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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 2) [First Day of School]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 2) [First Day of School]

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Chapter 2 - Broshi

{First Day of School}


“You wanna race?” I asked my twin brother Draco the next morning. We were walking down the gravel road to head to ‘school’. Whatever that place was. This would be my first time and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But who gives a frick? Let’s do this.

“Sure.” Draco shrugged. “But we have to stop before we make it to school.”

“Yeah, whatever. That works with me,” I replied, waving my hand at him. Of course we didn’t want anyone seeing us come in so quickly, we’d have to stop before we actually made it to the school. Otherwise, we’d be in trouble.

“Seems bold of you to challenge the person with a speed boosting move to a race though,” Draco said.

“Hmph, I’ve been training with Dad while you were in a coma.” I smirked.

“Yeah, yeah.” Draco rolled his eyes.

“Well, now that I think of it, we should find the school first,” I said. “So we’re not running to a blind destination.”

“Fair enough,” Draco said.

“Think we can move fast enough that we won’t be seen either way?” I asked.

“Probably.” Draco shrugged.

“Yeah, uhh… what was the school called again?” I asked.

“Northview High School, I think,” Draco replied.

“Okay, and that’s in the town Northview then,” I said. “It shouldn’t be too far away from here. At least for us.”

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

We continued to walk along the gravel road for a bit. I thought about what would happen at school. The people I would meet, the students, the teachers… The boys… and especially the girls. Not sure how that would go.

“I’m kind of nervous about this,” I then said.

“You’ll be fine, bro,” Draco said reassuringly.

“What time does school start again?” I questioned.

“Lemme check the schedule.” Draco pulled out a sheet of paper with writing on it from his backpack. I had my backpack on too but it was pretty empty. Just had my phone, some books I’m reading, and notebooks. “Our first class starts at 8:00. So we have thirty minutes since it’s like, 7:30 right now.”

“Let’s speed up then,” I said, wanting to arrive a bit early so that I could take a quick look at the people. I began to walk faster than before, and Draco joined in. We were gonna arrive at the school faster this way.

“Okay so we have the first class together,” Draco said, looking at the sheets of paper as we walked, “it’s a math class.”

“Cool.” I wasn’t really interested. I didn’t care much about the classes. I just wanted to meet the people and get to know them. You know, socialize. Because in the books I was reading, friends seemed to be cool. And I would like to socialize.

“Now, Father is probably gonna want me to make sure you do well in your classes,” Draco said as we moved. “But that shouldn’t be a problem for me.”

“Why do I need to do well?” I asked. The point of school, as Dad told me, was to learn stuff. He didn’t say anything about doing well.

“Well doing well shows you're learning,” Draco explained. “Also, how well you’ll do in classes now dictates how easy you’ll be able to get into college and get a job and stuff later.”

“I don’t plan on getting a job, and I don’t know what ‘college’ is,” I said.

“So you're just gonna do nothing academically after high school?” Draco questioned. He looked a bit disappointed.

“I’m gonna be some sort of fighter,” I said. “I don’t know what or where exactly. I’ll find out later.”

Draco just rolled his eyes and dropped the conversation while we kept walking. I could see the town now, it wasn’t very big like a city, but it was fairly large.

“Now to find the school,” Draco commented.

Up ahead, I could see some boys with backpacks walking on the sidewalk. They looked like they would go to high school.

“I’d say we just follow them,” I said to Draco, pointing at the boys. I watched them carefully for a bit, and counted three of them.

Draco just calmly followed them. He seemed to be much less cautious about this. Meh, we didn’t need to be cautious as long as we didn’t use any powers or anything. So I just walked with Draco, and we were following the boys. They didn’t notice us following them because they were chatting with each other.

“Dang dude, did you hear?! Brayden challenged Torin to a fight! He wants to take his place as the strongest guy in the school!” I overheard the guys in front of us talking about something. What interested me was this guy Torin. He was the strongest guy in the school, huh? I wanted to challenge him and take his place. Hehe, I can’t wait to get to school.

“No way, Brayden!? He’s gonna lose! Again!” I continued to listen in on their conversation. Whoever this Brayden guy was, he sounded terribly weak. He would be fun to pick on. Draco probably wouldn’t like me being mean though. But I don’t freaking care. If they annoy me, I’m going to be mean. If they’re chill and don’t annoy me, then I won’t pick on them. I don’t really know what I’mma do, I just do whatever I feel like doing.

As we walked, Draco seemed to be listening to the three boys’ conversation as well. He looked mildly interested.

“I have a feeling this will end with the same result as last time. I want to see this though.” The boys we were following agreed and they sped up, running down the streets towards a building.

I looked up at the building. It had a sign that said ‘Northview High School’. So that was the school, huh.

“We got around twenty minutes bro,” Draco said. “We should get inside.”

We approached the front door of the school, and people were looking at us weirdly. Since we were new, I assumed.

“I want to watch that fight those boys were talking about,” I said.

“They’ll probably fight in the courtyard around lunch or free period,” Draco said as he opened the door.

As we went inside, I saw a bunch of people running down the hall to get to a door. I overheard them shouting, “Brayden is fighting Torin! Brayden is fighting Torin!”

“Nope, nevermind, they’re fighting right now,” Draco commented after seeing this. “Eh, we can go watch I suppose. Since they’re doing the fight now, the teachers’ll probably delay the bell until it’s over.”

“Lit.” I smirked. I walked down the hallway, following the people. They all squeezed out into a different room. Wait no, this was outdoors. The courtyard probably.

When I made it outside to the courtyard, there were a lot of people chanting and screaming. I couldn’t see the fighters, Brayden and Torin, though. Frickin’ people are in the way.

Draco simply just pushed past people so he could see. Not like they could really stop him. I guess I could do the same.

I pushed past the people, hearing them all chanting the fighters’ names. Then, I made it to the front and was able to see. The two fighters were wearing the same clothing. Actually, all the boys wore the same clothing. School uniforms? They had white pants, white shirts, a dark blue jacket of some sort, and a red tie. They had black shoes too.

And the girls had skirts. It was all just one clothing, a dark blue skirt. Draco and I were just wearing our normal clothing so we were out of place. Nobody was paying attention to us though since they were all watching the fight between Brayden and Torin.

“Pfft, Broshi look at these guys, they’re all so scrawny.” Draco snickered from beside me, pointing at the boys around us.

“What about those guys?” I looked back behind where the fight was taking place, and there were big muscular guys.

“I mean, they’re more impressive. Their energy is still pretty low though.” Draco shrugged.

“Well no duh, they don’t use powers,” I remarked. “Just physical strength.”

In front of us, Brayden and Torin were punching each other. It looked like Torin was winning, assuming Torin was the one with black hair and Brayden was the one with blond. Torin was also pretty muscular, but not that big. There were other guys watching that were much bigger.

“And that’s why they aren’t that impressive. These guys won’t be able to land an actual decent hit on us if they challenged us,” Draco said.

“Who said they’d challenge us? I’m challenging them,” I said. Just then, Brayden got punched hard in the face and fell.

“Oooooooohhhhh…!” The crowd exclaimed.

“Ha!” Torin exclaimed. “No one can beat the champ!”

“As expected from Northview’s Strongest Guy!” One scrawny boy with glasses walked up in between them. “Does anyone dare challenge Torin?!”

I was about to raise my hand to challenge him, but I delayed it as I noticed Draco had walked into the circle towards Brayden.

He squatted down next to his still laying body. “So, how’s your nose man?” Draco asked.

“I’m fine!” Brayden exclaimed, a bit coldly.

“Your nose is bleeding pretty bad there. Might be broken. You should go get that checked by someone,” Draco said calmly.

Brayden just muttered something under his breath as he got up, glaring at Torin who was smiling at the crowd. I noticed he was mostly looking at the girls.

Draco then stood up and looked over at Torin as Brayden left the circle, holding his bloody nose.

“So, you're the strongest guy here huh?” Draco asked him.

“Yep, and you’re new here?” The scrawny boy with glasses answered Draco as Torin was distracted with the crowd. Torin was ignoring us, it seemed.

I walked over and stood beside Draco, with my hands in my pockets.

“Name’s Draco. This is my twin brother, Broshi. We moved back here a month ago after being gone for a few years,” Draco said calmly.

“Oh! I remember you! You’ve changed a lot though. You’re taller and more muscular. Been working out, huh?” The boy with glasses said. I noticed as he was talking to us, everyone else was in a new circle around Torin.

“You could say that,” Draco said as he set one of his feet on a rock on the ground, before stepping hard on it and crushing it easily.

The boy with glasses looked surprised for a moment. He took off his glasses, wiped them with a handkerchief, before putting them back on.

“Oh, that’s nice!” He then said with a smile. “Well, class is about to start so I can take you guys to the office to get your uniforms and then help you out with getting to your classes.”

“Yeah, that would be helpful,” I replied. “But, I want to challenge Torin.”

The boy with glasses looked over at me like I was insane. “I beg your pardon?”

“I want to challenge Torin to a fight. When it’s lunch, when we have time,” I said.

“Oh? Are you serious? You want to challenge the Torin?!” The boy shouted.

“Yeah. You heard me,” I said with a smirk.

“What, do you think my bro can’t handle it?” Draco asked with a smirk as well.

“W-well, that’s great then!” The boy exclaimed. He then turned around and yelled loudly over everyone else's voices. “HEY! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!”

Everyone quieted down and looked over at him, and at me and Draco since we were behind him. Torin looked pretty curious.


“Seems fair I let you go first,” Draco said, patting me on the shoulder before facing the crowd. “You're more adamant on beating him anyway. But hey, if any of you guys wanna try your luck against me, then by all means we can do it at lunch.”

“Usually we do it one at a time,” the boy with glasses said to Draco. “But you could make it into the Terrible Ten by fighting the rest of them.”

Draco just smirked in response.

I looked over at Torin. He was watching me with a curious expression on his face. I gave him a thumbs down with a smirk. He was so going down. But I’m gonna have to hold back a whole freaking lot so that I don’t kill him. Torin shook his head in response to my thumbs down. The crowd was whispering among each other, but I couldn’t hear any of them.

“Hey bro, try not to break any of his major bones please,” Draco said, his hand on my shoulder again.

“Yeah, yeah.” I rolled my eyes, before looking back at Torin. He didn’t seem to be taking me that seriously. He was distracted with the girls. Did he have a girlfriend? He probably did. All the girls seemed to like him since he was the ‘strongest’. After I take their place, they’re going to like me. That’ll be fun. Being popular sounded nice.

“I’ll probably be busy dealing with the ‘Terrible Ten’ so don’t be surprised if I don’t see the ten seconds of your fight,” Draco said. “Now come on, we gotta get to class.”

The bell then rang, and everyone in the courtyard cleared out. Torin didn’t even look back at me, which annoyed me. I was so going to beat him at lunch.

“This way, Draco, Broshi!” That one guy with the glasses then said. “I’ll take you to the office to get your uniforms.”

“Sure… whatever your name is,” Draco said.

“Oh, my name is Arthur Warrick!” The boy with the glasses said. Arthur? What a nerdy name. Broshi was a much cooler name.

We followed Arthur back into the building, and he led us to the office. But as we were walking through the hallways, I noticed some girls looking at me. They were also looking at Draco, but mostly at me. Probably since I challenged the guy they admired. Pfft.

Arthur chuckled as we past them. “Looks like you’ve already started to get some admirers.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it if we did,” Draco said cooly as he held his hands behind his head casually as we walked.

“You do.” Arthur smiled. “You’re probably both going to get asked out on your first day.” He chuckled again.

“Eh, I’ll probably pass. Already have someone I’m in a relationship with. They live on another planet though at the moment. Broshi can knock himself out though, if he wants,” Draco said, obviously not too excited about being asked out when he’s already in a relationship with Fucia.

Arthur looked at Draco weirdly. “Another planet? We don’t have the technology to travel to other planets…” He decreased his volume to a whisper. “Are you… an alien?”

“Nope, I’m Aerthian alright, we both are. We just got some secrets. Ones we won’t tell you,” Draco said nonchalantly.

“Aerthian, huh?” Arthur looked like he was thinking about something as we walked.

“Yeah.” Draco nodded.

“So you're an alien. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. Just don't call yourselves Aerthians or you'll give yourselves away,” Arthur said. “You’re just humans, okay?”

What was he talking about? Eh, I’m not a human, I was just part human, part monster. Draco was full human though. Aerthian, since he’s from planet Aerth. I assume, since Arthur wasn’t familiar with the term ‘Aerthian’, that they didn’t call themselves Aerthians. Afterall, Aerth is pretty isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

“Oh right, I used the wrong terminology,” Draco said, realizing what I had just realized. Good thing Arthur said he would stay quiet. If he doesn’t, that’d give me a good reason to kill him though. “Sorry about that. We are humans though.”

“Riiiight,” Arthur said.

“Wow, you are really set in the whole believe we’re aliens thing. Took ya like, a second to believe that verbal mistake I made,” Draco said. He sounded pretty annoyed.

“I’m not dumb. I saw you when you crushed that rock easily without any effort.” Arthur rolled his eyes. Dang, maybe I will get to kill him after all.

“And that means I’m an alien rather than something else?” Draco asked.

“I mean, what else are you? Humans aren’t that strong,” Arthur said.

“Sure, they can be. You all just haven’t been trying nearly hard enough. Besides, if you guys can’t easily tell what I am, then that just shows what all you guys don’t know. Which is clearly a lot. But I can tell you for a fact that I AM a human,” Draco said sternly.

“Okay, whatever you say man,” Arthur said. “I’ll stay quiet about it. Pretend this didn’t happen.”

“Ugh this guy is gonna get so annoying,” Draco said in my head. Oh yeah. We learned how to talk to each other mentally. Believe it or not, twins have a special bond where they just know things about each other. “But at least now we know for sure that not even this nerd doesn’t know what Ultimates are. Or at least can’t easily assume I’m one. Probably for the best.”

“Aerth is isolated so they don’t know a lot of things,” I replied to him mentally as we followed Arthur quietly through the hallways.

“Yeah but like, before I left this planet three years ago I legit found a book about Ultimates. That’s what made me even want to be one. And it’s not like I got it from home. I found it in a freaking cardboard box from a library,” Draco sighed.

“Maybe they threw it out cuz it was useless,” I suggested.

“Or at least to them,” Draco said.

“Okay, here’s the office,” Arthur then said, opening the door to the office.

“Finally,” Draco said as we walked in. “I really hope today isn’t gonna be too boring besides lunchtime, bro.”

I just smirked in response as Arthur walked up to the lady at the desk.

“Hey Ms. Truman, this is Draco and Broshi. They’re new here,” Arthur said to the lady.

Ms. Truman looked up and saw me and my bro.

“Oh! Draco and Broshi Saurashido! Welcome!” Ms. Truman smiled. “We’ve been expecting you. Your Dad called and said you were coming today.” She took out two uniforms that looked exactly like the uniforms all the boys were wearing. “Here are your uniforms!”

“Well at least they have a sort’ve jacket vest thing. I suppose that’ll do,” Draco said as we took the uniforms. “Thanks.” He then said aloud to Ms. Truman.

“You can go to the bathroom and change. You’ll be late to class but it’ll be okay, you’re excused today,” Ms. Truman said.

“Thank you,” Draco said. “Alright let's get this over with and head to math. Hopefully you won’t have missed too much.”

“It’s just math. Doesn’t matter to me,” I replied.

“Here’s a map of the school so you can get around.” Arthur handed me and Draco a map. “See ya at lunch!”

“Yeah sure,” Draco said as we headed to the bathroom.   

After we got changed and put our old clothes in our backpacks, we headed out to our first class. Both me and Draco had math. Same class so we headed there together.

Though, I didn't like these uniforms. And the red tie looked really weird to me, and it looked really stupid. Definitely not my style.

As we walked, I noticed that the hallways were empty, except for a few people who just stared at us as we walked by. I let Draco lead us to the room as I just looked around at the building as we walked.

There were lockers and doors in the hallways. Two floors, or maybe three. I wasn’t sure. But at the left side of the hallways were windows that showed the courtyard, as there were also doors. Classrooms were on the right side of the hallways. This building was shaped like a big square.

There was also a cafeteria downstairs, and there were tables and stuff in the courtyard so people could eat out there. Our math class was on the second floor, so we did have to walk up stairs to get there.

“Broshi, come on!” I then heard Draco talking to me.

I was distracted with looking at the area that I didn’t notice we had arrived. Draco and I entered the classroom labeled ‘2B’ which was where our math class was.

“Oh, there you are! Looks like you got your uniforms!” The teacher was a bald old man who was surprisingly pretty enthusiastic. “Sit down, Draco and Broshi. You didn’t really miss much.”

I looked at the classroom as Draco went to take a seat in one of the empty chairs in the front. It was a mixed classroom with boys and girls, and the desks were separated across the room. All the seats were taken except for two of the front seats. I took a seat next to Draco. He was sitting by the corner, to my left. To my right was this big muscular guy. Draco didn’t look very happy to see that guy for a few seconds but then just shook it off.

“Anyway, let’s continue. Today we’re going to continue with simplifying radicals!” The teacher said. I didn’t know what his name was.

As the teacher kept babbling about whatever the frick radicals were, I turned to Draco.

“Bro, what’s the teacher’s name?” I asked him.

“Mr. Gardel,” Draco replied

“Oh okay.” I looked over at Mr. Gardel and he was writing a bunch of numbers and symbols on the board.

“Huh. This’ll be pretty hard for you to pick up,” Draco said to me.

“No kidding, he’s just writing a bunch of numbers on the board. What… what the heck is that supposed to mean? It’s a long check mark thing!” I said.

“Shh, no talking Broshi,” Mr. Gardel said.

“Oh. Right.” I forgot that in school you weren’t supposed to talk when the teacher was talking.  

“And the ‘long check mark thing’ is called a radical,” Mr. Gardel said. Everyone in the class giggled and snickered a bit.

Draco just patted me on the back. I think he was the only person who didn’t laugh. I didn’t even get why everyone was laughing.

But when I overheard the word ‘idiot’ coming from the back of the classroom, I understood. They were calling me an idiot. Eh. Not like that’s gonna bother me… I think. I’ll let it slide this time. Spare their life.

“Anyway…” Mr. Gardel then went on with explaining stuff about simplifying radicals. Whatever a radical was. (I’m pretty sure it was a long check mark that goes above the numbers because they’re approved or something)

I then noticed Draco was writing stuff down in a notebook. He was writing pretty fast. In fact, everyone in the class but me was taking notes. Like, what was I supposed to take notes on? This class is boring.

The others seemed to be writing a lot slower than Draco though. And their notes looked a bit different.

“Okay class, who can tell me the answer to this problem?” Mr. Gardel then said. “What is the cube root of eight A to the power of six, B to the power of twelve?”

Draco raised his hand in like, a millisecond.

“Yes, Draco?”

“Two A squared, B to the power of four,” Draco answered.

“Correct!” Mr. Gardel praised him.

I looked over at Draco, raising an eyebrow. “The heck you just say?”

“It’s the answer, bro. I’ll teach it to you later,” He replied mentally so the teacher didn’t have to tell us to be quiet. He had gone back to writing as soon as he had said the answer. “That’s what I’ve been writing down. I already know this stuff. So I’m basically making a radicals course summary for you so you know what we’re doing by at least a bit.”

“Oh.” I looked back at the board and was still confused on what was going on up there.

“Let’s just hope he doesn’t give us a test in class today,” Draco said.

After a few minutes, the teacher then announced, “Pop quiz everyone! Clear your desks!”

“Ah, frick all,” Draco said.

Papers went all over the room and then I found a sheet of paper in front of me, with a bunch of numbers and symbols on them.

“Lemme guess, you don’t understand it?” Draco then asked as I noticed he was speeding through his piece of paper.

“Well no, I can understand the top. Where it says name, date, and block,” I replied as I then filled in my name.

“Hoo boy,” I heard Draco say. “Well, looks like I might have to help you so you don’t get an F on the first day.”

“Yeah, uh… what’re the answers?” I asked. “Cuz I don’t get any of this.”

“Alright just write these numbers down when I tell you,” Draco sighed. He then gradually began listing numbers for me to write down for each section of the paper in our minds. I wrote down everything he said. It looked kind of weird as I wrote though. I had no clue what I was writing.

“So… why do I need all this writing for just one problem?” I asked.

“Cuz you need to show your work. I’m giving it to you differently too so they don’t think you cheated off of me,” Draco replied as he then got out of his seat and then walked over to Mr. Gardel and handed him his paper. As he did he kept listing numbers. Probably to lower suspicion, as there’s very little of a chance that I could be cheating on a test that was across the room.

He then sat back down next to me and kept listing numbers while acting like he was looking off into space.

We kept doing this until I had finished both sides of the paper.

“Alright, now you just go and hand it to Mr. Gardel,” Draco said.

I got up and handed the paper to Mr. Gardel. He nodded in approval as he took it. As I went back to my seat, I noticed my classmates looking up at me. They looked kind of surprised. I just smirked at them and sat back down.

“They’re probably surprised you and I got it done so fast,” Draco said as he smirked a bit.

“Ha! They’re all so lame.” I smirked in my seat. “Oh yeah, what’s with you and the dude sitting to my right?”

“He’s someone who used to bully me before I became an Ultimate,” Draco replied. “He’s probably not a big deal to me anymore but he just gives me some bad flashbacks.”

“Ohhhh. What’s his name?”

“He calls himself Butchrel,” Draco said. “He claimed I wasn’t worthy of knowing his actual name. Said that to most people actually. Frankly, I hope he’s part of the ‘Terrible Ten’ purely so I can flick him into the ground.”

“Oh.” I then watched as Butchrel turned in his test. On his way back to his seat, I spoke to him. “Aye, yo! Are you part of the Terrible Ten?”

Butchrel looked down at me and nodded. He was taller than I first thought. “Second strongest guy in the school, man. You’re gonna fight Torin at lunch, huh? Good luck man. He’s really strong when he’s trying.”

“He’ll be easy to beat, you’ll see,” I assured him, sitting back in my seat with my legs on the desk.

He then noticed Draco sitting next to me. Draco noticed him as well.

Draco just glared at him. He made a sort’ve low growling sound as well. Butchrel laughed silently to himself, and sat with one leg crossing over the other.

“Good luck, man,” He then said. “Also, I didn’t know Draco had a twin. You two look exactly the same. Only your eyes are different.”

“Yeah, he does have a twin. And his twin is the better one,” I replied.

Draco immediately stopped growling for a second just to roll his eyes. I chuckled.

“Well, I’m stronger than him, that’s for sure. But he’s better at math than me. And most school stuff,” I said.

“But you were like, the second person to finish that pop quiz,” Butchrel said.

“I know. And he’s better. Do the math.” I smirked at him. ‘That’s right, bruh, my brother is a smart dude.’ That’s what my eyes were telling him.

“Another nerd? We already have Arthur who’s a geek…” Butchrel sighed. “Oh yeah, Draco, I do apologize for my past behavior with you. It was wrong of me to pick on you like that.”

Draco just crossed his arms. “I’m still gonna beat you and the eight other members of your so called ‘Terrible Ten’. I’d fight Torin too. But Broshi has got it under control.”

“Sure, that sounds pretty fun. Though, I don’t think either you and Broshi would win. We’re pretty strong guys. Anyone who faces us, they turn out in terrible condition afterwards. That’s why we’re the Terrible Ten.” Butchrel smirked.

Draco just smirked back. He did a little laugh as well.

Then the bell rang and everyone got up to leave. I was surprised that Mr. Gardel didn’t tell us to shut up since we were talking while other people were doing tests. Weird. But whatever. I didn’t care, and I’m not complaining.

“Well, then see ya guys later.” Butchrel waved as he then walked out. He didn’t seem that bad. Probably was a bully like Draco said in the past, but now he was pretty chill. And he wasn’t annoying. So I didn’t want to really pick on him.

The class cleared out and it was just me and Draco in the room, with the teacher. There were some people coming in for their next class too.

“So… what’s next?” I asked Draco.

He stood up from his chair and got out his schedule.

“Well, lunch is after the next 4 classes,” Draco said. “We have Social Studies next, then Literacy, then Chemistry… Oh, would you look at that, we have a free period before lunch! So basically double free period!”

“Lit.” I smiled.

“At least now I don’t have to worry about running out of time.” Draco smiled. “Now come on. We have to get to Social Studies.”

“The heck is Social Studies?” I questioned as we walked out of the classroom.

“Basically a class teaching and testing you about history. Most likely it's gonna be about Aerth’s history specifically, so this is probably gonna be the one class we’re both lost in. Because I never saw it necessary to read about specifically Aerth’s history,” Draco explained.

“Who the frick cares about Aerth’s history?” I grumbled as we walked through the hallways.

“Apparently we’re supposed to,” Draco said. “But to be honest, I’ve always been more invested in total galaxy history. That would actually be more useful  than learning about one specific planet.”

“That sounds slightly less boring,” I replied. “Just slightly.”

“Well it’s really long. Like, ridiculously long.”

“No duh, it’s ‘total galaxy’ history. The galaxy has been around for a long time,” I said.

“NOOOOOOOOOO, YA DON’T SAY,” Draco said with sarcasm in his voice. We then arrived at a classroom. “Anyway, we’re here.”

The two of us entered the classroom, and only a few students were there chatting. I didn’t know where to sit so I just stood in the front of the classroom and waited for everyone to get here. The bell rung after awhile, and the students all went to their seats. There was an open seat in the back, and one in the front. Heck yeah, I was sitting in the back.

So I walked over to the seat in the back and sat down while Draco took the seat in the front. I looked around to see who was around me and I noticed I was surrounded by girls. And they were all looking at me.

I could hear Draco mentally snickering as I noticed this. The teacher started talking and was giving a presentation, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying because the girls around me kept glancing over at me. What the heck was their problem?

“What’re you looking at?” I hissed at them.

They giggled silently as they exchanged looks with each other. I really don’t understand girls…

Then the girl sitting to my left spoke up. “You’re the guy who challenged Torin. You’re going to lose, you know.”

“Frick nah, he’s going to be on his knees after I’m done with him,” I retorted.

“Dream on, new guy,” the girl to my right laughed. “Torin is the strongest and the hottest guy in the school. You aren’t even worthy of competing with him.”

“Oh now they’re insulting you,” Draco said to me mentally. Was he eavesdropping instead of paying attention to whatever the frick the teacher was saying? “That’s gotta get you pretty riled up, eh bro?”

“Shut up!” I snapped at him mentally. “Pay attention to the teacher!”

“*COUGH* Hypocrite. *COUGH*,” Draco remarked. Even though he wasn’t looking back at me, I was almost positive that he had a smirk on his face.

The girls around me were still talking and bragging about the brat Torin and how hot he was and how strong he was.

“You’re all weaklings!” I then snapped at them in a whisper voice. “I’m going to beat Torin to a pulp at lunch today! Just you watch!”

“In your dreams,” the girl to my left laughed. “You’re the weakling here.”

“No I’m not.” They dare call me weak…

“Torin is going to kill you,” the girl to my right laughed.

“No he’s not,” I growled.

“You’re going to lose and embarrass yourself in front of the whole school on your first day,” the girl sitting in front of me giggled.

“No I won’t!” I growled a little louder, clenching my fists.

“Hey bro, it’s okay. They’re just mocking you. Doesn’t matter what they say. You're gonna win regardless. Just ignore them. Then you’ll get to see them get all upset about you no longer taking their bull,” Draco said reassuringly. He was also snickering, probably imagining the girls getting mad after I beat Torin with just my pinky finger.

But he was right, I shouldn’t take their bull. I calmed myself down and tried to pay attention to the teacher. The teacher was a brown haired man who wore a suit and he was talking about colonization or something. What the frick was colonization?

“He’s going to be humiliated.” I still could hear the girls giggling around me.

“He’s going to lose so badly.”

“I’m so going to record this and post it Pichat.”

I was getting mad as they continued making comments about me being weak and losing to Torin. I clenched my fists again.

“Broshi is gonna be known as the weakest and ugliest guy in the school,” the girl to my left then snickered. “He’s going to lose in like, five seconds.”

“I WILL NOT LOSE!” I smashed the desk in front of me, crushing it to the ground. I had lost it.

It took me a moment to realize what I just did, and the floor was about to break. But I quickly stopped it, releasing a dark vine from my back and making it come out of my pants, holding the crushed desk in place and leaving the floor undamaged.

But the damage to the desk had already happened, in front of everyone. As I looked around, the whole class, including the teacher, was looking at me with a very surprised look on their faces.

“Ohhh… oh dear…” Draco said mentally.

Knowing that this was what Dad didn’t want to happen, I quickly teleported to another room and got a new desk before teleporting back to where I was supposed to be. I sat down in front of the new desk and pretended that nothing had happened. Everyone was still staring at me, with shocked expressions on their faces.

“What?” I asked.

“D-did you just…” The girls that were making fun of me earlier stuttered.

“Your imagination,” I replied. “Desk is right here, safe and sound. Don’t know what you saw, but you probably saw wrong.”

People were still pretty surprised but now they looked confused as they looked around the classroom and at me. I just sat there, smirking.

“What just happened!?” “Is it just me or did Broshi just crush that desk?” “I swear I saw a black snake coming out of his pants for a second…” Everyone started talking about what happened.

“Settle down, class! Nothing happened! It was all your imagination!” The teacher then stopped everyone from talking.

“But teacher, it’s impossible for everyone to imagine the same thing at the same time!” One of the boys in the class said.

The teacher hesitated and couldn’t come up with something to say. But he didn’t have to say anything because the bell rang and class was dismissed. Everyone got out of the classroom, and I knew they were about to spread rumors about what they had just witnessed.

As I was walking up to exit the room, Draco walked over and was about to say something to me. But the teacher spoke to me first.

“What was that, Broshi?” the teacher asked, looking down at me.

“It wasn’t anything. Just your imagination,” I replied.

Draco just kinda sighed in a defeated tone.

“It wasn’t my imagination. You broke school property,” the teacher said. “Somehow.”

“Well, Broshi is really strong compared to the average human,” Draco said. “We’re… sorry about the desk.”

The teacher sighed for a moment. “If you would like, I can change the seating chart so you don’t have to sit next to them.”

“Nah, after that, I’m sure they won’t bother me,” I said. And because after lunch today, they would see who is truly the strongest.

“I mean, especially if you combine that with what’s gonna happen at lunch,” Draco added.

The teacher nodded at us. “Very well… I’ll give it a day or two and if it continues to be a problem, then I’ll do something about it.”

“Thank you.” Draco did a little bow before grabbing me and taking both of us out of the room with our backpacks.

We walked through the hallways silently, and people were looking over at me every time I passed by. Some of them snickered and some of them looked a bit spooked. Looks like word got out. Heh. Better watch out, weakos, cuz I can easily crush you all like I crushed that desk earlier.

“What’s our next class?” I then asked Draco.

“Literacy,” Draco answered. “Basically reading and writing.”

“Oh I can do that. Shouldn’t be a problem then.” I was really only looking forward to lunch… Heh…

Prepare yourself, Torin… I’m going to beat you up.

to be continued in the next chapter... 

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