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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 13) [The Kingdom of Jephrottis]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 13) [The Kingdom of Jephrottis]

Posted July 13th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 13 - Saturo

{The Kingdom of Jephrottis}


Pyrina led the three of us through underground tunnels. The tunnels had been dug up by someone, because there were candles that lit it up. When we walked through caves, Pyrina had lit up her sword with fire, which was her Magic Vessel, to create light. I could sense a lot of power coming from that sword. 

It made me really curious as to who created them. I bet Elec would know. I should ask him about Magic Vessels when Ich comes back with someone to fix our Hyperdrive. Oh, and Hematite is floating around somewhere in space. At some point, he’ll reach this planet and find his ship, Arthur, and Fucia. 

“This way,” Pyrina then whispered. 

I looked over at her and she was taking us through a small hole in the wall of the tunnel. Without asking any questions, I followed her. Broshi was right behind me, and right behind him was Draco. 

This smaller tunnel was so small that we had to crawl through it. It took us a few minutes to make it to a bigger area where we could finally stand. 

And eventually, we made it to a giant place. We exited from the small tunnel hole, and a kingdom was in front of us. 

It was huge, and was underground. There were a few rivers of water here and there so there were bridges for crossing. I could see a lot of houses surrounding a giant castle. The light source was the Sun itself, as there was a large opening in the ceiling of the cave. 

“Nice place,” Draco commented. 

“It won’t be here if Kendra conquers us…” Pyrina muttered.

That just made Draco look bothered. Pyrina didn’t look very happy either. Broshi just had his usual facial expression that showed no emotion. 

Though, just like Draco, I was also bothered. I was bothered by all the war… and how it still happens on this planet… War is a terrible thing that causes bad things for everyone, no matter which side you’re on. So I wanted to actually help end it and bring peace to this planet. 

Pyrina then led us through the kingdom. There were people around, but all of them didn’t look well. They all looked either depressed and/or injured. I didn’t see a single smile. Pyrina put on a serious face as she walked. 

By now Draco and Broshi has their eyes off since they could see clearly. Draco just seemed to be analyzing our surroundings, looking more concerned and upset than anything else. Broshi still looked the same. 

“See, the Kendra Kingdom is evil… they did this to our people,” Pyrina said. We had made it to the castle by now, leaving all the citizens. “They could have killed us all easily if they wanted, but they let us live to make us suffer…”  She shook her head in disgust.

This put a grim look on Draco’s face. “All this does is remind me of Sokanon’s planet,” He said.

“Sokanon?” Pyrina asked. 

“Sokanon’s planet didn’t have a Kingdom. But the poverty sure is similar,” I agreed. For me, it wasn’t really a reminder. It was a whole new thing. War between kingdoms… Korrovez, Sokanon’s planet, didn’t have any war. They just had poverty. For me war is worse than that. War steals people’s lives…

Two guards then stopped us at the gate. They looked exhausted. 

“Princess Pyrina has returned…” They announced exhaustedly. They must have recently just been attacked. 

“Do not worry, I have brought with me soldiers. We will get our people back,” Pyrina assured them as we entered the castle. 

She then lead us all the way to the room where the thrones are. It was empty however. Not a single soul in sight. 

“Where is my mother…” Pyrina said to herself as she looked around.

“Princess Pyrina!” A voice then said. An armored man then walked over to her and fell down to his knees. “We have terrible news…”

“What?” Pyrina asked, looking nervous. 

“The Queen… she’s been kidnapped!” The man exclaimed. 

“W-what?!” A look of horror appeared on Pyrina’s face. 

Now Draco just looked more upset and grim than before. And I wasn’t very pleasant looking myself. 

“Kendra has captured her while you were gone. They intend to leave us suffering with no supplies,” the man said, still on his knees. “They’ve slaughtered all of military! They’ve taken all of our Magic Vessels! Jephrottis is doomed!” 

“N-no! T-this can’t… b-be…” Pyrina began to shed tears. She then fell to her knees and the tears just began to fall. 

I felt terrible inside after what I had just witnessed. I immediately took action, stepping up next to Pyrina.

“Pyrina… We’ll get your mother back. We’ll bring back all your people too,” I said, trying to sound hopeful.

“It’ll be okay, I mean. I’ve been through some pretty bad stuff. But I’m still here. We can do this,” Draco added, in an encouraging tone.

“B-but… The King of Kendra… he’s too powerful… He wiped out all of Jephrottis’ Military like they were nothing…” Pyrina sobbed. “And they have more Magic Vessels now… We can’t beat them…” 

Draco looked a little concerned, but he still seemed to be sure of himself, like he knew something that would help if we needed it or something. “Well it’s not good to just give up without trying. Then you can never know if you would have succeeded!”

“*SNIFF* You’re right…” Pyrina got up. “My Kingdom depends on me… I must do something…” She clenched her sword tightly as she then turned around to face us. “I don’t want you guys to die for my problems though… I’d have to live with the guilt if that happens…” 

“We won’t die. I can promise you that,” I said. If we even got close to dying, I could always use my speed and get us out of there. 

“Besides, my powers usually have a habit of breaking their limits when I’m near death. We’ll be fine,” Draco added. Meanwhile, Broshi was in the back with his hands in his pockets, staying completely silent. 

“Thank you very much for helping.” Pyrina did a little bow. “You!” she then pointed at the man from earlier. “Tell everyone that Princess Pyrina is going to the Kendra Kingdom to bring back the Queen and Jephrottis’ Children!” 

“Y-yes!” The man then ran off somewhere in the castle. 

Pyrina then looked over at us, now she looked determined instead of sad. There was also a lot of anger coming from her. 

“Let’s go,” she then said, leading us out of the castle.


“How come you didn’t say a word so far, bro?” Draco asked Broshi.

Broshi looked up at him silently. The three of us were in a caravan being pulled by weird horned creatures that walked on their hind legs. Pyrina was in a separate caravan. She had told us to save our energy for the battle, because we’d need it then. So we were resting in the caravan for the time being. 

“What do you mean?” Broshi responded to Draco’s previous question.

“Well you were quiet the whole time, didn’t say a word. And you had that usual ‘void of emotions’ face you always had. Like none of what you saw phased you. I know your past was bad, but c'mon man. Those people were in terrible condition,” Draco replied.

“I know… but I just couldn’t understand my emotions,” Broshi said, looking down at the floor of the caravan. “Seeing Pyrina like that felt weird. My heart was acting unusual. I felt too many things at once to the point that I felt nothing.”

This seemed to peak Draco’s attention. I just sat back and watched.

“Well how do you see her?” He asked. “Relationship wise?” 

“Well, she is good looking,” Broshi answered.

“Uh huh.” Draco nodded, a little smirk on his face. “And how do you feel around her?”

“That’s what I don’t know,” Broshi said. “She’s in a tough position. I guess I want to help her.”

This made Draco’s smirk bigger. He then scooted next to me and whispered so Broshi couldn’t hear. “Satu! Do you know what this means?!”

“That he has a crush on Pyrina?” I whispered back.

“Yeah! Which is great! Because it means my brother can feel more emotions than just destain and narcissist!” Draco exclaimed quietly, Broshi still hadn’t heard what we were saying. 

“Huh, really?” I responded quietly. 

“Yeah. This is the first time he’s acted like this.” Draco nodded.

“He’s getting progress. But he’s not there yet,” I said. 

“Well, yeah.” he shrugged. 

“What are you two talking about?” Broshi asked us.

“How exactly we’re gonna deal with the potential army this enemy has,” Draco said casually, as if we were talking about something that wasn’t that.

“Yeah, and I think we will have to actually try on this. I’d prefer we don’t kill anyone though, because many of the army men don’t really have a choice,” I said, going with it.

“Well we don’t know that for sure. But yeah. I kinda have a no kill policy unless it’s necessary,” Draco said.

“Okay. Then I’ll hold back from killing too,” Broshi said.

“Good to know,” Draco said. “But since we don’t know the exact size of this army, that brings up the question of whether we should try and fight it in the first place.” 

“Well, we can ask Pyrina,” I suggested. 

“Good idea. Hey Broshi, maybe you should go ask her about the hypothetical army while Satu and I continue strategizing,” Draco said.

I could see what he was doing here. He was trying to get Broshi and Pyrina to interact without blowing cover or anything.

“Alright,” Broshi agreed. He then teleported away, probably to Pyrina’s caravan to talk to her.

“Man I am much smoother at this than I thought,” Draco said before looking back at me. “Okay but we should actually strategize about this.”

“Yeah. I think we should focus more on the people who have Magic Vessels, cuz they’re the powerful ones,” I said.

“The main question is that how strong are they compared to us? Because Pyrina said they had limits. But also, how could we limit their accessibility to said Vessels?” Draco said.

“Well, unlike crystals, they can’t be absorbed. So we could try and snatch it from them,” I suggested. “Oh! And Pyrina did say that the Magic Vessels used inner energy. That’s basically the same energy that we have when we’re not using our crystals. So we should expect the king to be pretty strong.”

“Grab you say?” Draco asked before he focused.

Then, out of thin air, a right hand made of energy, about twice the size of a normal hand, appeared in between us and Draco had it move around us and pick up rocks and stuff.

My eyes widened. “Yeah, that could work! When they’re distracted, you could have those hands grab their Magic Vessels!”

“Hmm…” Draco then focused more. Then, seven other hands appeared. Three right and four left. “This seems to be the most I can control at the moment. Haven’t really practiced with it yet.”

“Don’t worry about it, you probably only need one,” I said. “Unless there’s a lot of them that need disarming.” 

“There might be. I can also make ones out of plasma that can shoot beams from different angles too. So there’s that. And I’ve gotten better at ice,” Draco said.

“That’s pretty good.” I nodded. “One thing for sure is, we shouldn’t underestimate them. Or else they’ll beat us when we’re not paying attention. So I suggest expecting the worst.”

“We also have to keep in mind that unless Lav taught you how to, we don’t have someone to heal or anything since Fucia is back at the ship. The most we have is Broshi and I’s regeneration ability over time.”

Then Broshi appeared back in the caravan. 

“Who’s talking regeneration? I have instant regeneration, you know,” Broshi said.

“Well I was talking about you, so yeah,” Draco said. “How did the talk with Pyrina go?”

“She said that they have generals that have Magic Vessels,” Broshi replied. “So that’s who we should focus on fighting, and ignore the normal soldiers. Cuz like, they have hundreds of normal soldiers but very few generals.”

“Okay. Well if the normal soldiers are just regular humans, then they probably can’t phase us as long as we don’t completely let our guard down,” Draco said. “So then we’ll work to make it so I can grab the Vessels of the Generals with these energy hands so they’ll be weaker.”

“Yeah, that’s our plan,” I said.

“Sounds good enough.” Broshi shrugged. “I could grab the Vessels if I need to as well.”

“Well yeah.” Draco also shrugged. “Regardless we’re gonna have to be careful against the leader since they have a lot of Vessels.” 

“I think we should mainly focus on taking out the generals first and then all of us team up against the king,” I said.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“We should also, if we succeed in taking any Vessels, give them to Pyrina. So she can take it for her Kingdom,” Broshi added.

“We could,” Draco said, considering it.

“Yeah. Also, Pyrina will lead us into battle. She’ll tell us who and where to attack. Then we just use our strategy that we just came up with,” Broshi replied.

“Alright. So we just try to distract the general, grab their stuff, neutralize them until they're all gone. Then team on the king,” Draco said as the energy hands floated around him.

“Basically.” I nodded.

“Cool.” Draco’s energy hands all made a thumbs up in unison.


A few hours passed and our caravan stopped. Pyrina told us to come on out, that we had arrived at the Kingdom of Kendra. Broshi, Draco, and I currently stood right behind Pyrina, looking past at this new Kingdom. 

It was bigger than Jephrottis, much much bigger. Oh, and surprisingly, their military was already outside. It was as if they had been waiting for us. 

“They’re expecting us…” Pyrina muttered, clenching her sword. “I’m ready to die for my Kingdom. Warriors, are you ready!?” She looked back at us. We were the only fighters anyway.

“Yeah!” The three of us exclaimed all at once. 

I then scanned Kendra’s military for the Magic Vessels. And I found them wielded by five specific men. Those would be our targets.

I then noticed Draco’s energy hands were back, but they seemed to have more of a mind of their own as they floated over to me and pointed at the men. Then they made a grabbing motion and then morphed into a glowing question mark before turning back into hands.

“Seems the energy ones are more sentient then the plasma ones,” Draco commented. 

“I think you should hide them, don’t show the enemy your ability from the very beginning,” I told Draco.

“Yes, I agree. They will know what to expect if they see your magic,” Pyrina added.

“It’s not magic. It’s energy with physical properties,” Draco said before he made the hands seemingly turn invisible. 

“Just say it’s magic. Don’t let the enemies know you’re foreigners,” Pyrina replied. 

“Yeah, Draco,” Broshi snickered. “Just go with it, bro.”

Draco just gave him a look before looking back at the enemies in front of us. “So should we get started now?”

“Yeah. They’re waiting for us right now,” Pyrina said. “There are five Generals. Since we all can use magic, the normal soldiers won’t really last against us.” She then pointed at the General in the middle. “We’ll attack from the middle. We should all go together and fight the first general. They are fairly powerful, but if we team up, we can probably beat them all.”

“Don’t worry,” Draco said to her quietly. “We have a plan.”

“Alright, shall we attack now?” Broshi then asked.

“Yes.” Pyrina began walking forward towards the army. “Magic Equip! Flame Armor!” She then shouted. Flames came out of her sword and entered her armor. It made her armor glow a bit like molten rock. She then clenched her sword and walked forward. “Let’s go!” 

The four of us then ran down the hill we were on towards the army. Once they saw us, they attacked. Arrows and cannon balls came in our direction.

I saw Draco activate his defense technique in response to the projectiles, probably just as an insurance that he wouldn’t take any damage. We all should avoid taking damage since we don’t have a healer (except for Broshi, I guess, since he could heal himself). 

“Magic Wielders!” The soldiers shouted. They were now right in front of us. “KILL THEM!” 

I then struck the ground, causing a shockwave to spread throughout the army. When my fist made contact with the ground, Draco grabbed Pyrina and he and Broshi hopped above the ground as to not get hit by the electricity. 

The soldiers all fell to the ground, paralyzed. Draco, Pyrina, and Broshi landed back on the ground and we kept running, all focused on getting to the first General. 

Then we had reached the first General. It was a big man with a war hammer as his Magic Vessel. 

“Princess Pyrina! How brave of you to come!” The General chuckled, holding his war hammer tightly. 

“I’m here to save my people! And to avenge all the lives Kendra stole!” Pyrina shouted. She rushed forward to attack the General with her sword. The two of them clashed in battle. 

As they fought, I looked over at another general that was far away. They don’t know about my speed, so I could defeat them right now while they’re distracted. 

There were two Generals on the left side, and two on the right side. I looked over at Draco. 

“Draco, deal with the ones at the right, I’ll disarm the ones at the left!” I told Draco.

“Right!” Draco nodded and immediately was off to take action.

I then activated my Source technique, infusing electricity through my body. Now I could go much faster. 

I then ran, immediately appearing behind one of the generals. I quickly attacked, aiming to grab the Magic Vessel from his hand. 

But something wrong happened, and I was knocked back. They had barriers! I couldn’t reach them!

“Oh, what’s this?” the general looked back at me. 

I then sent electric currents through my muscles, increasing my strength greatly. I then sent a fast punch at the general, shattering his barrier. He looked shocked as I then grabbed his Magic Vessel with one hand, and paralyzing him with the other. 

After I was done, I had his Magic Vessel in my hand. And he was on the floor, unable to move due to paralysis. I had to keep it somewhere safe, so I put it in the same place I kept my Electric Axe. I’d give it to Pyrina later. 

I then looked across the battlefield over at Draco to see how he’s doing.

Considering the flying soldiers and faint smell of ozone as well as seeing two floating hands holding things… I assumed he was doing well. 

Meanwhile, Pyrina was in mid-combat with the war hammer General. Broshi was just watching while simply avoiding the attacks of other soldiers. There were a lot of screams, shouts, and warcries since this was a battlefield. 

“You have powerful magic,” I then heard a voice behind me say. 

I turned around and saw the other General. His Magic Vessel was a staff. This man was also dressed in robes and had a wizard hat. 

“You have a Magic Vessel of lightning, no? We are similar,” the man said, clenching his staff. “But let us see whose magic is superior!”

“Well, obviously ours. Duh,” Krydret, my Ultimate Crystal, commented. “But yo! When you beat this guy, keep the staff! It’s legit powerful, better than your axe!” 

“I’ll think about it,” I replied. Lightning struck from the sky at me, but I just absorbed it, causing my cornflower blue aura to activate. 

The wizard I was fighting raised his eyebrows. “Absorption! How does one like you have that skill!?”

“I’m just superior.” I smirked. I then used brute force to knock him back. I expected these guys to be tougher in fighting, but I soon realized I was just moving way too fast for them. So they couldn’t do anything regardless.

As the wizard fell, I grabbed his staff and put it with the other one. I also, of course, paralyzed the wizard so he couldn’t move. 

I was done with this side now. 

I then saw the energy hands Draco made fly over to me with the Vessels they had grabbed, offering them to me while he was still knocking people around. I grabbed the two Vessels and put them with the rest.

Now the war hammer general was all that was left. 

I then ran and appeared beside Broshi, paralyzing all the soldiers I passed by.

Draco then also appeared to the other side of Broshi, a path of dazed and mildly bruised soldiers showing where he came from. He also was practically untouched in terms of damage.

“Hrah!” Pyrina shouted as she swung her sword at the General. 

“You’re pathetic scum, princess! Now you shall DIE!” The general’s hammer released a lot of energy as he struck Pyrina. 

“Gah!” Pyrina yelped as she fell to the floor, her sword flying out of her hand. 

“DIE, SCUM!” The war hammer was about to crush Pyrina. I got ready to block the attack just in case. 

But Broshi appeared on the scene, blocking the hammer with his two hands. He had his Double Broshi Eye activated. 

“Hmm. I think you made my bro upset,” Draco said from next to me.

Then Broshi’s dark vines came out of his back, all pointing down at the General. The general looked uneasy as he noticed this. 

Then, Broshi charged plasma through the dark vines and then completely annihilated the general, turning his body into dust. The war hammer was the only thing that didn’t get destroyed, and it fell to the ground. 

Broshi then grabbed Pyrina’s sword with a dark vine, and helped her up with a different dark vine. 

“Woah, Broshi is powerful…” She seemed amazed as she then took her sword.

“He kinda prides himself on it,” Draco commented as he handed me the war hammer, and I put it with the rest. 

Pyrina then looked around and saw that the whole battlefield was filled with unarmed, paralyzed, and slightly beat up soldiers. She looked shocked.

“W-what?! We’ve already beaten everyone?!” She exclaimed.

“Wasn’t hard honestly. Satu and I got through them and the general's real quick,” Draco said.

“Wow you guys are powerful…” Pyrina said.

“Now we just have the king, right?” Broshi asked. 

“Seems like it,” Draco replied.

“Let’s keep going then!” Pyrina exclaimed.

The four of us then walked forward into the castle. The doors were already open so we just walked in.

“I sense him,” Broshi then said.

I searched around for the energy that Broshi sensed, and I could feel it too. At the end of the rolled carpet, where the thrones were…

We saw the king sitting on his throne. He had black hair and a black beard, and was dressed in royal clothing. 

He was alone, and had three Magic Vessels with him. I could sense all of the power coming from them. It was pretty powerful. 

“I don’t like all this tension in the air,” Draco said quietly. He had that grim look on his face again.

Pyrina then walked forward towards the king, holding her sword tightly. 

I could also sense energy rising in both Draco and Broshi, probably the two of them preparing to transform at a moments notice.

“King Bahim of Kendra!” Pyrina yelled. “I have come to take my mother and people back home!”

Bahim laughed. He wasn’t taking her very seriously. 

“It’s too late,” he then said. “Your people are gone.” 

“W-what!?” Pyrina exclaimed. 

Bahim got onto his feet and smirked. “I’ve already killed them all and drained their inner energy to power my Vessels.” He then unsheathed one of his swords, which was a Magic Vessel itself. “And your lives shall be mine!”

to be continued in the next chapter...

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