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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 4) [Fighting That Weakling Torin]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 4) [Fighting That Weakling Torin]

Posted May 27th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 4 - Broshi

{Fighting That Weakling Torin}


A giant circle of people surrounded me and Torin. Torin was in a fighting stance while I just kind of stood there.

“You’re not worthy even hear my voice, but I’ll let you hear it just this time,” Torin then said to me.

“You’re not worthy to be the strongest guy at this school,” I retorted. “What are you waiting for? Hit me already.”

Torin looked a bit confused for a second, but then shook it off as he got ready to hit. The crowd was now cheering again. Specifically cheering Torin’s name.

I looked over at the crowd for a second and spotted Asuza. She gave me a thumbs up with a smile. I nodded at her and smirked. She wanted me to beat this dude up anyway. So I’ll do it. Not for her, don’t get me wrong. I’m doing it to take his place because he’s not worthy.

“This is your last chance to back out,” Torin said, moving his neck a bit like he was doing some stretches.

“What a weakling,” I scoffed, shaking my head.

Torin then attacked. He sent a punch right at my face. I saw it coming, it seemed to be very slow while it was actually pretty fast. I dodged his punch, moving my head to the right.

Torin looked shocked, and the crowd even gasped.

I then lifted my hand and grabbed Torin’s arm, before thrusting him to the ground. Of course, I was holding back. So the ground was fine. Torin was too.

“GRAH!” Torin screamed.

The crowd went, “Ooooooooh…”

But then, Torin got back up. He tried to punch me again, but this time I blocked it with my left arm. I smirked at him as he looked shocked once more. Then I punched him in the face. That sent him flying a few feet away from me. He crashed to the ground.

“You’re pathetic,” I then said. “You haven’t even landed a single hit on me.”

“Shut up!” Torin seemed very ticked off. He got up, and was sweating. “How dare you make a fool out of me! I’m the strongest guy at Northview!”

“No, I am,” I replied. I then jumped over him, which made the crowd gasp. Before I landed behind him, I kicked him in the back. He was sent right back to the ground.

“Unbelievable… Torin is losing?!” Arthur was also pretty shocked.

Torin then got up and he looked more pissed off than ever. He ran at me with some sort of war cry. He punched me right in the gut.

Except it did nothing. I remained exactly where I was. I looked down at his fist and laughed.

“You really are pathetic,” I commented.

“Impossible… That was my hardest punch…” Torin was panicking as he looked down at his fist.

“You’re just too weak.” I then flicked Torin’s forehead and he went flying a few feet, landing hard on the ground again.

He didn’t get up this time and was just laying on the ground. Everyone was watching him in silence.

And I was smirking.

“Well?” I then said out loud.

Torin then got up once more. I then pushed him back to the ground with my mind. He let out an ‘OOF’ sound.

The whole courtyard went silent again. I looked at the faces of the students and they looked like their hero had just died. Pathetic. Very pathetic.

“I am the strongest!” I then yelled at them all. “I beat your strongest, so now I am the strongest!”

“Y-yes!” Arthur then spoke up. “L-ladies and gentlemen! We have a new champion!” He walked up to me and raised my arm to the air. “I give you, the new strongest student of Northview High…! Broshi Saurashido!”

Everyone then cheered for me, throwing their arms to the air. Then everyone was chanting my name.

“Bro-shi! Bro-shi! Bro-shi!” The whole courtyard chanted my name. Meanwhile, I saw Torin trying to escape from the courtyard, looking all beat up.

“Hey, where are you going?!” I called to him.

Torin turned around, looking very pissed. He raised his hand and stuck out his middle finger at me. The heck does that mean?

Before I could ask him about it, he was gone. And the whole crowd had surrounded me so I couldn’t see him anymore.

“Wow Broshi, you’re so strong!” “You’re so hot!” “Can I have your autograph?!” I heard a bunch of people talking to me all at once. And they continued and continued talking to me. It was starting to get very annoying.  

“Alright people that’s enough, don’t swarm the guy. He hates that,” I then heard Draco say as he started pushing people away. “If you guys keep that up he’ll probably do something like what he did to Mr. Flip Off over there.”

Draco then pointed off in the direction Torin went.

“Yeah, everyone, let’s all go eat our lunches now!” Arthur said.

People then backed away from me and went off to get their lunches and stuff. I was no longer surrounded. Draco was the only one who was standing with me now.

“Huh, I guess Torins utter failure against you caused them to forget about my round against the other members of the Terrible Ten that was planned. Oh well,” I heard Draco say mentally.

“Well, after what they’ve seen me do, I don’t think they’d want to mess with my twin. I don’t blame them for ‘forgetting’,” I replied.

“So does that just make me second place by default? That’s boring,” Draco sighed.

“Well, you didn’t actually challenge them. So go and challenge the second strongest dude,” I suggested.

“Alright.” Draco shrugged before walking off to probably go do that.

“Wait, before that!” I called to Draco as he was walking. “Where do we get our food?”

“Just ask that Asuza girl or something, I’mma go find the second strongest guy now. Or third now I guess after your display,” Draco said as he continued walking away.

“Alright.” I nodded. As he was finding that Butchrel dude, since he was the second strongest. Or well, fourth strongest after Draco beats him. Though, I wondered how Draco knew that Asuza girl’s name when he wasn’t there when I met her. Maybe he knew her before, when he was still on Aerth as a kid.

I looked around for the Asuza girl but I didn’t find her. I saw that most of the students were inside the building, in the cafeteria. So I walked on in. But on the way, I spotted Torin sitting alone behind a tree.

So I walked up to him.

“Yo,” I said.

“Get lost,” Torin replied, without looking at me. “Frick off, you mother fricker.” He stuck out his middle finger at me again.

“What the heck does that hand gesture mean anyway?” I decided to ask.

“This? It means go frick yourself,” Torin growled. “It’s called flipping off.”

What? But nothing is being flipped here. That doesn’t make any sense to me. But hey, it must just be sign language or something for frick yourself. Or frick off. Sounds alright to me.

“Alright, well, what’s up with ya? How come you’re over here all alone? I thought you were popular,” I said to him.

“Because you fricking took my spot, you bish!” Torin remarked.

“So? You’re gonna cry over here?” I replied.

“Frick off, bish,” Torin retorted.

“Nah, I’d rather not. Unless you show me where to get lunch, since I don’t know where that is,” I replied.

“Inside there, ya frickin’ idiot,” Torin said.

“Alright, thanks man.” I walked away from that lonely loser and walked into the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was crowded, and there were a bunch of tables all over. I spotted people in a line at the end of the cafeteria. That must be where I get my food. So I went on in line.

“Oh mah gawd, it’s Broshi!” The girl in front of me squealed.

“Broshi! Go ahead and go first!” Everyone else just got out of the line and let me head on first. Sweet, being the strongest ruled.

I went on in and these ladies gave me a plate with food. Looked like everyone got the same plate. Nice. The food looked alright too.

I then exited the area where people got their food, the kitchen place, and went out into the cafeteria. There were a lot of tables… and almost all of them were full. Where should I sit…

As I was looking for a place to sit, I spotted Draco at a table not too far from where I was. I walked on over and saw he was talking with that Butchrel guy.

“Listen man, we can fight later,” Butchrel was saying. He then noticed me as I approached their table. “Besides, if you’re anywhere near as strong as Broshi is, I don’t really want to fight you. I’d obviously lose.”

“Fine.” Draco rolled his eyes.

“You can take my place without a fight if you are anywhere near as strong as him,” Butchrel said, eating a sandwich.

“I’m close. But he’s had a lot of time to get better than me. So right now he’s a lot stronger than me.” Draco shrugged.

“Oh. Then I might have a chance, we could fight after I finish this sandwich,” Butchrel said, taking another bite from his sandwich.

“If that’s how you interpret it, then sure,” Draco said.

“Alright.” Butchrel then finished his sandwich after a few moments. “Let’s do this.” He stood up, and all the people sitting at his table, his buddies, got up as well.

Draco got up and stretched.

“We’ll handle this outside,” Butchrel said, walking out into the courtyard. His whole table followed him outside.

Draco followed him outside. I looked down at my plate with the food, and then I quickly ate all of it by dumping it right into my mouth. The food didn’t taste too bad. It was just fine like any other food I’ve eaten.

I then put the empty tray at Butchrel’s table and I went on outside to watch the fight. I found them in the corner of the courtyard, since there were people sitting outside to eat. Draco and Butchrel stood across from each other, and Butchrel’s buddies surrounded them.

They were doing warm ups and getting ready to fight. I already knew how this was going to end anyway, heh.

Before they started fighting, I looked back at the tree that Torin was hiding behind. I could see his head, he was watching this battle. But once he saw me looking at him, he quickly hid. What a pathetic dude.

“Alright, you ready?” Butchrel then said.

“As ready as you are,” Draco said confidently.

“Alright, let’s go!” Butchrel sent the first attack, punching Draco in the chest.

It just kinda stopped there at Draco’s chest. Neither of them moved. Draco just kinda looked down at his hand with an unsurprised look displayed on his face.

Butchrel then sent a few other punches at Draco’s face, and it looked like he put more power into them.

The punches managed to push into Draco’s cheeks like any normal object, but besides that, Draco was completely fine.

“Hmm. Maybe I’ll just end this now then,” Draco said, raising up his right hand and put it into the configuration that people would use to do a flick. He positioned his hand to Butchrel’s chest and, well… flicked him.

And Butchrel went flying into the ground.

“I… I thought you said he’s a lot stronger than you…!” Butchrel said, looking up at me from his position on the ground.

“Oh he is, check this,” Draco said as he then did the same thing to me, but I didn’t budge. Or feel it really. Just felt like a normal flick.

“H-how?” Butchrel was shocked as he got back up. All his buddies looked just as surprised as well.

“High amounts of strength runs in our family. Near superhuman you could call us. We’re still just as human as any of you all though,” Draco said.

“Come to think of it, there were rumors about another guy with the last name Saurashido who was the strongest at this school before…” Butchrel said.

“Hmmm. Maybe you mean our older brother Alex. Unless it was from a much longer time ago. Then that might be our Dad,” Draco said. “Like I said, it runs in the family.”

“Amazing…” Butchrel murmured. “Well, you’re the second strongest now.”

“Cool,” Draco said. It wasn’t a big deal to us at all since everyone here is a weakling.

“Welp, now we got that all taken care of. We’re like, the top of the school now,” Draco said mentally.

“Heck yeah,” I replied.

“Heh, I can just imagine what people would say about us after we graduate from high school,” Draco said. “Especially considering the kinds of things they were saying about Torin and then you and I could just flick him through a wall if we wanted.”

“Hehe.” I laughed.

Then the bell rang. I guess lunch was over.

“What we got next?” I asked Draco.

“Hmmm…” Draco looked at our schedule. “Oh! We don’t have any! Schools over, in fact. I guess it ends with lunch.”

“Oh, heck yeah!” I exclaimed.

“That means we can go train and stuff,” Draco said.

“Well, all the required classes happen before lunch,” Butchrel informed us. “The electives you have to sign up for and you take those after lunch.”

“Electives? The heck are those?” I questioned.

“Like art and technology,” Butchrel replied.

“Hmm, looks like Dad didn’t sign us up for any of those according to the schedule he gave us,” Draco said.

“I’d go to the office and sign up for some then,” Butchrel responded.

“Nah, I don’t want to have any more classes than necessary. Let’s go home,” I said.

“Do as you like, I gotta get to class,” Butchrel said. He waved goodbye before he disappeared into the school building.

“Welp, suppose we should start going home,” Draco then said.

“Yeah. You didn’t have any lunch though. Want to roam the town and eat at some restaurants?” I asked my brother.

“Nah, I’ll be fine,” Draco said.

“Alright then, we can go home.” I began walking to enter the school building just so I can get out of the school altogether.

This first day of school has been quite the experience. I didn’t really enjoy my time here, it was very boring. Well, just the classes. Becoming the strongest was my favorite part of this day.

Today was also Thursday so there was school tomorrow. I wonder how the second day of school will go…

to be continued in the next chapter....

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