s far more people who can out pace me. Like my friend Saturo, since his power was electricity. Or people who are just straight up stronger than me like Hematite Shiny. I wondered what they were doing right now…

“Alright, you wanna go ahead and spar until sunset?” Broshi questioned.

“Sure,” I replied. So far my weaknesses seemed to be imprecise attacks, speed and a lack of escape/counter moves as well as generally improving my already existing options. So I’ll have to work on that.

“Alright, you want to put some limits?” Broshi asked. “Like, no using our flame eye technique?”

“No Draco/Broshi eye? Alright then. So we’ll just train in base,” I said.

“Yeah, I’ve trained my Eye Techniques so they’re stronger now. Ascended too. I got the hang of Grade Two. Not Grade Three or Four though,” Broshi said.

“Three and Four?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, you don’t know. We can combine Broshi/Draco Eye with Ascended, that’s what Grade Three is. Grade Four is Double combined with Ascended. You used Grade Four once. Your body wasn’t prepared and you collapsed. That’s why you were out for a month,” Broshi explained.

“You mean that ‘Berserker’ thing I did at the station?” I asked.

“Yeah? I guess. I just called it Grade Four since we already have a Grade One and Two.” Broshi shrugged.

“Huh. I guess I’ll have to look into those later then,” I said.

“Yeah. Anyway, let’s spar.” Broshi got into a fighting stance.

I took in a deep breath to steel myself before also getting into a fighting stance. Broshi would be a good opponent to help me counter my weak points.

Suddenly, Broshi charged forward to attack. He sent a punch at my torso.

Quickly I maneuvered around his arm and grabbed it, before throwing him a considerable distance away. Around ten meters I’d say. He shot a blast of red plasma, knocking himself back towards me. He kicked my leg, tripping me.

I then used a burst of plasma from my hands to quickly get me off the ground. Now I was in the air above him. What to do…

Before I could think of something to do, Broshi shot a blast of plasma at me.

I simply countered it with my own. He was definitely faster than before I went into a coma. He hasn’t used his dark vines either. Of course I have yet to use my techniques too, so I’m not a hundred percent sure who has the advantage yet.

“You gonna use any of your techniques?” Broshi asked, as he jumped out of the way and let my plasma blast beat his.

“I will when I need them,” I replied as I landed on the ground.

“Well, we said we won’t use our transformations. Then I’ll use my other techniques,” Broshi said. Four long, sharp, dark vines came out of his back. They were weird muscle things.

I watched them closely. If I was going to keep them away, I’d have to be precise and careful.

I focused on them, thinking of a way to improve my accuracy.

“Alright, prepare yourself!” Broshi then pounced forward, his dark vines shooting blasts of plasma that shot in the opposite direction, which increased his speed.

He was moving really fast. At his speed, I wouldn’t be able to increase my defense enough to not suffer a large injury. So if I can’t block that way, and he’s moving to fast to dodge…

Then I’ll just block a different way!

Instinctively, my hands flattened themselves out, like a karate chop as Broshi got closer. I focused plasma and energy into them, ready to counter.

But Broshi suddenly changed his tactic, and a fifth dark vine came out from his back and under his legs, grabbing my leg. He threw me to the air and shot a giant beam of plasma using all five of his dark vines.

Quickly, I made a sphere of plasma in each hand and fused the spheres together before shooting a giant beam of plasma back at Broshi’s. It was a move called the Novanihillator I had came up with. The longer I charged it, the stronger it was. But even a burst one still packed a punch regardless.

Broshi had an advantage since he had more ‘hands’. I only had two, and he was blasting with five dark vines.

I then activated Dragons Wrath, an ability that boosts my attack power substantially and pushed harder against his beam. He just added his hands into the blast and beat mine. I was engulfed with his plasma blast, but I quickly activated Dragons Scales to decrease the damage since it increased my defense.

“Your reaction time is pretty good,” Broshi commented from the floor.

I then landed on the ground, combining Wrath and Scales so I’d be able to regain my health and stamina while still having a high defense.

“I don’t have a defense technique like yours. Though, I did come up with something,” Broshi said. “I do have my healing factor. I can heal any injury on my command.”

“I mean, I have a healing ability too,” I said. “Still have yet to look into improving it though.”

“It’s not as efficient as mine. Don’t focus on trying to improve it. Just focus on avoiding getting injured,” Broshi said.

“I’ll just do both.” I shrugged.

“That works. I’ll allow you to use your Draco Eye. You’re gonna need it since I have dark vines,” Broshi said. “Cuz in our blast battle just now, you lost.”

I just shrugged and activated Draco Eye, my left eye caught aflame. It wasn’t like a fire. It was more of an aura flame thing, coming off of the eye. It changed my eye color too. Broshi had the same thing, except his was red and was called Broshi Eye. Mine is cyan.

“Alright, let’s take things up a notch!” Broshi then released more dark vines from his back, and now he had ten. Oh boy…

Broshi then punched the air, and a blast of red plasma flew right at my face.

Quickly, my hand took the chopping position again and I focused plasma into it again, this time a blade of blue plasma formed around my hand. I used said blade to chop the blast in half, causing the halves to whiz past me and explode in the background.

Broshi then smirked before his dark vines grew longer and wrapped around my arms, preventing me from moving them.

I thought of ways to get out of this. I can’t move my arms so obviously I can’t just rip them off.

Suddenly, Broshi jumped, and shot himself forward with his other dark vines, kicking me in the torso and knocking the air out of me. I fell back, but he grabbed me with a dark vine and slammed me into the ground.

“Okay, you can use Double,” Broshi then said as I started to get back up.

I simply growled. This past month really put him far ahead of me.

“If you’re gonna use Ascended, then I’m gonna use Broshi Eye. Cuz Ascended makes you really fast and I won’t be able to see your attacks coming,” Broshi said, his dark vines shrinking back to its normal length (Which was about 1.5 meters). “Or maybe it won’t. I don’t know, I haven’t actually fought you when you use Ascended. Go ahead, if you wanna use it.”

I sighed as I stood up. Not because of anger or anything, but because I had to make sure my lungs weren’t crushed.

“Are you okay?” Broshi asked, looking a bit concerned.

“I’m… Fine,” I said as I regained proper breathing patterns. Thankfully, Wrath would help heal the damage so it wouldn’t be permanent.

“Okay good. Use Ascended bro,” Broshi said. “Work on getting the hang of Grade Two.”

I then focused my energy and began to power up, first my right eye was set aflame. Double. Then I was filled with energy and electricity began to spark around me and I began to glow softly. From Broshi’s point of view, my hair would have turned a light cyan and would’ve begun to point up a bit. Which is Grade One of Ascended.

“RRRRRARGH!” I yelled as I unleashed my power and I was filled with a slightly burning, electrifying power that shook the ground violently. Lightning bolts sparked across my body and my hair turned a deeper cyan color. This was Grade Two. The most I could assumably muster right now in terms of forms. It’s strain wasn’t too bad. But it was still there.

“There you go!” Broshi exclaimed. “There’s Grade Two! Now you can fight well, right?” His dark vines positioned themselves behind him, getting ready for an attack.

“Oh I’m ready,” I said with a slight smile as I took a step forward, I could hear the ground crack and burn under my feet.

Broshi then sent his dark vines to attack. I was able to see their movement better and dodged one of them, shooting a blast of plasma at another, and hitting the rest with a punch infused with plasma.

“Aye, you’re better now,” Broshi commented. “You wanna do some attacks now?”

“Sure,” I said as I pulsed energy throughout my entire body before lunging towards him. In less than a second, I was right in front of Broshi, I proceeded to infuse plasma into one of my legs and kicked Broshi in the torso with a good amount of my power. I could feel the impact of the blow as my leg connected with Broshi.

Broshi was launched into the air, but he caught himself with his dark vines. He pulled himself back to the ground and he pounced forward to attack.

Seeing this, I sidestepped to the side from his pounce and then punched him hard in the stomach. He went flying upwards, did a backflip, and then landed on eight of his dark vines like a spider.

“Okay, so Ascended is pretty powerful and hard to fight against. Your reaction time got much better,” Broshi commented.

“Well the forms do heighten senses increasingly as we go up,” I said.

“Yeah.” Broshi nodded. “Oh. It’s getting dark.”

“Already? What time did I get up? We’ve only been outside for a good hour at most,” I said.

“You got up pretty late, yeah. Hopefully Ascended made you tired enough to go back to sleep,” Broshi said.

“Actually I feel pretty good right now. Not tired at all really.”

“Then you wanna keep going?” Broshi asked.

“If you wanna go back, then you can. I think I’m just gonna try and master Grade Two. Or work on something else. You got a month headstart so I gotta catch up quick,” I replied.

“You won’t be able to catch up in one night,” Broshi pointed out.

“Did I ever say I was?” I retorted. ”I’m just trying to make up for some lost ground.”

“Then I can stay and help you,” Broshi said. He sat down on the ground next to his jacket and shirt.

I looked at him confused that he was just sitting there before deciding to focus on controlling the strain of Grade Two so I could maintain it easy from now on.

Meanwhile Broshi was just sitting there, laying back on his shirt and jacket.

We both just kinda stayed in our spots as I let my body acclimate to my current state. It was like getting into a hot tub and getting used to the water. Only with energy and lightning and even more heat. And no water. Once I got used to Grade Two, then I could start looking into the other Grades Broshi found.

Either that or I just work on improving really anything else of my abilities. I have a lot of room for improvement.

“Hey Draco?” Broshi then said.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Do you… miss Fucia?” He asked.

“Well yeah, she probably misses me too since I’ve been gone for a month with seemingly no explanation,” I replied. “Why do you ask Broshi?”

“Well, you guys said you were a couple. The concept of love and all that was odd to me. So I did some research.” Broshi shrugged.

“Research?” I asked confused.

“I read some books,” Broshi answered. “And I guess, well uh, I’m starting to see girls differently than before. Like when I think of Fucia, I don’t see her as just some weak girl anymore.”

“Oh, well that doesn’t sound like a bad development,” I said with a smile as I felt the strain on my body get a little lighter.

“But I don’t get it. You and Fucia don’t seem to be in love,” Broshi said. “Like when I was there training with you a long time ago, you guys just seemed like training partners. Was what I read true or…?”

“Well couples take their relationships at different speeds for one thing, bro. Also, we have gotten closer since you left. We’re just taking it slower than some people usually do,” I replied as my body acclimated more. We were taking it pretty slow due to the fact that Fucia was a princess, the daughter of King Teloiven who ruled the Planet Featherros.

“Oh.” Broshi sat up. “That makes sense.”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“Well, I wonder how school will go tomorrow,” Broshi said.

“Shouldn’t be too bad,” I said, I could feel the strain getting weaker.

“I dunno. The people may annoy me. Even the teachers could annoy me.” Broshi laid back down. “I’m really not in the mood to do much right now.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” I said as the strain got even weaker.

“Eh.” Broshi then got up and put his clothes back on. “I’m tired. I’m gonna go sleep.”

“Sure bro,” I said. I could barely feel any strain now.

After a few seconds, Broshi was gone.

I felt completely fine now. Now I could start improving my abilities.

Now what to improve first…

The first idea that came to my mind was to come up with a way to get out of counterattacks/rushes. Like, when I launch an attack and my opponent dodges and I’m left wide open. Or when someone attacks me from an angle that I can’t easily dodge or block.

There was always my illusion clones but that didn’t really put either of us at an advantage. That’s when an idea struck me.

I activated Dragon’s Agility and made an illusion clone in front of me. It was, of course an exact copy of me but it didn’t have any actual physical mass. Of course that means it takes no energy or power from me to make them. Unlike my friend Meh’s clones, who can attack and act on their own and stuff but they divide his power. But… What if I added something to the clone?

I focused my power while looking at the clone as a reference and after about five minutes of work I had created a clone of me, only this time it was made of plasma. Still looked exactly like me though, down to skin tone and hair shape. Everything.

But this kind of clone was special.

I quickly leaped back away from the clone, a good thirty meters and then shot a blast of plasma at it. Upon contact with the blast the clone suddenly detonated into a giant and powerful explosion.

So I’ve got the basic idea down. Now to replicate it.

I then spent another five minutes making another clone of plasma, it had the same results as before. Same explosion, same size, everything. Now I had to practice making them at a higher speed. I’d need this to be like my illusions where I can make them near instantly.

I then spent a while practicing. By now it was kinda late, assumably an hour after Broshi left.

I had gotten the creation of a perfect clone that could explode upon contact down after about another hour and could make it at the same speed as my illusions. So I’ll call that good for today and go home, since I had school tomorrow. I’d probably have plenty of free time to train tomorrow anyway.

I then headed home to rest and get ready for school tomorrow.

to be continued in the next chapter... 

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