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Ultimates: 4th Series Book Two: (Prologue) [Shut Up You Stupid Voices!]

Ultimates: 4th Series Book Two: (Prologue) [Shut Up You Stupid Voices!]

Posted July 27th, 2019 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

here's the prologue for the next book!


Prologue - Mehrunes

{Shut Up You Stupid Voices!}





I liek potatoes.

I’m trying to take a rest here.


I was currently sitting inside my tent on the Rock Planet, as far away as possible from the Shiny household, taking a break from my overly painful training. Lucky for me, some voices in my head couldn't leave me alone if they tried.

My ‘friends’ were somewhere. I noticed Ich once, but they’ve mostly left me to my own devices. As much as I hate to say I’ve appreciated it, at least I have some peace of mind when the voices decide to quiet down.


“SHUT UP!” I shouted. My voice cracking from the lack of use.

When I’m training, just casually, they always yell that I’m weak and need to be stronger and train harder. When I take a break, they do this. Whenever I’m in pain, they shut their traps. That’s why I spent so much money on training supplies and trained nearly as much as possible without dying of exhaustion.

I may as well be insane. But I’m not. And I won’t be. I’m strong of mind, and the voices are no worse than any of my so-called friends. So I could ignore them to a certain extent, just like with my ‘friends’. The only difference is I can’t teleport or run away from the voices like I could with my ‘friends’. They were stuck with me, in my head. And they would bother me constantly.


Heheheha you gohnna die hahdhhahdajw.

Ugh. This sucks. 

I’ve been in this situation for quite a long time. One entire month, moving around the galaxy to keep myself sane. I decided to do this after the voices took over my body that one time… And now I’ve isolated myself from society, training my butt off. 

On the bright side, I got a lot stronger. And when I say a lot, I mean it. I’ve been literally beating myself up trying to get stronger. For an entire month. For more than 600 hours, just nonstop training. 

Suddenly, I felt someone else's energy getting near my campsite. Who knows why someone's out here in the middle of nowhere, but I want to. I stood up, mildly upset that someone came to disturb my rest and walked out of my tent to see who decided to intrude. 

And I recognized the face I saw. It was Edgar. The insane guy that I followed to get to the Ultimates Galaxy in the first place.

He was dressed differently, he had on some type of red armor. Except it was kinda broken, there was a large crack in the chestplate. Looked like he had been doing things. 

“Mehrunes,” Edgar said.

“That is my name, don’t wear it out,” I replied.

“Yes, of course.” Edgar nodded. He looked around. “I see you have… isolated yourself.”

“Yeah,” I said simply.

“How come?” Edgar asked. “You aren’t around your comrades.”

“Didn’t feel like having to block out more than three annoying voices at a time. Was gonna be very good on my psyche,” I replied.

“Oh. The voices got more noisy for you?” Edgar asked.

“You say that very casually, but yes,” I responded.

“I was driven to insanity by the voices before,” Edgar said. “I learned to control them now, though. Once I got my Ultimate Crystal and trained myself.”

“Slipped my mind to learn psychic abilities to block out voices, but that would have been smart if I could actually think without them screaming at me,” I replied. “Let’s skip the small talk, what do you want?”

“I want you to come back with me,” Edgar said, very straightforward.

“Why?” I asked bluntly.

“Because, it’s our home, where we grew up. We should return home,” Edgar said.

I hesitated. There was some endgame, or alterior motive. I knew he was hiding something from me.

“What difference does it make to you where I am? Maybe I like isolation. Besides. At this point, we’re more powerful than anyone back home. It’ll be boring at best,” I said. 

“That probably is true,” Edgar agreed. “But I’d like you to come back with me either way.”

That is what I was trying to do in the first place. The only reason I’ve justified staying herewith. But I still hesitated, my excuse still that he was hiding something from me.

“What’s the endgame?” I asked bluntly. “There always is one.”

“Not in this situation.” Edgar shook his head. “You came to this galaxy to take me home in the first place. Back when I was insane due to the voices. I’ve lost my insanity now, so let us return home together!”

I had no reason to disbelieve him.  He was very blunt. However, part of me still tugged to stay. And there was no way he just lost his insanity, this is the man who was trying to make clones of me to defeat me.

“I don’t… believe you,” I said. “Something is up, I know it. You can’t trick me! What’s your armor?!”

“I got it for protection,” Edgar said. “You have made friends here, but I haven’t made as many. More so, I made enemies. And I need to go home, and take you back with me! Because we’re old friends!”

I hesitated again. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do at all. 

Edgar looked at me with a frown. He seemed desperate.

“Come on, Mehrunes! Won’t you come back to our galaxy and planet?” Edgar questioned.

I narrowed my eyes. “Not particularly, no.”

“Why not? You’re not doing anything here,” Edgar said.

“I have my reasons to stay just as you have your reasons to go,” I replied.

“What are your reasons?” he asked.

You know why.

“I don’t need to tell you,” I said bluntly.

“Why not?” Edgar asked. “There’s no reason not to. We’re friends, after all.”

“Are we?” I simply asked.

“Yes! Of course we are! We grew up together!” Edgar exclaimed.

“I’m not so sure. I think you ruined that when you ran off, and if anything if you’ve made enemies, you’re just putting our planet, and if I come with you, me, in more danger by proxy,” I said.

“Oh no, no, they wouldn’t reach us in our galaxy.” Edgar shook his head and hands. “And you should know the reason that I ran off. I was under the influence of the voices.”

“Look, I’m glad that you want to go back, but I don't want any part of it. Not right now anyway,” I replied.

“When then?” Edgar questioned. “I can wait for you.”

I didn’t know myself why I was staying honestly, something just tugged.

“I… I don’t know. Just, just go back yourself, I’ll be fine,” I said.

“Are you sure?” Edgar asked. “I can’t leave without you though. You were always a better planet hopper than me anyway. The distance is long too, and we’d have time to catch up with each other. Tell each other stories about our adventures in this galaxy.”

I still don’t know why I refused. Maybe my ‘friends’ actually are my friends. It could be unfinished business, or the simple compel to stay. At any rate, I knew I couldn't leave. Yet.

“I… don’t think I can. Not right now, maybe some other time. Unfinished business type thing, I’m sure you understand,” I said.


“Unfinished business…” Edgar thought about it. “You mean… with your comrades?”

“…I think so…” I replied.

“Oh. Alright.” Edgar shifted his position a little, and he looked at me. “Be careful though. The voices tend to get stronger near your age. At least it did for me.”

“I will be careful,” I replied.

“Okay. Farewell, Mehrunes,” Edgar said, patting my shoulder. 

He then walked off slowly, looking back every once and awhile. I waved to him, saying goodbye. He waved back one last time and then disappeared, leaving me back to my isolation.

to be continued in the next chapter.....

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