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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 15) [Dark Magic Vessel Transformations]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 15) [Dark Magic Vessel Transformations]

Posted July 21st, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 15 - Saturo

{Dark Magic Vessel Transformations}


Bahim roared, his voice sounding demonic. He had just stabbed himself with a Dark Magic Vessel and turned himself in to a demonic creature, that was five times bigger than Dracoshi and had horns on his head.

Bahim then looked down at Dracoshi and swung his arm at him with great speed, attempting to hit him.

Dracoshi darted out of the way. Bahim may be fast, but Dracoshi had boosted his abilities by fifty times each. Including his speed. 

“GRAWH!” Bahim let out dark particles from his demonic body, and he let out a shriek as spikes came out from his arms, stabbing Dracoshi all over his body.

Drachoshi winced before having his vines pull out the spikes and healed himself. He was still trying his best to remain calm. 

Bahim then grabbed him, crushing him in between his hands. 

“AAGRAH!” Dracoshi screamed in pain, as his bones were being crushed. 

“NOOO!” Pyrina shouted.

“Hahaha!” Bahim laughed.

Then, dark vines peeked out from below, escaping from Bahim’s grasp. It then was covered in a purple aura and it sliced Bahim’s arm. Bahim shrieked and let Dracoshi go.

Dracoshi fell to the floor, landing on his back. He was healing himself, but it seemed to be harder since his bones had shattered. 

“This isn’t good… King Bahim is getting power from his own negative emotions…! They’re gonna die!” Pyrina said.

Then, Bahim generated a giant dark orb from his mouth and charged it up with a lot of energy, aiming it at Dracoshi. And I couldn’t help because I used all of my energy taking out all the Magic Vessel wielders in the castle! (And kind of took out the castle itself…) 

Then, Bahim launched the giant dark orb at Dracoshi!

“FRICK!” Dracoshi shouted as he used his dark vines to barely dodge the giant dark orb. The orb made contact with the ground, killing the grass on it. Oh dang, that was bad… 

Dracoshi just grunted as he could now sort’ve moves his arms and legs. But was still using his vines to move. 

Bahim let out a roar as he attempted to crush Dracoshi with his fist like a hammer. Dracoshi cursed and used his dark vines to push himself out of the way. 

“You may have gotten stronger…” Dracoshi muttered. Dark vines surrounded his body as he released more energy. All the injuries he had were covered with dark vines, stopping the bleeding. “But I won’t give up! I will keep fighting until I cannot stand!” 

“Fool! You will only die!” Bahim roared, shaking the ground. 

“Frick nah! My DNA won’t allow me to die that easily! I’ll only regenerate!” Dracoshi yelled, as purple lightning appeared around him as he flared his purple aura. “And as long as I still have energy, I will keep hitting you until you die, you mother fricker!” 

Dracoshi then yelled as his hair got spikier, and then leaped forward and punched Bahim right in the gut with powerful force. Bahim was knocked back by the impact, and before he could do anything, Dracoshi sent plasma swords attacking him from all sides. 

Bahim took very little damage however, and began to generate another giant dark orb in his mouth. 

“NOT THIS TIME!” Dracoshi yelled, making a long purple plasma blade in his hand. “HRRAAAGH!” Before Bahim could shoot the dark orb at him, he sliced his head in half vertically. 

Bahim shrieked. Dracoshi then got rid of the long plasma blade and put his hands out in front of him. 

“FUSION NOVANNIHILATOR!!” Dracoshi then yelled. A giant purple plasma blast hit Bahim right in the chest, sending him into the wall of the cave. 

Dracoshi then teleported next to Bahim, making a giant hand that he used to grab Bahim’s head. Then his fist has a darker aura, purple and red combined, meaning he was using Wrath specifically on his fist. 

Dracoshi then punched Bahim in the face, very hard and with a lot of power that the impact shook the whole place. Bahim flung right back to the ruins of the castle, landing on the ground. 

Pyrina and I were just watching in silence. Dracoshi was breathing pretty fast as he then floated down in front of Bahim. Bahim seemed to have healed from the earlier cut. 

Bahim then twitched and started to get up. Dracoshi then flared his aura again and made a giant fist out of dark vines, punching Bahim with a strong force that knocked him all the way back into the wall. Bahim shrieked, but got back up, roaring. 

Bahim’s dark aura then flared and he looked down at Dracoshi. Dracoshi was no longer calm, and he kept his purple aura flaring. 

“DIE, YOU DISGUSTING SLIME!” Bahim then yelled, charging forward to attack Dracoshi. 

Dracoshi let out his wings and charged forward too, clashing fists with Bahim. They continued to clash, throwing attacks using all the weapons and abilities they had. 

Then Bahim slammed Dracoshi into the ground. 


“I DON’T CARE! I AM MORE POWERFUL!” Dracoshi shouted back. 

“DIE!” Bahim generated another dark orb in his mouth, this time it was much bigger. 

“NO, YOU DIE!” Dracoshi yelled back, flaring his aura. Bahim launched the giant dark orb, and it was twice the size of Dracoshi.

Dracoshi made giant dark vines in the shape of hands and positioned them in front of him, blocking the dark orb. 

However, Bahim kept pushing with powerful force, roaring. Dracoshi yelled as he pushed back with just enough force to stop it from reaching him. Both of them were pushing with all their power, and the ground was shaking. 

“DIE!” Bahim shouted again.

“WE…” Dracoshi pushed with all of his power. “WILL NOT LOSE TO GARBAGE LIKE YOU!” 

Dracoshi moved the dark orb a little closer to Bahim. This only made Bahim more angry and he roared, moving it back into the middle. 

“DIE YOU WEAK SCUM!” Bahim shouted again. 


Dracoshi then made a sphere of plasma with a vine and shot it into the air before having it come back down and absorbing it. The red aura around him grew even bigger than before.

“IF TIMES FIFTY ISN’T ENOUGH FOR YOU, THEN LET’S SEE HOW YOU LIKE TIMES SEVENTY FIVE!” The dark orb moved much closer to Bahim at a faster speed. Dracoshi yelled at the top of his lungs, his aura flaring brightly as he added more power into pushing the dark orb back.


“WILL YOU JUST SHUT YOUR TRAP, SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, AND DIE ALREADY!?” Dracoshi yelled, as both of them were pushing the dark orb with all the power they got. 


“GRRRAAGH!” Dracoshi put more power into his attack, trying to beat Bahim. “I…! WILL…! NOT…! LOSE TO YOOOOOU!!! 

“DIEEE!” Bahim yelled.

“I…! AM STRONGER THAN YOU!” Dracoshi yelled. He then generated a lot of dark vines and charged them up, as well as the hands floating around them. The hands were ten times bigger than usual. And all of them were charging energy for a powerful attack. 

“SUPER! FUSION! NOVANNIHILATOR!!” Dracoshi then shouted. Purple plasma infused with red plasma shot out from the dark vines and the hands, as well as Dracoshi’s own hands. 

It pushed the dark orb all the way back right into Bahim, puncturing him right through the chest. It was very loud, and I could barely hear Bahim screaming. Bright light shined throughout the whole cave once more.

After a few moments, the dust disappeared and Bahim laid on the ground, back in human form. Dracoshi was breathing heavily, looking down at him. His hair now a blackish brown color and not standing on end. His base form. Then, Dracoshi suddenly split into two, and Draco and Broshi reappeared, both of them looking exhausted and laying on the ground. 

They had done it! 

“I can’t feel my arms,” Draco moaned.

“Broshi! Draco!” Pyrina then yelled, running up to them. “Are you okay!?” I had also got back some energy from resting so I joined her.

“Like I said, can’t feel my arms. They are most likely limp and numb due to all of the attacks we fired at him,” Draco repeated himself. 

“And I’m exhausted…” Broshi looked dizzy. “Did we… did we destroy that idiot?” 

“If he’s able to come back after that kind of attack, I think he’s just too stubborn to accept death,” Draco grunted.

“He can’t come back, it’s alright,” Pyrina said. “Once you use a Dark Magic Vessel once, it’s effect will kill you within a few hours. He’s dead for sure.”

“Oh yay,” Draco said as he then slowly sat up, his arms just kinda hanging by his sides. “Yup. Can’t move ‘em right now.” 

“That was frickin’ crazy,” Broshi commented as he also got up. “My back is sore…” 

“And I probably won't be able to move my arms for a few hours…” Draco added.

“Of course, you guys fought very hard,” I commented. “I’m impressed…”

“And it’s over now,” Pyrina said. “King Bahim is no more.” She then raised her sword and pointed it up, and it ignited itself. “But I have one thing left to do…” 

She then walked over to Bahim’s body. He looked sick and was coughing. He looked up and saw Pyrina glaring down at him angrily. 

“This… this is for my mother! And everyone else you killed!” Pyrina then shouted. She then stabbed Bahim in the chest with her flaming sword. 

She then took her sword out, and Bahim was on fire. Pyrina walked away from him and back to us, still looking pretty mad. 

“Well… that certainly was an experience, huh bro?” Draco asked Broshi as he slowly stood up, trying not to fall over since he couldn’t his arms.

“Definitely…” Broshi replied, “we were very strong though! That was amazing!”

“Yeah, we had Grade Two, plus Wrath, plus Sparking Spirit times seventy five,” Draco said.

“But we won! Ha, we’re the stronger ones!” Broshi exclaimed, facing towards Bahim’s body. “Take that you- Oh, he’s burned up.”

“I can’t believe it took FIVE Novannihilators to beat him.”

“I can’t believe anything I saw today…” Pyrina said. She sounded exhausted. “But Kendra isn’t over yet… they have more castles that they conquered. Once they hear about what happened here, they will surely come and fight us.” 

“That’s not good news. None of us are in any good shape to fight…” I muttered. 

“Who exactly is gonna come?” Broshi asked. 

“Well, the queen and the princes,” Pyrina said. “They all have Magic Vessels too.”

“Well, that is certainly not good.” I sighed. “Even if they are weaker than that king, they would be able to kill us. We’ve tired ourselves out.” 

“That’s bull! I can still fight!” Broshi exclaimed.

“No, Broshi, don’t push yourself any further. You’ll only hurt yourself,” I told him. 

“Guys! They’re here!” Pyrina then exclaimed. 

I then looked around and saw that we were surrounded by another army. One of those horned horse-creatures walked forward, and a guy around our age was riding it. I assumed he was one of the princes. 

He also had a Magic Vessel. It was a sword and he held it up high. 

“Halt!” The prince shouted. “You are all under arrest for treason! Surrender or we will slaughter you!”

“Ugh…” Draco groaned.

“We can’t surrender, they’ll turn us into slaves if we do,” Pyrina rasped.

“Well the only possibly feasible way of one of us having enough strength to get out of here is if somehow after being brought close to death, Broshi or I go up the form ladder we have,” Draco said quietly. 

“But you’re exhausted! You’ve already helped me enough, you’ve defeated the king for me… I don’t want to risk you dying!” Pyrina said. 

“I don’t think we have many other options,” Draco grunted.

“The princes are talented and are nearly as strong as the king!” Pyrina exclaimed. “Some people say they even surpassed their father! We struggled against the king, so we will most likely die trying to fight the princes!”

“Well what else can we do then, huh?!” Draco asked. “We’re probably gonna die either way!”

“No… we can surrender…” Pyrina mumbled. “Being a slave isn’t as bad as being dead, is it?”

“Pyrina. That’s probably worse,” Draco said. “Not to mention that surrendering would be going back on all you wanted to avenge.” 

“I know!” Pyrina yelled. “But I’m no match for them! I can’t beat them! My goal will never come true!” 

“Well if that’s the case… Then there’s one other way I know how to transform. But it requires me to become as mad as possible,” Draco muttered. 

Broshi’s eyes widened. “Would being mad give us energy?” he asked. “Cuz I’m tired. I can hardly go even Broshi Eye.”

“The body does extraordinarily things when you stress it enough. It breaks its limits by deactivating the limiters on it's own muscles. Combined with adrenaline, this leads to an extraordinary rise in strength. A rise big enough that the muscles can even break the bones they’re attached to. But besides becoming slaves, or driving me to the brink of death, it’s one of our only options,” Draco explained.

“Then how do we get mad?” Broshi asked.  

“Well the way it happens for me was that I was told my beliefs were wrong and unnecessary. You need to drive the person to more than just anger. It needs to be rage. You need to make me angry enough to shrug off my morality, shrug off my senses,” Draco replied.

“I don’t know if we can do that in this situation…” I commented.

“YES YOU CAN!” Draco yelled. “Threaten something I care about, threaten my life, do something!” 

“Draco, you’re trash,” Broshi then said. “You can’t even beat a simple army. I bet you couldn’t even beat Saturn or Phoenix.”

“Oh yeah?! Say that to my face! I dare you!” Draco said, he already seemed to be angry before this point. Maybe this would work after all, since Broshi can actually do it well! 

“You’ve always been weaker than me! And you will never surpass me! You’re so trash, I bet you grew up in the slums!” Broshi continued to try and provoke Draco.

“YOU'RE WRONG! I CAN SURPASS YOU!” Draco yelled as I noticed he was able to clench his fingers again. And he looked angry. Really angry. 

Meanwhile, the prince and the army looked very confused as to what was going on. 

“You can’t surpass shiz! You are a weakling! Even Fucia will become stronger than you and she’ll ditch you!” Broshi yelled.

“YOU'RE WRONG! I JUST KNOW IT! YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!” Draco screamed, able to move his arms.


Draco didn’t say anything, but he looked absolutely livid, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth. I then noticed his hair was starting to stand on end. Then it began to flash a deep blue color. 


I saw Draco’s injuries begin to fade away as he stood up straight.

“Oh my, it’s actually working…” Pyrina commented.

I then saw electricity spark across Draco’s body.


I then felt the ground quaking and heard rumbling from the sky.

Draco’s hair had now changed back to that of his Grade Two form, except it was a deep blue color rather than teal. And the electricity across his body started to get more frantic. 


As he said that, a lightning bolt from the sky suddenly struck next to Draco. But he didn’t even flinch. The ground was shaking more now. And pieces of the ground all over the place were starting to float into the air as more lightning struck the ground around us at an increasing rate.

I then noticed Draco’s eyes had been closed since this started. 

I also noticed that the Princes (there were three of them) had activated their Magic Vessels after seeing this. 

Then, as lightning struck from the sky, Draco finally moved. By that I mean he swatted a lightning bolt because it was going to hit him.

That’s when he finally opened his eyes, revealing that they were each enveloped in a deep blue flame like his Double transformation. The emotion on his face was a wicked glare, combined with his eyes being on fire. He looked VERY angry. And a bit scary, like a monster.

Broshi grinned. “Go get ‘em, bro.”

“This chaos has gone long enough! You have three seconds to surrender!” One of the princes then yelled.

Draco simply turned his head to look at the prince who yelled, before turning to face them. The same scary glare was on his face and his eyes were burning ferociously with the background noise filled with thunder. 

“We will not surrender!” Pyrina then shouted. “We will fight our way out of this!” 

“Then so be it!” All three princes hopped off of their rides, landing in front of us. Their Magic Vessels were glowing, giving off the same power that the king gave off. 

Draco just looked at them before a slight smirk appeared on his face. 

“Brother, I have a bad feeling about this…” One of the princes said. 

“Set it up just in case!” The older one of the princes said. “You!” he looked at Draco, pointing his sword at him. “I shall fight you and defeat you! You are dangerous!” 

“Very well. But let me say one thing. When I’m done with you and your brothers, they’ll never find your bodies,” Draco said with a smile as he took a step forward.

“I disagree. My father is dead, so I must carry on the Kingdom of Kendra,” The older prince said. “I am the new King!” 

“Then I guess that makes my role the usurper.” Draco grinned as he took another step forward. 

All three princes took their positions, holding their swords out in front of them in a defensive way.

“I wonder if your Dad knows he’s the cause of a triple filicide?” Draco asked with a grin as he took a fighting stance. 

“I will not let you destroy our Kingdom!” The older prince growled. “Brothers! Let’s go!” 

The three princes then attacked Draco. Draco blocked all three of their attacks with one hand, and they suddenly fell back. The princes looked shocked.

“H-his Magic is powerful!” One of the princes said.

“Yes… pure rage powers him. That could be used to our advantage but…” The older prince raised a hand. “Halt!” Everyone stopped moving and the older prince put away his weapon. “Change of plans! Let us negotiate instead of fight.”

Draco just kinda scoffed at this before glancing back at the three of us.

“Y-yes! We just would like to get out of here!” Pyrina then said. 

“You have commited a crime, so we cannot let you go freely. You must pay,” the older prince said. 

I looked at Draco and he seemed to have a bored and upset look on his face. Clearly he didn’t want to negotiate right now. 

“You can have the Kingdom of Jephrottis!” Pyrina said. “And we will leave and never come back!”

“Very well. You may leave,” The older prince said. The older prince then signaled for the army to make way and they made us a path. “Oh, and you must give us back our other Magic Vessels. That will be your payment.” 

I then accessed the place where I had put the vessels and made them appear, handing them to the prince. He smiled and nodded. 

Pyrina then began to walk away, and I followed. Broshi then came behind us and Draco did as well, looking upset and bored since he didn’t get to do anything with the rage power he had acquired. But, in the end, it did let us escape safely. If he hadn’t gotten mad and showed a lot of power, we would probably be prisoners right now.

“Well at least now I know I have more control of myself than a month ago,” Draco commented as he walked along. “Though eventually I’m gonna have to power down some. This form has a crapton of energy.”

“Yeah, power down. The fighting is over,” I said.

Draco then powered down, his aura shrinking until his hair was now a blue color and only one of his eyes was on fire. 

“You can power down all the way. Just rest,” I told him. I patted him on the back and smiled. By now we had made it to the tunnels and were out of the Kingdom of Kendra. “It’s all over now.”  

“That’s the thing though, whenever I reach a new level or anything, it kinda rejuvenates me,” Draco said, still in an Ascended state with his left eye on fire. “Which reminds me, bro, is this form that Grade Three you told me about a few days ago?”

“Yeah. It’s just Ascended plus the eyes,” Broshi replied.

Draco then finally reverted back to his base form, his hair and eyes turning back to normal. “Well it’s certainly a rush. It felt like fifty times stronger than Grade Two. Heh, no wonder those princes were so scared.”

“Yeeeep.” Broshi nodded. 

“Well, everything’s over for me….” Pyrina then said. “I have no Kingdom, and no family… All I have is just my Magic Vessel.” She looked down at her sword.

“You could just tag with us,” Draco suggested.

“Yeah, you can come with us to the Elemental System!” I said.

“Really?” Pyrina asked.

“Honestly considering all the other stuff we’ve done on this planet today, tagging with us seems like the least ridiculous thing,” Draco said. “With all the magic and fusion and rage boosts and stuff.”

Pyrina thought about it. “But I don’t have anything to repay you with…”

“Pfft. Repayment.” Draco laughed.

“Huh?” Pyrina asked.

“It’s not like we asked for or demanded payment in the first place when we decided to help you. So why should you feel obligated to pay us?” Draco asked.

“Oh… well, it’s just how we do things around here I guess…” Pyrina shrugged.

“Yeah, same for most places. But I don’t think we need payment, right guys?” Draco asked before looking at Broshi and I.

“Yeah, we don’t need one.” I shook my head. 

“W-well thank you very much!” Pyrina smiled. 

“It’s fine honestly, you and Arthur will just be in the same boat. Since he tagged along with us from Aerth,” Draco said before smirking. “Plus I think Broshi will like having you around, you two seem to be good friends.”

“I mean, I guess,” Pyrina said, looking over at Broshi. 

“Cool, though now that I think about it, I could probably just teleport us all to the ship rather than us walking. I mean I am basically fully healed now since I transformed,” Draco said.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” I agreed. 

“Alright then,” Draco said before he then grabbed me and Broshi by the shoulders. He had an energy hand hold onto Pyrinas shoulder before he sensed for Fucia’s energy and teleported to the ship, taking the three of us with him. 

We all materialized in the ship, finding Fucia and Arthur there. They looked at us, and Arthur looked worried and surprised.

“Hey guys!” Draco waved.

“Oh! You're all back and… wow you three got roughed up huh?” Fucia said before she looked at Broshi, Pyrina and I.

“I got hurt pretty bad too, but then I transformed and now I’m fine,” Draco commented. “But yeah, you should probably heal them.”

“Whatchu mean, I’m fine now,” Broshi said. “Saturo’s got a cut still though.” He pointed at my injury.

“That and he’s kinda tired,” Draco added.

“Alright.” Fucia nodded before she started healing Pyrina and I. My wounds had then slowly started to heal and I regained my energy. 

“Oh, we haven’t properly met yet,” Pyrina then said, looking at Fucia. She had put her sword away in its sheath. “I’m Pyrina Zelthra!”

“Well, I’m Fucia Teloiven,” Fucia replied.

“Oh, you’re his girlfriend?” Pyrina asked, looking over at Draco.

“Yes.” Fucia nodded.

“W-well…” Pyrina looked over at Broshi and coughed. 

“Is something wrong?” Fucia asked, clearly confused.

“Oh yeaaaaaah. Broshi said some ‘things’,” Draco said in a not very friendly tone. “He did it to make me mad so we could escape a situation we were in.”

“Okay…?” Fucia said, even more confused.

“Anyway, I see Ich and Hematite still aren’t back. So we still have some waiting to do,” Draco said.

“Seems like it,” Fucia said as Draco sat down next to her. 

I then sensed Hematite’s energy coming closer to us. 

“Oh, Hematite has arrived!” I then told the others. 

The spaceship door then opened, and we saw Hematite step in. I looked over at him and his clothes were all ripped up! 

“Did the landing do that?” Draco asked.

“No.” Hematite shook his head. He then raised his arms and stretched. “The landing was fine.”

“Then why are your clothes filled with more holes than swiss cheese?” Draco inquired.

“Well, I ran into a complication…” Hematite said. “After I launched you guys, I launched myself the other direction on accident. So it took a little longer to get here.”

“How does that rip your clothes?” I asked. “It doesn’t work that way.”

“It doesn’t really matter.” Hematite walked past me to the back of the ship. “Anyway, Ich is here too. I saw him.”

“He is? Where?” I asked.

“Outside. Everyone go out to the other ship,” Hematite said. He sounded tired. I wonder what happened to him.

I walked out of the ship and spotted a different ship. Oh, so when Ich went back, he ended up bringing a new ship altogether, except with a working hyperdrive. 

I then spotted Ichoo at the door of this new ship.

“Hey guys!” He waved. “I got us a new ride! Come on in!” 

“This honestly wasn’t what I was expecting you to do,” Draco commented as he and Fucia entered the new spaceship.

“Well I was gonna get someone to fix our hyperdrive, but Teleyon wasn’t there. But his friend was there, and he offered to help.” Ich shrugged. 

Everyone had gotten out of Hematite’s ship by now. Hematite then got out with a new set of clothes, and he shrunk his ship before putting it in his pocket. Then he entered the new ship. 

“Hello, I am Pyrina!” When I walked into the ship, I spotted Pyrina talking with Ich. 

“Nice to meet you, I’m Ichoo!” Ich said. By now, everyone was in the spaceship and it took off into space. This spaceship was slightly different than other ones that I’ve been in. It had a seperate passenger room, which was where we were sitting. The pilot was in his own room. 

“Who is the pilot?” Broshi then asked. 

“A friend of Teleyon’s,” Ich answered him. 

“That probably means we wouldn’t know them anyway,” Draco said as he and Fucia sat down.

“You could go meet him if you want,” Ich said. “We’re gonna be here for awhile.”

“Okay.” Broshi got up and walked over to the door that lead to the pilot’s room. I followed him because I also wanted to meet the pilot. 

Broshi opened the door and we walked in. We spotted the pilot sitting down in his seat, driving the spaceship. He had short black hair and dark skin, and he was dressed in white clothes. 

He then turned to face us and waved. “Yo!”

Broshi’s eyes widened. “Y-you!” 

The guy chuckled. “What’s up, Broshay! Been awhile, hasn’t it?”

Broshi grumbled silently. 

“You two already know each other?” I asked. 

“Heck yeah, man. I gave him and Lowkey a ride once,” the guy said with a grin. “Oh, we haven’t met yet though.” He extended his hand towards me and I shook it. “Nice to meet you, Saturo. I’m Exzavion.” 

“Wait, how do you know my name? Did Ich tell you?” I asked.

“Nah fam, I just do. I know pretty much everyone’s name, isn’t that right Broshay?” Exzavion grinned at Broshi. 

Broshi just grumbled silently. 

“He doesn’t like it when I call him Broshay,” Exzavion informed me. “Otherwise, we’re cool.” 

“Huh, alright,” I replied. So this was Teleyon’s friend, huh? He seemed pretty cool. 

“Yeah, Teleyon and I are old friends,” Exzavion then said. 

Huh? How did he know that I was wondering that?

“I can hear your thoughts,” Exzavion said. “Everyone of you thinks so loudly, I can’t help but hear.”

“Huh!? You can hear people’s thoughts!?” I exclaimed. 

“Uhh, yeah. That’s my ability. It’s annoying at times though,” Exzavion said. “Like, I can hear everyone’s thoughts back there.” He nodded at the passenger room. “It can be annoying.” 

“Wow.” What an interesting power. 

“Oh dang, Broshi!” Exzavion then exclaimed. “I did not expect that coming from you of all people!” 

“What?” I asked, confused. 

“Well, you see, he-” Exzavion started.

“SHHH!” Broshi hissed, interrupting him.

“Alright, fam, relax. I won’t tell ‘em,” Exzavion said. 

Broshi grumbled again.

“Nah bruh, you can’t kill me even if you tried,” Exzavion then said to Broshi. 

There was a pause as Broshi grumbled again.

“So? Just because I’m not an Ultimate doesn’t mean I’m not skilled,” Exzavion then said. He was communicating with Broshi out loud while Broshi was only thinking. 

“Can you get out of my head?!” Broshi then growled.

“I wish,” Exzavion replied. “But your thoughts are too loud.” 

“Okay, I’m out.” Broshi then left the pilots room. 

Exzavion just went back to focusing on driving the spaceship. We had already entered light speed.

“We’re gonna be there soon, Saturo,” Exzavion then told me. 

“Alright,” I replied.

I just sat there as the spaceship moved past stars and planets, traveling in light speed. We would soon arrive. 

But wow, that was quite the experience… We fought against a king that had Magic Vessels and a Dark Magic Vessel. He was powerful though. I was still curious about the origins of these Magic Vessels… They were pretty powerful weapons. I was going to ask Elec about them, maybe he’d know what they were exactly and where they came from… and if not, he could probably figure it out. 

And I wondered if those Magic Vessels could be found on other planets, not just Vunes. 

I then just sat back and relaxed for the rest of the ride. And then we finally arrived at the Elemental System…

to be continued in the next chapter....

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have you thought about

have you thought about publishing it?

I have not read it. ( no ufence ) 

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In the sentence, "By that I

In the sentence, "By that I mean he swatted a lighting bolt because it was going to hit him." It says lighting instead of lightning.


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Posted by Ava on Mon, 07/29/2019 - 16:22
Fixed! ______________________



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Posted by QuartzMaster on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 06:05

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