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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 14) [Fighting King Bahim]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 14) [Fighting King Bahim]

Posted July 18th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 14 - Broshi

{Fighting King Bahim}


Bahim laughed to himself quietly as he unsheathed his Magic Vessel. It was giving off a lot of power… Dang. So he killed all of Pyrina’s people and absorbed their energy… that’s why he’s so powerful! He has all of their energy, plus the Magic Vessels that Pyrina’s kingdom had… 

This dude was freaking overpowered. 

“M-my mother!” Pyrina exclaimed, sobbing. “Y-you killed my mother?!”

“Oh yes. Her Magic Vessel has been added to my collection,” Bahim replied with an evil smirk. 

“This is bad,” I heard Draco say under his breath.

“M-mother…” Pyrina fell to her knees again, unable to fight. 

“Yes, give up! Give up like all the other Kingdoms! Kendra is the most powerful! Long live Kendra!” Bahim shouted. 

This seemed to upset Draco. I could tell by the look in his eyes. Me, I was going to be upset if Bahim were to attack Pyrina. Because I wanted to protect her. But why exactly? I wasn’t sure. 

Bahim looked down at Pyrina. “Do you want to surrender? You have two choices: You die, and your Kingdom falls. Or you surrender yourself and become my personal slave. Then I could do whatever I want with you.” 

Pyrina looked distressed. 

“What is your choice?” Bahim asked. 

Pyrina then reached for her sword and slowly got back up. “I-I won’t give up! Not without a fight!” 

Bahim laughed. “Do you really think you, an inexperienced warrior, could beat me?!”

“It’s not her beating you,” Saturo then spoke up. “It’s us.”

Bahim then paid attention to Saturo. “Ah yes, the speedy one. Your magic is impressive, but you’re still out of my league. I can handle three Magic Vessels at once.” 

Draco then stepped forward, he looked mad. “Then I sure hope that makes you last a lot longer than your generals. None of them really took long to beat.”

“Ah, my generals. They were just tools, of course,” Bahim said. 

This just seemed to make Draco angrier. I wasn’t sure I liked where his emotions were going.

“And if you survive against me, I’ll take you all to be my slaves as well,” Bahim said, holding his sword in front of him.

Draco glared at him. I could sense his energy getting higher. 

“Now, come at me if you dare!” He held his sword out and it gave off an aura. Bahim had an evil smirk on his face.

Pyrina hesitated to attack and Saturo was waiting for the right moment to attack, looking over at Draco. I watched Pyrina in case Bahim attacked her so I could protect her.

Draco took another step forward. A serious and angry look on his face as he powered up to Ascended Grade Two. He looked over at Saturo before looking back at Bahim.

Saturo’s aura then flared and he appeared next to Draco, in a fighting position. Draco took a fight position as well as his teal aura was outlined with a faint red glow, meaning he had activated his Wrath technique. 

Bahim just looked at them with a smirk.

Draco first threw a bunch of floating plasma blades at Bahim, mainly to test him and or to buy time for Saturo to move Pyrina if needed.

Bahim dodged the plasma quite easily, holding his sword in front of him. Draco just narrowed his eyes before sending a small ice floor with razor sharp and blue glowing ice blades on the front at Bahim.

Bahim swung his sword, slicing through the ice. But Saturo appeared in front of him with his Source technique activated.

Saturo then tried to punch Bahim. But Bahim somehow dodged and appeared behind Saturo, his blade facing towards the ground. 

“What?!” Saturo was shocked. 

“H-he is using the Magic Vessel of Speed!” Pyrina exclaimed.

Draco then sent more ice blades at Bahim, to stall him while Saturo could get his bearings.

“Gah!” Saturo then screamed. I then noticed there was a big cut in his gut, Bahim had cut him! 

“You may be fast, but you're not as fast as me,” Bahim said with a laugh. 

Draco seemed frustrated at Saturo, like there was something he wasn’t doing. Then again, Draco just seemed angry at this whole situation. Which once again didn’t bode well.

“Heh…” Saturo then got up despite his injury. “Can you go as fast as light?” 

“As fast as light? Nonsense, that isn't possible,” Bahim responded.

“I wouldn’t be so quick to disbelieve him,” Draco said with an angry smile.

Then Saturo's hair changed to look like lightning bolts, as he was then surrounded with a lot of electricity. What was this form?! 

“About time you used that Voltaic thing of yours,” Draco commented. 

Saturo smiled in response and then was suddenly behind Bahim. Bahim was then sent into a wall, and electricity was everywhere. 

“W-WHAT?! Impossible!” Bahim shouted. 

“Amazing!” Pyrina commented. 

Saturo then made a shockwave in attempt to paralyze Bahim. Next thing I know, Saturo is back next to Draco and Bahim is laying on the ground. 

“You know, you could’ve just done that off the bat like I did Grade Two and NOT get stabbed right?” Draco said to him.

“I didn't expect him to outspeed the Source!” Saturo replied.

“Whatever, he’s paralyzed now so that’s good,” Draco said. He seemed calmed down now and returned to his base form.

“Let's take his weapons,” Saturo said, as he appeared beside Bahim.

But as he tried to take the Magic Vessels, they disappeared. And Bahim was gone… in his place was someone else with a different face. 

“Disguise Magic!” Pyrina shouted. 

We looked at the new someone. It was a woman that looked similar to… 

“M-melliana?!” Pyrina exclaimed.

“Who's that?” Saturo asked.

“I-it's my older sister!” Pyrina said.

“Well that’s a twist,” Draco said.

“That’s a terrible twist… he used her so if we killed him, we would've killed the wrong person…” Saturo said. 

“Well… we didn't so…” Draco said.

“Yeah, she’s just paralyzed.” Saturo nodded. Pyrina was kneeling down next to her sister, who was paralyzed and unable to move. 

“You thought you could defeat me that easily?!” We all then heard Bahim’s voice echoing throughout the room. 

He then appeared floating above his throne, two of his Magic Vessels were active. And beside him were… Two other men that also had Magic Vessels. One of them was big and muscular, while the other was average. The muscular man had a long sword as his Magic Vessel and the other man had a spear. 

“You defied the Kendra Kingdom… For that you shall die!” Bahim shouted. “Magic Equip! Ice Blade and Steel Armor!” His sword got bigger with ice and his armor became tougher. 

“Well, this is just great,” Draco said as he then shot a blast of plasma in the air before turning into Ascended Grade Two and faced towards the three enemies. 

But then the muscular man ran towards Draco and swung his sword right at him. Quickly, Draco vanished from sight, teleporting. 

I then saw him appear up floating by the plasma sphere he had shot up under the ceiling.

Draco then floated underneath the orb before absorbing it.

“TIMES FIFTY!” He yelled before his aura exploded with red energy and power. At the same time, Saturo was clashing with the other man. 

“Magic Equip!” The man Draco was fighting then shouted. As he did this, Draco created ice swords in each of his hands, including the energy hands floating around him. The blades were a very deep blue color, meaning he had put a lot of energy into them. 

I then looked over at Pyrina and noticed Bahim was standing in front of her, with two Magic Vessel swords in his hands. I quickly teleported in between them and activated my Double Broshi Eye. 

“Die, you scum!” Bahim yelled as he swung his sword at me. I generated a powerful dark vine and blocked his attack. My aura flared, covering my entire body including my dark vines. 

“The only one who’s going to die here…” I started as I then powered up into Ascended Grade Two, just like Draco. “Is you!” 

I then tried to stab Bahim with my dark vines, but it seemed he had a barrier and he blocked it. Bahim smirked. 

The two of us then began to clash. I sent a lot of dark vines at him but he either blocked them with his swords or the barrier around him blocked it.

In the background I could hear the sound of swords scraping each other repeatedly as well as the buzz of electricity. Draco and Saturo were fighting the other men. 

“You are nothing but scum!” Bahim yelled, shooting blades of metal from the ground at me. I jumped over the blades and was above Bahim. I shot a bunch of plasma blasts at him, but the barrier blocked it. Gosh dangit! He was too powerful, my attacks couldn’t get past his barrier! He had too much energy that he stole from people!

“Grr…” I growled. I had to come up with something else.

Suddenly, Bahim rushed to me quickly and gave me a large cut right across my chest, where my heart was. The wound was deep, and I could most definitely feel its pain. 

Bahim was laughing at this. But I just glared at him as I then regenerated, getting rid of the wound like it was never there in the first place. The only way someone could tell was that there was a large cut in my shirt. And there was blood. 

“Ah, you have powerful Regeneration Magic!” Bahim chuckled. He then made eye contact with me as he smirked. “But I’ve had enough of you, scum.” He then brought his swords together. “MEGA MAGIC! COLD METAL THRUST!”

His two Magic Vessel swords combined and I was suddenly stabbed right through the chest. 

“UGRH!” I coughed out blood. 

“NO!!” Pyrina yelled. 

I then used my dark vines to push myself away from Bahim, getting his sword out of my chest in the process. I could hear Pyrina sobbing, and I looked back at her for a second. 

Once she saw that my wound healed, she looked confused yet hopeful. 

“Broshi! Move out of the way!” I then heard Saturo shout. I look over at him and I find his opponent flying right at me. I used my dark vines to push myself out of the way. Saturo’s opponent then crashed into the wall. “EVERYONE MOVE!”

Draco teleported to me and Pyrina and grabbed us before teleporting far away from the battle, in the corner of the room. Saturo’s aura was flaring and electricity was all over the room. 

“THIS IS MY MOST POWERFUL ATTACK!” Saturo shouted, his hair going crazy with electricity. I could feel a lot of power coming from him, holy crud. Saturo had an axe in his hand as well. 

“Looks like this is what he practiced while I was out,” Draco commented. 

“INFUSED LIGHTNING BLAST!” Saturo then shouted. A huge, powerful blast of lightning hit everyone except for us. The power was dangerous, so I made a protective layer of dark vines around all of us. 

We could hear everything collapsing. Pyrina looked petrified. 

After awhile, things seemed to calm down, so I got rid of the dark vine layer. I saw that the whole castle was in ruins. I then looked and spotted Saturo with the two Magic Vessels that the men had. He made them disappear and then he looked over at us. 

“I’ve used up… all of my energy…” Saturo said, breathing hard. “The king is the only one left!” He then fell to his knees, gasping for breath.

Draco then grabbed him and brought him over to Pyrina and I.

“There were other… ones…” Saturo said softly. “I took them all out with that attack… The king is the last one… Take him out…” 

Draco then set him on the ground before standing up. I stood up beside him. 

“Let’s do this, bro,” I said.

“Right,” Draco said to me. He then turned back into Grade Two. But his Sparking Spirit had dissipated. “This may be our only chance. Let’s not blow it.” 

“Haha! Wonderful! Absolutely incredible!” King Bahim then appeared floating down to the ground. “That Lightning Magic your companion has is extremely powerful! I will make him my slave after I’m done with you scum!”

“You’re not doing anything with my friends as long as I’m standing here,” Draco growled, getting into a fighting stance.

“And I won’t let you hurt any of us,” I added hostilely. 

Bahim chuckled. “We’ll see about that.” He raised his combined sword. “Mega Magic! Acid Rain!” Thunder then roared and it began to rain acid. It burned my skin on impact. 

I quickly made a plasma barrier around Pyrina and Saturo, protecting them from the acid. 

Draco meanwhile used his defense and wrath techniques to minimize the damage to himself, but it still clearly stung him. And I covered myself in dark vines since I didn’t feel pain on them.

“Hragh!” I then charged forward to attack Bahim, letting my energy flow through my body. I generated a sharp blade made out of dark vine coming out of my fist, and sent the blade right at Bahim.

Draco also shot a swarm of plasma blades at him as well. But Bahim dodged my attack and sliced me across the leg, at the same time using a barrier to block Draco’s plasma blades.

Draco then attempted to crush Bahim with a wrapping wall of deep blue ice blades from all sides. Bahim, however, melted the ice with fire that came out of his armor. He then swiftly swung his sword at Draco, slicing his right arm and giving him a cut. 

I then rushed in between them to stop Bahim from hurting Draco any more since he couldn’t heal as well. Bahim sliced me with his sword a bunch of times all over my body, slicing through my dark vine armor. His blade had reached my skin and injured me. 

But I healed quickly and made a large dark vine, and sent it at Bahim. He jumped over it.

“Mega Magic! Inferno Slice!” Bahim shouted, and his blade caught fire and he cut right through my large dark vine.

Dang, so Mega Magic was stronger than their normal magic.

Now Draco was standing next to me, wincing as his wrath technique was slowly healing the cut on his arm. 

“This is bad…” he grunted.

“He has too many Magic Vessels! And his barrier is too strong because of all the lives he took to get that energy! None of our attacks hit him!” I said.

Then, Draco’s face sort’ve lit up. Like he had an idea.

“What if we combine our power and make a huge Novannihlator?” Draco suggested. “That way he won’t be able to dodge! And it’ll be stronger if we use both your vines and my floating hands combined with our arms!” 

“Let’s try it!” I exclaimed. I then generated more dark vines and began to charge a lot of my power into them. At the same time, Draco made eight energy hands above him, and put them in pairs after having them each make a plasma sphere and fuse it with their partner while he did the same. 

The two of us then let out a lot of our energy, putting it into our plasma spheres. My dark vines charged spheres of their own while I charged one between my hands. 

Then we had both fully charged our attack. Bahim stood in his spot, waiting for the attack. He couldn’t dodge it anyway, it was too big. 

“NOVANNIHILATOR!!” Draco then shouted. 

Then we let out a giant blast of plasma, red plasma from me and cyan plasma from Draco. Bright light flashed all over. Bahim was engulfed with the plasma since he had nowhere to go. 

A few moments then passed and we waited for the the dust to clear. The acid rain had finally stopped as well. 

Then we saw Bahim, on his knees, with a grin on his face.

“That was incredible magic…” Bahim said, as he then got up onto his feet. “It destroyed my barrier. You aren’t normal scum, I see… I shall make you my slaves once I beat you!” 

I felt pretty tired now since I had put a lot of my energy into that giant Novannihilator. Draco and I were breathing pretty hard. 

Bahim was smirking as he then walked towards us, his sword positioned in front of his face. 

“Drat, nothing we do can work!” I spat. 

“There… is one thing left we could do… that thing I told you about at the station…” Draco said.

My eyes widened. “Would that work? We don’t have much energy left.” 

Then, a circle appeared on the ground around us, and I felt energy return to my body. I then realized that Pyrina was on her feet and had casted this spell on us.

“C’mon…” Pyrina said, breathing heavily. “I gave you my energy… beat him! Please!” 

“Yes! Draco, let’s do it!” I shouted, unabsorbing my Ultimate Crystal.

“Yeah!” Draco nodded before unabsorbing his Crystal and holding it out in his hand towards me.

We brought our Ultimate Crystals together. From Bahim’s point of view, he saw me on the left holding my Ultimate Crystal and Draco on the right with his. And our Crystals were right next to each other. 

Now we just had to want to fuse. 

“Ultimate Crystal Fusion!” Draco then shouted. 

What happened next was odd. Draco’s Crystal and my Crystal fused and became one Crystal. Then I felt my body’s atoms detaching.

“Fusion Success!” I then heard my Ultimate Crystal say.

Then there was a bright flash of light. 


A bright flash of light came from Broshi and Draco. Next thing I know, where they once stood seemed to be surrounded in a giant geyser of purple energy that rose into the sky and shook the ground.

Then, I could vaguely see the outline of a tall figure, around the height of Hematite with spiky hair like Draco’s but longer in the center of the energy geyser. The figure just sort’ve stood there before clothes formed around them. It appeared to be the jacket Draco was wearing with four purple scarves rather than the two cyan ones before. And the figure had Broshi’s jeans, except it was made out of a more durable gray material. They also seemed to have a purple martial arts belt around their waist, probably just for the looks.

I then looked over at Bahim. He looked confused and shocked.

Then the geyser of light and energy began to shrink until eventually it was just the figure enveloped in a light purple glow as they faced towards Bahim.

The figure then started approaching him in a calm manner, the glow slowly ebbing off their body like embers off a flame.

“W-what magic is this?!” Bahim exclaimed. 

“It’s called Ultimate Crystal Fusion. And I am the Fusion between Draco and Broshi Saurashido,” The figure said in a cool echoey voice that sounded like Draco and Broshi were talking at the same time.

By now most of the glowing energy had faded away, revealing what looked like an older version of Draco/Broshi wearing the aforementioned clothes. Judging from the appearance of his hair and his extraordinarily high energy level, he was in the form Broshi and Draco referred to as Ascended Grade Two. Giving the fusion cool eyes that glowed a deep purple color and his spiky hair doing the same as well as standing on end in a cool style.

He also had a slight smirk on his face, showing he clearly knew about his extraordinary power.

“But if I were to give myself a name…” the fusion said, pausing for a moment. He suddenly jabbed Bahim hard in the gut with his pointer and middle finger, sending him reeling backwards in response. “I think I’ll go with Dracoshi. Has a nice ring to it.”

Dracoshi then watched Bahim get his bearings after his first attack. Dracoshi looked unimpressed. 

“Your magic is impressive, I’ll give you that…” Bahim then said. “But my magic is far superior!”

“Oh? You think so?” Dracoshi asked, surprised by this guy’s pride. “So we’ll just ignore that I winded you by jabbing you with two fingers?”

“I haven’t used my Magic Vessels yet,” Bahim replied. Then, seven different Magic Vessels floated around him like they were orbiting him. “MEGA MAGIC EQUIP! ELEMENTAL ARMOR!” They then all fused into his armor. “Mega Magic! Sword of Elements!” Then he wielded a rainbow sword that was covered in fire, dust, ice, water, and all sorts of elements.

Dracoshi then saw this and took off his jacket, tossing it next to me before cracking his knuckles with a little smile on his face.

“Hmph. Maybe I’ll have to use effort after all,” he said as he flared his aura, raising his energy even higher, shaking the ground.

“Bring it on, you scum!” Bahim yelled.

Dracoshi was then surrounded in a soft red glow, and his shoes were illuminated with a cyan aura. Wrath and Agility combined.

He then smirked as he suddenly disappeared from sight, leaving only a small dust cloud from where he moved.

It was silent for a few moments.

Then, Bahim was struck with dozens of powerful blows that rang out like thunder from many different angles. But Dracoshi still wasn’t visible. 

Bahim blocked the attacks with his barriers and swords, and then quickly swung his sword in a direction. Dracoshi then appeared there, blocking the attack with a dark vine coming out from his back. He didn’t appear to be bothered by Bahim detecting him.

“Well done. Your vision isn’t as slow as a snail,” he said.

“Do not mock me, you filth!” Bahim yelled. He sliced his sword right across Dracoshi’s chest. He winced for a second but his injury healed immediately and he jumped back. 

“I’ll mock you all I want, you piece of murderous garbage,” Dracoshi spat, flipping Bahim off with both his hands and the energy hands that Draco uses. There were sixteen of them now rather than eight. And all eighteen hands were flipping Bahim off.

Dracoshi then let out more dark vines from his back, taking a defensive position. I also noticed his body was covered in a light blue glow, Draco’s defensive technique Dragon Scales. 

Bahim growled. “Mega Magic! Elemental Thrust!” He then thrust his big sword forward at Dracoshi, but his dark vines grabbed onto the sword and stopped it from reaching Dracoshi’s body. 

“Yoink!” Dracoshi said with a mischievous grin before tugging the sword out of his hands with the vines. 

“No!” Bahim yelled. “My Magic Vessel!” 

Then Dracoshi charged an orb of plasma in his right hand before crushing it. Then he punched Bahim in the gut with his right fist, knocking Bahim into the air. 

“I’m done with your bullcrap now,” Dracoshi said, stabbing  Bahim’s sword into the ground next to me while Bahim was still airborne. He then used his freed up vines and made them along with the hands become pairs and began to charge Novannihilators. Then he did the same with his actual arms before aiming all of them at Bahim.

“FUSION! NO-VA-NNI-HI-LA-TOR!” Dracoshi yelled before my entire vision was flooded with purple light, the ground shaking and the smell of ozone everywhere. There was also a loud explosion noise ringing out for probably miles. 

After all the dust wore off, I spotted Bahim on the ground, gasping for breath. He looked injured, and his armor was shattered.

I also saw Dracoshi standing over him, an angry look on his face. 

“H-how can this be…” I could barely hear Bahim say. “I am the King of Kendra, the most powerful Kingdom in the world! I cannot lose to scum like you!”

“Then I guess the problem is that we’re not the scum. You are,” Dracoshi said bluntly as he picked up Bahim by the neck. 

“Hehehe…” Bahim then laughed. “I’d rather die than lose to you!” 

“Good. Then we can kill two birds with one blade or rather, a lot of them,” Dracoshi said as vines came from his back and the floating hands turned into swords.

But then, Bahim became surrounded by a dark aura. And his eyes became blood red. 

“So you're gonna be a sore loser about this then,” Dracoshi said as he then leapt back after letting go of Bahim’s neck, to see what would happen.

“No, you will be the one that shall die!” Bahim yelled. He then pulled out a black dagger and pointed at the cave ceiling above him. “Behold! My Dark Magic Vessel!”

I could see Dracoshi holding one of his hands out in a cupped position, possibly to make and use a Sparking Spirit if needed. 

“Hehehe…” Bahim grinned. 

Suddenly, he stabbed himself in the heart with the Dark Magic Vessel.

Dracoshi seemed to be bracing for something, still ready to use Sparking Spirit if needed.

“T-that’s a Dark Magic Vessel…!” Pyrina then just caught on to what was happening. “This isn’t good!” 

Bahim then let out a demonic sound as he then began to grow bigger, changing into a dark color as he transformed into something not human. He was five times bigger than Dracoshi now!

Dracoshi then made the Sparking Spirit and absorbed it.

“TIMES FIFTY!” His aura exploded with power, but his first action was actually to grab Pyrina and I and move us a good distance away with his now fifty times multiple speed boost. 

After setting us very far away, he went back to face the creature that Bahim had transformed into. I could still see what was going on from where I was. 

“Hahaha! I have become a Demon!” Bahim laughed, his voice sounding demonic. “Now you will surely die! As you swell with negative emotions, you will power me!” 

That didn’t sound very good. Because Dracoshi was obviously feeling negative emotions at the moment… 

I then saw him take in deep breaths, probably to calm himself. He was trying to not be angry. 

“Now you will die, scum!” Bahim roared.



to be continued in the next chapter....

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Oh snap what happened to

Oh snap what happened to them? Guess I'll have to wait to find out.



As you walk down the fairway of life, smell the roses. You only get to play one round. -Ben Hogan

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You can find out now.

You can find out now. XD 

Next chapter is out!


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

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Ok, you seriously need to

Ok, you seriously need to try to get these published! Your writing is so good!



As you walk down the fairway of life, smell the roses. You only get to play one round. -Ben Hogan

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That is one plan, my other

That is one plan, my other is to make something better and get that published. I'll work on it!


<(QuartzMaster)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

"Do or do not, there is no try." -Grand Master Yoda

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