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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 10) [Meeting My Real Mom]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 10) [Meeting My Real Mom]

Posted July 5th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 10 - Draco

{Meeting My Real Mom}


My eyes opened, and I spotted the ceiling of my room. I just woke up from my nap, but since it was morning, I assumed I had actually gotten some sleep. My mind felt a little clearer now. But I felt like I had just woken up after having a massive headache.

I sat up and realized I was alone in my room. Broshi and Arthur weren’t here, and the mattress Arthur slept on wasn’t there. They should be somewhere in the house though.

I got out of bed and changed into a different pair of clothes in the bag I had packed and looked around the house. Once I went downstairs, I spotted Broshi and Arthur in the living room. They seemed to be chatting with someone. 

I just kinda stood next to the doorway for a while, waiting for them to finish their discussion. The person they were talking to sounded like a female. 

So I just waited, leaning against the wall with my hands in my shorts pockets. 

“Yo, you gonna come in or not?” I then heard Broshi ask. 

“Technically I’m already in the room, I’m just by the doorway is all,” I replied.

“Well, do you want to meet our Mom? Cuz she’s sitting right there.” Broshi pointed at a woman with long brown hair. She was dressed neatly in a dress. I didn’t recognize this woman at all, but she did have a nice smile.

So this was my real mother.

I walked more towards the center of the room so I was closer to the three of them. I was still at a distance though. 

My mother then got up from the couch she was sitting on and walked over to me, looking up at me since I was a bit taller. 

It was just kinda quiet for a few seconds. Then my mother wrapped her arms around me and embraced me with a hug.

I didn’t quite know what to do in this situation so I just kinda stood there. It felt even more awkward for me now. 

Eventually, my mother stopped hugging me and looked into my eyes. 

“You’ve grown so much…” she said softly.

“Yeah… I’m almost seventeen now after all…” I said.

“Last time I saw you, you were just a baby… what have you been up to?” Mom asked.

“Stuff. And things. A lot of em,” I replied. 

“Tell me about them! We have all day.” Mom smiled.

“Uhhh… well there’s a lot of it…” I said.

“It’s okay, I’m willing to listen to all of it,” Mom assured me. 

“Well, first there was my life with my other family and all of the not very nice treatment they showed me. Then there was when I found my Ultimate Crystal and went across space with these two boys named Ichoo and Saturo who were humans from a planet called Hindro, which blew up a year or two ago. Then we met these other people named Mehrunes, and Uchiho and Lagi and Tango and stuff. But before we met Tango and Lagi, I almost died once to this guy named Folly but then my eye lit on fire so I didn’t actually die and I became stronger, then there was this war going on and then later we had to fight a clan of water people for the lives of Lagi’s kids and stuff and I almost died again, to Mehrunes this time. But then my OTHER eye lit on fire alongside my left eye and I survived again,” I started saying, lighting up my Draco Eyes as I went along. 

“Wow, you’ve been through a lot,” Mom said. 

“I haven’t even gotten to this year yet,”

“Well take a seat and tell me all about it!” She patted the open spot beside her, wanting me to seat next to her.

I then sat down.

“Okay, so after all of the fighting water people thing, like a year later there was these terrorists who attacked a waterpark me and my friends were at and then we followed them to this planet where we met this kid Sokanon and their friends but then after that there was this Dakrus guy who then technically ‘killed’ me and some of my friends but then kept us alive and kept us trapped in this torture realm/ survival island thing for around eleven months until we escaped thanks to the help of Glare and his friend, Glare was a teacher of our a few years ago, AND THEN there was the organization Father worked at and Broshi was taken too and they were doing bad stuff to people and also tried to take over the home planet of this girl named Fucia who is kinda my girlfriend so me and my friends decided to try and get them shut down so they infiltrated one of their stations and managed to get files and sent them to the Ultimate Council and got them shut down BUT before I could leave I ran into Broshi and then we talked about fusion and stuff but then Father showed up and he reminded me of my terrible childhood and also treated my goal of ‘becoming strong so I could prove it could be done’ didn’t have a point so I got super mad and by this point I had gotten strong enough that my hair also glows and stuff now and I’m super strong, so I get really REALLY mad and then father knocked me out for a whole month then about five days ago I woke up at fathers other house and Broshi and I started going to school and stuff and we met Arthur who also has a crystal which gives him the power to switch bodies with people so then yesterday Broshi and Arthur switched bodies because I told Arthur to but then Arthur lost control of Broshi’s body and then he screamed and killed/made deaf a small town of people and blew up a school, we then got them switched back and the Father came home and said we had to move so then he blew up the old house and then we flew to this one and before I went inside and went to sleep, father told me about our family history and stuff and now we’re here.”

I then had to take a few breaths because of how long I had been talking for.

Mom just blinked a few times. 

“Well, that sure is a lot,” Mom then said. 

“Yeah,” I said as I then deactivated my Draco Eyes. “And I skimmed over a LOT of stuff. You could make books about all the stuff that happened in the last four years.” 

“Certainly,” Mom replied with a nod. 

“So, now that I’ve told you a very shortened version of my past, how about you do something similar Mom?” I asked. 

“Oh, of course!” Mom exclaimed. “Well, what would you like to know? I’ve been alive for far longer than you have so there’s more to my story than yours. I’ll allow you to ask me questions about what you want to know!”

“Hmm… well what did you do for a living?” I asked. 

Mom beamed. “I used to work as a lab assistant for your father. I’ve also had a job as a security guard once, and I’ve been a messenger. But I didn’t make the living, your father is the one who gets all the money for the family.”

“Well then what kept you busy for the past like fifteen years?” I asked.

“I have a lot of errands I need to run, you see,” Mom replied. 

“Liiiiike?” I asked.

“Well, delivering things from place to place, meeting up with friends, family, etcetera,” Mom answered with a smile. “Also training! I would have trained you and your brother myself if I was around. Training is very important, because if something goes wrong or evil people cause trouble, you’ll be able to do something about it.”

“Oh, well I’ve been doing that most of the time for the past few years, training that is. And reading. Besides that, I was usually with my friends who also trained with their crystals sometimes,” I said.

“Either way, you’re in a galaxy filled with Ultimates so you’ll be around them all the time,” Mom said.

“I already have. Aerth is probably the one planet where I feel out of place for being one,” I said.

“Yeah, Aerth doesn't have many Ultimates. That’s because they’re not very common around here, it’s rare for an Ultimate Crystal to appear on this planet.” Mom nodded.

“Well then it’s a good thing I got mine on… uhhh… I actually don’t remember where I got Plasmus,” I said, trying to remember where I was at the time. “I at least know it wasn’t on Aerth. But hey! Arthur found his here! So there’s that!”

“Yep! He’s one of the very few that got them here,” Mom said.

“That reminds me, Arthur, what’s the name of your crystal?” I asked him. “Broshi said his doesn’t have a name still because he doesn’t really care about it besides its power.”

“Oh, I named it Magic. Cuz it was magical,” Arthur replied.

“I mean, they’re called Ultimate Crystals not Magical Crystals. But you didn’t know at the time so it’s fine.” I shrugged.

“Yeah…” Arthur scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“So Mom, what kind of errands did you do anyway?” I asked. 

“I’ve already told you, haven’t I? I usually deliver items,” Mom said.

“Does that mean you have your own spaceship then?” I asked. Arthur looked pretty curious and surprised when I mentioned spaceships.

“Oh, no. I can’t drive those, they’re too complicated for me. I’d definitely crash if I tried to drive one.” Mom shook her head.

“So does someone pick you up then? Or are you just like a normal postwoman or something and don’t actually go to other planets often?” I asked. 

“No, I travel a lot of the time. And I go all alone,” Mom replied with a smile.

“Wait. Is one of your powers the ability to fly through space without a ship? I’ve heard of those ones before…” I said.

“Mhm! Not in this form though. It’s more difficult in my normal form,” Mom replied.

“Wait… form…? What do you mean, Mom?” I asked, very confused.

“I use a Star Form!” Mom exclaimed with a bright smile. 

Now that made me think of that form Mehrunes had, Full Star or something.

“What is ‘Star Form’ exactly?” I asked.

“Well, I basically become a star. My body changes and becomes plasma, in the shape of me. It’s also called Plasma Form,” Mom answered.

“So you just turn into this,” I said before easily making a sphere of plasma in my hands, swirling it around with my fingers effortlessly. From the description, it sounded pretty similar to Mehrunes’ technique. 

“Pretty much!” Mom poked the sphere of plasma and it disappeared.

“Is there anything else you can do?” I asked as I then made a floating ball of ice easily in my left hand to show her I could use ice powers as well. 

“Quite a few things, but my powers mainly focus on plasma. It’s natural to me so it’s the easiest,” Mom replied. “But you use ice too! You must have gotten that from your Father! He uses plasma and ice!”

“Well I guess that explains why I didn’t have to do the whole long and hard ‘combining fire and lighting’ training that Glare said most ultimates wanting to use plasma had to do. I just kinda got it off the bat,” I said as I then evaporated the six spheres. “It still was a bit unwieldy at first though.”

“Yeah, plasma just runs in your genetics. That’s why it’s really easy for you and Broshi,” Mom said.

“How exactly does that work though? I don’t remember reading anywhere that people from Aerth carry genetic stuff like that. That’s usually an Elemental System thing,” I said.

“Oh, you don’t know? I’m actually from the Plasma Planet!” Mom exclaimed.

“Wait, really?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah! Your father is from Aerth, but I’m from the Plasma Planet! So you’re not really just Aerthian,” Mom replied.

“Huh,” I said.

“Mhm, so you have genetics of Plasma Humans and Aerth Humans. While Broshi has the same, he also has the DNA of… other creatures.” Mom looked over at Broshi, who just sat there and looked back at her.

“It’s called an Iyatsru if I remember correctly. Maybe that’s why he’s so hostile and stuff, some of his human DNA got kinda replaced by the Iyatsru stuff,” I said.

“That would make a lot of sense… he refused to give me a hug earlier…” Mom said.

“Oh no, he just acts like that. I mean like, more instinctual human things,” I said with a bit of a snicker. Broshi groaned when I snickered. 

Mom sighed. “I was against him getting his DNA mixed with aliens in the first place…”

“Well, Father said it was for the family and the sake of science so I guess there’s that.” I shrugged. “Broshi doesn’t really seem to care besides the being tracked and kept watched on part that used to be a thing before the EFAI got shut down.”  

“Oh? I heard that the whole institution became corrupt. Back then when Broshi was taken in, everything was going well,” Mom said.

“Well, maybe. I wouldn’t know what it was like nearly seventeen years ago.” I shrugged. “Regardless, Broshi doesn’t really seem to care about what happened. All he seems to really care about is power and pride, and Iyatsru DNA really helps with that.” 

“I don’t only have Iyatsru DNA you know. Iyatsru’s don’t have wings,” Broshi pointed out.

“Eh. Doesn’t disprove my point either way.” I shrugged.

“Whatever,” Broshi groaned.

“You sound bothered bro, something wrong?” I asked with a smirk 

“No, nothing is wrong.” He shook his head. 

“Then why do you sound bothered? Or is that just your normal voice?” I asked in a slightly teasing manner. 

“Probably just my normal voice,” He replied.

“Whatever, where did father go by the way? I haven’t seen him since I woke up,” I said.

“Oh, he’s just outside chatting with a friend of his,” Mom replied.

“A friend? Who is it?” I asked. 

“Not sure, go ahead and meet him!” Mom suggested.

I decided I may as well get to know my father's friends so I headed outside and looked for him. He was right there on the porch, speaking with another man. This man was wearing black pants and a darkish green shirt-robe thing that went all the way down to his knees. He had black hair and a goatee.

I just looked at the two of them from a few yards away, just kinda waiting for one of them to notice I was there. 

“Oh! Draco!” Father noticed me first. “Good morning!”

“Morning Father,” I said with an awkward wave.

“Come on over, let me introduce you to my friend!” Father said, waving for me to come.

I then walked over to them.

“This is one of my sons, Draco,” Father introduced me. “Draco, this is my friend Zoombaba! We were co-workers.”

I mentally snickered at his name before saying hello to him.

“Hello sir,” I said. 

“Greetings, Draco! Nice meetin’ you here, eh?” Zoombaba said. He had an accent. I couldn’t tell what kind of accent it was, but it did sound very different.

“I suppose it is…” I said, a bit taken aback from his accent. “So… what were you two coworkers in?”

“Dr. He’s Laboratory,” Zoombaba replied.

Oh yeah, Dr. He, the original founder of the EFAI who left after it turned bad. 

“Yeah, Dr. He’s Lab is where we met. Then we became quite good friends!” Father exclaimed.

“Huh, did you work there until it was shut down or did you leave before that sir?” I asked.

“Dr. He’s Lab never got shut down,” Zoombaba said.

“Never mind.” I shrugged, realizing I probably just shouldn’t ask.

“The EFAI and Dr. He’s Lab are two different companies,” Father said. “I worked for both. Zoombaba worked for Dr. He’s Lab.”

“Okay…” I said, now I just felt awkward.

Zoombaba chuckled. “It’s alright, everyon’ makes mistakes kiddo.” He patted my head.

Now I just felt more embarrassed because he was only a few inches taller than me.

Now I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about.

Now the three of us were just kinda standing there.

“Well… I guess I’ll head back inside now…” I said, turning around to go back inside the house. 

“See ya later, son.” Father waved goodbye with a smile as I then went back into the house.

Now I wasn’t sure what to do.

Maybe I could go train or walk around the area. Exercise never hurts.

So instead of actually heading inside, I just walked alongside the house looking at my surroundings. This house wasn’t in the middle of farmland, there was a forest around it. 

So that was nice. Although, I’d have to be careful with my plasma so I don’t set the entire forest on fire.

Then again, maybe I should practice more with ice. I’m a lot less experienced with that than plasma. Then again, ice doesn’t literally run in my blood both literally and power wise unlike plasma.

For example, I can’t do stuff like Chill for example. I can just make blocks and walls and if I try hard, I can make large blades of ice jut out from the floor. Oh and I can freeze the air. But anyone with ice powers can do that.

I could try practicing the blades of ice. See if I can make them appear quicker. As well as maybe make them appear from more than just the floor.

I first focused my power, activating Draco Eye in the process and focused on the ground, channeling my ice powers. As this happened, I could feel my Draco Eye change from a sort’ve warm glow to a cold mist-like sensation. Like the fog that comes off of liquid nitrogen. 

I then focused my energy on the ground, stretching my right hand forward towards the ground. Then, in one swift motion, I swung my arm upwards and as I did around a ten by ten foot square full of jagged blades of ice shot out of the ground, pointing out like a set of spikes from a video game.

That took about ten seconds just to do a ten by ten foot square… That’s really slow. And small.

After awhile the blades dissipated.

Time to try again. I’ve got to improve my speed of creation and the size of the area. Then I can worry about making the blades sprout from walls and ceilings and stuff. 

“What are you doing, Draco?” I then heard a voice behind me. I turned my head and spotted my Father. 

“Oh! I’m just practicing my ice powers. I’m not as good with it as my plasma,” I replied.

“Clearly,” He said, looking at the ice I had made that was currently disappearing. “Plasma and ice are like opposites. Just like fire and ice. It’s difficult to use both when you’re used to a specific one.” 

“Well I mean, I’ve always been used to plasma. It’s literally in my blood in both forms,” I said. “And ice wasn’t necessarily difficult. I just had to learn how to lower the temperature of the air rather than superheat it. My problem more rather is that I just haven’t had as much time with it. And I want to learn it since I’d like to have a defensive ability to go along with my plasma.” 

“Plasma is a useful defensive ability itself,” Father said.

“Well, yeah but I haven’t exactly mastered barriers yet,” I said, trying to make a barrier around me to show him. It kinda worked but it seemed to blip on and off, like a static television screen. “The best barrier I can make is the one I have in Dragon Scales, that one doesn’t fade on and off, but I can’t put that barrier around anyone besides myself, or at least not without touching them. And even then, it doesn’t last very long for people besides me.”

“So you want to figure out how to use ice at the same time as you continue to explore the abilities of plasma?” Father questioned me.

“Basically,” I said. “It’s not hard for me to focus both of them, it’s just that I don’t have as many options unlocked with ice as I do plasma.”

I then focused on both plasma and ice and my Draco Eye became a sort swirl of cyan cold and warm energy emanating from my left eye. 

“You’ll need to practice it more,” Father commented.

“That’s what I’ve been doing!” I exclaimed.

“The environment could help with training, but this isn’t a good environment for ice,” Father said, before pointing up. “Practice up there.” 

Confused, I looked where he was pointing. 

“It’s colder the higher you elevate. It’s best to practice ice in colder environments,” Father said.

“But that’s just the sky, there's less air up there too,” I said. “That kinda makes it hard when I’m supposed to freeze the water in the air.”

“You can make ice in other ways,” Father replied. 

“What, like dry ice? Ice not made from hydrogen and oxygen?” I questioned.

“There’s many ways to do it,” Father said. “Now get up on that platform and practice up there.”

“Platform?” I asked. I looked up and there was suddenly a large platform of ice floating in the sky.

I just shrugged at this point and then jumped up to the platform, grabbing the edge and climbing up. It was kinda slippery. Since it was ice.

“Now you can practice.” Father was already up here when I arrived.

“If it weren’t for the fact that Eyujin had me acclimate to the Ice Planet a few days before I went into a coma, I feel like it would be a lot colder up here,” I commented as I tried not to fall over. The tennis shoes I was wearing don’t really work well on ice. I had shoes that had little spikes on the bottom to help with stuff like this, it came with the stuff Glare gave me. But they were in my bag back at the house, as of course, I wasn’t expecting to do something like this today. 

“So what exactly do you want to do with ice?” Father questioned me.

“W-well-” I started to say before almost slipping again. “What I was doing before you showed up was practicing making these pop out of the ground.”

I then made a floating blade of ice appear in my hand, at the same time I was still trying not to fall off. “My idea was that if I improve my speed of creation and the size of the area of effect as well as learn how to do it from walls and ceilings, I’d be able to trap opponents or delay them. Or of course, do the obvious thing if need be and just impale them with them.” 

“And you want to do that with ice instead of plasma?” Father asked. 

I then made a floating blade of plasma in my other hand and showed how, minus the slight glowing, they looked almost the same. “I want to have multiple versions of the same move, so that it can fulfill certain goals. The plasma is more for offense due to it being hotter and technically sharper while the ice is for defense since it’s harder to break if you make it correctly.” 

“Alright. Keep making ice,” Father then said.

I then focused on the platform and tried to make the ice blades, only faster this time.

This time it took around eight seconds, and the size of the blades and the area they sprouted from was a few feet bigger. Now it was like thirteen by thirteen feet. Still looked small though. And it still took a while. I just need to practice it more.

I then made the ice blades disappear before trying to go again, faster this time. 

“Just keep at it and you’ll get better. Otherwise, if there comes a time where you’ll need it, it’ll come to you easily since you’re under pressure and you’re an Ultimate,” Father said.

“HRAH!” I yelled as I then made an even bigger area of blades pop out of the ground in front of me. These ones were bigger than normal, almost as tall as I was. It also came out after focusing for six seconds. I was getting better slowly.

I kept up this process, slowly getting faster at creating the blades and expanding the size of the area they appear in, as well as the blades size and sharpness itself. After what felt like an hour, I had gotten down to a minimum startup time of four seconds. Now the blades were reaching up to eight feet tall. And they were razor sharp. They looked more like swords made of light blue shimmering glass than ice. 

“Getting better,” Father commented. “You know, if you channel your energy into the ice, you can increase its durability?”

“Really?” I asked, deciding to practice it, doing all the same steps but this time focusing energy into the ice before making the blades. It had similar results to the last one, eight foot blades, around a twenty five foot by twenty five foot area, but this time they looked a little different, a bit of a deeper blue than before.

“Yes. If you add more energy to any attack, you can increase its defense. You can even do this with your own body. Channeling energy to your skin, you can tell it to harden and you’d get more defense,” Father replied.

“Oh so that’s how Dragon Scales works,” I said. “When I first tried it, I was told to pump energy into and around my body and that’s how it happened. I guess that also explains why the Novannihilator feels so unrelenting, because I put so much energy into it.”

I then continued practicing with the ice blades, I was starting to get used to doing it like this. We kept at this for an hour or two.

to be continued in the next chapter....

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