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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 5) [My Retrospective Self… Past Mistakes…]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 5) [My Retrospective Self… Past Mistakes…]

Posted May 29th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 5 - Draco

{My Retrospective Self… Past Mistakes…}


Broshi and I headed on the gravel road to go home. We kinda just walked since there was no need to be in such a hurry. School was pretty interesting. Though, I still wanted to see if I could test out of the classes that were too easy for me. After all, I’ve already learned a lot of this stuff back when I used to read a lot of books back at Glares place and at the complex.

“So, you want to train or something?” Broshi then asked.

We both were still in our uniforms, so we planned to change back into our normal clothes when we got back home.

Then we could train to pass the time. It was at least something to look forward to.

“Draco?” Broshi said my name.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“You wanna train in the same place?” Broshi questioned. “Or should we find a new place?”

“Whichever is more convenient bro.” I shrugged.

“Then maybe.”

Just then, I could hear a vehicle riding the gravel road we were walking on. Broshi and I turned our heads and looked back, and saw there was a red pickup truck coming our way.

Quickly, I grabbed Broshi’s arm and simply pulled him as I walked far off the gravel road. The truck slowed down instead of passing us, and stopped right in front of us. The door opened, and out came…

“So you frickers don’t even live in town?”

It was Torin, the old ‘strongest’ dude of our school. What was he doing? He must have followed us.

“What do you want?” I asked bluntly.

Torin grumbled and looked at Broshi and I in a very unsettling way. “You thought you could just take my top spot and get away with it just like that? You humiliated me in front of the whole school! You won’t just fricking get away with that!” He yelled.

“So what are you gonna do then?” Broshi asked him.

“We finish the fight here and now,” Torin said, walking closer to Broshi.

I then stood in between the two of them and looked at Torin, making clear eye contact with him. He was starting to get on my nerves.

“We aren’t going to finish anything,” I said coldly to him.

“Shut the frick up you little fricker! You used to be weak as frick back in elementary!” Torin yelled at me, clearly not in a very good mood right now.

“Well guess what Torin?” I said, trying my best to sound calm as I set my hand on his shoulder. Then, in one quick motion I gripped tightly on his shoulder and glared him in the eyes. “I’m a different person now. Don’t try to think I’m that same kid you made fun of back then. Now I’m going to tell you this once. You are going to get back in that truck, turn around, go home, and never bother me or my brother like this. Ever. Again. Am I clear?”

“You may be strong, but I’m not scared of you,” Torin growled.

“Oh? Do you want to test that?” I asked.

“No, I want you to move aside and let me fight Broshi again!” He said.

“Can I just fight him and send him off?” Broshi asked.

“No, I’m just gonna save him some time and embarrassment,” I said as I then picked Torin up by his shirt. I then looked around and spotted a tree. “Alright Torin, here’s the deal. If you don’t leave. I’mma throw you into and through that tree.”

“Ha! How exactly are you gonna throw me? I weigh like a hundred an-”

Not letting him finish his sentence, I picked up a large rock with my other hand and chucked at the top half of the tree, splitting it in half easily.

“Like that,” I said.

“…” Torin stared at the tree. It was mostly a pile of branches and splinters next to a truck with a large hole gouged through it. “Okay, I’ll leave.”

“Good,” I said, dropping him.

Torin then walked back to his truck and entered it. Then he turned the truck around and was on his way back. He lowered down his window and flipped us off in the process.

Honestly, that gesture is so petty.

“Welp, let's get going,” I said.

“I wanted to beat him up though,” Broshi said.

“And I don’t want you to kill someone,” I said as I then pulled him along as we walked down the gravel road.

“I could get rid of him without killing him, you know,” Broshi replied. “But he left before I could say goodbye. This’ll be my goodbye to him then.” Broshi lifted his hand and pointed it at the truck as it was driving away. He then blasted a ball of red plasma at it.

I quickly dashed in front of the blast and knocked it into the sky.

“ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY!?” I yelled at him.

“Maybe.” Broshi just grinned.

“And right after I said I didn’t want you to kill someone too. Ugh.” I held a hand to my face in frustration.

“He didn't get hurt though. See, he’s just fine,” Broshi said.

“That’s only because I deflected it!” I exclaimed.

“I know. I knew you’d do that so I did it,” Broshi replied.

“That doesn’t make it okay that you just shot a blast of plasma at them! You can’t just do whatever you want and expect it to not be punished Broshi! You have to take responsibility for your actions!” I shouted. I was very upset with him. “I can’t always be around to stop you from killing someone or blowing something up!”

“It’s not like anyone likes that dude. If he did die, no one would care,” Broshi said.


“The police won’t be able to do anything to me,” Broshi replied.


“Maybe if I were out in the Elemental System. But on Aerth, everyone is as weak as frick,” Broshi replied.

“Oh and that somehow makes it okay? Oh, so I can just go destroy a city and rob a bank and not have to worry about repercussions from anyone like Father? Oh sure yeah that’s great logic,” I said before holding a hand to my face, trying not to lose my cool more than I already had. “I don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be able to deal with you acting like this.”

“Hey, Dad can’t punish me if he never finds out, you know,” Broshi said.

“You honestly think you can just hide stuff like that from him? How dumb do you think he is? Broshi, this is literally the same man who somehow got away from the EFAI’s potential collapse without a crime to his name. And keep in mind, that's the same place that literally gave you and the other subjects TRACKER BLOOD. He WILL find out if you do something. This is why I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to deal with you for however long I’m stuck here. You never think things through. You always follow your ego rather than whatever you have up in that skull of yours. I can barely keep my wits about myself right now. I don’t even know how I’m gonna be able to stay sane after like a week. I. JUST. CAN’T. TAKE IT!” I screamed.

“Calm down, bro,” Broshi said.

“DON’T YOU TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! YOU'RE THE REASON I’M EVEN ACTING LIKE THIS!” I yelled, pointing at him and taking a step towards him, I could feel the gravel beneath my feet crumble easily.

“You’re misunderstanding my thought process. At least let me explain, bro,” Broshi replied.


“Well, first off, you should calm down or you’re gonna destroy your uniform,” Broshi pointed out. “And second, I’ve always had a thought process. It just got better over time.”

I just stood there, glaring at him. I could feel something burning inside. It felt familiar. “OH, THEN PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOUR SOMEHOW GOING TO HIDE STUFF LIKE THAT FROM HIM. PLEASE. THIS SHOULD BE FUNNY.”

“Not really. I just disintegrate the corpse and hide all the evidence. It's not very hard,” Broshi replied.

I just laughed.

“Seriously, that’s my method. It works even in the Elemental System. Remember, I used to work for the EFAI. I’m pretty much a skilled criminal,” Broshi laughed.

“I’m not laughing at the method exactly. I’m just laughing at thinking how long it’ll take before you somehow turn this place into a ghost town if there are somehow any witnesses,” I said, smiling even though I was absolutely livid.

“Nahhh, I won’t kill everyone. I’m not as bad as I used to be.” Broshi waved his hand at me.

I just laughed more.

“I won’t kill anyone unless they annoy me too much, so you don’t have to worry,” Broshi assured me. “Cuz I’d scare them off and they wouldn’t come near me again.”

I could barely hear him at this point. Over both my laughter and the thoughts racing through my head.

“Okay, why are you still laughing? What’s so funny?” Broshi asked.

“Because now I know exactly why I’m here. All the events that lead me to this specific point,” I said with a crazed smile.

“And…?” Broshi questioned, crossing his arms.

“My mistakes,” I said as I started walking towards him again. That smile still on my face. “Every single one of them ensuring this path of mine.”

“So? I doubt you made any more mistakes than I have. If anything, I should be complaining,” Broshi responded. “Also, wipe that creepy smile off your face. You’re not acting like the Draco I know.”

“That’s the thing. There was a time where I had a lot of ego like you do now. Lots of people hated it. YOU hated it. And guess what all it got me? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but loss of lives and defeats. Because I had too much pride to admit I was too weak to do anything. That I was always behind everyone else from the moment I got my crystal and was too malnourished to even handle it. That I couldn’t even try to avenge someone if I tried, even if I was angry. I couldn’t do anything. I literally had to get beaten to the point of death by Mehrunes to even become useful in some form!” I said. “Heck, I’ve disappeared into nowhere from my friends twice now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all think I’m dead! And the main reason I’m even here, is because I wasn’t strong enough to get away from ONE person. And now here I am!”

Broshi just stayed quiet as he looked at me, raising his right eyebrow curiously.

“All I wanted was just to get to my goal. To make friends. And now, I don’t have either of them. My friends are all gone somewhere else, and even fate doesn’t support my goal. So what’s the point?” I said.

“So you're saying I'm not your friend?” Broshi asked.

“I don’t even know anymore,” I said. “You’ve used me to cheat, used me because you know you can get away with things if I’m around because I want your life to be better than mine. But I’m not even sure I can change you. So why should I even bother with anything? The only reason I was even around was because I had something I wanted to live towards. And people who supported me. But now I have neither of those things. And now all I’m given is being stuck on the same stupid rock I started on.”

“C’mon, it's not that bad here on Aerth,” Broshi said.

“And what would you know about this place?” I asked him. “I’ve been here far longer than you ever have.”

“That's true. But everyone here is weak and we can practically do whatever we want. It's not that bad bro,” he answered.

I just sighed and turned away from him and started walking down the road to our house.

“I'll leave ya alone until you're back to normal,” Broshi said. “Or until I decide to talk to you.”

I just stayed quiet as I walked away. I had too much going on in my head to respond to him.

Eventually he just disappeared somewhere, leaving me all alone.

I continued to walk back to the house by myself and dropped off my school stuff and changed into my more durable clothes. I left a little floating plasma sphere in my room, specifically in a place no one would see from outside so I could just teleport back if need be.

I then left the house and headed off in the direction of where Broshi and I trained the previous day. Once I reached there, I then walked off farther into the non inhabited area. I just needed to be alone and work of stress. Training seemed pointless now. There was seemingly no point for me to keep going but it was at least something to do.

I decided I wanted to try acclimating to Sparking Spirit Times Fifty, so I did that. I just activated it and sort’ve stood there, the bright red aura throwing everything around me for a few feet in a turbulent spin. The sting and pressure of the aura helped with the sort’ve numbness I was feeling. That just left me to process my thoughts and past experiences.

Mainly the ones I deemed as my mistakes or failures.

The first one simply being when I first tried using my crystal.

Satu, Ich and I were all so excited. They managed to absorb theirs without a problem. But I just collapsed after absorbing mine. Glare said it was due to malnourishment. That my muscles and body physically were too weak to handle it.

So while I had to improve my body and train a different way in order to handle my crystal, Ich and Satu were able to get ahead of me. They always seemed to learn and master things so quickly. From floating, to making structures. It’s like they were naturals.

But nearly every time I tried, I could barely do it or not do it at all. To make it worse, there was a period where I was stuck in some sort of vision trance state and couldn’t wake up for two weeks. While I’m not sure if I could’ve prevented that, it still put me behind. Then, around a year later. I finally seemed to be getting into the stride of things. Ich and Saturo had just come back after leaving for their planet Hindro for a year. But I had grown cocky and arrogant with them not there.

The only person besides Glare who was there was Mehrunes. And he beat me a lot. Due to arrogance or not, I just couldn’t deal with him. Heck, as events unfurled during that year I couldn’t really deal with anyone. And all of that came to a head when Uchiho was killed by John Ceno’s dad. Uchiho was a girl I had a crush on back then. Mostly everyone liked her, and she was also the ‘healer’ of our group back then. But we couldn’t do anything about her getting killed by John’s dad. I couldn’t do anything about it. She was just dead the moment it happened.

I got upset, of course, and tried to attack him but he just flicked me away like an insect. Combine that with soon after having to try and help save the kids of one of my friends species from their mortal enemy in a gladiator tournament to the death. All of that stress as well as getting beaten to the point of death by a person who’s always won against you before and… well…

My eyes then ignited with cyan fire in response to thinking about it.

That’s how limits are broken.

But even those limits couldn't help against things like legendary beasts and manifestations of darkness. I couldn’t really see what Dakrus did to me. Saturo said he cut me in half horizontally at my waist. Sure felt like it at least. I hurt so much before just getting enveloped in black. Sure, what happened afterward wasn’t all bad. It is the place where I met Fucia and all.

But still. Throughout most of it, I couldn’t do anything. Once we escaped, it seemed like it could only get better. There was even a tournament coming up. I lost in the second round of the tournament however by Jasper, one of Hematite’s relatives. I couldn’t even land a dent on him. Not to mention that he also limited my ability to fly permanently by melting wings I had back then. Then after that came all of the EFAI stuff. Attempted kidnappings, takeovers of kingdoms, capturing of friends and pets… it was bad.

All of that ended up at when some people I knew decided to infiltrate an EFAI space station to get files so they could get it shut down. Fucia and I were asked to help if needed and we agreed.

We were only there for probably twenty minutes at most. I know Fucia survived because of what Plasmus told me and everyone got out okay and they got it shut down. But… despite that, I just can’t look back at it with anything else but frustration.

All it took was three minutes. Three minutes for me to get stuck on this darn stupid rock floating through space again.

Three minutes, two boys, one man, and some dialogue.

Who knew that's all it took to cause me to explode with energy, power, and rage which made my father have to put me in a coma for a month. There was just so, so many things that I couldn’t do anything about. That I couldn’t stop.

My mind just couldn’t handle that. And I could see why. There’s little point to focus on the negative in life. That’s what I thought. I tried to be an optimist. But at this point, there are so many negative events that I can’t avoid them anymore.

This spot I’m in just reminds me more of what happend at the station.

I know what I’m doing shouldn't be bothering me. I shouldn’t be letting it get to me like this. Only this time, I could argue my assumptions may have a point. Which is ironic considering the point is that there is no point to what I do. No matter what I’ve done, I’ve always been behind someone. I never really cared about it before because my goal never said I had to be in the front. And my friends always helped me think about something else. But my goal can only help me so much when fate seems to like making things happen to contradict it. To make me show how weak I am, how I can’t accomplish things. And none of my friends are here. I don’t even know if they know where I am. Probably not. But regardless, I can’t really see what I’m supposed to be working towards.

I was so deep in my thoughts I could barely tell that the sting and pressure from the Sparking Spirit was fading.

What am I supposed to do? I’m all alone here besides Plasmus. I just can’t find a reason to do things.

I just need something to show me why I should wait to see what happens rather than just giving up. Heh. There's the optimist in me again.

I just sort’ve looked up into the sky. It was starting to get dark. I could see the sky turning a mix of orange and purple. I just stared upwards into space. To the place I couldn’t go.

Even with all the negativity running through me, the optimistic, normal side of me had room to wonder.

‘How are the others all doing out there, among the stars?’

I hope they're doing better than me. Whether they’ve moved on from my disappearance or not.

I then lied down on the ground looking up into the sky as the Sparking Spirit Times Fifty I had acclimated to faded away as I relaxed on the grass.

At least I could find solace somewhere with all the stuff going through my head.

to be continued in the next chapter...

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