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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 12) [Finally Leaving Aerth!]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 12) [Finally Leaving Aerth!]

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Chapter 12 - Draco

{Finally Leaving Aerth!}


“Yo Draco, wake up our ride is here.” I heard Broshi’s voice say.

“Hmm?” I asked, waking up to see Broshi, Arthur and Fucia were waiting for me to get up. “Oh, okay.”

I then jumped up onto my feet and saw the ship right behind them. Arthur looked very impressed with it. 

“That is so cool…” He said. 

The doors of the ship then opened and we spotted a blond haired guy with blue eyes. He had a white shirt and blue sweatpants made with the specific fabric for exercising. 

“What’s up, everybody!” The guy exclaimed. It was my friend Saturo Kanshiro!

“Oh hey Satu!” I waved with a smile. “How ya been?”

“Been pretty good, you?” Saturo replied.

“Was in a coma for a month,” I replied. “So there’s that.”

“Yeah, I heard about it. Well, come on in everyone!” Saturo stepped out of the way for us to enter the ship. 

All four of us walked in, and Arthur looked surprised as he analyzed the interior of the ship. A shocked expression was clearly written all over his face.

“Uh, hello.” I then spotted Ichoo standing in front of Arthur, waving his hand at him. Ichoo looked slightly different, his brown hair had gotten longer. But other than that, he was practically the same. 

“Oh! Hi!” Arthur then noticed Ich there. 

“I’m Ichoo.” Ich stuck his hand out for a handshake. 

Arthur shook his hand. “Arthur Warrick. Nice to meet you all! Looking forward to travelling with you!” 

“Oh, it’s not really travelling. These ships can get to other systems very fast with light speed. They can go even faster than light if needed,” Saturo said to Arthur. 

“Just make sure to strap in before that happens,” I said as Fucia and I sat down next to each other on the ship. 

Hematite was in the pilots seat in the very front. “Everyone get seated!” 

Everyone took their seats and fastened their seatbelts. Arthur had caught on and found his seatbelt and put it on. Then Hematite pressed buttons and switches and stuff, you know, the things you have to do to drive a spaceship. 

Soon the spaceship was off, flying into space. Arthur was in awe on how smoothly the ship was moving. 

“This is… so much better than airplanes!” He exclaimed.

“Well there isn’t really any turbulence in space so it flies without bumps mostly,” I said.

“So cool…” He said.

I just looked at him as he gazed out the window at space. He is such a nerd.

“So how long will it take to get to the Elemental System? An hour? Two hours? I honestly forgot how far this place was since we last visited three years ago,” I said.

“Oh, this is very far,” Ichoo said. “But Saturo and I worked together to increase the ship speed so we can get there quicker.”

“Oh cool,” I said. 

The ship flew through space, but we hadn’t entered light speed. Hematite looked at the screen of the ship, right next to the radar, and he looked like he was trying to figure something out.

“Is something wrong?” Fucia asked.

“Yes, something is wrong,” Hematite answered. “The hyperdrive seems to be broken. We can’t enter light speed.”

“What’s a hyperdrive?” Arthur asked.

“It’s the machine system that allows ships to move through hyperspace, which is also known as light speed,” Hematite answered. “And something is wrong with it so we can’t.”

“Which means the journey is gonna be longer by a decent margin. If that margin is measured in light years that is,” I said with a sigh. “Unless we find someone who can fix it, obviously.”

“Which we don’t have,” Hematite added with a sigh. 

“And there probably won’t be one for awhile, so we need to find some sort of solution to this if we want to get back in a timely manner,” I said.

“That’s the problem. There is nothing I can do,” Hematite replied. 

“That just makes me wonder why it’s having a problem now. It had to have happened after you first got to Aerth, because it wouldn’t be much of a problem unless you needed it to get here,” I said.

“Well I don’t know what’s wrong with it.” Hematite shrugged. He continued fiddling with buttons and switches.

“This just seems strange is all,” I commented. “That that’s the only thing not working that is.” 

“It’s not the only thing. A few things need to be updated.” Hematite sat back and let the ship drive using only the thrusters. “But we won’t be getting back anytime soon.”

“Riveting,” I said.

“Rive-what?” Broshi asked.

I decided not to explain to Broshi what the word riveting meant. Just because I didn’t feel like it. 

“It just means, like, engrossing or compelling,” Saturo explained. 

“Okay.” Broshi didn’t look like he cared at all. “So, I don’t see the problem. Just fix the hyperdrive.” 

“I am very sure none of us know how to, bro,” I said to him.

“Learn how to,” He replied.

“From where, hm? There isn’t a planet for billions of miles that knows how to fix one of these things,” I said to him. “But wait, the ONLY way we can even get to those planets is WITH a hyperdrive. BUT IT’S BROKEN!” 

“Not really. You’re forgetting something,” Broshi said.

“Then by all means, tell me,” I said.

Broshi pointed to Ich. “He can make those space cloud things and travel in light speed.”

Well, he was right. “Then shouldn’t he have made one by now then?” I questioned.

“Why ask me, he’s literally right there,” Broshi retorted.

“And HE can hear us. So he knows what I said,” I replied. 

“Yeah, uh, my space clouds can’t fit all of us,” Ichoo pointed out.

“From what I remember, besides yourself they’ve carried up to three people,” I said. 

“Yeah, that’s my limit for far distances.” Ichoo nodded.

“So if we use that method we have to decide which three people besides you get to go, OR you go and find someone who can fix a hyperdrive and come back and we land on a nearby planet,” I said.

“That sounds like a good idea,” Hematite commented. “Ich, go ahead and head back to the Elemental System and find someone who can fix this thing.” 

“Alright.” Ich took off his seatbelt and walked back to the door and opened it. There was a barrier that prevented the oxygen from escaping the ship. “I’ll be back soon!” Ich then jumped out of the ship, generating a space cloud underneath him. 

Then he was off. 

“Alright, we’re gonna land on this nearby planet,” Hematite then said. “Planet Vunes.” 

“Vunes?! Doesn’t that planet have a toxic atmosphere?” Arthur exclaimed.

“Lots of places do actually,” I said. “That’s what space suits are for. Toxic Ultimates would probably be fine if it did though.” 


“Nah, it doesn’t have a toxic atmosphere,” Hematite said. “It’s stratosphere is toxic, but we can survive down on the surface.”

“But it doesn’t look like it’s very safe,” Saturo commented, pointing at the radar and the screen. 

“Well yeah, the system says that previous pilots that went there reported that there were all sorts of beasts on that planet.” Hematite nodded. “But that’s the closest planet to us right now, so we’re headed there.” 

“B-beasts?!” Arthur shivered.

“Knowing the environment, they probably breathe like plants or something due to all of the CO2 there,” I commented. “Oh and are probably resistant to heat and stuff like that too.” 

“That probably would be the case, yeah.” Saturo agreed. “Hematite, can you give us a boost? It’s gonna take forever to get to Vunes with only the thrusters.” 

“Alright.” Hematite took off his seatbelt and got up. “Someone control the wheel for now.” 

“I got it.” Saturo took a seat in Hematite’s spot, taking control of the wheel. 

Meanwhile, Hematite jumped out into space. 

“How can they survive in space!?” Arthur exclaimed, clearly surprised that Hematite was floating out in space without a spacesuit.

“Cause he can.” I shrugged.

Hematite then released his gray aura and he placed his hands on the back of the ship. I then sensed a lot of energy coming out of his hands. 

“Okay, Hematite will catch up with us later,” Saturo said, noticing this. 

Then, the spaceship advanced forward with speed that was near light speed. Hematite had pushed it with his energy. 

Saturo grabbed the wheel and steered the ship as it approached a reddish-brown planet in the distance. The planet got bigger and bigger the closer we got, because that’s how it works. 

“Okay, I think there’s gonna be a lot of turbulence while we pass through the stratosphere…” Saturo said. “Everyone hang on!”  

The spaceship entered the planet’s stratosphere and there were toxic clouds that blocked our view. The spaceship shook violently as we descended in a very fast speed. Everyone was trying to stay calm, including Arthur. But he wasn’t doing very well, I could see from his face that he was terrified. 

“I can hear the ship sizzling,” Fucia commented as the spaceship shook some more.

“The acidic atmosphere is gonna burn the ship!” Arthur exclaimed in fright.

“Yeah, it might corrode it a tad, it’s gonna totally wreck the paint job,” I said calmly.

“Don’t worry Arthur, spaceships are made with sturdy durable metal, the paint is the only thing that’s gonna mess up,” Saturo added, gripping the steering wheel tightly as he tried to control the spaceship.

“Think about it like this; if a car entered a parking lot, it wouldn’t fall apart and get destroyed. Same with the spaceship. They won’t get utterly wrecked when landing on planets,” I explained.

“Oh.” Arthur then understood. 

The spaceship then stopped shaking and the acidic clouds stopped blocking our view. We could now see the rocky surface of Planet Vunes. I could see a giant mountain and a lot of canyons from out the window. 

It looked like a desert. If it weren't for the brown and green sky and the lack of plants, it’d look a bit like Aerth. As Vunes has been dubbed as being it's ‘evil’ twin. 

Saturo pulled a lever back which caused the ship to slow down a bunch, and then the spaceship began descending to the ground slowly. He pressed another button to activate the parking feature, and the spaceship then landed on the ground. Then he shut off the spaceship.

“There,” he then said. 

“We actually landed on another planet…” Arthur couldn’t believe this.

“Anyway, we should stay in the ship for now, best not risk going outside unless it’s completely necessary,” I said.

But as I said this, Broshi was out of his seat and was heading outside. He was completely ignoring what I had just said. 

I swear, he exists just to spite me.

“Where you going, bro?” I asked, sliding between him and the door.

“Outside. It’s boring in the ship,” Broshi answered. He had his hands in his pocket casually as he made eye contact with me. 

I just held a hand to my face and breathed in to calm myself.

“Fine. Whatever,” I said, heading back to my seat next to Fucia.

“Hold on, you can’t go out there alone. It’s dangerous,” Saturo said before Broshi exited the ship. “And we don’t know what’s out there.”

“I’m a hundred percent sure he doesn’t care,” I said to Satu.

“Why don’t one of you just come with me then,” Broshi suggested, ignoring my comment. 

“Well, that would work.” Saturo thought to himself. “Someone has to stay with the ship though. So we could teleport back if we need to.” 

Broshi looked over at me and raised his eyebrows.

“…*SIGH* Fine,” I said, standing up. 

“Sweet.” Broshi then walked out of the spaceship, passing through the barrier. Arthur didn’t follow him, not quite. He just looked out at the planet in shock. 

“Arthur, you should stay here,” Saturo pulled Arthur back into the ship before he even got the chance to get out. 

“I’d recommend that honestly,” I said as I was now outside, standing beside Broshi, “it’s probably like two hundred degrees celsius out here. Of course we’re fine because plasma human DNA and stuff but yeah.”

“Be careful guys,” Saturo warned us. 

“Right.” I nodded before Broshi started walking off again, his hands in his pocket.

I then caught up with him. I looked back at the ship, which was now a few meters away. So Saturo, Fucia, and Arthur were staying behind. I could teleport to their energy if we need to. 

“This planet is so much cooler than Aerth,” Broshi commented. 

“Well, besides the temperature,” I commented.

He then stopped walking and looked down into a canyon that was right in front of us. The canyon was deep, like miles long and miles tall. Granted, ones on the Rock Planet were most likely bigger (since the Rock Planet itself was like, a lot bigger than Vunes). This canyon was still impressive though.

“Where are the beasts? Saturo said there were beasts.” Broshi walked closer to the canyon, his feet right at the edge as he looked down into the canyon. He was barefoot too. His shoes must have gotten destroyed or something.

“Well you can’t expect them to be everywhere. That’s not how most environments work,” I said to him.

“True.” Broshi then jumped off into the canyon. 

I just kinda watched him fall into it, a sort’ve dumbfounded look on my face. But honestly I should’ve expected something like this. 

I then floated down into the chasm, taking in the surroundings as I slowly fell down. I noticed there were holes in the walls of the canyon

“Draco, look out!” I then heard Broshi yell.

A head of what looked like a giant eel popped out from one of the holes. It opened its mouth, revealing sharp teeth. It was about to try and eat me, but Broshi appeared and chopped it’s head off with a dark vine. Because clearly I couldn’t handle that on my own.

“Ha, take that beast,” he said to the now dead giant eel. Broshi was using his wings to stay floating beside me. “Let’s go down further.” 

He then put away his wings and began to fall to the ground. I went back to floating down, watching for any more giant eels. I had a feeling this was gonna be tedious. 

Broshi had made it to the ground by now, so I increased my falling speed to catch up. I slowed down when I made it to the ground and landed beside Broshi. 

“I sense a powerful energy,” Broshi said to me. “Coming from inside there.” He pointed to another hole that led into a cave.

“Oh great,” I muttered.

“It’s probably dangerous, so we gotta be ready for it.” Broshi activated his Broshi Eye and began to walk into the cave. “You coming?” He then looked back at me.

“Sure, whatever.” I shrugged, activating my Draco Eye and following him.

The two of us walked into the cave. The structure of the cave was a little visible from the sunlight. But it didn’t reach the whole cave, luckily our Eye technique gave us the ability to see in the dark. 

The cave was fairly large and the ceiling was high. And laying there in the cave, was a giant sandy colored scaly creature.

“Oh check it out!” Broshi exclaimed, pointing to the sleeping creature.

I analyzed the creature from where we were standing to get more detail about its features. But we were too far away to actually get some good details, so we’d have to get closer. 

“What is that supposed to be?” Broshi questioned as he casually stepped closer to the creature.

“Heck if I know. All I know is that you're probably going to attack it eventually,” I replied.

“Nah, only if it attacks me,” Broshi said, as he was now standing right in front of it. “Yo creature! Wussup!” 

The creature was asleep so it didn’t respond. 

“Uh, hello?” Broshi knocked on its scales like a door.

While he was doing this my brain was trying to comprehend Broshi’s train of thought to this current moment.

“Are you only doing that so I won’t be proven right?” I asked.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Broshi nodded. “Yo this creature is annoying, it won’t wake up.”

This gave me an idea.

“Maybe you should knock on it harder,” I suggested, smirking, but Broshi was unable to see my smirk because he was looking at the creature.

“How much harder?” Broshi asked.

“Just don’t knock it through the planet,” I replied. 

“Okay.” Broshi punched the creature, knocking it back a few feet. 

This caused the creature to wake up, and it got up on its four feet, looking at Broshi in rage. It then roared at Broshi. 

“I think you made it upset,” I said in a sarcastic tone.

The creature then moved forward to attack Broshi. Broshi just watched as it approached him with a smirk. 

All of a sudden, a giant red dragon came from the depths of the cave and chomped the creatures neck, causing it to bleed. The creature yelped in pain as the dragon then began to devour it.

“It must have really bright red blood to be this visible here,” I said. 

The dragon then finished consuming the creature and it looked over at me and Broshi. It growled at us. 

“That dragon sure is hostile,” Broshi commented. 

“Nah, ya think?” I asked.

But before the dragon could attack us, we heard a voice coming from behind it. It sounded like a female. 

“Mega Magic! Sword of Fire!” The voice yelled. The dragon then appeared to have been cut in half, and flames were all over it. 

Then a girl appeared. She had long brown hair and red armor, brown eyes and was holding a sword covered in flames. The girl was grinning as she looked back at the dragon. 

“Yes!” She exclaimed with happiness. “I’ve slain the Red Sharded Dragon!”

“Yo, wassup!” Broshi walked over to her. 

The girl looked over at Broshi. 

“Oh, hello there.” She looked over at me as well. “Wait, where are you from!? You’re dressed weirdly!” 

“Ooh, welcoming,” I commented.

“Who are you two?!” She asked in a demanding voice as she raised her sword in a threatening way.

“You raise your voice a lot, you know,” I said from next to Broshi.

“Answer the question!” She hissed.

“Ehhhhhhh… should we bro?” I asked Broshi.

He just shrugged. “I’m Broshi Saurashido. This is my brother Draco.” 

The girl then calmed down. “Broshi and Draco? What is with your eye? What kind of magic is that? And which Kingdom do you come from?”

“Magic? Kingdom?” I said, raising an eyebrow. Broshi and I both had a confused look on our faces. “This is just a thing the two of us can do. It’s not magic or anything.”

“It’s not magic!?” The girl exclaimed. 

“That is what I said, yes.” I nodded.

“Then how- Where are your Magic Vessels?!” The girl exclaimed. 

“Magic Vessels? The heck are you talking about?” I asked, thoroughly confused by this girls confusion.

“Like this!” She showed us her sword that was covered in flames. “This is my Magic Vessel!”

Broshi then decided to make a sword out of plasma in his hand, probably just to see her response. 

“Yeah, see! Where is your Magic Vessel? Show me!” The girl exclaimed.

“Well, we don’t really have them like that. Technically, this is my Magic Vessel,” Broshi said. He then unabsorbed his Ultimate Crystal and showed it to her.

“A crystal? Your Magic Vessel is a crystal!?” The girl exclaimed.

“They’re called Ultimate Crystals actually,” I said, showing mine as well.

“Ultimate Crystals? The heck are those?” The girl asked.

“The things we’re holding in our hands. Duh,” I said. 

“Oh so your Magic Vessels are just crystals… What can they even do?” The girl asked. 

“A better question is what can’t they do,” I said as we both reabsorbed our crystals. 

“Yeah. We can do practically anything with them, but we focus on specific stuff so we can actually get better and stronger,” Broshi explained. 

The girl looked impressed. “That… that is amazing! Where did you find these Vessels!?”

“You just kinda stumble upon ‘em unless you're using a radar to find them.” I shrugged.

“A radar? What’s that?” The girl asked. She had a lot of questions. And unlike Aerth, this place seemed to not have much technology.

“Uhh… how about we just show you what we can do with the crystals?” I suggested, deciding I didn’t want to explain a radar and then probably have to explain the explanation of a radar. 

“Yes! Show me!” The girl demanded eagerly. 

“Alright,” I said before holding out my hands. “Both of us can use plasma for starters.” A large sphere of plasma appeared in my left hand, illuminating most of the cave. 

“WOAH! WHAT IS THAT!?” The girl exclaimed. 

“Plasma…?” I said.

“What is plasma?!” The girl questioned.

“The fourth state of matter,” I replied.

“Matter? You mean like… solid, liquids and gases? THERE’S A FOURTH STATE OF MATTER?! HOW?!” The girl was pretty loud.

“Yeah, you just… heat up a gas a whole lot until it looks like this,” I said nervously. I didn’t know what to make of this girl.

“Heat up gas!? We’ve done that a lot but it never resulted with… with… that!” The girl exclaimed.

“Well you have to heat gas to upwards of millions of degrees, so that wouldn’t be surprising,” I said.

“Amazing…” The girl said. “Which Kingdom did you come from?”

“Kingdom? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Are you not from a Kingdom?! Are you two just wild survivors?!” The girl asked. “Wild survivors don’t have Magic Vessels! Only Kingdoms do!”

“Wild?! We’re from Aerth! We’re not wild!” I exclaimed, making the plasma dissipate.

“Aerth? I’ve never heard of that Kingdom,” The girl said.

“That’s because it’s a planet,” I said, sounding tired due to this girl.

“A planet!? Impossible!” The girl looked shocked.

“……Broshi I don’t feel like explaining things to her anymore,” I said to him, pretty done with this girl.

“I gotchu,” Broshi said. “Basically, we come from another planet next to this one. It’s called Aerth.”

“So you… descended from the sky…” The girl looked like she was trying to put the pieces together. 

“Pretty much,” Broshi replied. 

“Are you Guardians?!” The girl exclaimed.

“Uh… no?” Broshi responded. “We’re just Ultimates.”

“The Ultimate Guardians of the Universe!” The girl exclaimed. 

I just face palmed. Broshi seemed lost by this girls logic as well. It made him laugh a bit too. 

“No, no, we’re not Guardians of the Universe. That’s a different group of people called the Ultimate Council. They’re the very overpowered dudes who protect the Universe and such,” Broshi explained.

“Bro, I don’t think she’s gonna understand that much better,” I said.

“Ultimate Council!?” The girl exclaimed. “So these people on the Ultimate Council are the Guardians? THEY created the Magic Vessels!?”

“……I think we’ve made it worse,” I said to Broshi. “Maybe we should go.” 

“No, you’re not going anywhere yet! I need answers!” The girl exclaimed.

“Everyone does, buddy,” I said, setting a hand on Broshi’s shoulder and teleporting back to the ship before she could say another word. 

When we appeared in the ship, Saturo looked over at us curiously. 

“Oh, you came back. Something dangerous attack you?” Saturo asked.

“If intense confusion and questions is an attack, then yes,” I said.

“What questions?” Fucia asked.

“Too many to explain, Fucia. Trust me,” Broshi answered her.

“Stuff about Magic Vessels and Kingdoms and Guardians and stuff,” I said, holding my forehead. 

“W-what? Magic Vessels? What are you talking about?” Arthur asked.

“That’s what I said to the girl talking about it!” I exclaimed. “Everytime we tried to explain something about ourselves, she applied it to whatever life she lives on this planet. It got to the point where she thought the Ultimate Council were the Guardians who created the Magic Vessel things they use here apparently. Which are different from crystals cuz they appear to be magic weapons or something.”

“Huh. So there are humans on this planet?” Saturo asked. “We didn’t see any, they must live underground or in the canyons.”

“Seems like it,” I said as I sat down next to Fucia.

Suddenly, something hit the ship that caused it to move a bit.

“Oh now what?!” I exclaimed, looking out the window.

Fireballs had hit the ship. And they kept coming, shaking the ship but not doing much damage since it was durable.

I then opened the door and walked outside, closing it behind me and looking at where the fireballs came from. And of course… it was that girl again. I swear this girl is gonna make me turn into Ascended Grade Two from annoyance alone.

She was floating in the air, shooting fireballs at the ship from her sword. But she stopped when I came out. 

“You haven’t answered me yet!” The girl yelled at me. “And don’t call me buddy!”

“I’M GONNA CALL YOU SIX FEET UNDER IF YOU KEEP PELTING OUR SHIP WITH FIREBALLS!” I yelled up at her. This time I had my Double Draco Eye activated.

“Woah! Your other eye!” She noticed that. But then she shook her head and got back to the topic. “I’ll stop hitting your house if you answer my questions!”

“First of all, it’s a ship. Second of all, I don’t want to bother answering your questions cause you seem to interpret the wrong each time!” I yelled.

“A ship!? That’s not… that isn’t a ship!” The girl exclaimed.

“It’s a spaceship, you mook,” I growled. “NOW GO AWAY BEFORE I DO IT BY HAND!”

“A spaceship!? I’ve never heard of that!” The girl floated down to the ground. 

“You don’t appear to be leaving. You're trying my patience,” I grumbled.

“I’m not leaving until I get answers,” the girl said.

“Girl, you do NOT want to play this game,” I threatened.

“Don’t call me girl!” The girl hissed. “Also, I saw that you had Teleportation Magic. So you have a Magic Vessel of Teleportation!?”


“Woah! Your hair! That’s a cool spell!” The girl seemed distracted with my abilities that she wasn’t really paying attention to my words.


“What is going on out here?” Saturo then came out of the ship. “I hear yelling and screaming.”

“The person from earlier is back and refuses to go away and stop mildly inconveniencing the ship until I give her answers she won’t understand,” I replied.

“Oh?” Saturo looked over at the girl. “What answers do you want?”

“All of them. I want to know who you are and where you got your Magic Vessels,” the girl said.

“Well, they’re not Magic Vessels. They’re Ultimate Crystals,” Saturo said. “It’s different than what you have. See, we’re from another planet.” 

“And you’re not Guardians?” The girl asked. 

“Nope.” Saturo shook his head. 

“I see… you’re foreigners!” The girl concluded.

“Sure, why not.” I shrugged, having calmed down.

“Yeah, we’re foreigners. We’re not from this planet, so we don’t come from any Kingdom,” Saturo explained. 

“And you don’t use magic?” The girl asked. 

“Not exactly. Our powers could be considered magic, but they either come from our bodies themselves or from our Ultimate Crystals,” Saturo answered.

To demonstrate, I showed my crystal clearly glowing and stuff as I shot out giant blasts of plasma and made large spires of ice from the ground before having them disappear.

“Yeah, just like what Draco just did,” Saturo said.

“Amazing…” The girl looked impressed. “You don’t need to rely on Magic Vessels to use magic…” 

“Pretty much,” Saturo said.

“Some people even have powers without a crystal. Like the stuff happening to my eyes and hair. They’re forms that make me increasingly more powerful as I go up the ladder,” I said.

“Ohhh.” The girl finally understood.

“But I’m interested in you now,” Saturo then said. “Who are you? And what Kingdom are you from? And where did you get your Magic Vessel?” He grinned.

“Me? I am Pyrina Zelthra!” The girl said, introducing herself. 

“Okay…” I said.

“I’m the 3rd Princess of the Jephrottis Kingdom!” Pyrina said.

“So you have two sisters then,” I said.

“Yes. You are correct.” Pyrina nodded. “And I got my Magic Vessel from my Father, the King. It got passed down to me after his death. My mother rules Jephrottis.”

“So there are many other Kingdoms then?” Saturo asked.

“Yes. There are four main powerful ones with Magic Vessels. We’ve conquered the weaker ones,” Pyrina said. 

“Just wondering, how strong are the rulers anyway?” I asked before pointing at a far off mountain. “Like… what could they do to that mountain over there?” 

“They all have Magic Vessels. The strongest of the kings and queens could destroy that mountain,” Pyrina said.

“So like this?” I asked before shooting a giant blast of plasma at the mountain, blowing up most of the whole thing, leaving a charred plateau in its place. 

“Yes, like that. Magic Vessels are very powerful,” Pyrina said. 

“How much power would destroying a mountain take? Cause that wasn’t very hard for me to do,” I said.

“Well, you have your Ultimate Crystal!” Pyrina said. “Our Magic Vessels are limited. How much power we can use depends on how much inner energy we can withdraw into our magic.”

“Huh. Well Satu and I can do stuff like this,” I said before powering up to Ascended Grade Two, causing the ground to shake violently because of my aura. “Granted Satu’s is a lot calmer aura wise. That and it’s a lot different than the stuff I can do.”

“I’m Satu by the way,” Saturo said with a wave. “Saturo Kanshiro.”

“And I’m Draco Saurashido.” I stood with Ascended Grade Two active, not feeling any strain from it since I trained to get used to it. Same with the Sparking Spirit times fifty.

“Yes, yes, I know your name, your brother Broshi already told me,” Pyrina said. 

I just shrugged in response as I started sort’ve hopping in place with my hands in a fighting position, swinging them out in front of me as punches like a boxer at the open air. The immense energy this form gives me always makes me want to fight something. Which makes sense considering it's like the fourth level of my forms.

“So Pyrina, I’m curious,” Saturo then said. “These Magic Vessels… they’re weapons that use magic right?” Pyrina nodded. “Where exactly do they come from? Are they natural to this Planet?” 

“I don’t know. Old tales say a Guardian brought them to this world for us humans to use them for our needs,” Pyrina said.

“Huh,” I said as I then roundhouse kicked a large rock, obliterating it completely, trying to vent the energy in some way.

Pyrina stared at me. “What are you doing?”

“Dealing with the immense energy this form gives me. Kinda supercharges my senses and stuff,” I replied.

“Oh,” Pyrina said. “So wait… you guys are powerful?”

“I’d say we’re on the lower medium side compared to other Ultimates in terms of raw power. Granted Satu probably got a lot stronger while I was in a month long coma,” I replied casually.

“I mean, yeah I got stronger,” Saturo said. 

“Which reminds me, Satu check out what I can do now!” I said before powering down to Grade One before shooting a sparking spirit into the air. I could do this in Grade Two but past experiences ward against it for right now.

“TIMES FIFTY!” I yelled as I then reabsorbed the plasma and was enveloped in a bright red fire-like aura, making my cyan hair look like a faint shade of light purple. “Can’t even feel a thing!” 

“You got stronger too!” Saturo exclaimed. 

“According to what I know about my forms, doing this in Grade One makes me about twenty five times stronger than just Grade Two by itself,” I said. “Since Grade Two is twice Grade One and all.” 

“Can you guys stop talking about your abilities for some while?” Pyrina asked me.

“I haven’t seen this guy for over a month, okay?” I replied. “But sure.”

I then returned to my base form, my hair turning back to normal.

“I have a request,” Pyrina then said.

“And what is that?” I asked.

“Well first, is there anyone else in your… spaceship, right?” Pyrina said but then asked. Once we nodded she continued. “I would like everyone to come out and hear me.” 

“Alright. Fucia, Arthur, come on out for a second!” Saturo then said. I wondered why he didn’t call Broshi but then realized he was already outside.

Fucia and Arthur came outside, looking confused on why they were coming out. Saturo then pointed at Pyrina. 

“Okay everyone, hear me out,” Pyrina then said. “I have a request.” She took a deep breath. “My Kingdom is in danger, and since you guys are pretty powerful, I want your help.”

“…That certainly is a request,” I said, looking at Arthur. He was essentially a normal human, he couldn’t do much besides switch bodies. 

“What's the danger though?” Saturo asked.

“Our enemy kingdom, Kendra, attacked my kingdom. War occurs between us, and we need help,” Pyrina said. “They have more Magic Vessels than us! Their king carries three of them. Three!”

“Huh,” I said, a bit impressed. “Sounds rough.”

“It is rough! And it's terrible! They've killed a lot of our people and took the rest as slaves! We have to fight back but we're not strong enough!” Pyrina exclaimed.

“That does sound like something we could help with,” I said, thinking about the whole idea. It could be dangerous.

“Count me in,” Broshi said. He walked over to Pyrina and stood beside her. “I’m in regardless of what the others say.” 

“I will help in any way I can,” Saturo said. 

I was still considering outcomes. 

“Great! I thank you all!” Pyrina exclaimed. “Come back to my Kingdom now. I will tell my mother about you.”

I decided to come along. May as well help. 

“Someone has to stay with the ship though,” Saturo pointed out. “Fucia and Arthur, you guys wanna stay?”

“That’s fine with me,” Fucia said. “You three should be fine.”

“And I’m good. I can’t fight,” Arthur said.

“Alright, see you guys later then!” Saturo said to them.

“Come on!” Pyrina floated back into the air and flew over to the canyon. “We travel through tunnels underground, so follow me!” 

Broshi let out his wings and followed her, while Saturo just ran along on the ground. I just activated Dragons Agility plus Draco Eye and followed them.

I wondered what was going to happen with all this.

to be continued in the next chapter....

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