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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 16) [Questioning Elec About The Magic Vessels]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 16) [Questioning Elec About The Magic Vessels]

Posted July 23rd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 16 - Saturo

{Questioning Elec About The Magic Vessels}


We had finally arrived at the Elemental System, and Exzavion landed his spaceship on the Rock Planet, at Hematite’s house, to drop Hematite off. But the rest of us (Draco, Broshi, Fucia, Ich, Arthur, Pyrina, and I) had different places to be. We used to all live together in a complex, but we kind of don’t have that anymore. 

“Where to next?” Exzavion asked, popping his head out of the pilot room to ask us.

“Well, we all need to go to the Light Planet,” Draco replied, pointing at the people who were going with him. Broshi, Fucia, Pyrina, and Arthur. 

“Alright, Light Planet is next,” Exzavion said. The spaceship took off once more, this time heading for the Light Planet. 

“The Light Planet?” Arthur then asked, looking over at Draco.

“It’s a planet that glows,” Broshi answered him. “Much more interesting than Aerth.”

“Woah… a glowing planet…” Arthur seemed impressed. 

“Yo Saturo! Where are you and Ich gonna be dropped off at?” I then heard Exzavion from the pilots room.

“The Electric Planet!” I replied.

“Got it.” 

“What are we going to do at this Planet of Light?” Pyrina then asked.

“Lux City,” Fucia replied from next to Draco. “It’s where our master Eyujin Mida lives.”

“Master? So you’re… slaves!?” Pyrina exclaimed.

“What!? No!” Draco exclaimed. Fucia had a confused look on her face from Pyrina’s response.  “That’s just what you call Ultimate Teachers. Like martial arts.” 

“Oh,” Pyrina then said.

“In our system, slavery is forbidden,” Ich informed her.

“Oh I see… then how do you get anything done?” Pyrina asked.

“You just… Work? Like a normal job?” Fucia replied. “And then go home. And eat. And go to bed. And repeat. What, did YOU need slaves to do things? Dad could never understand why other kingdoms would do that. Just leads to resentment.”

“Yes, I suppose that's true…” Pyrina replied. “But it gets what needs to be done done.”

“Well we don’t need slaves to do that here. We just use our own work ethic for that,” Fucia said.

“Oh, I see.” Pyrina nodded.

“How close are we to the Light Planet?” Draco called to Exzavion.

“Well, actually guys,” I then said. “Can you come with me to the Electric Planet first?”

“Uhh… sure Satu,” Draco said, a bit confused. “But why?”

“I want to ask Elec about the Magic Vessels,” I replied. “You don’t have to come, but I would want Pyrina to come at least.” 

“Ah, that makes sense,” Draco said.

“You want to ask who?” Pyrina asked. 

“Elec. He’s the Elemental Master of Electricity,” I answered. “So he would probably know about them. And if he doesn’t, he could easily find out.” 

“Oh?” Pyrina replied. “An Elemental Master…”

“Yeah. They’re very powerful people,” Ich said. “Cuz they mastered an element. Which is very hard to do.” 

“Ohhh. I understand now,” Pyrina replied. “So he would know about Magic Vessels.” She looked down at her sword, which was put away in its sheath. “Would he also know about the Guardian who created them?”

“I mean, probably.” I shrugged.

“I would like to meet him!” Pyrina exclaimed. “I’ve always wanted to meet the Guardian who made these!” 

“But… he didn’t… make them…” Broshi said quietly as he scratched his head. 

“I think what she means is she’d like to meet Elec, so then she can find out who the Guardian is. Not that it’s necessarily him,” Draco explained.

“Shut up, I said that quietly for a reason,” Broshi retorted. 

“Well I don’t really care,” Draco remarked before Exzavion spoke.

“Yo guys, we’ve arrived at the Electric Planet! You needa go to a specific port or sumthin?” Exzavion called. 

“Oh, yeah, take us to Jolt City,” I replied to Exzavion. Jolt City was the city that Elec lived in, and where me and Lav went to for most of our dates. It’s a cool city actually. Very big and has everything a city needs. 

“Then get movin’, we’ve already arrived,” Exzavion said. The spaceship door opened. 

“Oh. Thanks for the ride, Exzavion!” I thanked him as we all got out of our seats and headed out of the spaceship. 

“No prob, happy to help out,” Exzavion replied. 

Looking around, I saw that we were at the spaceport parking spot, many other spaceships and people were around. Now I just had to get to Elec’s Mansion and ask him about the Magic Vessels.

“Where do we go now?” Broshi then asked. 

“Just follow me,” I replied. I lead everyone out of the spaceport and into the city. We stopped at the entrance/exit of the spaceport, and I turned around to face the others. “You wanna walk or take a taxi?”

“I don’t really care honestly,” Draco said as Fucia shrugged.

“What’s a taxi?” Pyrina questioned.

“A vehicle that takes you places,” Fucia replied.

“A vehicle?” Pyrina looked over at Fucia. 

“It’s technology, like how you used caravans and animals,” I explained to her. “But we don’t really need to use it, so we’ll walk.”

And so we walked. Arthur and Pyrina were amazed by the sights they saw, and Ich had explained to them what everything was.

Then we had arrived at Elec’s Mansion. It was on a seperate chunk of land, floating above the ground.

“Woah, it’s floating!” Arthur exclaimed.

I lead everyone to the small entrance at the bottom. We walked on in and got teleported to the front yard of the Mansion.

“OH MAH GAWD, IZ DAT YOU SATU-BRAH?!?” I suddenly heard a familiar voice. “AYE HOMIE! LONG TIME NO SEEEEEE!” 

I turned to be greeted by a familiar face, except it had a goatee (he had icy hair in general) this time. It was my friend Chill! 

“Oh, hey Chill!” I exclaimed. He grinned and walked up to me, and we performed our handshake. 

“So whatcha doin’ here, Satu-Brah? Comin’ to train wit Elemental Master Elec?” Chill asked. 

“Kind of, I wanted to talk with him. Oh, and these are my other friends!” I pointed back at everyone else. 

Chill looked back at them. “Oh! Draco-Brah! Long time no see! It been longer fer ya though, what’z it been, two yearz?!” 

“From my perspective, it's been three but two is the correct amount,” Draco said as he had his arm linked with Fucia’s.

“Yes, but who dat?!” Chill looked over at Fucia. “Dey be holdin’ on to ya!”

“This is Fucia, my girlfriend,” Draco said as Fucia waved at Chill.

Chill's eyes widened. “Dang, Draco-Brah, you got a girlfriend?!”

“Y-Yeah?” Draco replied, seemingly confused by Chill’s shock. “That’s what I said.” 

“Wow, da sleeping un-beauty evolved!” Chill exclaimed. 

This gave a Draco an unamused but a sort’ve negative spin on it. Like he expected it but it still annoyed him. I swear he was probably groaning mentally.

“Dat be chill, homie.” Chill smiled. “Good ta see ya grew up, Draco-Brah.”

“Well I am like, almost a foot taller since you last saw me,” Draco replied. “But yeah, I’ve changed from how I acted two years ago.”

“You sure did, bro! You more chill now!” Chill patted Draco on the shoulder. 

“Oh that reminds me! Recently I’ve been practicing ice to go along with my plasma and energy manipulation abilities!” Draco said.

“Oh, even more chill!” Chill beamed. “You got cooler, Draco-Brah, you cool.”

“It is pretty n-ice isn’t it?” Draco smirked with a snicker.

“Ha!” Chill chuckled. “So chill. You mah homie.”

“That pretty cool of you Chill,” Draco said.

“I da coolest, Draco-Brah.” Chill smirked. “Anywayz, y'all should get goin’ to meet with Elec. But hold up! Who everyone else be?!” Chill then noticed Arthur, Broshi, and Pyrina in the back. Apparently Ich had disappeared. Maybe he went to check on his girlfriend Achikara or something.

“Yo! Another Draco-Brah!” He looked at Broshi first, since that caught his eye. 

“His name is Broshi actually. My twin brother. And before you do, if you call him brah he’s gonna be upset, just warning ya,” Draco explained.

“Twin brother? Lit, Broshi-Brah,” Chill said.

Broshi growled. 

“Called it,” Draco commented.

“But who dem four-eyes brah?” Chill asked, looking over at Arthur.

“That’s Arthur. We picked him up from Aerth as Broshi and I were leaving to come back to the Elemental system. He’s an Ultimate. But all he can do so far is switch bodies with people under some circumstances,” Draco explained. “And the girl over there is Pyrina, who is from the planet next to Aerth called Vunes. She isn’t an Ultimate but she has this thing called a Magic Vessel that lets her do some neat stuff. Also, she’s a princess. Like Fucia actually. But Fucia is from Featherros.”

“Ooooh. Hold up, what does dat make you, Draco-Brah?!” Chill asked.

“Uhhh, well since we're not engaged, I’m not a prince. And since we're not married, I’m definitely not a king. So I guess that just makes me potential heir to the kingdom of Featherros,” Draco replied, rather nonchalantly I might add.

“Dang, Draco-Brah datin’ a princess!” Chill commented loudly. 

Fucia looked a bit embarrassed. But not upset.

“Though I ain't heard of Featherros before,” Chill said. 

“It’s a bit off the map from the Elemental System,” Fucia said.

“Yeah, I ain't really left the Elemental System, 'xcept dat one time we went to dat witch planet,” Chill said.

“Oh right, I remember that,” Draco said. 

“Yeh brah.” Chill nodded. “Oh, sorry Satu-Brah I held y’all back! You can go meet wit ya master now!” 

“No, it’s okay, we have all day,” I said. “But alright, let’s keep going guys.” 

We continued going, heading towards Elec’s Mansion’s front door. Chill was coming with us now. I rang the doorbell, and it opened immediately.

“Oh, hello there,” the Butler greeted me. 

“Hi, is Elec home? Can we meet with him real quick?” I asked the Butler. He was wearing a suit and had a mustache. 

“Oh, no, he is not home right now,” the Butler said. 

“Who is it, Kevin?” Another man’s voice then said. A man dressed in light blue robes appeared at the doorway. “Oh! Why if it isn’t Kanshiro!”

I looked at the man, and he looked familiar. He also looked a little like Elec, but somewhat different at the same time. I searched my memory for who this person was. 

“Oh!” I then figured it out. “You’re Aqua, Elec’s Brother!” 

“That’s right,” Aqua replied with a smile. 

“Dem Elemental Masterz,” Chill commented.

“Can we ask you some questions, Aqua?” I asked. Aqua was the Elemental Master of Water, so he would know about Magic Vessels too. And if not, he could also find out easily. Elemental Masters have a lot of resources. 

“I suppose so. I have a few minutes to spare.” Aqua looked over at the Butler and nodded. The Butler then stepped aside to let us in. “Follow me.” 

We all entered the mansion and Aqua led us to the guest room, which was huge and had all sorts of seats. We then took our seats and looked over at Aqua. 

“Well?” Aqua then asked. 

“Okay, so Pyrina here has this thing called a Magic Vessel. Do you know what it is?” I asked. 

“A Magic Vessel you say? I most certainly do know what that is,” Aqua replied. “They are enchanted tools with power.” He pointed over at Pyrina, specifically at her sword. “This young lady right here has one.”

Pyrina looked surprised. She probably didn’t expect Aqua to know that just like that. 

“D-do you know the Guardian who made them?” Pyrina asked.

“Guardian?” Aqua questioned. “Ah, I see. Yes, I do know the creator of these tools.” 

“Who is it? Can I meet him?!” Pyrina asked. 

“I don’t know if you can meet him, he’s difficult to find since he is usually quite busy,” Aqua responded. “But he is a powerful famous wizard.”

“Like Bizord or Wizord?” Draco asked.

“Yes, exactly,” Aqua answered.

“Bizord? Wizord?” Pyrina asked. 

“Yes, I think it is them who created these Vessels,” Aqua said. “Though, I am not sure. May I see your Vessel?” he asked Pyrina. 

“Sure.” Pyrina drew out her sword and handed it to Aqua.

Aqua inspected the sword silently. “Yes, this one was created by Wizord.” 

“How do you know?” Broshi asked. 

“It’s just like the one Elec and I have. My brother has a staff as a Magic Vessel, and I have a trident,” Aqua replied. 

“Wait, Elec has one of these?!” I exclaimed. 

“Indeed he does. Have you not seen it? I’m sure you’ve touched it and used it before,” Aqua said. 

Wait a minute… 

“The same staff that can suck up and trap people inside of it,” Aqua said. “That was Elec’s Magic Vessel.” 

“Ohhhh!” It was that staff that we had a long time ago, that was one of Elec’s Artifacts! 

“Yes. They aren’t common but they’re out there, Wizord probably sent them all over the galaxy,” Aqua said. 

“Then how come a lot of them were on her planet?” Broshi asked, looking at Pyrina with a frown.

Aqua looked over at Broshi. “That, I do not know. It could be many different reasons.”

“Well, we got the answer we’re looking for,” I then said. “Thanks, Aqua.”

“No problem. You have something to do, now?” Aqua said. 

“Yeah, thanks again!” I said, as we all stood up to leave.

We walked through the hallway and back to the front door so we could leave. Now we knew what the Magic Vessels were, and how they were powerful. I guess that’s pretty handy to know. 

“So what mah homies gonna do now?” Chill asked as we walked down to exit the yard of Elec’s Mansion. 

“Probably get back with the others and train,” I replied. 

“M’kay, chillin’ dat chill I see,” Chill said. “Yo Draco-Brah! How Meh-Brah be doin’!”

“Well, I’ve been in a coma for the past month you see. Sooooo I have no clue. Ich, Satu, do you guys know anything about Meh’s current activities?” Draco asked. 

“He hasn’t talked to any of us for a long time now,” Ich said, appearing out of nowhere. “When I checked up on him, he was training.”

“Huh.” Draco seemed surprised.

“Ah, he trainin’? Lit fam,” Chill said.

“Usually he doesn’t do that,” Draco said.

“Yeah, well when he figured out that you were gone, he started training a lot,” Ich said to Draco.

“Wonder why it took me disappearing for him to do that,” Draco thought to himself.

“Yeah, I wonder why as well,” Ich said. “Cuz he never does that.”

“I know, right?” Draco said. 

“Meh-Brah be lazy?” Chill asked.

“Kinda all the time,” Draco replied.

“Well, should we check up on him?” I suggested. 

“We could. But honestly I think I should go tell Eyujin that I’m alive and stuff first,” Draco said. “Maybe tomorrow.”

“Alright, we can do that first,” I agreed. “But we should go to our new facility! Hematite’s family got us a new one!”

“Really?” Draco and Fucia asked.

“Yeah, it’s near his house on the Rock Planet. It’s where Saturn, Phoenix, Listy, and everyone else is at,” I answered.

“Well that was nice of them to do that,” Draco said.

“I know, right?” I replied. “They also were gonna set up portals for us, so we can get around easily. Like they made one for me to get to the Electric Planet quicker for my training appointments. They made one for Fucia too, so you guys can get to the Light Planet faster.”

“Oh cool, that means we don’t need a ship!” Draco smiled.

“Yeah, it’s much faster!” I exclaimed.

“That also means that Eyujin doesn’t have to give three more people room and board besides me and Draco,” Fucia pointed out.

“So I don’t have to live in a university?” Broshi asked.

“Yup, you don’t!” Draco said. “Which reminds me, once I see Eyujin I should probably check on Zephyr. I hope he’s done well without me for a month.”

“It’s alright, Eyujin has been treating him well,” Fucia said.

“Who the heck is Zephyr? Are you talking about that one dragon?” Broshi asked.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“C’mon man, he’s a dragon. Dragons will be fine on their own,” Broshi said.

“I don’t know about that,” Pyrina said. “I slay dragons all the time. I was my Kingdom’s Dragon Slayer.”

“Well first of all Broshi, I kinda raised Zephyr from his egg. He’s gonna care some if I’m gone. Second, Pyrina, Dragons here seem to be different than the ones on Vunes from what I saw of the one you chopped in half,” Draco said.

“Can I not slay them?” Pyrina asked.

“Well, most people tend to not want to deal with them if that’s a hint for you. Even some Ultimates,” Draco said.

“The law states that it be illegal to kill dem dragonz if dey don’t try to kill you,” Chill said. “It also depend on if dey intelligent or not.”

“That too.” Draco nodded.

“So… as long as it’s just a monster and it tries to kill me, I can slay it?” Pyrina asked.

“Well yeah, but you really have to look for a dragon like that. First of all, they are rare in general. And most dragons tend to not deal with human sized creatures. They usually don’t see it as worth the effort to eat something so small compared to most dragons,” Draco said. 

“Okay… but it’s a tradition for us to slay dragons. So if I see one, I would probably fight it,” Pyrina replied, holding onto the handle of her sword firmly.

“You can follow your tradition if you want, but most likely you're gonna get arrested/torn apart,” Draco said.

“How, are the dragons stronger and tougher in this part of the universe?” Pyrina questioned.

“Well, there are ones that control storms, tornados, the ground, freeze stuff, have scales tougher than metal, shoot extremely poisonous venom and gasses and can shoot high pressure boiling water at you. Among other things,” Draco answered.

“I can deal with those. I have my Magic Vessel,” Pyrina said, pulling out her sword and looking at it.

“I mean, as long as they aren’t either tougher than most materials or able to move faster than mach ten,” Draco said calmly.

By now, we were long gone from Elec’s property and were back on the streets. 

“Okay guys, we’re gonna need a ship to take us back to the Rock Planet,” I then said.

“Should we ask around then? Or can we call someone?” Draco asked.

“I mean, we can take public transportation. Just gonna cost us money,” I replied.

“How much?” he asked.

“We’ll have to check,” I replied. I took out my wallet from my pocket and saw that I had twenty ultims with me. “Oh, I can pay for it. We’re all good.” 

“Den let’s get goin’, homies!” Chill exclaimed. 

We then walked back to the space station, and instead of going to the parking lot and private lots, we headed to the public transportation lot. It was crowded, but the line for the spacebus wasn’t long. 

So I went ahead and bought us all some tickets to go to the Rock Planet. Our new facility was in a mountain near Gneiss City, so I got tickets for the spacebus that would take us there. One ticket for me, one for Ich, one for Draco, one for Fucia, one for Broshi, one for Arthur, one for Chill, and one for Pyrina. Seven tickets in total, and it costed me 14 ultims. 

“Alright, let’s go,” I said to the others. I looked at the ticket to see which lot the spacebus we were taking was in, and it was Lot A-17. So that’s where we headed. 

We soon reached Lot A-17 and our bus was already boarding, so we walked on in. I gave the pilot the tickets and he nodded at me in approval. 

“Woah, it’s like a normal bus, except it flies through space!” Arthur commented as we made our way to our seats.

“That is why it's called a spacebus,” Draco said as he sat down. Fucia was about to sit next to him, but Broshi savagely did before she could. He had a smug grin on his face as he then looked at Fucia.

“Bro. That’s real petty of you, ya know,” Draco remarked, unimpressed.

“Ha.” Broshi fake laughed. Fucia ended up sitting next to Pyrina to the seat beside them. I was sitting in front of them with Chill, and Ich sat behind Draco and Broshi with Arthur since the seat next to us was taken. 

 “Please stay seated and fasten your seatbelts as we are now taking off,” the pilot then said into the intercom. “We will arrive at Gneiss City on the Rock Planet in about twelve minutes.” 

We all quickly fastened our seatbelts as the spacebus took off. 

We would eventually arrive and get everyone settled in. Then we would probably look for Mehrunes to check in on him. Who knows what he was doing at this very moment?


To Be Continued… 

that's the end of the book! Next one will be out soon. 

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