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Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 8) [Training Arthur With Broshi]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book One: (Chapter 8) [Training Arthur With Broshi]

Posted June 15th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
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Chapter 8 - Draco

{Training Arthur With Broshi}


I was napping in a tree to pass the time till Arthur arrived. Wasn’t really dreaming of anything, just snoozing.

“Aye, he’s here now,” I then heard Broshi say from somewhere on the ground.

“Oh, is he?” I asked as I then sat up from my lying position on the branch and stretched my arms.

I spotted Arthur walking into the courtyard all alone. There was no one in the school except for us three. Probably because it was Friday and it was the weekend.

I then put on my glasses and hopped onto the ground off of the branch. Knowing Arthur’s power, my glasses would make it easier to work with him and stop us from switching bodies.

“Hey guys, glad you came,” Arthur said.

“Yeah, no problem. We’ll teach you how to use your crystal and become pretty powerful,” Broshi said, crossing his arms. We were all still dressed in our uniforms.

“Well, first we should probably try to figure out a way for him to be able to turn his power off by himself,” I said.

“What is his power?” Broshi questioned.

“Oh, we’ll show you,” I said, “We just need you and Arthur to look each other in the eyes after he takes his glasses off.”

“Okay?” Broshi looked curious as he looked over at Arthur.

Arthur took off his glasses and made eye contact with Broshi. Then Arthur’s ability did it’s thing, and the two switched bodies.

How can I tell? Because on Arthur’s face I could see his face slowly take a look of terror as he looked at his hands, which is probably the reaction Broshi would have, while Broshi was doing something similar but he looked more confused than anything.

“So yeah, that’s his power,” I said.

“…” Broshi was silent as he looked at his body, which was actually Arthur’s body. “W-what… w-why… WHY AM I IN THIS PATHETIC BODY!?”

“Because Arthurs power is that if he looks you in the eyes you switch bodies. So now he’s currently in your body. He doesn’t know how any of our powers work though so we should be fine,” I explained.


I could faintly hear Arthur ask ‘he has what now?’ as Broshi continued talking.


I then looked at Arthur through my glasses. He looked more confused by Broshi’s spiel then acting like he couldn’t control himself.

“Well, regardless you won’t be helpful to teach him if you’re in Arthur’s body. So we may as well switch you two back,” I said.

“YES, GIVE ME MY BODY BACK!” Broshi yelled.

Broshi ran towards Arthur in a very hostile way (he was pretty mad clearly). By instinct, dark vines came out from Broshi’s body and knocked Broshi away.

“I wouldn’t just run at yourself, bro. Unless you want your own body to tear you to shreds,” I said as I walked over to the lying Broshi in Arthur’s body.

“THIS BODY IS SO WEAK!” Broshi yelled. He looked like he was in pain.

“Well that’s because it hasn’t been trained at all really.” I said.

Meanwhile, Arthur was looking at the dark vines, with a shocked expression on his face. “What are… those? They feel weird…”

“That’s part of the DNA thing Broshi was yelling about. Anyway, let’s get you two switched back before Broshi gets killed because he’s too impatient to wait ten seconds for you two to switch normally,” I said, picking up Broshi by Arthur’s shirt and walking over to Arthur in Broshi’s body.

“Is that what he meant when he said I couldn’t control it?” Arthur asked.

When I approached him, the dark vines positioned themselves to attack me. But compared to the speed Broshi normally moves them at, they weren’t very threatening. So I wasn’t worried. I could easily chop them off and have the two of them switch as the vines grew back.

So I just continued walking towards Arthur in Broshi’s body, ready to react to the dark vines at any moment.

“Guys, something weird is happening to me…” Arthur sounded concerned.

“Just hurry up and look yourself in the eyes already!” I exclaimed, holding up Broshi, his face pointed at Arthur’s face.


Arthur looked over at Broshi, and they made eye contact. But Arthur’s eyes didn’t look like Broshi’s normal eyes. The pupils were diamond shaped. Kinda like those of a reptile.

“It’s… it’s not working?!” Arthur exclaimed.

“Oh great…” I muttered as I then looked around for a place to put Broshi since in Arthur’s body he could most likely die from whatever was about to happen.

Broshi watched as Arthur was shaking, as more dark vines came out from his back.

“Draco… get me the frick away from here before I die in this pathetic body,” Broshi then said.

I then teleported to the plasma sphere I had put in my room at our house and dropped Broshi on my bed before locking back onto Arthur and teleporting back to the school.

“Draco, I can’t control this body!” Arthur exclaimed.

“I noticed,” I said as I was ready to take a fighting stance if necessary.

“Why didn’t we switch back!? We should have switched back!” Arthur said.

“Maybe it has to do with the fact that your eyes changed at some point,” I said. “They aren’t the same as Broshi’s regular eyes.”

“Aren’t the same? That must be it…so I need to gain control of this body to change back.” Arthur seemed to be trying to control Broshi’s body.

“Something tells me that isn’t gonna be easy,” I said as I saw the dark vines on Arthurs back were moving around wildly like flags on a very windy day.

“What are those weird tentacles on my back?” Arthur asked.

“Those are Broshi’s dark vine tail things. Like I said earlier, they’re part of his DNA,” I replied as I watched the dark vines closely.

“DNA? So he’s actually an alien?!” Arthur questioned.

“Well more rather he’s a human that was given some of the DNA of an alien. So… Kinda?” I replied.

He then startled himself as a dark vine crushed a nearby tree into dust.

“Yeah, they can do that,” I said as then one of the vines tried to impale me but I dodged it easily. “They also like to stab things too.”

“I can’t control them! I can control the normal body since I’m familiar with it but those… they’re like living things on their own!” Arthur said.

“Well Broshi described them as extra limbs. So since humans don’t normally have the ability to sprout up to fifty extra arms/legs, of course they’re hard to control,” I said as I dodged more of the vines pretty easily. Since Arthur didn’t know how to control the vines they were acting sporadic and animalistic. Which meant they weren’t very coordinated or targeted. More of them were lunging at me in a raged frenzy, which made them easy to dodge.

“Hey so Broshi who is now in Arthur’s body. How exactly do I make Arthur turn off whatever your body is doing?” I asked.

“Wait what?!” I heard Broshi’s voice come from Broshi’s body. “You guys can do that too!?”

“Yeah but it looks like I’ll actually have to lock onto where I sent Broshi to actually talk to him,” I said. “But considering that your energy level was so low, we couldn’t tell you had a crystal. It could be hard for me to do that at this distance from your original body.”

“Can’t you at least try?” Arthur asked.

“Fine,” I said as I then rolled out of the way of some dark vines while trying to sense for an energy signature at our house.

I could sense Arthur’s usual energy, but it was very faint. Thanks to my plasma sphere, it was easier to find it.

“Hey. So Arthur kinda can’t control himself right now. What can I do?” I asked as I dodged more vines.

“The monster took over him, so pretty soon he will lose full control and become a wild beast. They’re hostile and like destruction,” Broshi said.

“That didn’t really help,” I said.

“I’m telling you what to expect! Otherwise, I never let the monster gain control so I don’t know much about it! I just know what I was told, which is that it starts with the eyes,” Broshi replied. “But let me think, maybe there’s something we can do…”

“Well I hope you figure out something soon. Because I really am not in the mood to have to fight a monster and somehow find a way for there to not be any evidence of it,” I said.

“Well, I haven’t eaten anything for awhile. One way to keep the monster inside is to eat,” Broshi said. “Ask Arthur if he’s hungry. That could be it.”

“Hey Arthur! How hungry are you?” I asked as I dodged and weaved between vines. They were a bit faster than before.

“Uhh, yeah,” Arthur replied.

“That’s not really an answer man!” I exclaimed as now the vines were definitely faster and a bit harder to dodge.

“I uh, am pretty hungry,” Arthur replied. “Why? Does my hunger have to do with these dark vines?”

“According to Broshi, it's a solid maybe,” I said as I then activated one of my techniques called Dragons Agility and quickly ran off looking for food of some sort, knowing Broshi, meat was probably my best bet so I should look for a barbecue or something. Knowing my speed, I’m going fast enough that no one could see me well, so I don’t have to worry about the police. But c'mon, there has to be meat of some sort around here.

I then used my Dragons Wrath technique as well to boost my sense of smell, trying to find a barbecue or something.

But then I sensed energy coming out from Arthur.


Apparently no one within twenty miles of the school is cooking anything at the same time that Arthur is probably losing what little control he had. What a nice coincidence.

Good thing no one was at the school except him. So no one would get injured or killed.

I guess I’ll have to knock him out first.

I then ran back to the school and stopped a few meters away from Arthur. He had changed a bit. He now had a red aura around him. I also noticed that part of the school building had been destroyed. There were multiple holes in the building as well.

Well great. How do I fix that? Whatever. I need to deal with Arthur right now.

I then shot a blast of plasma at his back to get his attention. He looked over at me. I could tell he had no control anymore by the way he was looking at me.

I need to knock him out as quickly as possible. I can’t let him get into town, then it’d really be bad.

“Grrragawgh…” At this point, Arthur was unable to speak in human language and started growling like a vicious creature.

“Yeah, I shot you with plasma. Whatcha you gonna do about it?” I asked in a taunting manner. I should first of all move him to a remote area away from the town.

“GRRAWGHH!” Arthur roared, his voice very loud. It was very very loud, I had to cover my ears quickly so I didn’t immediately die from how loud his roar was.

“Dear lord, you are so loud!” I exclaimed, a slightly more angry look on my face. I needed to get something to block my ears so my eardrums don’t explode.

Hmmm… maybe there's something in the house. That seems like the only reasonable place for ear protection against Broshis death scream thing would be since Father used to work at the EFAI and they probably had stuff like that. I could also ask Broshi where those were.

I quickly teleported back to my room in the house and started looking around as Broshi (who is in Arthurs body as a reminder) just kinda looked at me.

“So what’s going on out there? What’s my body doin?” Broshi asked, in Arthur’s voice.

“Well it’s torn five holes in the school building, and it nearly blew my head up by screaming. So I’m trying to find ear protection for that. Besides that it doesn’t seem to have gotten too bad yet,” I said as I poked around in drawers and cupboards.

“Oh crud, there’s gonna be a few corpses around the town now…” Broshi looked concerned, for once. “You’re gonna have to move my body out of the town.”

“I was gonna do that but then it did the screaming thing. So I need to do something about that first so I don’t have to worry about it later,” I said as I kept looking around. “Either that or I try to stay at a speed faster then sound at all times, but that’s gonna be hard.”

“Just freaking Novannihilator it away from the school. Use Ascended already and then you can outspeed it!” Broshi said.

“You do know that my Novannihilator creates a GIANT beam of plasma and light and stuff right? People are definitely gonna notice that. Unless you want me to use a burst one but that won’t push em very far. The burst one is mainly meant for pressure rather then knock back,” I pointed out.

“Who freaking cares man?! Everyone who was near that school is dead now! No one is left to notice a puny beam of plasma!” Broshi yelled.

“It’s literally bigger than three hundred story skyscrapers laid on their sides on top of each other at a quarter charge,” I said

“It’s the only thing guaranteed to knock that thing out! So get Ascended activated and Novannihilator that thing so I can get my body back!” Broshi exclaimed.

“Alright, Alright,” I said before activating Ascended Grade One and locking back onto Arthur’s energy and teleporting to him, hopefully he hasn’t killed anyone else. Or at least hopefully no one else has seen him.

I saw that he had destroyed the whole school and it was up in flames.

Before alerting him to my return, I activated Dragons Agility and kept myself constantly moving a bit above the speed of sound in one spot, so they couldn’t scream me to death. I then shot them in the back with plasma again to get their attention.

Arthur turned around, growling. Or at least I think he was, honestly I couldn’t hear a darn thing right now since I was moving faster than sound.

Might as well start charging the Novanihiliator now. I can always just move around if he tries to attack me while I do the charging.

I then made a large plasma sphere in each of my hands and slammed them together, fusing them as I began to pump energy into the combined sphere, slowly building its power.

It was probably gonna take a minute or two to fully charge it. I hadn’t really practiced with the charge time of this move since my first day training with Eyujin. Which was like, nearly forty days ago. But I had gotten better since I first used its full power on Hematite in that one realm.

It had also gotten stronger along side my strength as well. I probably don’t need any more than a near full charge, around eighty percent I’d say, in Ascended Grade One to knock Broshi’s body out. This level of blast with the giant power boost of Ascended Grade One is a force to be reckoned with.

“No… Va…” I pumped more energy into my attack as Arthur was growling at me. “Ni… Hi…”

So far the growling Arthur in Broshi’s body didn’t seem to connect the dots as to what was happening. In fact, he seemed to be paying little to no attention to me.

“Lia…” Now it was almost fully charged. Now all I had to do was teleport behind him and then blast him away from the rubble of the school.

I then locked onto his energy and teleported behind him, and before he could react I fired the blast.

“TOR!” I shouted before a beam of plasma so large and bright that it lit up the whole sky shot out of my hands right into Arthur’s back. Engulfing him in the giant beam.

It was still a little hard to control it when it was shooting out like this with such ferocity. Just shooting it pushed me back a foot or two.

To anyone else, it would look like the sun was suddenly right in the planet's atmosphere. It was like a flash bang for a country with the force of a mini super nova.

If I were to shoot this thing at full charge and at my full power directly at the ground it would probably do some serious damage depending on the planet. But a seventy percent power beam should be enough.

After a minute or two I could feel the beam start to calm down and dissipate. After about another minute it was gone, and my arms felt pretty tingly, but unlike when I used it on Hematite, I could shoot off multiple near or at full power Novanihiliators now without completely shutting myself down.

I then looked around to see how far I must’ve launched Broshi’s body. Aaaaaand I couldn’t even see it, so it must have gone far.

Man, guess Eyujin weighted suit and training made me a lot more powerful than I thought. Granted, the only thing I had to compare this blast was when I shot it at a mountain and it exploded and when I shot it at Hematite and he just kinda caught it. Like in his hands. The entire thing.

Anyway, I should go look for Broshi’s body now.

I then used my speed technique and ran, following the giant trench my attack had made, knowing that, that meant his body had to be somewhere in the direction the beam had been going.

“Has to be somewhere around here,” I thought as I looked around me next to the giant trench as I ran.

Then I spotted Broshi’s body, standing in a corn field.

Huh, I was surprised they were still standing.

“Oh, Draco!” Arthur called, as the monster had seemingly disappeared. “Are my eyes back to normal?”

I looked at his eyes through my glasses, which I was honestly surprised hadn’t been destroyed yet. They were Broshi’s normal maroon eyes.

“Looks like it. Good, that means we can switch you two back. Man, if I knew all of this was to follow, I would’ve had you switch with me instead of Broshi to show your power,” I said, reflecting on the fact that the school was destroyed, that multiple people were most likely dead and that now behind the school there was a giant trench going on for miles and miles.

Not to mention we were originally going to train him and stuff but I guess we can kinda forget about that now. There’s more important stuff that just happened.

I then grabbed Arthur and teleported the two of us to my house and we appeared in my room.

“Alright let’s get you two back to your original bodies,” I said as Broshi entered the room.

“Yes, finally!” Broshi exclaimed.

He and Arthur made eye contact. Then I saw that Broshi looked happy, so I assumed they had switched back.

“YES! I HAVE MY BODY BACK!” Broshi exclaimed, as Arthur put on his glasses.

“So… What do we do about all the effects you two switching caused?” I asked, mainly to Broshi.

“Well, we can’t really do much. Maybe we should get rid of all the corpses that scream caused. I almost died from it too! But luckily I was a few miles away so it didn’t kill me,” Broshi said. Arthur just listened to what we were saying because he had no clue what happened.

“How do we know no one’s gonna see, huh? Plus, I don’t really want to be near and/or vaporizing bodies bro,” I said.

“At this point, it doesn’t matter if someone sees,” Broshi said. “Everyone already heard it and are probably dead or panicking. Unless you want to do something about the dead bodies, then we shouldn’t go back to the town.”

“I just don’t want to be on Aerth anymore man,” I said in an exhausted tone as I sat on my bed.

“Then we could blow it up,” Broshi said, “though people would die, so probably no. But if we do blow it up, then that gives us an excuse to leave! Only problem is, we can’t survive in space.”

“Yeah let’s NOT do that. Ever,” I said.

“Alright.” Broshi nodded.

Meanwhile, Arthur looked very confused and concerned.

“I at least know that Father is gonna notice. He’s probably gonna do something about it so regardless we’re in trouble in some shape/form,” I said as I sighed and laid on my bed.

“I guess we should just sit and wait then.” Broshi shrugged. “Oh, Arthur you should stay with us so you don’t get exposed the problems going on over there.”

“Alright…” Arthur nodded.

“Sorry we couldn’t try and help you with teaching or anything,” I said.

“It’s alright. I learned a lot of things either way,” Arthur replied.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like, never switch bodies with Broshi ever again.” Arthur shivered. “That was terrifying and it felt weird.”

“Fair enough,” I said.

“At some point something took over and I couldn’t see… or hear… I was in some sort of… weird place where everything was dark,” Arthur added, still shivering.

“Oh yeah, that’s the inside of my mind or something. It’s a void,” Broshi said. “I go there when the monster takes over. But I can control him so like, I haven’t been there for about 8 years now.”

“Really? That’s a while,” I said.

“I can control it. Besides, it only gets really bad when I’m starving,” Broshi replied.

“And how hungry are you right now?” I asked.

“Eh, I’m good. I can last a while,” Broshi said. “But I’m gonna eat something since I’m home now.” He headed out the door to go downstairs.

I decided to just kind’ve wait on my bed. I needed another nap.

After awhile, Broshi came back upstairs and into my room.

“Hey Draco,” he said.

“Hi Broshi,” I said as I was now lying down under my bed covers.

“Come downstairs,” Broshi said, standing at the door.

“Why?” I asked, still not budging from my bed covers.

“Dad’s home.”

to be continued in the next chapter....

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