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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 6) [Back To School]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 6) [Back To School]

Posted June 2nd, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 6 - Draco

{Back To School}


The next day came, and I was walking back to the school building for another session of boring classes. It was just quiet as I walked by myself. I had no clue where Broshi had gone. I wouldn’t be surprised though if he didn’t come to school.

My mind felt a little clearer compared to yesterday. Probably thanks to sleep. But my mood had changed a bit. Shouldn’t matter in the long run. I might just have to find something to entertain me a bit. Like a joke or something. It should be fine.

By this point I was nearing the school building. I left from home earlier than we had yesterday, so I had more time before school started compared to yesterday.

I couldn’t see many people outside this time. There probably wasn’t a fight happening this morning I guess. I entered the school building and looked around. Most of the school was empty right now. So I walked around the halls to pass the time. Then, after about ten minutes of that, I walked into the library and read through a few books. Another ten minutes gone. And there’s still around half an hour before school starts. Man, this place has nothing to do. What’s even the point of me being here besides the law demanding it? None of the classes are challenging. The food’s eh. A five at best in my opinion compared to other food I’ve had. Plus, nothing of interest happens here.

“Oh, hello Draco!” I then heard a voice behind me. I turned my head away from the book I was reading, and spotted Arthur.

“Oh. Hey Arthur,” I said.

“How’s school treating you?” Arthur asked, taking a seat beside me.

“It’s not treating me anything. This place is boring and none of the classes have any challenge,” I said.

“Ah, yeah, I know how you feel,” Arthur replied. “But you’re gonna have to take the classes even if they’re easy, because you need the credits to graduate.”

“Honestly, I wish I could just graduate now.” I sighed. “At least then I could find classes with actual substance.”

“Mhm.” Arthur nodded. “Hey, where’s your brother?”

“Don’t know, he ran off somewhere after we had a bit of an argument after school yesterday,” I said.

“Oh. I see,” Arthur replied.

“Yeah. So, what brought you to the library?” I asked him as I looked back at the book I was reading.

“I’m always here in the mornings,” Arthur replied. “I tutor other students.”

“Huh. Shoulda guessed,” I said, still reading the book.

“You could sign up to be a tutor and help others pass their classes since it’s easy for you,” Arthur suggested.

“Eh, could be a way to pass time I suppose. So when exactly would I tutor people? Just in the morning?” I asked.

“In the morning and after school,” Arthur answered. “Here at the library.”

“Hmm…” I considered it.

“You could choose either one. I do both, but you could do just mornings if you want,” Arthur said.

“Just mornings sounds good,” I said.

“Alright, then just come here to the library every morning. Just an hour before school starts,” Arthur said with a smile.

“Alright,” I said.

“Also, I heard you’re the second strongest guy in the school now!” Arthur then said.

“Yeah,” I nodded as I finished the book and set it down.

“How are you and Broshi so strong?” Arthur asked. “Is it because you’re Saurashido’s?”

“Yeah, strength runs in our family,” I replied.

“Is it just strength?” Arthur asked, looking quite curious.

“Well there’s also speed, jump height, and a couple other things. You could practically say we’re superhuman,” I replied.

“That’s what I thought,” Arthur said. “Well, having the smarts and the power’s gonna make you pretty popular.”

“Well, that and unlike Broshi I can do more than loathe and boast.” I snickered.

“Oh, he does that huh? I haven’t really spoken with him that much,” Arthur replied.

“It’s about all he can do sometimes,” I said.

“Seems like you two are more like opposites than twins,” he commented.

“Who said twins had to act the same?” I asked. “But yeah, we are kinda contradictory to each other. But we still have things in common. You could say we are a Yin and Yang.”

“That’s interesting, you guys are the only twins at this school,” Arthur said, nodding.

“Well twins aren’t a common occurrence,” I said.

“Yeah, they’re pretty rare,” Arthur agreed. “Say… where did you go back then?”

“Hmm?” I looked at him, confused by what that question meant.

“Four years ago you disappeared without saying anything. Where’d you go?” He asked.

“I’d rather not tell you,” I said.

“Ah okay. I just find it very odd. Broshi appeared out of nowhere too,” Arthur said.

“Well he lived somewhere else for a while, family reasons,” I said.

“Ah. Makes sense.” Arthur nodded. He then looked around the library for any people, and when it was clear, he turned to me. “Say, do you know anything about crystals that give you magical abilities?”

That kinda caught me off guard.

“W-what do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, a long time ago, I found this book about them… I didn’t want anyone else to find out about it so I tried to discard it. But you happened to pick it up,” Arthur answered.

“Wait that was your book? When did you see me get it? I was sitting in an alley,” I said, confused.

“Well I left it there because I had to do something, and when I came back I saw you there and I panicked and hid. But I realized it was you and then calmed down since you aren’t a guy who spreads rumors about things like magical crystals,” Arthur replied. “But you ended up taking it so I never got it back. But it’s fine, I didn’t need it anymore.”

“Well… It was a good book. So there’s that,” I said.

“Though a lot of it was hard to believe. And the book said everything in it was real,” Arthur said. “I didn’t believe anything it said at first. I thought it was just fiction. An idea for a series of novels or something.”

“Well who knows. Could be true, where did ya get it anyway?” I asked.

“I found it in my Dad’s library,” Arthur replied. “Though, I don’t know where he got it from.”

“Hmm… who’s your dad?” I asked.

“Harrison Warrick,” Arthur replied.

“Hmmm… Does he believe the book? Did you ever ask him?” I questioned.

“No, I haven’t asked him.” He shook his head. “He didn’t want me to see the book in the first place, it was in his private library.”

“Hmmm…” I thought to myself. That could mean one of two things, either A. he didn’t want his son to know about what Ultimates are like Ich and Saturos parents. Or maybe he just doesn’t want his son to possibly believe stuff like that. But if that were the case, then why would he still have it? Hmmm… “I’m sure he probably has a reason for it.”

“He has reasons for everything,” Arthur agreed. “But you read the book too, right? Do you believe what it says?”

“I mean…” I wasn’t sure if I should answer that. This IS the same guy who thought I was an alien.

“Well I’ll tell you one thing: Everything in that book is true,” Arthur then said, pressing two fingers against the middle of his glasses. “There are crystals that give you magical powers.”

Now I didn’t know what to make of this situation. He was acting different.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Arthur asked.

“Well, I never said that,” I pointed out.

“I can prove that they exist,” He said. “But you’ll have to keep this a secret between us only, since we’re the only ones who know about this book.”

“Okay, sure.” I mean, I already knew about Ultimate Crystals and stuff. Not like I was gonna tell anyone anyway.

“Alright. Watch.” A yellow Ultimate Crystal came out of Arthur’s chest, as he unabsorbed it. “See?” He then absorbed it again.

“Mhm,” I said, in a not very surprised tone.

“And they work just like the book says they do,” Arthur said. He then noticed that I wasn’t very surprised. “You’re not surprised. Do you have a crystal too?”

I sensed around me to make sure no one else was there before absorbing Plasmus. “I’ve had one for about three and a half years now,” I said calmly before absorbing Plasmus back.

“Wow, so you do have one. What’s your special ability?” Arthur asked.

I then effortlessly made a small ball of plasma in between my hands. Arthur examined it curiously.

“Woah! What is that?” He asked.

“It’s plasma, my main ability,” I said, making the sphere of plasma vanish and turn back into air. “I can also make ice and freeze things as well.”

“Awesome! My ability is a little different, I can’t really make things or have super strength,” Arthur said.

“Oh yeah? What’s yours?” I asked.

“Here, I’ll show you.” Arthur then took off his glasses. He then looked at me in the eyes. All of a sudden, I find myself staring at… myself. Then, a few seconds later, I found myself looking back at Arthur. I watched him as he put on his glasses again. “That’s my ability. I can switch bodies with anyone as long as I make eye contact and have my glasses off. Pretty cool, eh?” He grinned.

“I feel kinda violated,” I commented. “But yeah, it’s interesting.”

“Yeah, it can be useful.” Arthur nodded.

“Unless someone covers their eyes. Or has glasses, or puts a mirror in front of their face,” I said.

“Yeah, I don’t know how to control it very well. I’d have to practice it more,” Arthur said.

“So wait, do you just have it on all the time? Can’t you turn it off?” I asked.

“No. I never got to actually practice it, so I never got to figure out how it works,” Arthur said. “And it’s pretty much always on.”

“Is that why you wear glasses?” I asked.

“Yep.” He nodded.

“So how long have you had it for? The crystal I mean,” I asked.

“Eh, about as long as you,” he replied. “I got it around the time you disappeared.”

“Really? Huh. Then the progress distance between us is bigger than I thought. I thought maybe you had gotten it recently,” I said.

“Well I had no idea how to use the crystal exactly. I just chose a power and bam, I had it. But I can’t control it,” Arthur said.

“Well that answers my question if you had a teacher or not. Clearly not,” I said.

“You’ve had a teacher?” Arthur asked.

“A couple actually,” I replied.

“Who? I don’t know anyone else who has these crystals,” Arthur said.

“You just gotta look harder,” I said with a smirk. I wasn’t entirely lying to him. “Regardless, I haven’t actually had to use my crystal for an actual fight or anything as of yet.”

“Huh. Well, I guess they’re just too useful to the point that they're useless,” Arthur commented.

“Yeah, I guess they would be in this place.” I shrugged.

“Yeah.” He nodded. “I’m still curious on where you went.”

“I certainly went far, I can tell you that much,” I said.

“Well, you’ve called yourself an Aerthian before. Where did you get that word from?” He asked.

“Well, where I went to uses a different language. The language they used referred to humans as Aerthians,” I said. “You know like how other languages have different words for person and stuff.”

“Ah. That’s really interesting,” Arthur said. He then checked his watch. “Well, time has went by really fast! The bell’s gonna ring soon.”

The bell then rung, meaning it was time to get to my first class.

“See ya at lunch!” Arthur waved goodbye as he got up to get to his first class.

“Yeah, see ya.” I waved before getting up and heading to my classes.

to be continued in the next chapter....

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